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Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv

Ä Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv ☆ Astrid Lindgren Ä Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv ☆ Astrid Lindgren - Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv, Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv None

  • Title: Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren
  • ISBN: 9783789141270
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover

Ä Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv ☆ Astrid Lindgren, Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv, Astrid Lindgren, Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv None

Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv

Ä Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv ☆ Astrid Lindgren Ä Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv ☆ Astrid Lindgren - Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv, Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv None Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv

  • Ä Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv ☆ Astrid Lindgren
    117Astrid Lindgren
Kalle Blomquist Meisterdetektiv

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  1. English below Astrid Lindgren is niet zomaar een schrijfster Hoe oud haar boeken ook zijn, ze wakkeren je avontuurlijke kinderziel aan Of je nu 7 of 77 bent Astrid Lindgren voelt feilloos aan wat kinderen interesseert En dat geldt zeker voor Superdetective Blomkvist een spannend verhaal over drie kinderen die op avontuur gaan in hun dorpje, ze vissen, ze klimmen in bomen, ze vechten met een rivaliserende bende die eigenlijk bestaat uit hun vrienden, maar ja, je moet de spanning er toch in houden [...]

  2. This is my very favourite book of all time It s not the most well known book by Astrid Lindgren, but it has all the essential qualities of her fiction the idyllic surroundings and descriptions of a happy childhood I think I was about 9 when I first read it and I ve read it about once a year ever since It s about a teenage boy who in the English version is apparently called Bill Bergson sorry, I haven t read it in English , but whose name in the original is Kalle Blomkvist He is very interested i [...]

  3. I made an effort to read this had to Inter Library Loan it because Stieg Larsson s books include references to it Specifically, to the main character, which in the Swedish books is Kalle Blomquist, but in the English translations is Bill Bergson.This is the first of three or so books in the series, and it s a pretty good little kids detective story Kids solve the case of a jewel heist while playing in their small town A quaint 50 s feel, and some charming quirks in the translation.

  4. I just re read this after many years Though I couldn t quite get the same feeling of participating that I got when I was about the same age as the main characters it was a delightful read The Kalle Blomqvist series is my absolute favourite by Astrid Lindgren They are refreshingly innocent and bring out the adventurously curious child in me.

  5. Jag l ste boken h gt f r min son s det r han som har f tt s tta betyg den h r g ngen Han tyckte boken var bra B st tyckte han om slutet N r jag l ste boken som barn sj lv tyckte jag mycket om den h r boken och de andra b ckerna om Blomkvist.

  6. Delightful I listened to the story with my husband during a roadtrip and it was such fun We will definitely listen to those stories with our kids too

  7. Ini adalah buku karya Astrid Lindgren yang saya nggak tahu loh Selama ini tahunya Pippi, Madicken and Lisabet, Emil, Anak anak Blueberry bener, ya , dan Lotta Nah, detektif yang namanya sulit dieja ini, saya baru lihat waktu banyak toko buku online yang follow akun instagram saya.Berhubung abis baca ulang Lotta, tanpa pikir panjang beli.Harganya murah juga, Rp.15.000 Ada dua buku Kondisinya eks rental.Tapi nggak apa apalah Saya selalu menyukai karya karya Astrid Lindgren dan tentu saja, saya men [...]

  8. Kalle Blomkvisti raamatud kuuluvad mu htede lemmiklasteraamatute hulka Mind h mmastab, kui v heste s nadega nnestub luua kujutluspilt Sel l rkas Kalle sellest, et s sk hammustas ta n gu Rohkem polegi vaja.Kaks lemmikhetke raamatust Aga nimese kohta v ib p ris palju teada saada ka ksnes selle j rgi, mida ta rauakauplusest ostab Kui ta ostab elektritriikraua, m tles Kalle, siis on ta koduarmastaja inimene, aga kui ta oskab t ukekelgu jah, kui ta peaks ostma t ukekelgu, siis pole ta k ll kuigi tark [...]

  9. Maybe even a 4.5 5 I wanted to read this because of the allusions in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and also because I was really disappointed with Pippi Longstocking when I reread it a couple of years ago It is definitely a book of a different era where children are utterly unsupervised i.e one storyline involved planning duels physical fights for fun with other kids in town but for some reason it just worked for me in this book The jewel heist storyline was exciting in the way that Nancy Drew [...]

  10. Kalle Blomkvist r M sterdetektiven Blomkvist, i alla fall om man fr gar Kalle sj lv Han har en l ng lista med personer som han skulle ha satt dit, bara han hade kommit p dem n r de begick n got brott Men Kalle bor i en ganska lugn sm stad d r det inte h nder s mycket som en M sterdetektiv kan ta sig an En dag dyker farbror Einar upp, det r Eva Lottas sl kting, och Kalle kan inte hj lpa det att han tycker att det r n got skumt med honom Varf r g r han till exempel runt med en dyrk i fickan, och v [...]

  11. I ve read this book countless times It s one of the best of the best, and all of Lindgren s books are outstanding as everyone knows, so it doesn t really need saying Kalle Blomquist however, was always one of my favourites Oh, I can almost feel the sun on my face and the grass under my feet just thinking about this book, such a warm, happy summer feeling it gave me I can still quote whole passages Come to think of it, this was likely the very first book I was fannish about, imagining myself as a [...]

  12. L ser just nu en kurs om barn och ungdomsdeckare och sp nningslitteratur och M sterdetektiven Blomkvist anses ju som the Big Bang inom omr det s den var f rst ut V ldigt fin bok med framf rallt m nga roliga citat Sj lva intrigen i boken r inte speciellt sp nnande, det jag gillade mest r dialogerna och den v nliga men sp nnande kriget med de R da rosorna, som r s himla fint beskrivet Det r det vardagliga och barnens umg ngeskrets och vardag som Astrid Lindgren r s bra p att beskriva, man vill var [...]

  13. This was a story about a young boy detective in Sweden, and once again I found that reading Lindgren was delightful there s really no better word for it I read absolutely loved Ronya Robber s Daughter a few months ago, and this one was very good, too Upon opening my book, I was happy to discover that this volume in my hands was actually an anthology of three Kalle Blomquist books that means I ve got to read in the future

  14. ks parimaid raamatuid, mida ma oma lapsep lvest m letan V ga kaasahaarav ja p nev lugemine Natuke kurb, et t nap eva 12 15 aastased Blomquisti lugudest enam v ga ei huvitu Kuid eks on peale tulnud nii palju uusi ja p nevaid raamatuid autoreid, et enam ei j ua nendesse k ikidesse nii s veneda ja vaimustuda.

  15. One of my all time favorite books I love the mystery, the writing style, the character development I recommend this book, and any other Astrid Lindgren books that I ve ever read, to anyone who s interested, young and old.

  16. I read this already years ago, but since I couldn t remember a bit about it I decided to re read it This is an absolutely lovely detective story for children, maybe not that surprising or innovative considering plot, but charming in narrative and characters 3.5 stars

  17. It takes a while, maybe a quarter of the book, before this really kicks off But after that it is brilliant Aimed at youth , but suitable for childish 13 year olds Or for adults who didn t get around to reading this earlier in life.

  18. Blod Inget tvivel om saken Astrid Lindgrens f rm ga att f nga l saren sl r mig med h pnad varje g ng Rolig och rapp bok om M sterdetektiven Blomkvist.

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