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[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Spiraal : by Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Spiraal : by Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk - Spiraal, Spiraal Sinds de verdringkingsdood van zijn zoontje lijkdt patholoog anatoom Mitsuo Ando aan vreselijke nachtmerries Om zijn verdriet te verdringen vlucht Ando in de dagelijkse routing van zijn werk Maar wan

  • Title: Spiraal
  • Author: Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk
  • ISBN: 9789022991381
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Spiraal : by Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk, Spiraal, Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk, Spiraal Sinds de verdringkingsdood van zijn zoontje lijkdt patholoog anatoom Mitsuo Ando aan vreselijke nachtmerries Om zijn verdriet te verdringen vlucht Ando in de dagelijkse routing van zijn werk Maar wanneer hij autopsie moet verrichten op zijn vroegere rivaal Ryuji Takayama uit Ring komt hij bij toeval achter het bestaan van een onbekend of beter gezegd vergeten virusSinds de verdringkin


[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Spiraal : by Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Spiraal : by Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk - Spiraal, Spiraal Sinds de verdringkingsdood van zijn zoontje lijkdt patholoog anatoom Mitsuo Ando aan vreselijke nachtmerries Om zijn verdriet te verdringen vlucht Ando in de dagelijkse routing van zijn werk Maar wan Spiraal

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Spiraal : by Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk
    263Kōji Suzuki Peter de Rijk

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  1. Huh Well, that wasting Overall, I can say I enjoyed it But two things chipped away at the star rating 1 not enough creee py though a few scenes work incredibly well and 2 waaaaay too much solving of codes and clues and shop talk about genetics and DNA oh, and these biological aspects are much strap on your suspension of disbelief fantastical than this guy s done his research science fiction with the emphasis on science There s some crazy ass theories going on in these pages and if you don t com [...]

  2. I didn t know what to expect from this one, after reading RING One thing I DID NOT expect was what happened to Asakawa and his family While Ando was reading the RING report, I did wonder if he was going to contract the virus that way But there was a lot else I couldn t have foreseen, including the way that Sadako comes back into the world As soon as we found out that Mai had given birth, and we saw that other mysterious woman emerging from Mai s apartment, I basically figured that Mai had given [...]

  3. Halka serisine ba larken b y k beklentilerim yoktu Ba ar l korku filmleri oldu u ve elbette bir Japon yazar yazd i in hevesliydim sadece Ancak gittik e daha etkileyici bir yere s r klenmeye ba lad.Serinin ikinci kitab Sarmal okuduktan sonra rahatl kla s yleyebilirim ki, Halka serisi filmlerinin yans tt kadar korku unsuru i ermiyor T r anlam nda ok daha zengin bir yap ya sahip kinci kitab n ilerlemesiyle birlikte olay korku ve gerilimin yan nda, bilim kurgu, gizem sular nda da ilerlemeye ba lad o [...]

  4. This is even better than Ring and really takes things in a different direction from the movie versions Worth reading.

  5. Spiral is the sequel to Koji Suzuki s best selling Japanese horror novel Ring and also makes up the second book of a trilogy Most people know the idea of the first book because of the popular horror film that bears its name While both book and movie, Ring, manage to creep out the globe, what we didn t know is that the author wasn t happy with just killing people seven days after watching a creepy video He had other plans.And for better or worse, they are spelled out in Spiral The plot starts imm [...]

  6. Ah, so here s Koji Suzuki s official sequel to Ring Not the crappy Hollywood sequel, nor the crappy Japanese film sequel, but the official continuation from the author of the original novel All right This is going to be awe wait, it s a medical thriller The curse is a result of the smallpox virus hijacking Sadako s DNA and using her psychic powers to imprint images on a videotape which in turn causes the viewer s DNA to mutate and produce of the There are a number of scenes in this book that ar [...]

  7. Suzuki s plots are batshit crazy and I love it I read Ring a long time ago and was dumbfounded by how much I enjoyed Suzuki s pace and writing Surprisingly, the eeriness of Nakata s Ring movie captured the spookiness of the novel perfectly, and so, having watched the movie prior to reading, it was a satisfying experience as a fan of the franchise both on screen and on paper Spiral is the direct second installment of the Ring series and in it, Suzuki turns up the weird full throttle I really enjo [...]

  8. So this was a little weird.Sometimes I would read sentences passages that I just couldn t believe I was meant to take seriously.What if that DNA had inherited Ryuji s will, and was trying to express something in words I m pretty sure that DNA doesn t even begin to work that way Ah, who am I kidding This is j horror, of course DNA would work that way in this wacky world.Could Ryuji be trying to tell me where she is with this code He considered the possibility for a moment, but then discarded it w [...]

  9. Spiral is Koji Suzuki s second installment in the Ring series, picking up pretty much immediately where the first book leaves off and shifting over to a new protagonist, Mitsuo Ando, who is a former classmate of one of the characters who dies in the first book Ando winds up being the doctor called upon to do the autopsy on his classmate, and is thus drawn into the events that roared through the plot of the first book.This one didn t quite work for me as well, though It suffered from a bit of one [...]

  10. It s a good thing this book was written in such a fluid, easily read style, because I don t know that I d have stayed with it otherwise As it was, several portions got bogged down in a textbook type science language that I tended to skip over and the narrative lost nothing for it.This story incorporates horror elements than did the first book Ring , and so is closer in nature to a horror novel for it However, the heavy use of science both real and imagined places the story technically further i [...]

  11. This book gets a three star rating by the grace of the fact that I actually enjoyed reading it The plot was well paced and I found the main character pathologist Dr Ando sympathetic If it hadn t been for the fact that the last third of the book was completely preposterous this would have been a solid four star novel.This is a free standing sequel to the Ring Dr Ando has lost his young son to the sea and his wife has left him He performs an autopsy on his old school friend Ryuji who has died from [...]

  12. I read Ring and Spiral in rapid succession and while I loved Ring, I m conflicted about Spiral It was definitely spookier and I enjoyed the way the story turned out, especially the ending which was something I never would have predicted However, some of the attempts to explain how the virus formed verged into wankery and I hated the info dumps and the inclusion of the DNA sequencing and whatnot What, am I reading a Jodi Picoult novel That said, some of these problems may be due to translation is [...]

  13. Following on from Ring and also readable as a stand alone book , Spiral starts with Ando performing an autopsy on Ryuji following his early demise in Ring , suddenly Ando is dragged into the world of the ring and Sadako Yamamura who is responsible for numerous deaths I enjoyed Ring but I enjoyed Spiral a lot for numerous reasons, there was a sinister feel to it for one thing, the story was excellent, I did not expect the ending, some parts of the book were obivious but still enjoyable to read [...]

  14. So Spiral is the second book on the Ring series, and right off the bat I can tell you that I think this is even better than the first book In Spiral you get a plot full of twists and turns, which is great because I was genuinely kept guessing But what really carried the plot was how well Ando, the main protagonist was written The trials and tribulations that he encountered projected so strongly I felt like I was actually living them Brilliant read, and I m going to start on the 3rd instalment, L [...]

  15. In spite of all the DNA and coding information other reviewers have complained of, I enjoyed this sequel to Ring very much It s pace was good and I sped right through it to its horrifying conclusion Of course, now I need to read the next one in the series

  16. I think anything would struggle to match the original book, but I also really enjoyed the scientific turn this book took It didn t have as much in the way of actual horror, but still was rather eerie I look forward to seeing how book three stacks up to the previous two.

  17. Spiral is the second book after Ring by Koji Suzuki.If your brain suddenly form an image of a long haired woman climbing out from a well and crawling out from the television trying to get at you then you got that right The film, as I have written in my previous review here, is made from Koji Suzuki s book And believe me, the book is hundred times scarier than the film The first book ends with the story on how Azakawa, the reporter, realises that the solution to the curse might not be taking Sada [...]

  18. This sequel follows directly on from Ring the protagonist being the pathologist doing the autopsy on Ryuji Sadako s will has mutated from the video tape into a physical virus that resembles smallpox and we follow its further evolution throughout the novel.Absolutely loved this particularly the ending where Sadako comes into her own I also loved the idea of codes and puzzles which is very clever The one downside is all the technical stuff which bogs this down until its like reading a biology text [...]

  19. I absolutely burned through spiral Maybe it was that I was traveling all day, and there s nothing like a long plane ride to make you read Maybe it s that Spiral was ridiculously refreshing after the pointless slog through frustration that came before it looking at you, Those Across the River Maybe it s that I didn t want to put the book down, desperate to know what happened next Maybe it s that Koji Suzuki is a smart writer with a firm grasp on pacing, tension, and most of all, a sense of narrat [...]

  20. This book is slow to start This is because it5 s one of those book where it s in a series but if you start reading from this one Spiral being the second book to The Ring you can still understand the story fully And it is book like these that irritate me the most because it makes all the other books that came before it useless Writers usually do this when the protagonist of the first book gets killed or enters a state which is similar, A coma for example Which is what happened here.The Ring is a [...]

  21. My rating is a combination of a very good first half or first third, and a dreadful last half Only the first chunk saves this from being a one star review.The good the first half or so was very good I really liked the comparison of the curse and smallpox I thought it was an elegant metaphor I liked the change in style from Ring same ideas, but a medical thriller instead of a horror novel I really liked that all the paranormal lurking seemed to be Sadako I thought that explained why Ryuji had sud [...]

  22. Considering the fact that Ringu is a damn fine horror movie that actually manages to be scary, and doesn t resort to humor, I had some hope for this book, which is the sequel to Ring, on which that movie was based Although this book wasn t bad, I was disappointed for a number of reason Spiral fails entirely to be the least bit frightening, or even tense The one scene with the elevator, almost managed to affect me, but did nothing to ratchet up the tension, dissipating before it had a chance to d [...]

  23. Japanese horror fiction is not scary because of ghosts It s scary because of the excellent build up of tension, the culmination of mood, situations, tragedy, and the feeling of hopelessness This is no different The Ring movies are terrifying, yes The visuals, seeing Sadako right there in front of you is something you wouldn t want to experience in real life But these books are way different Yes, a certain suspension of disbelief is needed but what if what if this were real life Which do you thin [...]

  24. n i r i m , sequel bao gi c ng b l p v n u nh ph n u qu hay Ng y tr c c Ring m nh s l m , m nh m t c tu n Th nh ng l n n y, khi c V ng xo y ch t m nh l i th y b nh th ng L p lu n c a t c gi v n t ng i ch t ch nh th , nh ng t nh hu ng truy n h c u qu s c n y khi n cho c u chuy n b k m h p d n h n h n V y m i n i, h c u l m t ph n kh ng th thi u c a v n h c r i, nh ng c i g qu n c ng kh ng t t m M nh ch c m t i u ti c nu i, y l sau khi c xong Ring, m nh c ngh l Shizu v Yoko s kh ng sao, nh ng n ph [...]

  25. You read this book in two stages1 Oh man, a new character Are we really about to rehash this whole story again And then 2 Hooollyy fucking shit, that s coolIn other words, the pay off is so worth it This book is incredibly smooth in writing, I couldn t put it down It s just bloody entertaining, but I don t want to give anything away That said, I don t know if this book felt as philosophical as the first In fact, the story is approached in an entirely different manner, but I think I dig it Not as [...]

  26. I didn t find this book horrifying and i m sure i wouldn t classify this as classic horror book but from the first book which is fenomenon for sure this is very well done secuel that i enjoyed as much as the first one Biology especially genetics are on the level of high school so nothing crazy Sometimes i lost myself in the story and i didn t understand the mind and thoughts of the protagonist.But the end was just crazy and epic and im so excited to read the last book.

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