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Um Requiem Alemão

☆ Um Requiem Alemão ☆ Philip Kerr ☆ Um Requiem Alemão ☆ Philip Kerr - Um Requiem Alemão, Um Requiem Alem o Ap s a publica o das obras de policial negro Violetas de Mar o e O Criminoso P lido a Editorial Presen a apresenta agora o ltimo volume da trilogia Berlin Noir semelhan a do sucedido nos anteriores

  • Title: Um Requiem Alemão
  • Author: Philip Kerr
  • ISBN: 9789722327084
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Um Requiem Alemão ☆ Philip Kerr, Um Requiem Alemão, Philip Kerr, Um Requiem Alem o Ap s a publica o das obras de policial negro Violetas de Mar o e O Criminoso P lido a Editorial Presen a apresenta agora o ltimo volume da trilogia Berlin Noir semelhan a do sucedido nos anteriores volumes Philip Kerr elabora uma obra de excep o em que consegue conciliar uma intriga labir ntica e brilhante enredos e cen rios noir a condizer assim como fasciAp s a publica o

Um Requiem Alemão

☆ Um Requiem Alemão ☆ Philip Kerr ☆ Um Requiem Alemão ☆ Philip Kerr - Um Requiem Alemão, Um Requiem Alem o Ap s a publica o das obras de policial negro Violetas de Mar o e O Criminoso P lido a Editorial Presen a apresenta agora o ltimo volume da trilogia Berlin Noir semelhan a do sucedido nos anteriores Um Requiem Alemão

  • ☆ Um Requiem Alemão ☆ Philip Kerr
    278Philip Kerr
Um Requiem Alemão

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  1. With A German Requiem Philip Kerr has saved the best until last, at least in terms of the original Berlin Trilogy March Violets The Pale Criminal A German Requiem Ten years after this original trilogy Philip Kerr returned to the character and, in 2006, started to write Bernie G nther books At the time of writing this review in 2016, there are currently 11 Bernhard G nther books A German Requiem is superb Echoes of the 1949 British film noir classic The Third Man directed by Carol Reed are all o [...]

  2. In Kerr s Bernie Gunther series, he successfully tells a historical narrative through the means of a hardboiled detective with the dark world of 1930 s Germany forming almost a hardboiled character of itself The first three books of what later became a dozen novels form what is referred to as the Berlin trilogy, tracing Gunther s passage through the 1930 s into a dark chapter of evil The second novel leaves off as Chamberlain loses his last chance to stand up to Hitler and hands over a third of [...]

  3. to start this book finishes Philip Kerrs Berlin Noir trilogy and while the story starts in Berlin 1947, a city under siege by the communist threat, most of it plays in Vienna So I would label this last book Vienna Noir than anything This whole book was guided by my internal soundtrack of Orson Welles The third man mostly by Anton Karas who played the famous theme on the zither Which is perhaps not that odd when you consider the story told in this novel and the amount both have in common and not [...]

  4. For those of you who are not familiar with Kerr or his P.I Bernie Gunther, I will provide this background A German Requiem is book three in an ongoing series by Kerr that he started writing about thirty years ago The series arc begins before World War II and continues long after it Kerr, unlike many other authors, does not write his stories in chronological sequence This places a lot of challenge on him to keep the back references consistent and Gunther s character in line with what he has, at t [...]

  5. PI Bernie Gunther of post war Berlin is a Marlowe type shamus Lots of Chandler metaphors, quips, and atmosphere The hard boiled element is there Bernie goes to Vienna where he tangles with the Yanks, Brits, Ivans , French, and Austrians Shifty alliances and twists drive the plot Great, intelligent read with first rate writing A must for any PI genre fans.

  6. To Philip Kerr 1947, 10 , , , 3 , , , Kerr , , 10 , , , 1938 48 , , , , , , , , , Kerr , , .

  7. This one felt like a history lesson than a noir thriller, Bernie Gunther basically behaving like a tour guide through post war atrocities than as a German Marlowe.There s some kind of convoluted plot involving multiple parties with dubious morals and an elastic sense of who is working with for whom, there s so much back stabbing and double crossing going on simply serving as a stream of red herrings and the padding out of the book to it s longer than previous entries page count.The blurb talks [...]

  8. Book 3 is Requiem , which takes place after the war, mostly in Vienna In many ways it is the least sexist and yet somehow falls flat to me Again a lot of intricate plotting, but It s not hard to follow This one moves right into Dashiell Hammett s nameless detective, even referring to various of his books again.Here s a quote that feels to me much like a rewrite of the end Sam Spade speech from The Maltese Falcon where he tells the girl why he has to do things the way he does This is from Requiem [...]

  9. Wow What an amazing series Part historical fiction with a great protagonist A must read if your interested in the inner workings of Nazi Germany Finally a book from the viewpoint of a German during this troubled time in history Best book on this subject hands down.

  10. Mysteries have always been one of my favorite forms of historical fiction because of their ability when well written to provide a glimpse of life in another time, place, etc while still being entertaining but not insulting your intelligence Kerr does so wonderfully here with post WWII Berlin Vienna, slipping in additional information about the Soviet POW camps, postwar espionage and hypocrisy among the governmental bodies involved, and the atrocities on all sides that came at the end of the war [...]

  11. It s 1947 Berlin is a shambles The meager amount of food available is rationed, leaving the surviving German population on the verge of starvation while the occupying forces eat their fill The city is sharply divided between the eastern, Soviet occupied zone and the rest governed by the three Western Allies In the western zone, German women known as chocoladies sell sex for food, cigarettes, and alcohol In the east, rape by Russian soldiers is nearly inescapable As Bernie Gunther reflects, These [...]

  12. It is 1947 Berlin is divided up between the four powers, Russia, England, France, and America The emphasis is to clean up the country, find the war criminals and bring them to trial, and to clarify and attempt to bring a functional sense of government at work to the region This would be easier if the powers that be could work together Each of the four powers has several of their own departments working at odds with each other as well as working at odds with those of the other powers.Gunther has [...]

  13. A German Requiem is the third Bernie G nther story and was part of Philip Kerr s trilogy Berlin Noir It s the second time I ve read it and I was not disappointed Bernie finds himself in Vienna, employed by the Russians to find out who murdered an American captain Accused of the murder is Bernie s old colleague Becker whom our hero remembers with no fondness at all However, he needs the money and becomes involved a plot which, despite its twists and turns, unfolds brilliantly with surprise climax [...]

  14. En este tercer libro de la serie Berlin Noir, nos encontramos a Bernie en el Berl n de la postguerra arrasado por las bombas, una isla en medio de territorio sovi tico, donde el hambre y la enfermedad son los reyes del mambo Bernie es contactado por un antiguo compa ero de la polic a para que investigue el misterioso asesinato de un oficial americano en Viena Y all se va Bernie, a una Viena que niega cualquier pasado com n con Alemania, en la que gobiernan de forma comunal los aliados, especialm [...]

  15. Plenty of twists and turns in this Bernie Gunther tale combined with descriptions of Germany and Austria in 1947 made this a solid 3 star book.

  16. This book takes place just after WW2, mostly in Vienna Bernie is now a private detective, living in Berlin He gets hired to try to prove that an old associate of his did not kill some American, fighting against the clock to save him from the death penalty, coming up fast A lot of things come up along the way, and it s never certain just who s in charge, who s the vilain, and who s going to die But as usual, Bernie seems to be one of the few who finds all the answers.

  17. The third in the Bernie Gunther series and far less appealing than the first two books The third book occurs in 1947, nearly 10 years after the second book That s quite a gap in the narrative The reader learns near the beginning of the book a condensed version of Gunther s last 10 years joining the SS under duress, requesting a transfer to the Eastern Front once he realized how sweeping the mass murders of the final solution were, being captured by the Russians sent to a POW camp, escaping the c [...]

  18. This gritty third book in the Bernie Gunther series keeps the noir action coming The setting in 1948 Vienna is vivid, and the author obviously has done his homework The threadbare, anxious postwar moment is expertly sketched through characters who must somehow scratch out a life as East and West duel over the spoils of World War II The plot moves along through cafes, rubble, pensions, prisons, and suburbs the war missed as the constant question of who works for who unfolds There are lots of real [...]

  19. This is the final book of the Berlin Noir trilogy, and in my opinion it is the best of the three books It is 1947 and Bernie Gunther is back in the private investigation business after a stint in a Russian POW camp He is hired by a former Kripo colleague who is being held in an American military prison in Vienna on a trumped up murder charge He thinks Bernie can get him off Bernie travels to Vienna, leaving his wife behind I think this is the first appearance for his wife, Kristen and gets caugh [...]

  20. The sound of me slowly letting the air out of my lungs What a let down I was very optimistic until the middle, which only discouraged me very little with one scene and I kept going letting the disappointment sink in page by page in the end.In this book Gunther goes to Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities I ve visited The book starts out slowly but surely laying out infront of us the backdrop and what has happened between this book and the previous one In the middle there is a scene that is a [...]

  21. Has there ever been a bad novel set in Vienna If so, I ve yet to read it The sense of decaying opulence, of faded grandeur set against the unpleasant wartime history and the obsessive politeness of the residents are all milked here to good effect as Bernie Gunther takes centre stage against the murky espionage and shifting alliances of post war power struggles He escapes Berlin and a tottering marriage to take up the case of a wrongly accused former colleague, but he becomes submerged in the nas [...]

  22. Kerr nous manipule encore les m ninges en nous faisant suivre Herr Gunther dans un labyrinthe d intrigues qui change de piste chaque tournant On y perd au change, mais l auteur se r cup re par son humour incisif et sa grande imagination Pas toujours vident suivre ce 3 me volet de la Trilogie berlinoise mais toujours int ressant lire Passe temps.

  23. I am enjoying this series but I am also very interested in WWII history Each book in the series reminds me of a film noir

  24. Non ricordo mai quali siano i risvolti temporali del diritto di possesso per usucapione, ma utilizzer questo spazio pubblico per una confessione assolutamente privata O fratellone, anni fa ti ho sottratto due libri di Philip Kerr e non te li ho mai restituiti Che poi, a ripensarci meglio, stato anche un furto poco accorto Il criminale pallido e Un requiem redesco , che sono ormai parte integrante irrevocabilmente della mia libreria giallo noir thrilleristica sono soltanto due dei tre volumi comp [...]

  25. It s 1948 The War is over, and at first, we re not really sure what Bernie has been up to that whole time We do know that he has a wife, but it doesn t seem to make him as happy as he thought he could be during the last book where he felt his own biological clock ticking What is clear, is that post WWII Berlin is not a good place to be even BEFORE the blockade Bernie has to navigate the various occupied zones and life again as a private detective and he s not doing that great of a job at any of [...]

  26. I have already read 1 and 2 from this detective series, as well as 7 I have decided it makes sense to make the slight effort to read these in order rather than jumping around It is impossible to know if there were Germans, Russians, or Americans who thought as the characters in this book or his others are described as doing but it doesn t seem impossible This sort of detective fiction, with characters and a setting from a different country or here, countries than the author and set in the past i [...]

  27. bernie gunther wants out it is 1947 and he in berlin still suffering the deprecations of the war his wife who is teacher also works as a waitress in an american club and often brings home goods that cannot be bought thru food rationing she says the club will not miss them but bernie knows she is seeing an american officer her is then approached to help an ex kripo colleague who is facing a murder charge he is not friendly with him but it will be in vienna and he is eager to go the money is an ex [...]

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