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Rekindling Motives

Free Read Rekindling Motives - by Elaine Orr Free Read Rekindling Motives - by Elaine Orr - Rekindling Motives, Rekindling Motives None

  • Title: Rekindling Motives
  • Author: Elaine Orr
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Rekindling Motives - by Elaine Orr, Rekindling Motives, Elaine Orr, Rekindling Motives None

Rekindling Motives

Free Read Rekindling Motives - by Elaine Orr Free Read Rekindling Motives - by Elaine Orr - Rekindling Motives, Rekindling Motives None Rekindling Motives

  • Free Read Rekindling Motives - by Elaine Orr
    102Elaine Orr
Rekindling Motives

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  1. As Elaine Orr s Rekindling Motives opens, Jolie Gentil goes to the high school reunion in Ocean Alley, where she attended 11th grade, and she gets hired by former classmate Gracie Allen to perform an appraisal of the house she has just inherited from her grandmother As the pair look through things in the attic, Jolie reaches into the closet and pulls out an old suit with a skeleton in it The horror causes her to fall backwards and through the trap down of the attic and to the floor beneath Graci [...]

  2. A Must Read for its Sparkling Humor, Scintillating Mystery, Lovable CharactersREKINDLING MOTIVES by Elaine Orr is the second book in the Jolie Gentil series and is just as successful in creating mystery and surprise as the first.In this snappy read told in first person point of view by the protagonist, Jolie Gentil It s pronounced Zho Lee Zhan tee, returns to Ocean Alley and the Jersey Shore Jolie, of course, is the protagonist Aunt Madge and Scoobie return as do their pets, plenty of minor char [...]

  3. Was disappointed with the first book in this series but thought I would give the author another chance am glad I did Those things I found bothersome in book 1 were thankfully overlooked in Rekindling Motives Seriously pronunciation lessons given while reading can be quite distracting So yep less attention spent on the pronunciation of the main character s name in this book was much appreciated.Orr has assembled a cast of characters that include both likeable and unlikeable characters that most r [...]

  4. Jolie has had a hard time in her life The hard time has given her a reason to live with her beloved Aunt Magda and start a new period in her life She is doing property appraisals, visiting with friends, Scooby and Ramona, and sometimes getting herself interested in murder This story opens at a high school reunion Jolie was a junior at the Ocean Alley NJ high school She had not planned to attend the reunion, but Ramona convinced her that it would be a way to make new friends Some people remembere [...]

  5. Jolie Gentil is appraising the vacant Tillotson Fisher house and finds the skeleton of Richard Tillotson hidden in an ancient attic wardrobe He vanished just after his sister married his business partner in 1929 Jolie sees a link to the Fisher family s Prohibition era business and works with friends Scoobie and Ramona to gather clues from old photo albums and ledgers The present day murder of Richard s former girlfriend, Mary Doris, tells them they re on the right track Did the secret she kept a [...]

  6. Attic CleanupThe second book in a relaxing delightful mystery series Jolie is asked apprised an old Victorian house that stood empty since the death of owner Her Scoobie find the attic full of antics While cleaning the attic and listing the items Jolie is throwing clothes down the stairs a human skull fell out and both fall out of the attic The police are not interested because of the of the skeleton Jolie decides to learn all she can Jolie needs find answers before Scoobie and herself lose the [...]

  7. I just love the way Elaine writes her cozy mysteries This one of hers was one of my favorites although I have loved everyone of them that I have read She has Jolie, the reoccurring character that everyone has to love and then her friend Scoobie They are quite a pair and of friends that just know how to investigate and also how to get in and out of trouble You are guessing the who done it all the way thru and don t know till the end This is a grand slam and can t wait to read another

  8. This is the author I don t see a way to add one of my books without being asked for a rating, so I simply don t rate it Enjoy the audio of the second book in the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series.

  9. A wonderful series I read this a while ago and still remember it as as a great story Elaine Orr is one of my absolute favorite authors and this is one of my favorite series.

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