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Tales of the Far West

[PDF] Tales of the Far West | by ☆ Gareth-Michael Skarka [PDF] Tales of the Far West | by ☆ Gareth-Michael Skarka - Tales of the Far West, Tales of the Far West Imagine A fantasy world but not one based on Medieval Dark Ages European culture and myth but rather on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia Add steampunk elements Mix well A fantas

  • Title: Tales of the Far West
  • Author: Gareth-Michael Skarka
  • ISBN: 9781937936013
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Tales of the Far West | by ☆ Gareth-Michael Skarka, Tales of the Far West, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Tales of the Far West Imagine A fantasy world but not one based on Medieval Dark Ages European culture and myth but rather on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia Add steampunk elements Mix well A fantasy world that mixes the inspirations of Django and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon The Good The Bad The Ugly and House of Flying Daggers Fistful of DoImagine A fantasy world but

Tales of the Far West

[PDF] Tales of the Far West | by ☆ Gareth-Michael Skarka [PDF] Tales of the Far West | by ☆ Gareth-Michael Skarka - Tales of the Far West, Tales of the Far West Imagine A fantasy world but not one based on Medieval Dark Ages European culture and myth but rather on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia Add steampunk elements Mix well A fantas Tales of the Far West

  • [PDF] Tales of the Far West | by ☆ Gareth-Michael Skarka
    323Gareth-Michael Skarka
Tales of the Far West

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  1. Excellent short story collection Every one of the stories is worthy attention Nicely done Very well executed shared world created by multiple authors to bring to life an unusual but fascinating setting of weird west meets wuxia meets steampunk.Very strongly recommended for the fans of Sanderson s new Mistborn cycle and if you enjoyed novels by John Hornor Jacobs.

  2. He Built The Wall To Knock It Down by Scott Lynch 5 5 stars Wonderful as always opening lines were perfect Lynch and everyone s name was unexpected yet suitable Good to see the female just walk away, too In Stillness, Music by Aaron Rosenberg 4 5 stars Really quite lovely, different to most things out there It s always good to see a baddie who s sensible instead of so ruthless it s stupid Riding The Thunderbird by Chuck Wendig No rating, as I had no idea why what happened, happened, or the point [...]

  3. I m a fan of Sci Fi Fantasy anthologies and have found that anthologies can be something of a mixed bag of stories, with me enjoying some than others Overall I really enjoyed this anthology, it has some brilliant short stories in it, and its style was a little different to what I have read before, I enjoyed this anthology from start to finish It s based around a fantasy world, but not one based on in Medieval Dark Ages European culture and myth, but rather on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western [...]

  4. At the risk of repeating myself, anthologies are always, or at least usually, something of a mixed bag and this was no exception But the highlights, including stories by Scott Lynch I really need to read the Locke Lamora books sooner rather than later and Ari Marmell, amongst others, than compensate for some of the less stellar offerings, and nothing in here was truly bad.At its heart, this is a tie in anthology for an as yet unreleased I believe pen paper role playing game The setting is an im [...]

  5. In Tales of the Far West, Skarka brings together a number of today s top writers to create an anthology like no other In this collection you will find that elements of Wuxia and Kung Fu are brilliantly mixed with Western and Steampunk to create a slick and unique world.By far the best story of the anthology is Scott Lynch s entry, He Built The Wall To Knock It Down , which truly captures the essence of what this collection is trying to achieve The story is told from the point of view of the scri [...]

  6. I decided after the profoundly disappointing and enormously frustrating experience that was GRRM s Dangerous Women anthology that I would no longer trudge through collections on the grounds that I needed to give all the contributors a fair shot Consider Tales of the Far West the first victim of that decision.The premise was cool enough a bunch of stories by a bunch of different authors, set in a world that is equal parts American Old West, and traditional Far East Far West Get it Anyway A series [...]

  7. Gareth Michael Skarka has assembled a solid mix of storytellers to shed light on his intriguing new setting, Into The Far West, a Spaghetti Western Wuxia Steampunk mashup that promises a mix of fiction, gaming, comics, and to come From Scott Lynch s rousing He Built The Wall to Knock It Down, to Eddy Webb s clever and abrupt In the Name of the Empire and Matt Forbeck s crisp The Fury Pact, there isn t a false note in this engaging anthology though the last story does uncharacteristically suffer [...]

  8. The story collection is miss than hit, but the Scott Lynch piece is a solid 5 5 and worth the price of admission alone.

  9. This is great fun, and a great price too if bought on kindle.It s a series of short stories set in a shared fantasy world which is part old West cowboy, part steampunk and a dash of magic It works pretty well and the authors here most famous is probably Scott Lynch take their own approach to the sandbox they are playing in, while remaining true to certain central themes The stories are all fun and at times quite clever and you sense the authors have enjoyed the experience and that comes through [...]

  10. These are a number of short stories in a setting that is a mix of western and wuxia It is a setting where life is brutal and sometimes short, and living legends still walk the land But even legends are only human, and normal people have to find a way to live.The story telling is wonderful Most of the stories have protagonists who are complex in motivation, and wily in applying their skills and wisdom to the situations that face them And for two genres known for fighting, many of the stories are [...]

  11. Tales of adventure, revenge, and danger in a world where six guns and swords can carry legends that shake men s souls It s wuxia meets old west, where kung fu meets high noon, and it s a very fun idea to explore.The book is an anthology, and as such is somewhat uneven the old west SAW type story was my least favorite , but the good stories were very good and almost all of them paint a picture of a setting that makes me interested in the upcoming RPG.Scott Lynch s story is especially well done, a [...]

  12. I Kickstarted this project a while back for the RPG portion this was a perk in addition to the game, a collection of short stories set in the game s world Boy, if the game is as good as this story collection I m gonna have some fun Not every story is a gem I don t care for horror grisliness that much and one piece in the book is grisly and not much else But the other stories than made up for that one, and that one was simply a matter of preference Well done, all, and can t wait for the game.

  13. Una interesante antolog a de historias ambientadas en un juego de rol de futura aparici n Far West es un proyecto transmedia que bonito suena eso, es el nuevo multimedia que une los elementos del spaghetti western con los del wuxia A priori, esta mezcla me parece lo puto mejor y espero con ansias un juego que lleva ya cuatro a os de retraso Las historias est n medianamente bien, pero el libro no llega a tener cuatro estrellas simplemente porque no todas las historias est n a la altura Pero con t [...]

  14. This property is shaping up to be an excellent setting for all kinds of goodness These stories are all of the highest quality and entertaining as hell My only problem is that there are a number of typos in the book spelling errors and even an omitted word or two That s bad, and it makes me worry a little about the attention being paid to such things over at Far West HQ Still, everything here is delicious reading and I intend to push it on everyone I know when the print edition comes out Hopefull [...]

  15. I am not typically the type who read short stories, usually preferring novels between 500 and 1000 pages, so my rating is a little biased based on that What I will say about this book is that almost all the stories were good and many of them left me wanting of the small world they had created Too short and unconnected for me to give it a 4 or 5 but if you enjoy westerns or steampunk and dont mind reading shorter stories that this would be a great book for you

  16. Take classic Kung Fu flicks and Westerns, spice it up with Steampunk and a bit of pulp fiction heroism, and you have Far West All the stories were fantastic and depicted a world in which I want to visit Each story was well written The characters well thought out Each read like an old dime novel Simply beautiful I want .

  17. The world and the setting are great Scott Lynch s story is fantastic Each of the rest, however, were average or for most worse than average Really a very disappointing collection I cannot recommend it to anyone But I do think the world has promise and I hope later projects have better execution.

  18. I totally got this for the Scott Lynch story, and so I didn t manage to finish than that and a couple This is probably just not my genre I did like what I read, but I couldn t get into it after reading what I bought it for.

  19. I am a fan of Gareth Michael Skarka from a long time ago on his Underworld RPG The theme of mixing old west with kung fu inspiration is pretty cool Scott Lynch s lead story is definitely fun A few of the stories fell a bit outside of my tastes, but overall a great book.

  20. Clever and compelling genre mash up that kept me flicking pages The consistency of the short stories was better than many anthologies, so hopefully that is a propitious sign for this ambitious project.

  21. Scattered set of stories set in a shared universe Will have to explore as time allows Helped keep me awake and sane while setting through a graduation ceremony.

  22. 3.5 stars A few exceptional stories, a few decent stories, a couple of meh entries and one or two that I didn t care for Still, a fun read and recommended for wuxia and or western fans.

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