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Along Came a Duke

Ì Along Came a Duke Ñ Elizabeth Boyle Ì Along Came a Duke Ñ Elizabeth Boyle - Along Came a Duke, Along Came a Duke A young lady with a fortune is subject to all sorts of untoward attentions by the worst sort of vagrants Aunt AllegraA lesson Tabitha Timmons a penniless spinster has never needed to heed That is u

  • Title: Along Came a Duke
  • Author: Elizabeth Boyle
  • ISBN: 9780062089038
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook

Ì Along Came a Duke Ñ Elizabeth Boyle, Along Came a Duke, Elizabeth Boyle, Along Came a Duke A young lady with a fortune is subject to all sorts of untoward attentions by the worst sort of vagrants Aunt AllegraA lesson Tabitha Timmons a penniless spinster has never needed to heed That is until she is left a vast fortune payable only upon her marriage to the very respectable Mr Barkworth a match that offers little chance of discovering exactly what her au A young lady

Along Came a Duke

Ì Along Came a Duke Ñ Elizabeth Boyle Ì Along Came a Duke Ñ Elizabeth Boyle - Along Came a Duke, Along Came a Duke A young lady with a fortune is subject to all sorts of untoward attentions by the worst sort of vagrants Aunt AllegraA lesson Tabitha Timmons a penniless spinster has never needed to heed That is u Along Came a Duke

  • Ì Along Came a Duke Ñ Elizabeth Boyle
    445Elizabeth Boyle
Along Came a Duke

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  1. Country spinster Tabitha Tabby Timmons must marry a man chosen by her deceased uncle in order to inherit a vast fortune At an inn, on her way to London, she meets the devil may care Duke of Preston, a charming young man afflicted by a dry cynical wit, a severe case of incredible good looks and a mysterious aversion to consuming meals alone A peculiar bond is soon formed and Preston will do anything possible to save his Tabby from a dull marriage.In all the ensuing mayhem, a special mention goes [...]

  2. It s been a while since I read a book I know, shame on me ____ , but hoooly god, this is why I love historical romances because they are light and frothy and you can smile and giggle like an idiot all you like because you are wearing anti pollution mask while travelling in the metro train and your copassengers are none the wiser.

  3. Along Came a Duke is the first in the Rhymes with Love series Tabitha Timmons is a country miss who is well past the normal marriage age, she has no desire to marry That is until her maternal uncle s death leaves her an heiress, subject to her marrying the man of his choice, Mr Reginald Barkworth, before she turns 25 That happy day, of course, is only weeks away.Along the way she meets Christopher Seldon, the Duke of Preston Preston is a young man who spends his time gambling, drinking, wagering [...]

  4. This wasn t the most historically accurate romance novel I ve read, but it was so much fun that I decided to stop nitpicking and enjoy the ride read.It was my first book by this author, but you can wager that it won t be my last.

  5. Sir, I will have you know, I never intend to go seeking a husband and am quite content with that notion There, she d managed her mind, and fortified by her first success she continued unabashedly, Marriage offers no benefits to a lady, save leaving her a servant to a man s fickle whims and his selfish demands What a difference a day or even a few hours can makeTabitha Timmons was the daughter of a Vicar When he passed, she was taken in by her Uncle and his wife They hadn t done so out of the kin [...]

  6. A delightful lovely funny story.I was left in stitches laughing when in a span of a greeting and a dance, the Duke called Tabitha s soon to be fiancee Mr BarkworthBarkleyBarksBarkstoneBarkshireBarkwellBarkleBarklingBarkhallBarktonBarklessd despite trying to correct him, he still managed to call himBarkfool AhahahaApparently it doesn t take much for me to like the joke

  7. This is the first book I ve read by Elizabeth Boyle and there s no doubt that I ll be coming back for I m absolutely thrilled to have discovered an author who can match Julia Quinn in terms of keeping me up late at night thinking, just another few pages When Tabitha Timmons is pronounced an heiress, she immediately sees it as her golden opportunity to escape the care of her overbearing aunt and uncle who have been enjoying her company as their personal maid There s a catch though in order to in [...]

  8. So I m pretty down with the whole regency romance novel formula, and most of the time I can find aspects of a novel from this genre to enjoy Not so with this latest offering from Elizabeth Boyle The problem for me was the protagonists Tabitha Timmons is apparently your quintessential vicar s daughter chaste, moral, bit of a stick up her butt Which apparently excuses the fact that one touch by our hero results in her dissolving into a pile of tragic, oh so feminine, oh so fluttery goo He touches [...]

  9. Est escrito con ese toque divertido que tiene la autora, pero se queda flojo, o al menos, a m no me lo ha parecido El problema es que se queda a las puertas en todo con buenos protagonistas, que para m , la autora ha desaprovechado me hubiera gustado saber m s de l y tambi n m s de la vida de ella la cenicienta del cuento la trama tambi n se queda en nada Y claro, esos enamoramientos espont neos no me van nada.Muy buenos secundarios que supongo que ser n los pr ximos protagonistas, a m me han ll [...]

  10. I got a little bored, to tell the truth The dialogue was bland, and the interaction between the main characters was initially very weak A large part of the book is based on miscommunications between the main characters, but also between other characters , an element of romance fiction that I always found frustrating.

  11. This is one of those books where I can t tell if the author s writing style is overly descriptive, or if there was a push to reach a certain word count Either way it all added up to one thing a tedious, long winded read.My Likes The story itself, if only in outline form, isn t bad Being somewhat of a Cinderella tale, there are greedy relatives, loyal friends, a conceited near fiance and his overbearing mama , and a prince charming who, most of the time, is anything but charming It only gives him [...]

  12. The plot was a kind of a madcap muddle Also, a historical romance writer should know that a bit of muslin is used to describe prostitutes, not ladies.

  13. Ya saben que soy fiel seguidora de este g nero y que por regla general soy muy exigente con estas historias Y desde hace un tiempo, todas las novelas que hab a le do de este g nero no terminaban de gustarme por una u otra cosa.As que la pesimista de m , pens que me iba a pasar lo mismo con este libro Que iba a tener algo que hiciera que no me gustara del todo, pero gran error el m o, pues este libro ha logrado regresarme la fe en este g nero Por qu sonr es le pregunt Tabitha Preston baj la mirad [...]

  14. I must be frank While I enjoy reading romance novels, especially those with a historical bent Regencies, Georgian, et al Along Came a Duke was not the type I would have purchased had I been given a chance to read the preview chapters But this was a Vine selection and as such, I only had the cover image and the back cover description to go on It also had the benefit of a recommendation by Julia Quinn, one of my long time favorite Regency writers Let s just say I expected one sort of Regency roman [...]

  15. 2.5 stars.I was laughing out loud and liking the fluffiness of this book in the beginning, but it got tedious after a while The story needed a little depth It read like a traditional regency Card board cut out characters and a depth less story had me wishing I didn t waste my time on this one.

  16. Fun book, with a slight Cinderella theme Tabitha is a vicar s daughter who, upon the death of her father, was taken in by her aunt and uncle They didn t want her, but she was part of the deal that enabled her uncle to take over the vicar s position Tabitha has spent the last several years as her relatives servant That all changes when she is left a huge fortune as long as she marries the man her late uncle picked for her, a paragon of virtue named Mr Barkworth Tabitha is informed of this on the [...]

  17. I read about half, and couldn t continue Too much hostility and sparring between the protagonists without enough charm or sweetness to balance , too many nasty characters generally.

  18. Elizabeth Boyle books are pretty much must reads for me so the title, cover, and plot didn t really matter to me I saw her name and that was sufficient However if it did matter, I think the duke part would be very enticing I once read that romance books with duke in the title sold better and I believe that I know I like books when the man is of high rank, not that a mere mister can t be a good hero, of courseAnyway on to the book itself I suffered some confusion in the beginning just with the pa [...]

  19. The same day that the very respectable vicar s daughter Miss Tabitha Timmons tells the insufferable, yet horribly alluring Mr Preston that she has no need to get married, she finds herself unexpectedly engaged to a gentleman she has never met But she can t get the enticing Mr Preston and the feelings he evokes in her out of her mind and another chance encounter that ends with a wager and a kiss leaves not only Tabitha s head spinning.This is my first Elizabeth Boyle read, but it won t be my last [...]

  20. This is definitely a light, slightly fluffy but rather funny romance Not the one to read, for a stickler to historical authenticity, nor for someone looking for deeply moving feelings or strong multi dimensional characters There still are some mistakes, words missing, repetitions of words, that should have been edited.That said, I rather enjoyed my reading of this book, which felt like a bedroom farce by many aspects Many scenes are very long, over a few chapters people come and go, the dialogue [...]

  21. 1st read by Boyle and I was thoroughly entertained all the way to the end I had many laugh out loud moments Boyle s had me clamoring for Preston has me enchanted and Tabby is a jewel full of non lady like qualities for the ton Which has me loving her all the Now her relations earned the dubious pleasure of being despised.

  22. 3 5 C Why this book Ms Boyle s books are usually miss and hit for me and lately, they ve been on the miss side I wasn t going to pick up Along Came a Duke however, this is quite a striking cover and I ve been reading good reviews for the book, so I changed my mind.What did I like I thought Along Came a Duke had a lot of potential When I first started this book, I was hooked as the first few chapters were very strong in my opinion However, I had to take a break reading this book because of the N [...]

  23. No me gust No me voy a explayar mucho en el porqu , porque ni yo me entiendo, pero a grandes rasgos puedo decir que el romance me pareci poco cre ble Tabitha un persona bastante tonta, insulsa, semi irritante view spoiler digo, c mo puede aceptar ser tratada peor que una sirvienta en su propio hogar c mo no puede decir que no a lo que le imponen sus t os c mo no puede dudar de lo que le est n dando por seguro c mo puede disque enamorarse de Preston si solo charl con l una vez e.e hide spoiler Da [...]

  24. Vikki s MusingsIt has been a while since I have read a book by Elizabeth Boyle I am so glad I picked Along Came a Duke to re enter Ms Boyle s amazing writing world I thoroughly enjoyed being transported back to Regency England in this wonderful story Elizabeth Boyle does not disappoint This is a fast paced romance from start to finish In fact, while listening to it, I had a difficult time stopping to take care of mundane tasks This book has a sweetly developing love story, yet Ms Boyle kept it g [...]

  25. Gush o rama alert Yes, you are about to hear some gushing Squeal What a joy it was when I opened Ms Boyle s latest book, Along Came a Duke At first, I wondered if I would be able to like the hero The Duke of Preston, our hero, is painted as rather a foolish fellow And, along with his friend, Roxley, who seems to have a strong liking for the drink, I thought, what a couple of buffoons, and these are the heroes However, by the time Preston and Tabitha have a rather lengthy dinner, I found myself b [...]

  26. Un libro m s de esos de Regencia en el que hay un hombre con t tulo nobiliario, y una pobre mujer inocente y respetable, los caminos de ambos se cruzar n de una forma fortu ta y el destino har que se reencuentren y se vayan enamorando poco a poco.Christopher Seldon es el disoluto Duque de Preston, es especialista en ir de esc ndalo en esc ndalo hasta el punto de que a pesar de su alta posici n social le han vetado en la mayor a de los eventos, en su camino se cruza la hija de un vicario, Tabitha [...]

  27. 4.5 StarsDeutlich spannender und fesselnder als erwartet, ich hatte wirklich nicht erwartet, dass mir die Geschichte so gut gef llt Irgendwie hatte ich zu Beginn und durch den Klappentext einen ganz anderen Eindruck vom Helden, ich dachte er w re ein typischer, unemotionsloser Rake Rogue Typ, aber am Ende ist er eigentlich eher ruhig und deutlich emotionaler als ich gedacht h tte Ich mochte ihn wirklich sehr gerne, eben weil er im Inneren ganz anders ist als das Bild, dass alle von ihm zeichnen [...]

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