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[PDF] Hunter | by ß Mercedes Lackey [PDF] Hunter | by ß Mercedes Lackey - Hunter, Hunter Centuries ago the barriers between our world and the Otherworld were slashed open allowing hideous fantastical monsters to wreak havoc destroying entire cities in their wake Now people must live in

  • Title: Hunter
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Hunter | by ß Mercedes Lackey, Hunter, Mercedes Lackey, Hunter Centuries ago the barriers between our world and the Otherworld were slashed open allowing hideous fantastical monsters to wreak havoc destroying entire cities in their wake Now people must live in enclosed communities behind walls that keep them safe from the evil creatures constantly trying to break in Only the corps of teen Hunters with lightning reflexes and magiCenturies ago the ba


[PDF] Hunter | by ß Mercedes Lackey [PDF] Hunter | by ß Mercedes Lackey - Hunter, Hunter Centuries ago the barriers between our world and the Otherworld were slashed open allowing hideous fantastical monsters to wreak havoc destroying entire cities in their wake Now people must live in Hunter

  • [PDF] Hunter | by ß Mercedes Lackey
    325Mercedes Lackey

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  1. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsContrary to my assumption, HUNTER by Mercedes Lackey was not a YA fantasy If I d bothered to read the blurb, I would ve known that, but what can I say Old habits die hard.What it is is a paranormal mythological post apocalyptic dystopian mashup Sounds cool, right And a lot of readers, particularly those still in their teens, will probably really like it Me No such luck.For starters, I m not a big fan of the shy, reluctant heroine type It always rings false to me Little mou [...]

  2. DNF 25%I m so tired of reading this same old recycled story It s like a The Hunger Games Divergent mash up with yet another special girl who saves the world Starts with many tedious info dumps and was so easy to put down and forget about.

  3. Review first posted on fantasyliterature In Mercedes Lackey s new young adult novel Hunter, post apocalyptic science fiction mixes with magical fantasy to produce an adventure in the tradition of The Hunger Games and Divergent A series of catastrophes called the Diseray a corruption of Dies Irae has hit our world a nuclear bomb blamed on Christians was set off in the near east, the North and South Poles switched, plagues killed countless people, and storms have permanently grounded most aircraft [...]

  4. DNF 25% I really dislike giving out negative reviews, but this is just not working for me Just far too much info dumping and not a lot happening For example, 5 Kindle pages for the origin of breakfast food and a few on fashion I get that this is the first book in the series and world building needs to be established, but for goodness sake we don t need to know about what kind of pig the bacon was from Even with the prodigious info dumping, the world building is still haphazard at best I don t e [...]

  5. I am proud to say I am yet again an oddball I really liked this book I ve never read a book before that started so BAD but ended so GOOD The Bad the first 20% Okay, so the first 20% I d only rate a 6 10 and that s being generous The whole beginning is Joy riding the train to the city It would ve been so much better if it started in the mountains Then we could ve seen what it was like instead of being told about it.It starts with TONS of info dumping This girl has concentration issues If she real [...]

  6. Pages read 21The whole first chapter was infodumping without any personality and some sketchy world building I m thrown out of the book at every reference to the Diseray I know you mean the disarray, so why oh why is it spelled like that Also, there was some serious comma abuse happening Two years ago I was fourteen then Summer, of course in winter, all the settlements are relatively safe, protected by snow and cold THIS IS NOT HOW SEMICOLONS WORK.In the middle of the infodump, the heroine also [...]

  7. I love the mix of different cultures as well as the world building in this series The heroine is amazing and I wish I could fight alongside her or see her in action She s super cool The spells and the magic are really well imagined Love the colors of the hunters and the fact that they have channels people follow It s fantasy but with enough of a real world overlap, it feels like it could happen.

  8. 7 30 2015 ARC WOOWOODNF ReviewStopped at 21%7 31 2015 I am so, SO disappointed I can t believe a veteran novelist wrote this It is goofy and derivative, and the infodumping is tedious If I have to go back and read the same paragraph five times, then maybe it is time to admit that this isn t for me.The worldbuilding was great It was the characters, and mostly the main character, that killed my interest The writing is, at best, juvenile and condescending I don t mind the MC wanting to get chummy w [...]

  9. Originally posted on the blog What the Cat ReadI ve always been a fan of Lackey s novels She s been a household favorite since the time I was a tiny little kitten to present day There has been very little which she has written that I have not loved, so when I heard that she had a new YA novel releasing this year, I pounced on the chance to read it because I knew it was going to be enjoyable And I can assure you that it did not disappoint Fans of Lackey s various series are going to purr over Hun [...]

  10. Thanks Netgalley for providing a review copy in exchange for my honest review Actual rating 2.5 stars, generously rounded upHunter isn t so bad It isn t compelling either.This book places itself in the well established tradition of dystopian YA, such as The Hunger Games and Prodigy, with a slight touch of fantasy and a bunch of mythological stuff It mixes up bullets and magic in a post apocalyptic world threatened by monsters from the Otherworld Only corps of Hunters with magical skills and the [...]

  11. DNF at %15I love the cover and I loved the synopsis but once I started this book, I realized that Hunter is pretty much every YA book ever Unlikely hero from humble origin is different , special and is the only one who can save the world I started this book two weeks ago and I just couldn t get into it and I just didn t want to finish it That being said, I have pre ordered this book The cover is amazing and I want to own it I didn t finish this book now but I ll start it once I have a hardcover [...]

  12. review copy from NetgalleyHUNTER I LOVE this book It s so much fun and Mercedes Lackey s world building is engaging and her take on magic is believableE BACKDROP is an alternative earth where catastrophe has struck And while the Christers may have been expecting to be gathered up to Heaven, what really happened was that the border between this earth and other worlds was breached, and magic and horrid creatures can spilling in Hobgoblins, vampires and a host of creatures we know through our mytho [...]

  13. OH, so awesome Really enjoyed this book, and there were a couple of things that were unsolved for the next book, and I can t wait to find out about them

  14. DNF at 44% I remember having my interest piqued by the unique world introduced by the author but it wasn t enough to keep me reading so I eventually gave up on it.Thank you so much to Disney Book Group, Disney Hyperion and NetGalley for granting me access to an eARC incredibly late, I know

  15. Maybe I was sufficiently warned from other reviews, or maybe I m just used to Lackey s style at this point, but I had no trouble getting into this book The start was slow, but I genuinely enjoyed being slowly introduced to this weird science fiction fantasy world It s incredibly complex, with its mythology and politics, and I love that Joy is at the center of it she s keeping the secrets of the place where she grew up while also playing the game and being a good Hunter for the higher ups I love [...]

  16. Whoa, I never thought I d do this in a review, but I have to Giving one star, I mean I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of words and info contained in this book I mean, yes, the blurb really got my attention when I first got this, I thought Joyeaux would be the new or next Katniss Everdeen or Tris Prior Sadly, after a seemingly endless dragging history and innumerable descriptive words, the interest I initially invested slowly faded into oblivion But I still finished this book because I want [...]

  17. Man, I wanted to like this one so much than I did I tried I really did But after putting it down a couple of times and not really caring if I picked it back up, I finally DNF ed it This is why The writing style is really strange The MC keeps addressing the reader but you re never really sure why who she s even talking to Is she telling her story to someone Breaking the fourth wall only works occasionally and it didn t here Plus, wtf is up with the weird combinations of words like certain sure J [...]

  18. DNF at 21%I liked the cover and the synopsis seemed interesting, so I figured why not Joyeaux could be a very interesting character, but I didn t see any of that in the sections I read Her inner monologue attempted to be inclusive to the reader with the constant use of in case you asked or if you were wondering however, I found it to be repetitive and slightly annoying The 4 chapters I did get through were one big info dump and yet somehow I m still not sure what was happening I m sure there s s [...]

  19. Review first published on my blog The Fictional ReaderThis book To be honest, as I m sitting down to write this review, I have no idea where it s going to go Because I don t think I have coherent thoughts on this book at all I both loved it, and disliked it And my brain can t quite figure out which emotion will win SETTINGSo this book is set in our future, which makes it in my opinion a dystopian novel In said future, things were going horribly wrong and people thought the Apocalypse was coming [...]

  20. The apocalypse has come Or is it just a nightmare come to life Joyeaux Charmand is the main character She has to protect Apex with her magic, and her hounds But once she arrives, she discovers things aren t as perfect as they were told about in Apex city, the one safe haven from monsters An amazing story, with good humor, and interesting plot line, and characters people can learn to love and relate too.

  21. Hunter is a story filled with action, magic, and otherworldly creatures It fits in a multitude of genres including science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy At times it feels reminiscent of books likeThe Hunger Games andDivergent This book is very much it s own, but I can understand the comparisons being given.The world used to be different, but then the Diserray happened, which is essentially what changed the world Many things happened like the north and south poles switched, plagues spread, horr [...]

  22. This is a tough one to categorize, in terms of a genre, because it s both science fiction AND fantasy, in a dystopian, post disaster future The main character is a teen who was trained in what seems to be a mixture of Tibetan and Native Mexican traditions, in a world where northern European Fair Folk guide creatures from a variety of traditions over the border into the real world to do odd things.I have long thought that some of Mercedes Lackey s books were well suited to a teen audience, but th [...]

  23. 2.5 stars Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Disney Book Group and NetGalley This is going to be a short review, because I don t have a whole lot to say about this book Firstly, this book was just about okay To be honest I felt bored most of the way through, and it was just info dump after info dump, which pretty much put me to sleep There was a bit of a big brother feel to things with cameras following Joy around, but what was really going [...]

  24. What a fabulous concept I think that was the driving point of this novel for me I highly enjoyed the world and all of the monsters I also loved the Hunters and the fact that they had a celebrity status all of the costumes and colors reminded me a bit of the way the Jaeger pilots were portrayed in the beginning of Pacific Rim This book was certainly cinematic it would be awesome as a movie There was plenty of action in this book to keep you on your toes I loved that there was danger and monsters [...]

  25. The first part of the book is a bit hard to get into I think it is because it is establishing the world and just doesn t quite do it smoothly I also had a hard time with Joyeaux who starts in this rambling way we are in her head but is supposed to be quite zen when it comes to dealing with the folk fae I see why that it is necessary to calm your mind, but what we got was anything but calm You can t just say it is one way and then present us with something else It makes the world confusing and y [...]

  26. ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Joyeaux Joy is a 16 year old Hunter, with a group of seven magical Hounds whose job is hunting and killing dangerous and deadly monsters that slip into our world from the Otherside, Joy is required to leave her home in a mountain village to join the Hunters protecting the big city of Apex, where Hunters are celebrities with their own channels and cameras constantly following them and recording their every move.The synopsis is okay but on [...]

  27. I received this arc copy via Disney Hyperion and netgalley in exchange for an honest review DNFWhen I got my netgalley account and was exploring the Disney Hyperion section and came across Hunter I decided to request it because it sounded fairly interesting Until now I didn t actually understand the term info dumping Info dumping is when rather than the audience feeling the world building behind the book they are told so by the main character s The first chapter of this book is dedicated to that [...]

  28. There is a lot to like about this book, and in a different mood, I may have been less meh about it, but it was slow for me to get into and then felt way too Hunger Games with mythical creatures for me to ever get completely on board And, quite honestly, I think I m sick of the Most Specialest World Saving Girl Asskicker Super Brilliant Amazing Hero I m glad these characters are being written, but I d like for them to be a little less Special from the very start It s better, in my opinion, to wat [...]

  29. Well this was a pleasant surprise, since I was legitimately gunning for this to be bad I thought I would read this, know what it was about, get it over with and won t have to read the whole series Looks like I would have to after all.It s an interesting book definitely The concept is fascinating and it gives this anime vibe which is cool It goes smoothly enough to be deemed a light read and there isn t the usual live or die YA thing happening even though the characters are constantly in such sit [...]

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