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Lady Killer

Free Read Lady Killer - by Lisa Scottoline Free Read Lady Killer - by Lisa Scottoline - Lady Killer, Lady Killer Mary DiNunzio is a trademark Lisa Scottoline heroine she s strong she s smart and she s got plenty of attitude In recent years she s become a big time business getter at Rosato Associates but the

  • Title: Lady Killer
  • Author: Lisa Scottoline
  • ISBN: 9780060833206
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Lady Killer - by Lisa Scottoline, Lady Killer, Lisa Scottoline, Lady Killer Mary DiNunzio is a trademark Lisa Scottoline heroine she s strong she s smart and she s got plenty of attitude In recent years she s become a big time business getter at Rosato Associates but the last person she expects to walk into her office one morning in mile high stilettos is super sexy Trish Gambone her high school rival Back then while Mary was becominMary DiNunzio is a tr

Lady Killer

Free Read Lady Killer - by Lisa Scottoline Free Read Lady Killer - by Lisa Scottoline - Lady Killer, Lady Killer Mary DiNunzio is a trademark Lisa Scottoline heroine she s strong she s smart and she s got plenty of attitude In recent years she s become a big time business getter at Rosato Associates but the Lady Killer

  • Free Read Lady Killer - by Lisa Scottoline
    222Lisa Scottoline
Lady Killer

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  1. Scottoline used to be legal thriller and less chick lit, but she seems to have reversed the balance in this one Cute story, but the protagonist Mary DiNunzio does virtually no lawyering in this story She s like a cross between super sleuth and secret squirrel.Kinda silly in a way, but fun to read The Mean Girls from when Mary was in high school come to her for help, and they act like they re still in high school, even though they re in their 30 s She throws in a lot of humor, and much of the s [...]

  2. I accidentally listened to an abridged version, as I was trying out my library s new Libby iPhone app.There was an interview with Lisa Scottline after the book, and in it she talks about how the female characters in her books are like the women she knows, and that may be why readers can relate and enjoy Maybe it s because I didn t grow up in Jersey going to Catholic school, but these are not like women I know Still, it was an entertaining mystery even if bits were a little predictable 2.5 stars [...]

  3. Lady Killer is the first novel ive read by Lisa Scottoline and will not be the last The story revolves around lawyer Mary DiNunzio who is confronted by an old adversary from her school years Trish Gambone at her work Trish is very scared and wants Mary s help feeling her life is under threat from her boyfriend who has connection with the mafia Mary tries to help her but cannot convince Trish to go to the police The next day Trish goes missing and Mary feeling guilty for not doing and believing [...]

  4. I have to admit that Scottoline is probably my favorite living author of legal thrillers My favorite are her Rosatto and Associates series these all center around an all women law firm in Philadelphia It stays fresh because the different associates are the main characters in different novels, and so point of view changes It s interesting to read an entire novel from the point of view of the out of state young lawyer from California, and then to read another from the point of view of a native of [...]

  5. I listened to an audiobook version of this an okay mystery made very good by an excellent reader If you like to listen to books as well as read them great for driving housecleaning mindless chores hey another way to get books into my day then listen to anything read by Barbara Rosenblat In Lady Killer she has loads of fun with all the South Philly accents men, women, children angry, laughing, sarcastic her reading nailed the emotions as well as the accents Midway through the story I was disguste [...]

  6. I couldn t shake the feeling that this was a book that really, really wanted to be written by Janet Evanovich, but wasn t.It wasn t horrible or anything, but honestly, I probably wouldn t have finished it had I not been required to read a best seller from after 1990 for my Popular Materials class by tomorrow PA few weird things going on here, like how the book doesn t give away Bobby s name for a really long time for no apparent reason.I did like a few scenes, like when Anthony has to come out [...]

  7. Disclaimer In order to appreciate this book fully, you need to listen to the audiobook version read by Barbara Rosenblat I usually read okay, listen to audiobooks while I clean my house I spackled and primed my whole dining room to this one I think I ve found a new favorite author to tide me over in the years when Sue Grafton isn t publishing another Kinsey Milhone installment in her Alphabet Murder Mystery series The downside is that author Lisa Scottoline s books seem to be stand alones, which [...]

  8. Mary DiNunzio, or Mare to her family and friends, is a lawyer with Rosato Associates, with a very busy working life, a huge number of clients who love her, but no social life When Trish Gambone turns up in her office, upset and crying, terrified, Mary was shocked Trish was a member of the Mean Girls from high school, and they tormented Mary, called her names, she didn t like them at all why was Trish in her office, NEEDING HER HELP Trish however, has seen her life spiralling downhill in the past [...]

  9. Mary DiNunzio used to be the typical straight A student in high school, and of course there was the typical mean girls Trish Gambine lead the mean girls, she was of the smoke in the school bathroom type of girl Mary was personally bullied by the mean girls, but none of that matters much now that she has become a big time business getter at Rosario and Associates Right when her life was getting back on path a leopard print jacket wreaking of cigarettes stumbles into her office begging for her he [...]

  10. How does one become a successful professional without learning to control ones emotions Well Mary DiNovio, our heroine, can t seem to, and it s highly frustrating to read about The book is also full of caricatures, which gets tiresome The plot was okay, though, and the setting was sort of interesting This is part of a series and I am unlikely to read others.

  11. Mary DiNunzio is an attorney who is dismayed when former mean girl Trish walks into her office and demands her help Apparently her boyfriend who just so happens to be Mary s former love has become abusive and she fears for her life and has nowhere to turn Mary makes a few suggestions but Trish refuses police intervention because her boyfriend is in the mob and will kill her What she expects Mary to do then escapes me but she stomps out of Mary s office in a huff and soon after disappears Now ev [...]

  12. I read this out of order That s a problem with a series by an author, information relevant to the main character comes from earlier books.Mary DiNunzio, the subject of Scottoline s earlier books beginning with Everywhere that Mary Went, has been a prolific business developer for Rosato and Associates Please read Killer Smile before Lady Killer, and a lot of things will become clear.Starting with a small spat between neighbors in Mary s south Philadelphia neighborhood, Mary s businss begins to fa [...]

  13. CD Unabridged Fiction Book 7 or 12 of the Mary DiNunzio series I listened to the first book of this series a while back In that one, Mary is part of a cutthroat law firm and the narrator was very matter of fact This story takes place years later and I have not read or listened to the ones in between Mary is back in the neighborhood working for a small firm By this book, Mary has regressed in her emotions and unsure of herself She is now a widow, but happy being a peon associate at her law firm W [...]

  14. where did the time go that I am just getting to this one Sorry Lisa Excellent writing Mary is my favorite character so I loved this book written with her in the lead I also loved the twist Lisa added that I didn t see comingMary had an abortion I love her parents as well as the rest of the Italian community and wish I lived thereeven if they do always get into each others businesslol

  15. Lisa Scottoline delivers, again She has her niche and she fills it well This is one of the Rosato and Associates books and she has her feisty group of female lawyers, out doing things for people that they never expected to be doing I have read several of these books and they are always entertaining, mainly because of Mary DiNunzio and her people of south Philly A great beach book.

  16. Interesting tale writing style Like to read in series No, cussing or graphic sex and still a well told tale that sold well.

  17. Think back to high school Almost everyone had someone who picked on them What would you do, as an adult, if that same person came to you pleading for help Mary, is going to be in that same situation Reid, find out what she does The further you get in to the story, the you will see the dilemma that Mary has to deal with Find out how Mary handles situations, when you are trying to do everything the right way, but nothing works out the way it should Sometimes, the legal way isn t a humane, or ethi [...]

  18. I don t know why every review about Mary from Rosato Associates seems negative I listened to this one and Killer Smile, both of which have Mary as the female protagonist I ve enjoyed both immensely and I love Mary so much I m actually nervous to read any with Benny or Judy as the protagonist I don t have time to do a full review here, but if you re looking for something fun, with humor and suspense throughout, and you can relate to having an interesting family, look no further This book is for y [...]

  19. The book was slow at first for me I had a lot of trouble getting into it initially However, I found the book very entertaining the entire time I really liked how there was constant back and forth dialogue between the characters That definitely helped keep my interest at the beginning As I got further along into the book around 100 pages or so I really got into the storyline and plot and began really questioning everything the characters were doing and what was going to happen.

  20. This book is a book that built up to the denouement and began to twist, twist and twist to the point that I wasn t sure that the final twist wasn t really a red herring, or another possible twist It was good, and even with all the twists was not overdone This was one of the top Lisa Scottoline books with the Rosato and Associates that I ve read so far Fans of Ms Scottoline will not be disapointed in this one Thumbs up, both of them.

  21. With Lisa Scottoline whoever you think the culprit is, then it is the total opposite That twist that she always gives is what I like about her novels I never thought I would be interested in mystery fiction prose, but I m enjoying it This was worth the read, but there are other books by Scottoline that I just adore.

  22. I don t know how I missed this one Finally I know how Mary met Anthony, and how she became a partner in the law firm The depth the Mary will go to for others is refreshing, but almost not believable.

  23. Imagine your worst high school nightmare back in your life in adulthood That s how it was for Mary DiNunzio, the nice daughter of devout Catholic Italian immigrants Mary was the girl who got the good grades, attended church, loved her strong two parent family, and was loved deeply by them in return Trish gambone was one of the fast ones, to use Mary s dad s phrase She was the popular in crowd hot babe who treated people like Mary as if they were so much gum on the shoe of life to be rubbed off a [...]

  24. As much as I like Lisa Scottoline, this one was just OK for me The mean girls were annoying without adding much to the plot.

  25. Engaging read about a Philly attorney who has to help a Mean Girl from HS keep from getting killed by her live in boy friend who is a former crush of the attorney s Murder, intrigue, and the Mob.

  26. Great read Lisa Scottoline is the female Harlan Coben A great plot this time a missing woman, a murder and Mary running around trying to solve things.

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