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Beguiling the Beauty

Free Read Beguiling the Beauty - by Sherry Thomas Free Read Beguiling the Beauty - by Sherry Thomas - Beguiling the Beauty, Beguiling the Beauty When the Duke of Lexington meets the mysterious Baroness von Seidlitz Hardenberg on a transatlantic liner he is fascinated She s exactly what he s been searching for a beautiful woman who interests a

  • Title: Beguiling the Beauty
  • Author: Sherry Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780425246962
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Book

Free Read Beguiling the Beauty - by Sherry Thomas, Beguiling the Beauty, Sherry Thomas, Beguiling the Beauty When the Duke of Lexington meets the mysterious Baroness von Seidlitz Hardenberg on a transatlantic liner he is fascinated She s exactly what he s been searching for a beautiful woman who interests and entices him He falls hard and fast and soon proposes marriage And then she disappears without a trace For in reality the baroness is Venetia Easterbrook a proper younWhen the

Beguiling the Beauty

Free Read Beguiling the Beauty - by Sherry Thomas Free Read Beguiling the Beauty - by Sherry Thomas - Beguiling the Beauty, Beguiling the Beauty When the Duke of Lexington meets the mysterious Baroness von Seidlitz Hardenberg on a transatlantic liner he is fascinated She s exactly what he s been searching for a beautiful woman who interests a Beguiling the Beauty

  • Free Read Beguiling the Beauty - by Sherry Thomas
    106Sherry Thomas
Beguiling the Beauty

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  1. This review contains spoilers, and I don t care I don t know about my fellow buddy readers, but for me this Buddy Read was going to ask a Very Serious Scientific Question Do Sherry Thomas books always blow chunks Now, it wouldn t make sense to read the same book This is scientific, you see But as the Sherry Thomas Pain Train commenced, one truth became evident Miserable characters living in a hell of their own making that they created with their eyes wide open.It s all about the wangsty emoz.Clu [...]

  2. Her beauty was staggering, excessive, as if she were not quite flesh and blood, but an artist s conjuration, born of a bout of fevered ecstasy.Christian de Monfort, Duke of Lexington at nineteen was smitten Venetia Fitzhugh Townsend, a married lady was simply the most beautiful woman Christian had ever seen Two years later, Venetia s husband dies She remarries a wealthy, older man, and it is rumoured she had an affair with one of her second husband s best friends Christian now realised that the [...]

  3. Hrnghin, I m incomprehensible, LOL I loved Beguiling the Beauty I don t even know what to say Venetia Easterbrook remained disguised for just long enough, and Sherry Thomas characters attacked compelling questions, primarily, appearances vs reality Genre novels engage this theme halfheartedly in Beauty the Beast tributes Will she love me despite my hairy toes Thomas engages the implications relevant to modern audiences Is Venetia judged at first glance as just a pretty face Is she resented as a [...]

  4. Sherry Thomas is an excellent writer, technically, and her prose can sometimes be beautiful when it s not crossing the line into emo uselessness , but I m not sure her work is really in line with what I enjoy in HR She s capable of crafting interesting, sympathetic characters and keeping the reader hooked I had an enormously difficult time putting this one down to get anything else done , but the payoff wasn t what I d call satisfying I liked the characters, for the most part, but Venetia was va [...]

  5. Since I read the 3rd book first, I already know how this one will end, but, ah, what a beautiful story this was We get to discover everything Venetia went through in her two marriages Poor girl the first disastrous one to a pompous, egocentric idiot the second one a gay Poor, poor girlChristian, as all the other men, was mesmerized with Venetia s extraordinary beauty and he fancied himself in love with her But he also resented her for the oull she had on him So when her first husband depict her [...]

  6. First please indulge me as I spend a paragraph or two hating on the cover illustration I have read SO MANY romance novels and know all about their silly covers but for some reason THIS one bothers me Mostly, it s this horrible dress she s wearing It looks so uncomfortable The scratchy looking lace on the neckline is digging into her breasts, but if she lowered her arm, the bodice would fall right off Her posture may be physically possible although who knows what she s doing with her right arm th [...]

  7. Let me preface this review by saying that I have a fan gurl krush on Ms Thomas, so it is extremely hard for me to give any book she writes a 3 star rating However, since I also want to be truthful when I write a review, then I must let the 3 star must stand What I loved about the book was as usual Ms Thomas has wrote two emotional and complicated characters, where not all as it seems While I didn t like Venetia or Christian for most of the book, by the end I wasn t ready for the book to be over [...]

  8. I really hate to write a review for a book I loved It s so much easier for me to pinpoint the things that went wrong in a book than the things that are right Plus, novel enjoyment is subjective Romance novels are particularly subjective, so when I write a glowing review I m always afraid I m setting up other readers for disappointment The disappointment is likely if the reader, like me, holds Sherry Thomas up on an HR pedestal She is the creme de la creme Disappointment is easier when we ascrib [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this, though not without some bumps Christian and Venetia were lovely, with lots of drama pulling them apart and I didn t even mind the conceit of falling in love while she covered her face Nor how harsh things turned for a while because it was earned and expected.I wasn t so much a fan of Venetia turning coward quite so thoroughly towards the end, but even that would have had me rounding a 4.5 up Unfortunately, that was never in question because Thomas kept throwing in boring P [...]

  10. I devoured this book in one sitting Sherry Thomas s prose is always delightful, and this was no exception The dialogue sparkled, particularly during the hero and heroine s affair on the steamship In fact, if the entire book was like that section, this would easily be a five star, all time favorite romance for me I loved the chemistry between Christian and Venetia, not just the physical, but their passion for their shared interest in paleontology, the emotional honesty allowed by Venetia s anonym [...]

  11. Hmmm, sort of waffling here, but I think 3 stars Easier to say that I liked it than Delicious, but it was not as intimate and intricate as His at Night and Not Quite a Husband and Private Arrangements I adore the don t hate me because I m beautiful trope, and parts were really lovely, but the romance seemed at arm s length So much happened offscreen, so it was hard to really feel sympathetic or to get that true angst fix There was also oodles of series foundation building, and nearly every char [...]

  12. This HR by Thomas is a lovely homage to Judith Ivory s BEAST Roles are reversed but the plot is similar in that Ivory s hero in Beast Avon Romantic Treasure needs the darkness to conduct the H and h s shipboard affair and here Thomas s heroine is the one not wanting the hero to know her identity But we have the inevitable fall into love with one of the persons not knowing the true identity of the other.The book itself is not quite perfect, especially if you analyze the actions of the hero, the D [...]

  13. Reading my first Sherry Thomas book in twelve months brought home to me her astonishingly consistent excellence Numerous authors are able to churn out consistently mediocre pulp fiction and sometimes make a fortune in so doing , but truly original and inventive writers seem unable to avoid the occasional sour lemon among the juicy peaches.The narrative of Beguiling the Beauty is deceptively complex, which is perhaps why the summary is so unsatisfactory, leaving out so many essential elements.Chr [...]

  14. I m not usually a fan of romances whose plots are basically, he loves me, he loves me not My favorite books usually have certain elements, including danger and a plot that revolves around adventure, intrigue or mystery , a complicated love story whose resolution you don t see coming a mile away, writing I can admire, and a historical setting that is than just a set and props I like heroines who have a brain and enough self respect to refuse to tolerate ill treatment from a man, and I like alpha [...]

  15. I can t believe I m giving a Sherry Thomas book two star and really, the only reason it s not one star is because at least the grammar is good This book lost me at the prologue, and it never got me back Christian sees Venetia once, from a distance, and falls instantly in love Doesn t speak to her at all, doesn t even make eye contact because she doesn t notice him, but that s it she s so other worldly beautiful that he falls in love and stays in love for 10 years, during which time she s widowed [...]

  16. I have read a few other high rated reviews and I agree that it is very passionate and it was interesting regarding the irony about falling in love with two versions of the same person But it is so trope y These people are not smart First of all, Christopher s damning confession at the lecture I thought he was supposed to be a man of science He used anecdotal evidence as facts and then generalized it to women of beauty I had bells ringing in my head when I was reading that part, and I feel like I [...]

  17. It felt light and fluffy, but overall a very satisfying romance IMO I like the way Sherry Thomas writes Also, there s something very vicariously pleasant about having a heroine whose incredible beauty is a plot point I mean, I m also fond of the stories where you have a mousy plain Jane who wins over people with her inner beauty and whatnot, but this story of a jaw droppingly gorgeous beauty who s also crazy about dinosaur fossils was a nice fantasy There wasn t any darkness in this story at all [...]

  18. I really enjoyed this book Even though I had strong qualms at first I feared she would be much older than he was and I m not a huge fan of cougar romances She had already been married twice Her sister was having an affair with a married man Not sure what else but it seemed like a sure recipe for disaster Though it was nothing like that.I really enjoyed getting to know the different characters, their own difficulties challenges I deeply enjoyed the heroine, her way if trying to orchestrate a game [...]

  19. The ending was weird At the middle of the story, Venetia and Lexington got married due to an unforeseen circumstances They loathed each other but secretly love one another And then two gossipy young ladies came to the house threaten to run their juicy stories to maintain their gossipy reputation In order to protect Venetia s good name, Lexington decided to tell the ladies the truth, and then Venetia walked in and decided to tell her version of the truth In their storytelling, they ultimately rev [...]

  20. Christian, Duke of Lexington, fell in love with Venetia Easterbrook from afar, as many young men have done But she was married at the time of his falling was for naught But Christian still made a promise to himself that one day, no matter how long he d have to wait, he would take a chance with the beautiful Mrs Easterbrook Christian harboured this thought close to his heart for years Even after an unsettling conversation with Mr Easterbrook about his downfall, thanks in part to his beguiling wif [...]

  21. Excelente como cada libro que leo de Sherry Thomas Los personajes, las relaciones, los di logos todo me encanta en estos libros El final tal vez se me hizo un poco raro, pero no afecta mi opini n general de esta trilog a Totalmente recomendable y ahora vamos por Hastings y Helena

  22. It s official As long as it s done right, historical romance is for me I loved this book.I doubt there s anything truly groundbreaking to the story, and even a bit of the clich but the storytelling is so fun and the characters extremely lovable even when you re yelling at them WHAT ARE YOU DOING Venetia Fitzhugh Townsend Easterbrook s biggest concern was for the welfare of her sister s reputation, which is how she found herself in America attending a lecture at Harvard by the Duke of Lexington C [...]

  23. Note Since this is a book club read, I don t want to give any particulars in the review as I don t want to influence other book club members with my review but I ll speak in generalities and maybe will come back and update after our book club discussion As I have commented many times in the past I HATE HISTORICALS And yet every year I end up reading a couple for one reason or other In this case, it is the book club pick for a group of friends And here s the thing I didn t HATE it I didn t love i [...]

  24. What to say about this book I have read Not Quite a Husband by this author and thought it was one of the most moving and well written books I ve read I loved it.This book, well, the writing is wonderful This author has a really wonderful way of putting words together So smooth, so flowing The story was a little hard to get a grip on It s difficult to believe that the H and h could conduct an affair for a week and the H wouldn t see the h s face It s a bit of a stretch to believe that this could [...]

  25. 4.5 loved it Stars I loved the book Adored like it Sherry Thomas just entered my list of favourite historical authors She writes with quick wit, humour and much much romance I enjoyed the book thoroughly Venetia is a darling Yes she is extremely beautiful But that wasn t what made me like her I have read so many books where the heroines are described as heavenly beautiful, bit here Venetia has such a pleasant character She has her flaws and her attributes But I loved her because she appeared so [...]

  26. It s always a treat to read a book by Sherry Thomas she never writes down to some imaginary average romance reader level which with some authors appears to be about Grade 6 The characters and story in this book are great both the hero and heroine are so flawed and fallible, yet completely lovable The characters shared interest in fossils is a great touch, and the hero s gift to the heroine of a huge slab of rock with dinosaur footprints is a priceless way to win her heart The heroine is a Great [...]

  27. 2.5 stars in my own very steep and picky rating curve.It was a bit meh, in no way actually bad at anything possible, but sort of weak I loved the author s earlier standalone books And now instead of one book a year we get 3 books in one year, sounded lovely Except it turns out this is book feels much less dense, less rich than her earlier novels This trilogy is about 3 siblings or correctly 2 sisters and their sister in law in late 19th century English high society I love the setting, seems so [...]

  28. A complicated yet compelling look at the issue of what it means to be judged almost exclusively by one s outward appearance or social station without regard to the true nature of relationships that have been characterized in a negative light and with almost disregard for the truth It is almost unbelievable to most women that there could actually be such beauty as to be a burden to the one possessing it, but so it was with Venetia Fitzhugh Townsend Easterbrook, a woman who was incredibly intellig [...]

  29. I mostly liked it I just have a few things to get off my chest 1 I don t react well to stories featuring Beautalicious Beauties Seriously I don t want to hear about how being attractive is the Ultimate Curse I absolutely believe that it can lead to some frustrations, but you know what There s power in attractiveness that is stripped from all those who are deemed unattractive or plain or ugly or any variation thereof Society can be epically gross, but it is far forgiving of a pretty face than it [...]

  30. Updated to 4 stars on re readNot as good as I ve come to expect from Sherry Thomas I m not all that crazy about love at first sight based only on great beauty, and the stratagem to keep her identity secret later seemed kind of lame The next book in the trilogy sounds promising, although the relationship of that couple, as shown in this book, is certainly problematic Update I m not sure why I was so harsh on this book the first time around, but I liked it much on re read after reading all the F [...]

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