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Family Care

Free Read Family Care - by Jessa Callaver Free Read Family Care - by Jessa Callaver - Family Care, Family Care A family of attorneys Three rowdy kids A chance to earn some extra money before leaving for college A curious girl with a family eager to teach her a thing or two What s the most that could happen Whe

  • Title: Family Care
  • Author: Jessa Callaver
  • ISBN: 2940011348464
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Nook

Free Read Family Care - by Jessa Callaver, Family Care, Jessa Callaver, Family Care A family of attorneys Three rowdy kids A chance to earn some extra money before leaving for college A curious girl with a family eager to teach her a thing or two What s the most that could happen When year old Josie agreed to sacrfice her last high school spring break to babysit for the Sharps she could have never foreseen the result The Sharps are the new shinyA family of attorne

Family Care

Free Read Family Care - by Jessa Callaver Free Read Family Care - by Jessa Callaver - Family Care, Family Care A family of attorneys Three rowdy kids A chance to earn some extra money before leaving for college A curious girl with a family eager to teach her a thing or two What s the most that could happen Whe Family Care

  • Free Read Family Care - by Jessa Callaver
    181Jessa Callaver
Family Care

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  1. I was looking for dinosaur erotica originally when I came across this book Don t judge I would have been just as happy with gargoyle or minotaur erotica It s a thing I like what I like I won t apologize for that.Anyway I was looking for something completely different than what I picked up but I wasn t disappointed That said, this is of a slow burn romance except it s not really a romance It s like two people who come together unexpectedly who happen to care for one another but okay, that doesn [...]

  2. Josie is spending her spring break babysitting for the Sharps, a new family in town While by all outward appearances the Sharps seem to be the perfect family, up close Josie finds herself in the midst of a cold and distant home Eventually, Josie finds herself in a difficult situation when she comes between husband and wife Family Care lived up to my expectations from this author The story was steamy, hot, and definitely sexy The author has such a talent for words Her writing is vivid and descrip [...]

  3. DNF 9%.I can handle a lot Hell, I read a lot of books so not much can make me stop reading at 9% However, when the MC an 18 year old girl describes in detail her fantasies about having sex with Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt, it s time to move on She does this while masturbating Normally the latter would be sexy, but Angelina and Brad Pitt Seriously It made me want to gag.I won t be finishing this.Note that the blurb has a major typo in it No offense to the author, but if the blurb has a misspelle [...]

  4. This was a coming of age story with a real kick Josie is 18 and babysitting for an attractive power couple, the Sharps The Sharps have grown apart and are now mostly strangers that pass in the night When Mr Sharp becomes attracted to Josie he trys to fight it but when he finds out the feeling is mutual, they cross the employer employee line in a big way This story is than that though, through Josie, the Sharps find their way back to each other and the love they once shared This is a great book, [...]

  5. Compared to SK s BTB, Family Care is back Read it for yourself in its newly refurbished 4th edition and see how it stacks up GR has yet to update the edition here on GR In the meantime, you can find it for FREE Kindle Family Care JesSmashwords smashwords books view ARE allromanceebooks prodThanks.

  6. Family Care is a hot book As in steamy.Very taboo.I enjoyed it There are a lot of grammar issues and typos though With a bit of editing, this would easily be a 4 star book.

  7. ConfusingThe sheer timing in this book is off The revelations of characters and the character insights are weirdly placed It seems like this book is a victim of horrible editing Once you edit you must go back and reread to make sure that the scenes still mesh well This author really missed the mark When placing characters in a room you have to be sure it makes sense when they magically appear in another room and these details make it even weirder when it comes to sex scenes Where people are posi [...]

  8. I appreciate having the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.This is a coming of age erotica short that takes a common theme and given it new life Joise is an 18 yr old senior in high school that takes a job babysitting the kids of a hot couple She finds herself romantically involved with the sexy Mr Sharp and manages to get herself pulled into the issues of the couple Josie does a lot of growing up in those two weeks she stays with them in ways than just sexually The [...]

  9. Josie is spending her spring break with the Sharp family rather than out partying with her friends Mr and Mrs Sharp are the perfect power couple, but Josie can feel the chill between the two Upon finding Mr Sharp crying, she offers comfort and develops an intimate connection with him Even though she knows she has no business getting in the middle of their marriage, she can t help being drawn to him, and when Mrs Sharp catches them together well, I ll let you read the rest I m having trouble desc [...]

  10. WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ I don t even know where to start with this book We start off with a girl who s babysitting for a family that she is close to Then she has feelings for the dad Not completely weird or unheard of Then they have sex Like I couldn t predict that after 3 chapters in Things get out of control another shocker The wife catches them THEN SPOILER AS IF HIDING THE ENTIRE REVIEW WASNT ENOUGH TO YOU CURIOUS EYES The wife decides to join in when she catches her husband fucking th [...]

  11. This is an entertaining short story about an 18 y o babysitter who spends her last summer before college with a family that needs her help with childcare, choresd restoring passion to their household She ends up becoming a woman in the process There s infidelity, which I m sure is obvious from the synopsis There s also MFF menage scenes, for those who need that type of warningor tease.Overall, I thought the sex scenes were hot The resolution was handled smoothly And I got a real feel for the cha [...]

  12. While this is a story premise I ve seen a lot of, I thought the author did a really good job of making it fresh, mainly by giving the characters and the situations depth It s as much a coming of age story as it is erotica, and while there are definitely lots of steamy sex scenes, there s also an ending that makes it feel a lot about how all three of the main characters figure out what s missing in their lives The main character is really likable, and the couple she babysits for is really sympa [...]

  13. I was goodt off the charts, but 3 stars It was reminiscent of BTB, but not even close in terms of steam and naughtiness.

  14. The cliched virgin babysitter and parent parents hook up gig with a little twist.It starts of with a slow build up of a girl coming into her own story 18 yr old virgin on spring break lusting after Mr S You get two fantasies to hold you over until about half way through till you finally get that tabooed of actually touching one another Yes, it has issues of guilt of cheating, devirgining the babysitter and a little .Sometimes a marriage needs that little extra to hold it together or reignite wha [...]

  15. I thought this was going to be some cheap thrill erotica, and instead I got an actual story, and characters I could care about I actually wonder how things turn out for the Sharp family and their long time babysitter, Josie, whether they move back from whence they came, whether or not Josie ever visits them, brings a boyfriend or girlfriend home from school to meet them, how they continue to heal their marriage.Josie s concerns are real, and the way everything changes for her is organic The end [...]

  16. The sex scenes were a bit tame but well described and pretty steamy The characters, not terribly interesting, but what can you say about the babysitter husband scenario and then the slightly less expected babysitter husband and wife scenario Not bad for erotica, I don t expect the stories to be spectacular, although I have read some that was close to actual literature I believe this book is only available as an e book The editing so many typos, omg is terrible.I decided to read a bunch of erotic [...]

  17. Babysitters never had it so GOODBabysitters never had it so GOODThe storyline was written with good flow Some emotion was added and Josie was a good balance between Mr and Mrs Sharp I just felt awkward reading it I felt like the 4th child and kept waiting for my perfect life to be torn apart I understood how things played out based off of the back story I just couldn t help reading it feeling like it was wrong regardless of how interesting it was All and all I think the book was what it set out [...]

  18. The sexual tension was the best part of this book, got me gripping my kindle Too much mundane detail at times, which made certain sections slow going there are a lot of typos and missing words, but that was probably because I didn t have the latest version the author gave an alert that there was an updated version, but I was too lazy to go and get it again.

  19. LovedThis book was amazing from start to finish the characters were great and the writer did a good job with expressing how each character feels The story was believable and I found myself enjoying it.

  20. Not necessarily smutI got the book thinking it would be a quick read, but it was actually a really good book She made me care about the characters and hope that they find a way to be together, all of them as one big happy family.

  21. A surpriseI must admit that this book was a wonderfull surprise Very well told and with a believeble ending Hope to read from Jessa very soon.

  22. GreatI love this book, and i have read it over hundred times, okay maybe a little exaggeration there but that s what it felt like I ve even bookmarked my favorite parts.

  23. I don t know if this will be helpful to anyone considering this book, but here s a list of things I wished I d known before I started the Family Care by Jessa Callaver view spoiler 1 The female MC is legal but still in high school While I realize that 18 years old is 18 years old, there s something creepy about a 30 ish year old man having an affair with a high school senior 2 Yes, I wrote affair The male MC is married and living with his wife while he conducts an affair with the babysitter righ [...]

  24. When 18 year old Josie agreed to sacrifice her last high school spring break babysitting for the new family in town she could have never foreseen the result The Sharps are young, attractive, and successful with a gorgeous home and a hidden secret What s the most that could happen I wanted something new to read so I left all the purchase books and decided to look on I found a book, for free, called Family Care The cover and summary alone had me intrigued with this book.So I brought it on my Kindl [...]

  25. I received this ebook from the author requesting me as a reviewer Family Care is a sexyfun story about a young woman named Josie who is on a mission to define herself as a young woman and finds herself exploring her sexual needs with a not so typical guyJosie is spending her spring break babysitting for the Sharps The towns Power couple who are well off and seemingly happy in the public s eye but Josie soon finds out that behind closed doors things are not always as they seem As the days go by J [...]

  26. Josie has been living a normal life, she s finishing up school, and go to college Josie who is also a babysitter for Cillia and Evan kids, doesn t realize that she s in for a big surprise Every time she s around her boss Evan all she can do is feel this sexual attraction for him, hoping it will go away she decides to ignore her thoughts and keep herself busy Love and relationships were never a part of Josie s life especially not a relationship with her boss, who is married But will that stop Jos [...]

  27. Celia and Evan Sharp, with their three children, Seth, Ben and Delia seem like the perfect, well adjusted family that are only seen in television series and women s novels They were both highly successful lawyers a two different firms and their life was both hectic and stressed filled Josie, an attractive eighteen year old high school senior agreed to spend a two week vacation period as live in babysitter She was soon part of this happy family and feelings of love were shared by all In such a ho [...]

  28. What the actual Fuck I don t want to be rude or anything but this book makes me a little sick Like please this people have something wrong in their heads I know that are fictional characters but I feel bad for Josie it may look like she like it and was consensual, but please she 18 years old I m 20 and at times I don t even know what I m doing They were adults that took advantage of a kind and loving teenager She only wanted was to take care of the kids because that was her passion She wanted to [...]

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