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The Crime of the Century

↠ The Crime of the Century ☆ Dennis L. Breo ↠ The Crime of the Century ☆ Dennis L. Breo - The Crime of the Century, The Crime of the Century On July Richard Franklin Speck murdered eight student nurses in their quiet Chicago town house He broke in as his helpless victims slept bound them one by one and then stabbed assaulted

  • Title: The Crime of the Century
  • Author: Dennis L. Breo
  • ISBN: 9780553560251
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Crime of the Century ☆ Dennis L. Breo, The Crime of the Century, Dennis L. Breo, The Crime of the Century On July Richard Franklin Speck murdered eight student nurses in their quiet Chicago town house He broke in as his helpless victims slept bound them one by one and then stabbed assaulted and strangled all eight in a sadistic sexual frenzy By morning only one young nurse had miraculously survived The barbarity of the attack shocked a nation and opened a newOn J

The Crime of the Century

↠ The Crime of the Century ☆ Dennis L. Breo ↠ The Crime of the Century ☆ Dennis L. Breo - The Crime of the Century, The Crime of the Century On July Richard Franklin Speck murdered eight student nurses in their quiet Chicago town house He broke in as his helpless victims slept bound them one by one and then stabbed assaulted The Crime of the Century

  • ↠ The Crime of the Century ☆ Dennis L. Breo
    413Dennis L. Breo
The Crime of the Century

833 Comment The Crime of the Century

  1. This book has one major flaw, and I m going to talk about it right up front It is co written by a journalist and the lead prosecutor at Richard Speck s trial The prosecutor is obviously a main character in the book, and they talk about him always in the third person and in a weirdly adulatory way, e.g Although many casual observers found Martin to be cool and remote, he was underneath a very caring, emotional, warm man 379 It s jarring and uncomfortable, and it makes me cringe The book also exhi [...]

  2. Although long winded and sometimes repetitive, this book is a thorough account of the murders of 8 nurses in Chicago back in 1966, plus the subsequent trial and the aftermath.This could have been about 100 pages shorter or , if you remove all the times the authors talked about Speck s life and times because fuck that guy, seriously , but I was all for the detailed proceedings of the trial and how brave and badass Corazon Amurao was when faced with Speck in court.If you re bored by the minutiae o [...]

  3. You should not have a woman with a sexy, breathy, bedroom type of voice narrate a book on murder and rape.

  4. When I think of the infamous Speck murders, it never occurred to me that the trial would be anything than a formality After all, one of the most famous aspects of the case is the nurse that was able to hide and later identify her friends murderer However, in this very interesting account of the trial, the lead prosecutor and co author give an insiders glimpse not only into the murders and the manhunt, but into all of the things that could have gone wrong while getting to the verdict In addition [...]

  5. Frighteningly spellbindingUnable to find the words to describe my feelings after reading this book I graduated from high school in 1966 before this happened and joined the Army in September after it took place Having a daughter who is now a nurse herself has magnified the horror of it all for me but has also increased and solidified my respect and admiration for all those who stepped up to the challenge of doing the right thing the right way at the right time from beginning to end regardless of [...]

  6. This book was well written, mostly because the evidence was firsthand, from Bill Martin, the prosecutor There were however, no interviews with Speck family members, with Corazon now, or with the few players still alive But since Bill Martin is a co writer, one definitely feels as though one was there, as the trial was unfolding I would have liked to know where everyone is today, although we did get that about Corazon.

  7. The facts behind the trial were of great interest Liked the detail narrative of the difficulties in convicting a mass murderer making sure there would be no cause for an appeal and that guilty would include a death sentence

  8. Compr este audio libro no muy convencida de que me gustar a Sin embargo, result en un incre ble viaje de horror a lo m s balo que se puede uno imaginar, y la lucha por parte del sistema de justicia, para restaurar el equilibrio en una sociedad sacudida fuertemente por sorpresa Los autores describen en inicio los d as previos al que ser a conocido como el crimen del siglo , la vida de Richard Speck, quien el 13 de Julio de 1966 se convertir a en uno de los m s infames criminales en la historia de [...]

  9. I found this an enthralling read as it leads the reader on a detailed investigation of the way in which a murder trial is prepared and run by both defence and prosecution I must admit that even though I was a young adult in 1966 I had never heard of this awful mass murder before coming across this book Also as a qualified Solicitor now retired who practised in Australia I found the procedures for preparing and running a criminal trial in the US utterly fascinating I also found that the prosecuti [...]

  10. I originally got this for personal reasons, my mother in law was in nursing school at the same time in the state next door and actually knew the survivor This was a updated version for the 50th anniversary I found in interesting and was glad that he didn t focus too much on the actual murders but on trial itself The trial taking place at the same time as many changes in police and judicial procedures were happening and the lengths that the DA went to ensure that there would be little to no chanc [...]

  11. This book was a great read for people who may be interested in the behind the scenes movements of a high profile trial Of course, I knew about the Richard Speck case, but I really didn t know detailsd this book poured out the details and yes, some were grisley, but the author was only giving them to fill in the spaces of questioning The characters were well described, and I felt the whole book was well researched and well written I always want to know what happened after all these years to the m [...]

  12. Very detailed portrait of a major criminal trialThis book includes a remarkable amount of detail, most of which is not that interesting What made it worth reading, for me, was the description of the prosecution s thought process in deciding which of these details to present at trial, and why If you re not into realistic, detailed portrayals of trials, you might not enjoy this book There are probably shorter articles that present the key details of the crime itself in a concise and dramatic way. [...]

  13. True storyThis is the true story of a heinous crime in Chicago, the murder of innocent nurses The nurses were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were killed for no reason.Very well written and worth the time to read it.

  14. Long ,but sadHorrific acts, we tend to think that serial killings are new, but that isn t true Still, the middle section of the book was too wordy.

  15. Great book I really enjoyed this book it was written very well and allows the reader to understand the speck case from start to finish.

  16. Great read if you want detailsThis book is very in depth and not for the squeamish Excellent attention to details in showing what was needed to convict the killers

  17. On June 15, 1966, I was living in a northern suburb of Chicago The evening paper and the news channels were alive that night and for days after about a gruesome, horrible crime on Chicago s southwest side the murders of 8 student nurses in their townhouse dorm, the night before Even in the age before 24 7 news and the internet, the murders by demented loner Richard Speck were news all summer, and later on for his trial How had one man armed with a knife subdued and sexually tortured eight young [...]

  18. this book gives you a very detailed, compelling, and dramatic account of what went into preparation and trial of the Richard Speck s celebrated case an absolutely fascinating read.

  19. Well written and a very thorough account of the murder, trial preparation trial Also includes context of the mood culture of the country and Chicago area in 1966.Negatives Extremely dark subject particularly early in the book when the murders are explained in horrifying detail The content on trial preparation while very interesting in the grand scheme seems to go on forever Additionally, reading about this sad affair wears on you after a while.Positives Very thorough Goes into great depths to ex [...]

  20. Fantastic expos of the life, crimes, sentence, and death of Richard Speck, a man who brutally took the lives of 8 innocent women with no obvious motive Though tedious with seemingly unnecessary details at times, I got the full sense from this book of the time period and the events The authors are superb writers, keeping me aquatinted with the large cast of characters constantly so as to keep me from getting lost or confused I have great respect for the prosecutors of this case and the job they d [...]

  21. An incredibly detailed account about eight young student nurses in Chicago who had been brutally stabbed, strangled, and sexually assaulted by 24 year old Richard Franklin Speck in July 1966.The book goes through the murders, the manhunt, the investigation, the trial and the aftermath We view Richard Speck s troubled life in great detail One of the author s, William Martin, was actually the lead prosecutor on the case which brings unparalleled access to proceedings.You do almost need a cast of c [...]

  22. I m a big fan of true crime, but this one was too boring to finish Too much unnecessary information inserted into the chapters, as well as so many characters most of whom weren t pertinent to the case that I could no longer remember who was who The author even interrupts the scene of the actual murders to talk about the mnemonic the neighboring nurses were using to help study for exams It s as though the author had a short manuscript and inserted these interjections to fluff up the page numbers [...]

  23. 4 stars because it presents the facts and crime so well and so clearly and in such detail that nothing is left out The walking thru of the lead up to the crime, the crime itself, and the immediate after are brilliantly told and crystal clear However, as a general read it is a 3 stars stylistically as so much could have been edited and is sentimental clap trap The author always gives short descriptions of the look and manner of each character and what they are eating, etc, and ascribes motivation [...]

  24. Very interesting book about a crime and a criminal that shocked Chicago For those of you that are or were employed in the criminal justice system, it is interesting to see what has and has not changed since this case occurred about 50 years ago I m happy to say that Bill Martin is a friend of mine and was always a true gentleman both than and now An added bonus is that this book has recently been updated from the 1993 edition It now contains additional information including a brief article by Bi [...]

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