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Appraisal for Murder

[PDF] Unlimited õ Appraisal for Murder : by Elaine Orr [PDF] Unlimited õ Appraisal for Murder : by Elaine Orr - Appraisal for Murder, Appraisal for Murder None

  • Title: Appraisal for Murder
  • Author: Elaine Orr
  • ISBN: 9780964599796
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited õ Appraisal for Murder : by Elaine Orr, Appraisal for Murder, Elaine Orr, Appraisal for Murder None

Appraisal for Murder

[PDF] Unlimited õ Appraisal for Murder : by Elaine Orr [PDF] Unlimited õ Appraisal for Murder : by Elaine Orr - Appraisal for Murder, Appraisal for Murder None Appraisal for Murder

  • [PDF] Unlimited õ Appraisal for Murder : by Elaine Orr
    170Elaine Orr
Appraisal for Murder

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  1. Jolie Gentil moved away from her husband waiting for a divorce She lives with her great aunt in a small city, the kind where everybody knows everybody Her life is not boring by any means however She is threatened by a thug who tries to make her pay her husband s gambling debts She also found a dead body while doing an appraisal of a house Her former classmate Michael is the main suspect, so it is up to her to clear up his name and find the real culprit.The book was fairly good, especially for a [...]

  2. Small town living reminiscent of Cabot CoveAppraisal for Murder has all the ingredients of a great cozy mystery a likeable protagonist as well as a cast of quirky supporting characters, a cat called Jazz as well as two prune eating dogs and last but not least, a bed and breakfast located in a tiny blip of a town known as Ocean Alley on the Jersey Shore Jolie Gentil is still smarting after her ex husband, Robby, embezzled large sums from their bank as well as stole money from their joint IRA acco [...]

  3. Elaine Orr s APPRAISAL FOR MURDER is the first in her Jersey Shore mystery series The book is a snappy read with all the ingredients of a first class mystery including a sleuth with an unquenchable spirit who will engage your heart and mind.If you ve been through a divorce or an otherwise gruesome time of your life, you will appreciate the unquenchable spirit and wry humor of Ms Jolie Gentil, the protagonist of this series.In APPRAISAL FOR MURDER Jolie returns to her roots in Ocean Alley, a town [...]

  4. Elaine Orr has created some lovable not perfect characters that I ll enjoy living with for some time This is a perfect book for a light beach read or for a last read at night Nice cozy.

  5. I read a lot of cozy murder mysteries Having said that I also should say that I have a handful of writers who I absolutely love Last week I discovered this series and I am so glad I did as it now falls into a very select group of my favorites.Jolie Gentil has left her gambling soon to be ex husband after he gambled away all their money Turns out he also borrowed a great deal of money from a loan shark who wants Jolie to pay back her husbands debts Course she can t but that doesn t stop them from [...]

  6. Appraisal for Murder by Elaine Orr opens with Jolie Gentil s having moved in with her Aunt Madge to Ocean Alley, a small tourist beach town in New Jersey, after the arrest of her husband for embezzlement in order to repay his immense gambling debts Further, Richard drained all their joint accounts, leaving Jolie to start life over in the town where she lived a year and attended 11th grade She gets a job as an appraiser of property and makes a few friends in the community, which is a challenge fo [...]

  7. If your name translates to pretty nice in French, you ve probably gotten used to teasing It doesn t prepare you to find out that your soon to be ex husband has a gambling problem, raided your assets, and embezzled from his bank Jolie Gentil moves to Great Aunt Madge s bread and breakfast at the Jersey shore, taking her cat Jazz, and joining Madge s pair of prune eating dogs Jolie does not view this as a retreat, just a smart change She had no idea her life was about to get even complicated.Joli [...]

  8. I received a free copy from the author for a review I would like to thank her for the opportunity to read this book The first book in this series Jolie Gentil moves to Ocean Shores after husband had gambled all their funds away She is staying at her Aunt Madge s B B Resort Jolie meets old friends from her high school days She finds work as a real estate appraisal and the first day on the job Jolie finds a dead woman One of her husband credits attempts to force her to pay her husband debt.Jolie n [...]

  9. This is the author I have yet to figure out how to add one of my books without being asked for a review, so I don t rate them The first edition of this book in audio came out in June 2013 There were a some negative reviews about the narration it was the first audio book for the narrator and for me We were a good team, and narrator Paula Faye Leinweber re recorded much of the book You can expect the new version in September 2013, if not earlier Paula also did the second book in the series Rekindl [...]

  10. Pleasant story of Jolie, who has moved into her aunt s BB in a NJ beach town after she left her embezzling husband With no funds, she starts doing house appraisals While doing an appraisal she comes across the body of a woman who did not die of natural causes Jolie believes the policed have arrested the wrong man so she begins investigating on her own.

  11. Appraisal For Murder is the first book in Elaine Orr s Jolie Gentil Cozy Mystery Series I read a lot of cozy mysteries and appreciate the time and effort authors put into coming up with original plots that both entertain and keep the readers interest.Appraisal For Murder was an enjoyable read until the midway point at which time the story seemed to stall out for me I couldn t get past the feeling that the author was trying to satisfy a word count rather than tell a good story When authors drag t [...]

  12. I have enjoyed other series Elaine has written so thought I would give this one a try.The story was interesting, but needed some work, especially developing the characters I did like the relationship between Jolie and her Aunt.had a similar one myself before my Aunt passed away The ending had a few quirky surprises and I will give book 2 a try I did read one review where a reader griped about Jolie correcting people on the pronunciation of her name I have a name that most cannot pronounce, so I [...]

  13. I enjoyed this book, the characters are likable Jolie comes to live with her aunt while trying to deal with her soon to be ex who has a gambling problem and seems to have taken money from everybody, including Jolie She is trying to start her life over, things start to look up when she finds a job until she also finds a body Not only is she trying to find answers but she has to deal with a low life who wants money that her husband borrowed The mystery was good and I have to say that I figured it [...]

  14. I just enjoyed this book so much that once I started I could not put down It was such a wonderfully written cozy mystery I really enjoyed the cover and if you look closely at the cover you see that it is perfect for the story this book tells This is a grand slam for sure.

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