Language Localization is the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region. It goes beyond translation as it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture to properly adapt the product to local needs.

Is your business global? Are you expanding to new countries?

Then localizing your website, your mobile app, your videogame or software may be the next step in your company expansion.

Using internal software platform that allows us to localize fast and efficiently, we can assist with localizations of WEBSITESAPPS and SOFTWARE.


Language Translation Services

Translation AZ offers language translations services in UK to a wide range of industries. Today, due to globalization, companies are now taking their businesses across the world. English is widely spoken language in the world. Yet, it is not the official language everywhere. In order to make your business and products more appealing to the people of different country and culture, you need high quality translation services.

Professional language translation services in UK can help you translate your documents, multimedia, websites, apps, software and more. Our translation service can help you reach your global audience more effectively.

Our language translation is done by a competent team that comprises of native speakers of the target language. They are expert, certified and experience in handling all kinds of language translation needs.

Language Localization Services

Language translation and localization is two different things and yet they are very connected. When you are trying to communicate with your global audiences, you need to take a few things into consideration. It is important that you localize your documents or any communication medium. It means that you make them available in the language that they understand. Language localization is more than just translation of language.

Localization of the language requires you to understand the culture, language spoken locally, words and phrases they use and the context of it. Localization makes documents more appealing to the target audiences. It makes them more authentic and relatable. Localization is essential for websites, video games, apps and various other media. The level of interaction is more when something is localized. This is the reasons why businesses are now investing in localizing their various services to make it more appealing to the masses.

How We Can Help

Being in the industry for such a long time, we now have experience, expertise and deep understanding of what language translation services are. We cater to translation needs of various industries from medical to legal to financial and more.

We have a team of translators and linguist who can not only translate your documents and various other materials into the target language, we can also localize them as per the needs. Our translators are also native speakers of the language. They truly understand the language and know how the locals speak. The language localisation is essential to any business that wants to succeed in today’s world. Our team is more than capable of handling all your language localization needs in UK.

We offer high quality language translation in UK. With years of experience in the field of translation, we can easily translate your documents, website, videos, audios, websites, software, video games into the target language to help you cater to your global audiences.

High Quality Language Translation UK

Translation AZ offers high quality translation service in UK. We use the standard software like MS Word, WordPerfect, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign, Powerpoint, Excel, etc to translate the documents to retain the original format. With thorough proofreading and limit-level quality checks, we ensure that the final results are to your satisfaction.

We use resources like:


Our resources help us provide you with an excellent translation services in UK. We ensure quality at every step of the translation. Our team comprises of industry-experts who can translate your documents easily and localize it to meet your needs.

Our Localization Service

We can help you with a wide range of localisation needs. Document translations that often require localization services include:

  • Educational translation and localization
  • Graphic user interface or GUI localization
  • E-learning document translation and localization
  • Software app localization for smartphones, iPhones and others
  • iPad and iPhone app too need localization
  • E-commerce localization for serving various countries
  • Subtitling localization and broadcast commercial translation and localization

Our services are highly affordable. We have per-word pricing that is affordable to a wide range of business and industries. We offer competitive price so that we can offer you a very cost effective language translation and localization service in UK with excellent quality and reliability.