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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Best Read || [Emily Brontë] Wuthering Heights Best Read || [Emily Brontë] - Wuthering Heights, Wuthering Heights Books in the Classic Novels series are unabridged editions of literary masterworks However they are much

  • Title: Wuthering Heights
  • Author: Emily Brontë
  • ISBN: 9780140366945
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback

Wuthering Heights Best Read || [Emily Brontë], Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights Books in the Classic Novels series are unabridged editions of literary masterworks However they are much

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Best Read || [Emily Brontë] Wuthering Heights Best Read || [Emily Brontë] - Wuthering Heights, Wuthering Heights Books in the Classic Novels series are unabridged editions of literary masterworks However they are much Wuthering Heights

  • Wuthering Heights Best Read || [Emily Brontë]
    461Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights

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  1. This is my favourite book I do not say that lightly, I ve read quite a lot from all different genres and time periods, but this is my favourite book Of all time Ever The ladies over at The Readventurer kindly allowed me to get my feelings of utter adoration for Wuthering Heights off my chest in their Year of the Classics feature, but I now realise it s time I posted a little something in this blank review space I mean, come on, it s my favourite book so it deserves better than empty nothingness. [...]

  2. I understand why many people hate this book Catherine and Heathcliff are monstrous Monstrous You won t like them because they are unlikable They are irrational, self absorbed, malicious and pretty much any negative quality you can think a person is capable of possessing without imploding They seek and destroy and act with no thought to consequence And I find it fascinating that Emily Bronte chose them to be her central protagonists.When this was first published it was met with animosity because [...]

  3. I ve tried it three times I know people are obsessed with it I hate everyone in the book and I just can t care about a book where I actually hate the characters.And, sure, I get the interpretation that as terrible as Heathcliff and Cathy are, it s their love that redeems them, and isn t that romantic.No.

  4. Certain novels come to you with pre packaged expectations They just seem to be part of literature s collective unconscious, even if they are completely outside of your own cultural referents I, for instance, who have no particular knowledge of or great love for romantic, Anglo Gothic fiction, came to Wuthering Heights with the assumption that I was picking up a melancholy ghost story of thwarted, passionate love and eternal obsession Obsession turned out to be only accurate part of this presumpt [...]

  5. I never expected this book to be as flagrantly, unforgivably bad as it was.To start, Bronte s technical choice of narrating the story of the primary characters by having the housekeeper explain everything to a tenant 20 years after it happened completely kills suspense and intimacy The most I can say is that to some extent this functions as a device to help shroud the story and motives from the reader But really, at the time literary technique hadn t quite always gotten around to accepting that [...]

  6. all i care about in this goddamn life are me, my drums, and you if you don t know that quote, you re probably too young to be reading this and isn t it past your bedtime or shouldn t you be in school or something but that quote, hyper earnest cheese that is romance wuthering heights is something dangerous than romance it s one long protracted retaliation masquerading as passion and goddamn do i love it i can t believe i haven t reviewed it before i mention this book in than half of my reviews, [...]

  7. Reading Wuthering Heights is like popping a piece of chocolate in my mouth only to find out it s filled with espresso beans I thought it would be sweet, but it turned out to be too dark and bitter for my taste I cannot fault Emily Bronte for a deficiency in writing, though The fact that she was able to create a constant state of tension while keeping me interested, alludes to her genius In my opinion, it s a horrible story well told.You know the sayings Love conquers all , All you need is love , [...]

  8. Ah the classics Everybody can read their own agenda in them So, first a short plot guide for dinner conversations when one needs to fake acculturation, and then on to the critics view A woman 1 is in love with her non blood brother 2 but marries her neighbor 3 whose sister 4 marries the non blood brother 2 their 1,3 daughter 5 marries their 2,4 son 6 meanwhile, their 1,2 elder brother marries and has a son 7 Then everybody dies, 1 of bad temper, 4 of stupidity, 3 of a cold, 6 because he s irrita [...]

  9. How can I find and put together the suitable words and write a review about one of the most iconic creations in World Literature One of those books that provoke such intense feelings that either you worship them or you utterly hate them There is no middle ground Every year, I revisit Wuthering Heights for two reasons First, it is one of my personal Christmas traditions and secondly, I prepare extracts to use in class for my intermediate level students This year, I finally felt confident enough t [...]

  10. This is a review I never imagined I d write This is a book I was convinced I d love I just have to face the facts, Emily is no Charlotte.I m going to start with the positives The characterisation of Heathcliff is incredibly strong He is a man who is utterly tormented by the world As a gypsy boy he is dark skinned and dark haired, and to the English this rough, almost wild, look makes him a ruffian He stands up for himself, and bites back thus, he is termed a monster In a very, very, Frankenstein [...]

  11. I first read this in AP English Literature senior year of high school This book is dense and thick and confusing, and with a class full of haters, it was hard to wrap my head around it I subsequently read it three or four times for classes in college and every time I read it, I loved it I always found some new, fascinating piece of the story I had never picked up on.The last time I read it, I suddenly realized that there were many hints and clues that Heathcliff could, in fact, be black A quic [...]

  12. If you think that spitefulness is romantic, and that people destroying their lives is dramatic, go ahead and read this book But don t say I didn t warn you.

  13. Beware, there arespoilers I enjoyed this novel despite hating pretty much everyone in it Allow me to explain This is the kind of novel that exhausts one with never ending drama So much drama So much freaking drama The 7 Stages of reading Wuthering Heights 1 Excitement 2 Confusion3 Anxiety4 Fear5 Anger6 More anxiety7 The urge to read something uplifting, like HamletIn case you haven t figured it out by now,EmoWuthering Heights is dark Dark, gloomy, cold and gothic Those who know a thing or two ab [...]

  14. I read this book for my AP Literature class I loved the teacher, loved the subject matter, and loved pretty much everything else we had read, so I had high hopes for this book I must say, I made a genuine and sincere effort to like this book, I really did I got half way through with no hope in sight, yet I perservered, hoping the second half would show promise in the next generation No such luck Although nothing tops the finale love scene between Heathcliff and Katherine, with Heathcliff foaming [...]

  15. If you ve been following my status updates as I read this book, you can probably guess what kind of review this is going to be answer the best kind So let s get the good stuff out of the way first, and then I can start the ranting Good stuff I liked some of the characters Ellen was sweet, and seemed to be the only sensible person in the story And lord, does she get put through a lot of shit Girlfriend needs a hug and a spa weekend after all she s been through I also liked Catherine II and Hareto [...]

  16. SPOILERSBehold the wild, dark side of love I am Heathcliff he s always, always in my mind not as a pleasure, any than I am always a pleasure to myself but as my own being Passion Desire Love Are they the same thing If we are so intoxicated by someone as ending up seeing them as a mirror to our own self, is this love It is Sometimes But sometimes it is sign not of devotion, but of egotism so strong that it stops us from seeing the actual person and we imagine a likeness that isn t there just in [...]

  17. Believe it or not, not a fan.The story itself is unique very original, a precursor for many Victorian thrillers and haunted house spectaculars But there was no engine in my brain to ease down the process reading this is like reading something that is altogether MANDATORY I guess its a classic because enough people have read it to distinguish it from better books.The character of Heathcliff is a vampire who sucks the life out of everyone in the household at Wuthering Heights its neighbors No doub [...]

  18. Not often do I decide to edit the review and change the opinion of the book I initially detested mere days after writing a why I hated it opus Emily Bronte, you mastermind In addition to learning truly horrifying things through the comments from my fellow lovely Goodreaders people have told me that not only Heathcliff and Catherine s horrible story served as an inspiration for Twilight a story that s paraded as a love story and brrrr that in almost all polls on most romantic literary figure, Hea [...]

  19. It is a testament to the overabundance of cliches clogging the realms of literature featuring romance, that readers widely associate the middle Bront sister s tour de force with vindictive fury, abuse and emotional excesses rather than love Because bestowing approval on an unnatural, obsessive love that devoured everything in its vicinity out of pure malice somehow throws our moral compass into a tizzy.Last time I read this, Emily Bront had cruelly crushed a child s enjoyment of a book much like [...]

  20. Cathy and Heathcliff, a love story At the beginning of our narrative Mr.Lockwood, a tenant of Thrushcross Grange, visits his landlord Mr.Heathcliff, at Wuthering Heights, four long miles away, across the cold, eerie, moors, people back then walked a great distance, they had few options, without much complaining, troubled Lockwood, wants to get away from society he came to the right place The setting is northern England, 1801, in the Yorkshire Moors, a vast, remote, desolate, and gloomy grassland [...]

  21. Misery, duplicity, revenge, unhealthy family relationships Wuthering Heights has it all Whenever I hear the name Bront , I start thinking about classic books, with ladies and gentlemen courting each other but, I guess I need to stop confusing Bront with Austin.This book is brutal Every page is an argument, a dark plot, a deathly ill character, or an actual death There is no joy in Wuthering Heights Writing wise, it was pretty good Not my usual style, but I like to knock out a classic every now [...]

  22. I approached this book expecting to read about a beautiful and tragic love story instead, I came across an intensive hate story, a revenge tale but love was nowhere to be found Actually, let me state this better there was love at first but it was the mere beginning, the catalyst Love was there only to encompass all the hatred, to imprison it It was not love itself, but solely a small and transparent bottle with a beautiful love inscription engraved on it in a lovely calligraphy with hearts and f [...]

  23. Wuthering Heights is many things A late gothic ghost story A tale of love and revenge A chronicle of violence physical, mental, emotional and social A dark peek into human nature A condemnation of England s broken class system A sort of anti Austen book without manners.I ve loved it since I first read it in grade eight It s another of the books my crazy cool Mom foisted upon me in her big, three year pushing of classics that defined my reading tastes for the rest of my life I love the book so mu [...]

  24. I was not prepared for how bleak this book was I had seen movie versions of Wuthering Heights, but this was my first time reading the novel, and it was much darker than I expected So many of the characters are utterly unlikable Cathy is selfish and foolish and obstinate Heathcliff is brutal and vengeful and psychotic Hindley is spiteful and venomous and a drunkard And when Edgar and Isabella Linton enter the story, everything goes to hell in a handbasket Why, oh why, did Cathy marry Edgar when s [...]

  25. Well, well, well Hell should not be a surprise We live surrounded by the notion that it threatens us all at the end of our days What I did not expect was to find it in this book My delusion had made me avoid reading Wuthering Heights for years I had thought it was a passionate, histrionic and corny love story draped in gothic garb But this was evil on earth, with Bosch s horrid Tree Man reappearing under the name of Heathcliff, swallowing into its vile frame anything that dared approach it, whil [...]

  26. HP Lovecraft ubicaba este libro entre los mejores del g nero del terror Para l, el hecho de que Heathcliff profanara dos veces la tumba de Catalina era tremendo Tambi n nos da una idea del punto sin retorno al que el amor nos puede llevar.Esta historia tuvo caracter sticas emblem tica, poderosa y revolucionaria para la poca en que se escribi Emily Bront solamente escribi este libro, pero adquiri su gloria eterna al relatarnos una tormentosa e inolvidable historia de amor que sale de todos los c [...]

  27. My goodness, but doesn t Emily Bront get to have her cake and eat it too On the one hand, the story is underpinned by deeply bourgeois morals on the other hand, she gets to flirt with wildness and nature It s like going on a luxury safari you get to pretend you re out in the wild but it s wilderness with a champagne breakfast and air conditioned tents Here you have Heathcliff, right, the stand in for the forces of nature And this is nature red in tooth and claw , Hearne the Huntsman, the faery c [...]

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