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Unlimited Obsesie - by Melissa Marr Unlimited Obsesie - by Melissa Marr - Obsesie, Obsesie Departe de ochii muritorilor ntr o lume de umbre i primejdii are loc o aprig lupt pentru putere Dup secole de stabilitate echilibrul dintre Cur ile z nelor a disp rut i Irial st p nitorul Cur ii n

  • Title: Obsesie
  • Author: Melissa Marr
  • ISBN: 9786068251677
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Obsesie - by Melissa Marr, Obsesie, Melissa Marr, Obsesie Departe de ochii muritorilor ntr o lume de umbre i primejdii are loc o aprig lupt pentru putere Dup secole de stabilitate echilibrul dintre Cur ile z nelor a disp rut i Irial st p nitorul Cur ii ntunecate se lupt s i in unite z nele rebele i devenite recent foarte vulnerabile Dac nu va reu i vor urma v rs ri de s nge i mult brutalitate La ani LeDeparte de ochii muritorilor ntr o


Unlimited Obsesie - by Melissa Marr Unlimited Obsesie - by Melissa Marr - Obsesie, Obsesie Departe de ochii muritorilor ntr o lume de umbre i primejdii are loc o aprig lupt pentru putere Dup secole de stabilitate echilibrul dintre Cur ile z nelor a disp rut i Irial st p nitorul Cur ii n Obsesie

  • Unlimited Obsesie - by Melissa Marr
    461Melissa Marr

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  1. So, I gave Marr another try I didn t like Wicked Lovely that much, but was told Ink Exchange was better In some ways, it was.For one, Leslie as a protagonist is interesting than Aislinn There is definitely depth to her and although I don t get that whole idea of a tattoo being able to free you of your troubles, to liberate you, make you stronger, Marr makes Leslie relatively easy to understand Again, there are interesting ideas about faery lore that I would like to know about The ending is al [...]

  2. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsHow do I love Bad Boys Let me count the ways 1 Okay, so I don t actually have reasons, I just love them 2 But I should get an A for effort, b c I sat here and thought about it for a good long while Iriel GAH Even his name is HOT.The Dark Court thrives on chaos and Iriel is its King His Fae are the natural balance to the restraint and order found in the High Court, but ever since Keenan found his Summer Queen and Beira the Winter Queen s reign of terror ended, his own court [...]

  3. I m not really sure what to say about this book It disturbs me that the protagonist, Leslie, who has survived a horrible sexual assault is, by the end of the book, repeatedly used both emotionally and sexually for weeks by the Dark Court king Yet we re supposed to think this is a healing thing because her proximity to the Dark King feels so good that she forgets everything except being with him But she wouldn t need him or feel anything toward him were it not for the tattoo using his blood that [...]

  4. Wicked Lovely,Melissa Marr s first novel, was on my Best of 2007 list and I ve been very excited about the sequel, Ink Exchange The storyline follows Aislinn s friend Leslie Leslie is surrounded by a fog of secrets and unable to break through the fog because of something that happened to her while Aislinn was caught up in her own set of the tumultuous events inWicked Lovely The gulf between the two girls only grows wider as they find themselves unable to talk about how they have each been irrevo [...]

  5. 5 out of 10 review in russianCruel and dark story I really liked Niall, actually I liked only Niall, so you can see why I didn t love the book Still have no time for reviews Wicked Lovely Wicked Lovely 1 5 Ink Exchange 2 5 Stopping Time 2.5 5 Old Habits 2.6 5 Fragile Eternity 3 5 Radiant Shadows 4 5 Darkest Mercy 5 5 Faery Tales Nightmares Desert Tales

  6. I didn t like the first one, Wicked Lovely, so I don t know why I read the second one, other than I wanted to give the author a second chanceThe teen librarian where I work told me that the teens are eating these books up, but I can only figure that the appeal is the fact that teenagers are being picked to be fairy queens I don t get it.These books are badly written, the world the characters inhabit is undeveloped, and the author spends too much time on the build up only to leave us with hurried [...]

  7. 3 starsI wanted to give the prequel to this book Wicked Lovely 3 stars but I opted for 4 stars in the end because of the cute little excerpts that Marr included at the start of the chapters about fae folklore I found them charming Unfortunately those little quotes were not included in Ink Exchange I thought that omitting these took from the atmosphere of the book Should something like that had been included, I would have easily given this one 4 stars as well.I wanted to like this book, and I did [...]

  8. Bullet Review In some ways better than Wicked Lovely , in some ways worse Leslie is a way cooler character than Aislinn, and I like her struggles AND the choice she makes at the end On the other hand, super emo Faerie boy Niall made me laugh at how emo he was while Irial makes feminist me rage I m also not happy how violence and possession are mistaken for romantic intentions.2.5 stars graciously rounded to 3 mostly because of Leslie and her final choice While this is an OK series, it s dark and [...]

  9. Edit re read in 2018 I still love this book I still love Irial , but I love Niall even than I did the first go round I have to dock a star for the audiobook The narrator was just meh for me Leslie is such a strong character that is just BREAKS ME inside, reliving her backstory and all she s endured The ending of this book is so satisfying to me, because I love the prospect of a new beginning even if I m reading an old book HOWEVER, the audiobook did teach me that I was pronouncing basically eve [...]

  10. This book surprised me and not in a good way Perhaps because I didn t feel as many dark undertones in the first book, Wicked Lovely, I expected this work to be an entertaining, dark ish, YA fantasy with themes of finding love, belonging, dealing with authority power, etc What I encountered was a disturbing novel which addresses themes of extreme violence, questionable ethics, addiction and domestic abuse in a very surface shallow way I made myself push through to the end, even when I realized a [...]

  11. Welcome back to the world first created by Melissa Marr for Wicked Lovely A world where faeries exist and roam among humans without their knowledge In this companion novel to Wicked Lovely, we get to know Leslie, one of Ash s best friends Since Ash and Keenan defeated the Winter Queen and gained power, peace has reigned between the Summer and Winter Courts Ash doesn t go anywhere without guards and her closest friends are guarded too Leslie has had a rough home life ever since her mother left He [...]

  12. I enjoyed this book and was glad to be back into the world created by Melissa Marr The only thing I found frustrating was the ending The story is told in multiple point of views and it jumps between three people, but the main protag is Leslie For the climax of this book, Leslie has to make a hard choice and when she does, the readers aren t in her POV, but another s so it happens off screen and we re told about it After all the things that happened to her, I felt cheated in not being able to see [...]

  13. In her essay The Collapsible Woman , Vanessa Veselka talks about how society expects all victims of rape to break and collapse She argues that we don t know how to deal with survivors rather than victims But clearly Marr knows how Like the previous book in this series, the human characters are so real, full of all the strengths and weakness that make up real teenage women This book is particularly compelling because it deals with darker issues like rape and addiction in a real way Marr makes it [...]

  14. Ink Exchange is the companion novel to Wicked Lovely, which basically means that it is not the sequel to Wicked Lovely, but is still set in the same world and has many of the same characters as Wicked Lovely Personally, I like Ink Exchange better than I did Wicked Lovely To be fair, WL was one of the first fae novels that I d read, along with the Holly Black series, so I was just getting to know about the glamours and the sight and all that fae lingo Ink Exchange is definitely the darker novel o [...]

  15. To finish or not to finish I m having a hard time deciding if I want to truly finish this book I maybe have 100 pages left and I have no desire to finish I don t care what happens As I m reading this book, it gives me the feeling of what I guess it would feel like to be on drugs The ups and downs, the darkness, the hopelessness This book is dark and leaves me with sad ugly feelings.

  16. Re reading this series has been pretty eye opening It s not good It really isn t but I love it for nostalgic reasons while being fully aware of how ridiculous and trope filled it is The writingouch These troubled girls finding salvation in men who are dangerous, unhealthy, and rob them of choice is not something I m enjoying reading about The battling seasons courts are laughable in their structure and depth I can t help it, I m flying through the re read and loving how awful they are It s like [...]

  17. I found this book to be much adult than Wicked Lovely Melissa scores a homerun with this book and completely recommend teens and adults to read it.Melissa has a wonderful voice and a great sense of the faery world I applaud her.

  18. I really liked Marr s first,Wicked Lovely, and while I liked this, too, it just didn t grab me in the same way I loved the first half two thirds ofInk Exchange, once the ink exchange took effect, I felt like the story got convoluted.The story focuses on Leslie, a close friend of Aislinn, the main character from the first book and the reigning Summer Queen of the faery courts She has a very unhappy home life, complete with druggie brother and absentee father, and one of the few things that gives [...]

  19. This book was so engaging to me I was yelling, laughing, frustrated, and engrossed in this book It seemed like I was telling my sister my thoughts every 5 pages, and we discussed what the characters were doing, their motivations, and our desires and frustration as the story moved forward The story left me wanting in the best way.Pros Tie to book 1 I love that this book starts with a scene from book 1, told from Irial and Leslie s POV It really helps to make this story feel connected to book 1, [...]

  20. Ink Exchange, by Melissa Marr, is the second book in the series Wicked Lovely I love, love, love the faerie world Marr has created Her attention to detail in how she creates her characters and the various faerie courts is magnificent Leslie is a seventeen year old girl who is struggling with the events of her recent past She attempts to claim herself back by having a tattoo inked on her back She sees this as a tangible symbol of change change she desperately needs What she does not know is that [...]

  21. Quick review Cover Nice Rating R Thumbs Up 3.5Overall A waste of timeCharacters Good Plot There is something strange going on and I can t put my finger on it.Page Turner at times Series Cont Maybe Recommend Not sure yetBook Boyfriend NiallSUMMARY 50 words or less Where I loved the first book, I could have not read this book at all Unfortunately, it doesn t further the series in any way that I can see based on the ending What little we did learn that may have been of some use could be put in nove [...]

  22. 2016 reading challenge a book with a blue coverI expected something else when I initially picked this book up But one thing I love about the books is when they surprise me And this one surprised me in a good way I liked the decision Leslie made in the end Her character was the most likable and I appreciate the girl power message the author was trying to get across Or at least that s the message I got from reading this novel.

  23. Dark as fooooook, but man, I love Marr s writing style, and her imagination is unbelievable the creatures in her world are just so fascinating Love it.

  24. Actual rating 4.5Critically Plot 4.5 out of 5 starsSlow in pace Incredibly dark, twice as dark as the first book A lot of different POV s Full of intrigue, magic, really tough subjects are discussed and an unusual ending Writing Style 4 out of 5 starsDeliberate, detailed, and dark Really sultry and mysterious It helps to keep you guessing as to the plot The whole time it feels like there s something lurking right around the corner Characters 4 out of 5 starsOverall, the characters in this book a [...]

  25. Invisible to humans, a world of fairies coexists with ours, a world in which shadows and light, summer and winter must be carefully balanced to avoid war and chaos Now, after centuries of searching, the Summer King has found his Queen and made peace with the Winter Queen, upsetting the precarious balance Without war to feed on, the feys of the Dark Court are fading To save them and still avoid resorting to open violence, the Dark King must bind himself to a human girl and steal her emotions he t [...]

  26. Ever since her mother left, Leslie s had a hard life Her father is perpetually drunk and useless, and her addict brother Ren actually sells her to dealers he owes All Leslie wants is a normal life, free from the fear and the pain that constantly plague her She enters a tattoo shop run by the talented Rabbit one day and is attracted to a dangerously beautiful tattoo that she just has to have, so strong is its pull.What Leslie doesn t know is that the tattoo is the mark of Irial, king of the Dark [...]

  27. Ink Exchange is the sequel to Wicked Lovely I wasn t expecting this book to be from the pov of another character but that doesn t matter, I wasn t attached to Aislinn in the least If I have to say something about this book, it s that the two prominent male leads were vibrant and quite tasty, making this a much enjoyable experience The chapters were easier to zip through but while this book improved in areas from Wicked Lovely there were still glaring problems Melissa Marr s prose is quite chopp [...]

  28. First review got deleted GrrrrrBasic plot Leslie seeks to reclaim herself after some very bad experiences, but risks losing everything to the dark fey.This book is a sort of sequel to Wicked Lovely Aislynn, Keenan, Seth are on the fringes of this story, but the focus is on one of Aislynn s mortal friends, Leslie At first I was looking forward to seeing other characters in the same world, but Leslie wasn t much of a personality to pull a reader in She had a full back story, which shows how very b [...]

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