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Never Have I Ever

Free Download Never Have I Ever - by Sara Shepard Free Download Never Have I Ever - by Sara Shepard - Never Have I Ever, Never Have I Ever My perfect life was a lie Now I d do anything to uncover the truth Not long ago I had everything a girl could wish for amazing friends an adorable boyfriend a loving family But none of them know th

  • Title: Never Have I Ever
  • Author: Sara Shepard
  • ISBN: 9780062084132
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Never Have I Ever - by Sara Shepard, Never Have I Ever, Sara Shepard, Never Have I Ever My perfect life was a lie Now I d do anything to uncover the truth Not long ago I had everything a girl could wish for amazing friends an adorable boyfriend a loving family But none of them know that I m gone that I m dead To solve my murder my long lost twin sister Emma has taken my place She sleeps in my room wears my clothes and calls my parents Mom and DMy perfect lif

Never Have I Ever

Free Download Never Have I Ever - by Sara Shepard Free Download Never Have I Ever - by Sara Shepard - Never Have I Ever, Never Have I Ever My perfect life was a lie Now I d do anything to uncover the truth Not long ago I had everything a girl could wish for amazing friends an adorable boyfriend a loving family But none of them know th Never Have I Ever

  • Free Download Never Have I Ever - by Sara Shepard
    199Sara Shepard
Never Have I Ever

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  1. This book was definitely a page turner Even gripping than the first book Things that I liked that were different than in the first book The pacing was much fast There were unexpected twists and turns More characters were introduced Loved how Sutton s flashbacks provided clues to her suspects The writing didn t seem as forcedOnce again, Sarah Shepard does not fail to deliver a light but gripping book that will keep teens on the edges of their seats while relating to how real the characters seem [...]

  2. Never Have I Ever, The Lying Game 2Re reading this review in Feb 2015 and I ve realised this book definitely deserves 5 stars.I read it back in 2012, and literally still remember most of the book, that is how you know the book was amazing, it leaves such an impact Theres so must nostalgia attached to this book for me.I just remember loving the scene in the forest, and the train tracks memory, ah, loved it

  3. Another awesome installment in this series I love the mystery and how you re kept guessing I don t trust anyone so far

  4. Definitely a fun read and I m glad that Emma is different from Sutton I was definitely on the edge of my seat a good bit The Twitter Twins were so weird and I still don t feel like ruling them out I wish it would stay in 1st person or stay in 3rd person It s weird when it flips from Sutton observing to just 3rd person There are definitely a lot of suspicious characters, but there are also a lot of sweet moments between Emma as Sutton and her friends, sister, and dad I just wish there was a littl [...]

  5. Never Have I Ever the second installment in The Lying Game series is better than its predecessor, The Lying Game That s why I really love this book, especially the so awesome ending Never Have I Ever follows where the previous book left off, Emma Paxton continues on pretending to be her dead twin sister, Sutton Mercer As Emma goes deeper into trying to find Sutton s killer, she realizes that the killer might just turn out to be the one she least expected it to be.Never Have I Ever in my most hon [...]

  6. I didn t like the first book as much, but it s written by Sara Shepard so I thought I should give it a chance And so I did exactly that and borrowed the second book from the library This book is honestly just so so good Even though I didn t really read it in a day or anything, I loved almost everything about it The pace was quite fast and I just kept and keep wanting and .There isn t really anything else I could say besides jUST GO AND READ THIS SERIES OKAY It s so amazing.I already made a rese [...]

  7. Review TBCI must commend Sara Shepard for such a winning debut installment in The Lying Game series Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Never Have I Ever Book 2 as it fails to continue the fast paced action and adventure one hopes for in these types of mystery romance books.It continually bothers me to see not only Pretty Little Liars but also The Lying Game series dragged out over so many installments I can t seem to understand how these books continue to be so popular when barely any clue [...]

  8. After finishing the first book in the series I wasn t sure whether I ll continue with the series or not.There are two strong reasons for that 1 Book number one was so much different from the tv show I actually felt hurt because I really liked the show and since ABC family pulled that shitty move and cancelled it, books were my only chance to find out how the things would resolve.2 I spoiled myself and I already know who killed Sutton.So although I was entertained while reading this book I didn t [...]

  9. DNFI m over it I feel like maybe I m too old for this book If I had read it earlier in life, I might have had the patience to finish it I may give it another chance at some point.

  10. This was excellent I love to read mysteries and this was a fast paced page turner I have no idea who the killer is, but have one prime suspect in mind.Looking forward to reading book 3.

  11. I read this book so fast, I didn t even had time to mark it as Currently Reading, in about four hrs I think, Just like with the First One, Wanna know why Because it s freacking impossible to put down Once again Sara, GREAT WORK I love Ethan and Emma, they are sooo cute together so please, try not to break them for Thayer, would you Even if Ethan says Like way too much Aaahhg damn, I was so convinced it was the Twitter Twins Poor Mads and Thayer They should deffinitely tell the cops about their d [...]

  12. Emma is still posing as her twin, Sutton The only one who knows is Ethan, and Sutton s friends do not know that Emma and Ethan are friends Emma s not sure she can trust her friends, Madeline and Charlotte, or her sister, Laurel She s actually pretty sure she can t trust ANYONE But how can you be on guard every second of every day Still, since Sutton s dead, Emma better at least try to be ultra careful.I love Sara Shepard s YA books They re total guilty pleasures and they completely suck me in I [...]

  13. I am too old for this I believe.SoMany twists and turns with so little answers Ethan gives me a bad vibe He is around so often I will bring suprised if the killer really is thayer.2.5 stars

  14. Irresistible, dark, twisted, glamorous and oh, so much better than Pretty Little Liars I am officially obsessed with this series.

  15. I loved the first and I read the pretty little liars So if it s as good as those then I ll stay hooked on her books .

  16. 3.8 star Better than the first but still is not good enough for 4 star It s fast paced than the first book and I really enjoy the friendship between Emma and Sutton s friend.

  17. REVIEW originally posted on Pretty in Fiction.Title Never Have I EverAuthor Sara ShepardPublisher HarperTeen a HarperCollins imprint Pub Date August, 2011Rating 4.7 StarsRead an excerpt of The Lying GameRead an excerpt of Never Have I EverNever Have I Ever is one of those books that it felt like I d been waiting on forever I read The Lying Game this past January, and loved it I couldn t wait for the second book But when Never Have I Ever was released this past August, my reading schedule was alr [...]

  18. Whose been following the new TV Series The Lying Game based on the new book series by Sara Shepard I have now that Pretty Little Liars has completed Season Two and here s hoping they bring back a third season but by the way Season Two ended it could be unlikely that they do As there are only two books so far in The Lying Game , we can already see that the TV Series has gone for a different angle In Book 2 Never Have I Ever, we read as Emma Paxton not Becker , is still living Sutton Mercer s life [...]

  19. I read The Lying Game when it came out last year, my first Sara Shepard book I thought it was cute, fun, summer y fluff with a unique plot I m not sure if I simply have a different frame of mind this time around, but while book one was fun, I found Never Have I Ever to be addicting I could not put this book down While it still has the catchy, summer vibe that I enjoyed in book one, Never Have I Ever takes it to the next level It explores the dynamic between the lying game group, and makes deeper [...]

  20. a tiny bit of a spoiler, beware SO THRILLING i was 100% convinced that the twitter twins were her killer it all added up but, nope it was a prank but that still leaves the light incident who could have done THAT i really have no idea im totally clueless to who it was that killed sutton other than one suspicion i have ethan told emma that he hear that she had hit someone with her car and with her car gone from the impound lot what if someone forged her signature, took sutton s car out of the impo [...]

  21. Holy crap these books just keep getting better and better A lot happens in this book, but at the same time, a lot doesn t happen.I like how we see a lot of people s true colors though and I LOVE Ethan and Emma, love, love, love, love They make my heart smile in so many ways There s so much I want to say about the lying games and the murder mystery, but I don t want to give spoilers out I will say this though there were times where I had to lean forward and say out loud holy shit what is happenin [...]

  22. I loved this book and would recommend this book to anyone who likes stories with suspense like when Sutton is remembering the train prank and something happened to one of the twitter twins and murder case that needs to be solved Sutton s twin is trying to solve her murder What would you do to save your life Pretend to be someone your not Life has changed ever since Sutton went missing and was found dead Now her twin is here to take her place and no one is to know her true identity She is the onl [...]

  23. I ve only read 9% of this and haven t gotten back to it in months and while the first book was okay , it still was mostly meh I pretty much only wanted to give this series a shot because I was hoping it would be able to come close to the guilty pleasure awesome of Pretty Little Liars but it didn t even come close Maybe I ll try the TV show and see if I like it better than the books and maybe if that s the case I ll continue with the book series but we ll see No hard feelings or anything, I ve ju [...]

  24. I think that Sara is very clever in the way she writes her books she really brought me into the mystery of this book I wanted to get to know the characters and really understand what was going on i think it could be just as good a pll

  25. Habe nach ca 30 Seiten beschlossen abzubrechen Der erste Teil war schon nicht so prickelnd und wieso sollte ich mich durch die n chsten qu len Es gibt so viele gute B cher die gelesen werden wollen

  26. I knew that the Twitter Twins weren t Sutton s murderers, however I felt jipped when I found out they were playing a well executed prank on her This book gave background and insight into Sutton s life, and it sucks that I have to wait six months for the next book

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