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Dark Genesis

[PDF] Read Ñ Dark Genesis : by A.D. Koboah [PDF] Read Ñ Dark Genesis : by A.D. Koboah - Dark Genesis, Dark Genesis Life for a female slave is one of hardship and unspeakable sorrow something Luna knows only too well But not even she could have foreseen the terror that would befall her one sultry Mississippi eveni

  • Title: Dark Genesis
  • Author: A.D. Koboah
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read Ñ Dark Genesis : by A.D. Koboah, Dark Genesis, A.D. Koboah, Dark Genesis Life for a female slave is one of hardship and unspeakable sorrow something Luna knows only too well But not even she could have foreseen the terror that would befall her one sultry Mississippi evening in the summer of On her way back from a visit to see the African woman a witch who has the herbs Luna needs to rid her of her abusive master s child she attracts tLife for a fem

Dark Genesis

[PDF] Read Ñ Dark Genesis : by A.D. Koboah [PDF] Read Ñ Dark Genesis : by A.D. Koboah - Dark Genesis, Dark Genesis Life for a female slave is one of hardship and unspeakable sorrow something Luna knows only too well But not even she could have foreseen the terror that would befall her one sultry Mississippi eveni Dark Genesis

  • [PDF] Read Ñ Dark Genesis : by A.D. Koboah
    240A.D. Koboah
Dark Genesis

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  1. This book is awesome No really, it s so good that I laughed and cried and now I demand another The characters rich story fully comes alive on the pages, you see and live with Luna, you fall in love with Avery and by the end you want nothing than to hold him in your arms and keep him safe The best way I can describe this is, if Interview with a vampire was the grandfather of Vampire Diaries and that book had a baby with Wench than you would get dark genesis This is the story of an oppressed slav [...]

  2. Glad this was free Mediocre story Sub par writing the author really did not do much research on the American enslaved or its society based on enslavement The accents were wrong, the description of the land, the mother daughter relationships, the explication of enslaved Africans who held onto their native spiritual beliefs all of it was just bad I ve read too much Octavia E Butler to enjoy something this shallow I will not be reading book 2.

  3. I rarely read romance novels yet oddly enjoy novels with elements of romance, providing they also include intrigue and the unexpected I don t want to label this novel a romance, but it is Certainly upon the opening lines of Dark Genesis I was unaware of what delights and polymorphic tales resided between the pages Opening in 2011 in Atlanta, the story read like a modern novel noir with imaginative twists written to avoid brilliantly, even if unintentional initial reader prediction without the as [...]

  4. I never have been a big fan of historicals or period pieces and usually I find life before the electronic era less than appealing to my mental palate I can t even imagine using a chamber pot, an outhouse, or having to draw baths No microwaves, indoor plumbing or TV But when I finished Dark Genesis the only word I could come up with to describe it was WOW.The tale begins with our narrator, named Dallas, a woman who has an odd portent in the middle of the night on her way home when a stranger asks [...]

  5. Dark Genesis was not what I expected among books I scan for pleasure reading but I am grateful to have found it This story will strike a deep emotional cord within your consciousness and challenge your understanding of love, caring and acceptance The author shows great skill and understanding of her subject as she artfully weaves together the dark elements of slavery and vampirism She poignantly illustrates a biblical truth that love truly is as strong as death as you will see at the story s end [...]

  6. If I could rate this 6 stars I would Dark Genesis is a beautifully written story that had me under it s spell from the first page I read this book in a matter of days absolutely hooked under the enchantment of Luna a slave girl from a plantation who finds pure and true love in the midst of all of the hardship that she enduring The author is absolutely phenomenal how she is able to really let you experience Luna s pain and emotions and turmoil Just through her words you can feel her love for writ [...]

  7. 4.5 Chocolate kissesI really enjoyed this book and thought it was brilliant I truly felt as if I were on a journey with Luna through her trials and tribulations The subject matter is one that does not usually draw me in regards to slavery in the United States I found that to be the most intriguing part The character, even though she lived her life in that manner, kept it distant from her soul and I appreciated the distance and it was not quite so heartbreaking to read The men and women secondary [...]

  8. Dark Genesis is the powerful story of a young woman s life as a black slave in 1807 Luna has never known any different from what she knows now, from a young age she caught the eye of her master and he never let her go One day Luna sets out to seek solace in her favourite place only to be met by a demon Possessing powers herself, she feels drawn to the demon but she can t fathom why Her mother warns her from him and that she will be in mortal danger and so Luna runs whenever he is near One night [...]

  9. In Dark Genesis Luna, a beautiful black woman on a slave plantation, has to not only suffer the horrors of the society she finds herself in but also the attentions of a supernatural being lusting after blood But despite all this, she finds love in a very unexpected way A D Koboah portrays the dynamics within the slave society extremely well in her book from the slave who is powerless to the slave owner who has complete control over every aspect of life But this is also a story of love, hope and [...]

  10. This was so good It gave me chills, at times I can t wait for the rest of this trilogy What s to become of Avery I can t wait to find out.

  11. Author A.D KoboahPublished By BerkleyAge Recommend AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRaven Rating 5Blog Review For LibrarythingReview Dark Genesis by A.D Koboah was indeed a interesting read for me I am a African American and I am very careful of my reads with any slaves however, the book cover caught my attention and I thought I would see just what Dark Genesis was about.This novel dealt with the story of Luna who was a beautiful slave with supernatural powershaving the gift of the second site, that [...]

  12. This was certainly an interesting book I don t think I ever read anything like this before At times it vaguely reminded me of Twilight but, unlike Bella, Luna actually has depth If you know me you know that wimpy, shallow women in literature are a pet peeve of mine so this was wonderful.I loved how Luna s emotions were portrayed as she struggled with her past abuse and loving Avery I felt it was realistic and believable I also loved how they didn t fall in love right away and then were all over [...]

  13. Is this a romance I ve seen other reviews say so, but there s a strong implication that there s no HEA Happily Ever After HEA is a defining characteristic of romance There is such a thing as dark fantasy and it can have romantic relationships e.g work by Jacqueline Carey I m thinking that this book belongs in the dark historical fantasy category than paranormal romance It is an unconventional book and therefore difficult to categorize I really liked the concept of a slave being aided by a vampi [...]

  14. Simply put I loved this book This is one of the most unique slavery themed novels that I have ever read I have actively avoided the hoards of vampire books on the shelves lately, but this was something altogether different So many themes work together to make this a book worth reading The oppression of slavery, especially the horrors of being a female slave was of course a main theme There was also the remarkable mother daughter relationship between Luna and her mother What about the vampire, we [...]

  15. Dark Genesis is a very good start to a new series I loved the fact that the author incorporated slavery and the supernatural Very good storytelling and I instantly feel in love with Luna My heart breaking for her and the life she was doomed to because of the color of her skin My only complaint, even though I came to love Luna s character in the beginning of the book, I found myself getting frustrated with her mood swings and temper tantrums with Avery, I mean he was doting on her and finally tre [...]

  16. This was a very different and interesting read I really enjoyed it because it turned out not to be what I expected The events that take place throughout the story peaks your interest from the very first page.

  17. A tale that rang trueSuperbly written, eloquently versed, descriptive text that drew a finite picturesque scenes in my mind as if I had witnessed the whole story from beginning right thru to these very end of these pages I could not put this book down longer than a minute before I became haunted to continue on with reading I was hooked from before the very start of reading the first line This story was planned, plotted and edited with careful precision I felt the love and loss between Luna and [...]

  18. Koboah has a great literary voice, which shows in her description of the setting and in her vivid creativity in how she approached the story of a slave and the vampire she finds herself drawn to The language of the text is interesting, comprised of first person accounts beginning with Dallas and then moving to the central story of Luna Dallas s ancestor The standard found diary format is used to tell Luna s story, and uses both enunciated spoken vernacular and Luna s standard English Some reade [...]

  19. Originally posted to DJ s Book CornerEveryone knows how skeptical I am of free books, and I was equally skeptical of this one However, it was recommended to me by Carrie from The Mad Reviewer and since she and I have similar reading tastes, I decided to give it a try anyway I mean, really How could I resist a vampire love story that takes place in during the period of American slavery Boy, am I glad I took a chance on this one Not only was this book dark and mysterious, it was also poignant and [...]

  20. I ve been putting off doing a review for Dark Genesis for two weeks now It s not because I ve forgotten the plot lines and character names and have had to re read it or because it s so horrible I don t have the energy to write a review No, it s because of how amazing it was.Words really don t do this book justice It evokes so many different emotions in the reader from happiness to despair and everything in between I m not the sort of person that cries over books frequently, but believe me when I [...]

  21. Dark Genesis was a lovely read filled with love, sacrifice and the right paranormal flavor Dark Genesis is told by Luna via her diary It was Luna s version and memories of how her life was as a slave and then Luna is a slave from the 1800 s, an abused woman and a victim of circumstance Luna was powerless until she meet it It happened to be Avery, a vampire who have dreamt about Luna from long ago and waited for the time to actually meet and be with her and the story goes from there But before L [...]

  22. Koboah really hits home with her debut novel, Dark Genesis, which channels a female slave, Luna, in the heart of hatred and injustice Luna realizes that she has powers that have been handed down from her mother, a very powerful witch She never uses these skills purposefully until the right moment in the story, which changes the course of the rest of her life We see her find a bond with an unlikely being, a demon as she calls him, named Avery Avery opens her eyes to a world that she never imagine [...]

  23. This have to be the strangest book that I ve read in a while I just finished it I think I m a bit confused It Seems like I was reading several books wrapped into one but they all have the potential to be great books if they didn t jump around so much Is not too often that I m confused on what to write within a review I don t want to give away the story but I understand it started with a descendent in the beginning went completely through the ancestors life and ended with the descendent of Luna f [...]

  24. I went through several different emotions when reading this book After I finished it I did want to continue onto the next If only to find out how Luna dies I am still not sure how I feel about the love between the vampire Avery and the slave Luna It is the same with any romance when the characters fall in love in a few days I guess I can understand a little with this particular couple because Avery was the first white man that she felt treated her like a human being Like she says she may have l [...]

  25. 4.5 Star Rating Recommended Age 16 Such an amazing story The book contains an extremely emotional story of life as a beautiful slave girl The story was very well written It showed Luna s acceptance of her situation, but in it her fear and anger Avery s love for Luna was an inspiration, that is how I want a man to feel about me But, I must admit, that as much as I loved the story the author did fall into the usual pattern of having the female lead intentionally do something stupid to cr [...]

  26. This book was recommended to me by a very close friend.My friend is obsessed with romantic fiction and fantasy novels Since I normally see her walking around with her Kindle stuffed in her face, I decided to see what all the hype was about At first I was intrigued and couldn t put the book down because it transitions smoothly into a world of slavery We are introduced to a young girl who is lusted after by her masters and goes through the devastating journey of bearing a child that was born out o [...]

  27. It went off to a good start, but I got so bored towards the middle There was no action, just Luna and Avery making eyes at each other in the middle of nowhere I was hoping Dallas would be the main character and Luna Avery s story would just be a couple of chapters of, I dunno, lore presenting I know she comes back in the third or second book and I m sooo not interested about her macking on her great great etc grandmother s whatever boyfriend Do not like Still, I did like the beginning, so three [...]

  28. Wait what This book was bizarre Firstly, the author clearly has a very literary tone Normally I would live that, but the literary first person narrative clashed abysmally with the spoken slave English produced by the person having such eloquently written thoughts The story begins well, and seems like it will bring us African magic surviving on a slave plantation Instead it falls into the Immortal Vampire in love with Teenage Human trope Meh.

  29. 3.5 ratingThis was an enjoyable and quick read There were parts I liked for instance anchoring a vampire story within the slavery time period, but some that were not comfortable for me perhaps would have liked to see romance between Luna and Zita with someone other than what is described as definitely the epitome of male beauty by any standard particularly as at least one of these reflect Stockholm syndrome

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