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Bared to You

[PDF] Bared to You | by ☆ Sylvia Day [PDF] Bared to You | by ☆ Sylvia Day - Bared to You, Bared to You From New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day comes the provocative masterstroke of abandon and obsession that redefined the meaning of desire and became a global phenomenon Gideon Cross came in

  • Title: Bared to You
  • Author: Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Bared to You | by ☆ Sylvia Day, Bared to You, Sylvia Day, Bared to You From New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day comes the provocative masterstroke of abandon and obsession that redefined the meaning of desire and became a global phenomenon Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness He was beautiful and brilliant jagged and white hot I was drawn to him as I d never been to anything or anyone in my lFrom New York Times best

Bared to You

[PDF] Bared to You | by ☆ Sylvia Day [PDF] Bared to You | by ☆ Sylvia Day - Bared to You, Bared to You From New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day comes the provocative masterstroke of abandon and obsession that redefined the meaning of desire and became a global phenomenon Gideon Cross came in Bared to You

  • [PDF] Bared to You | by ☆ Sylvia Day
    206Sylvia Day
Bared to You

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  1. Possible spoilers and definitely NSFW unless your workplace is made of awesome.Oh, my god, you guys, this book Oh, my godI went into this thinking it was going to be completely and totally lame Another Fifty Shades of Moronic Writing Another horrifying testament to the standards which modern writers are apparently held And do you know what It WAS Buuuutr the most part, I had a good time How By laughing uncontrollably at nearly every sex scene and believe me, there are many There isn t much of a [...]

  2. Okay, with roughly 100 pages to go, I think I ve read enough I just couldn t finish this book and find myself very disappointed that Ms Day created her own story based on the wildly popular E.L James book, Fifty Shades of Grey Sure, Christian Grey is now, Gideon Cross I m not a rocket scientist, but I figured out the initial exhange along with changing Ana to Eva But here s where I m baffled Ms Day is actually a good writer There s a reason I read as many pages as I did Because of that fact, wit [...]

  3. 4.5 WAAAAY better than that Fifty Shades of Grey I do get the comparison, but truly this is a MUCH better read Simply put, this book had the polish that FSoG grossly lacked I read FSoG just before I read this one Sadly, I found it disturbing and only gave it a 1 star review The major similarities hero is a young late 20 s , gorgeous, brilliant zillionaire business mogul who sports non stop erections and has sex on the brain 24 7 hero has a controlling and obsessive desire for the heroine, includ [...]

  4. 6 stars SQUEEEEEE HOLY FREAKING GOD THIS BOOK IS BEYOND AMAZING This book was absolute perfection for me It had meswooning, drooling and pantingover Gideon Cross and had me reading for the better part of it with the world s biggest grin on my face It was the perfect blend of heart warming,HOTNESS , and seriously tortured Alpha hero and heroine.The story is told from the perspective of Eva Hammel, a 24 year old girl who comes from money but wants to make it on her own in the world She chooses to [...]

  5. 1.5 starsHaving read and enjoyed a number of Sylvia Day s historicals I decided to try this contemporary by her I picked this book up at NetGalley based on the blurb The book sounded interesting despite the blurb s faint purple prose , it was categorised as romance and I ve been on the lookout for contemporary romances For my enjoyment of contemporary romantic fiction, there has to be at least some believability to the plot, some credibility to the characterisations The so for contemporary fic [...]

  6. Warning Contains minor spoilers May hinder your reading experience My very Honest review fans of this book please bear with me The story is written from the perspective of Eva Tramell.Because of her new job she has just moved to Manhattan from San Diego.The first time she meets with Gideon Cross,sparks fly.The tension between them is palpable and their chemistry is nearly explosive.I really liked the first few chapters,which shows them skirting around each other.It was quite good So,why the 2 st [...]

  7. I decided to read Bared To You because it was sold as a well written version of Fifty Shades of Grey To give credit where credit is due, Sylvia Day is not E.L James Her grammar is good, she varies her sentence structures and, although her propensity for purple prose is at times off putting, she s a competent wordsmith That being said, I would not want to imply there was anything remotely literary about this book There isn t Which is a shame, because someone should start writing literary erotica [...]

  8. 5 Big Stars This is a sophisticated, provocative, titillating, highly erotic, sexually driven read and is extremely well done The title fits the book in ways than one It not only applies to the sexual nature of the book, but how Eva and Gideon give of themselves to one each other in body, mind, heart and soul Eva is a smart, self assured woman who finds herself drawn to the charismatic, enigmatic Gideon Their relationship is initially based solely on sex, but their connection is so powerful, th [...]

  9. Fell short of my expectations.I really wanted to like this book The first few chapters held promise for me I felt as though it was well written and had good dialogue There are terrific reviews, and I picked it up after just having finished FSOG I assumed it would be everything I was searching for in my next read but, for me, it fell short My biggest issues were being unable to connect with Gideon at all, and I didn t find that the characters ever came alive I never felt that the book explained w [...]

  10. Hot, passionate and totally addictive read The chemistry between Eva and Gideon, explodes on the page They are made for each other They re not perfect, as they have their own issues to deal with But as they work themselves through it, you ll be taken on an emotional ride like no other Wow, what a ride Gideon If you want a great story with a lot of heat, you can t go wrong with this book Loved it

  11. What to say Hm.Bared to you centers around Eva Tramell, a twenty four year old woman who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse Eva finds it extremely hard at times to overcome this past, but she is drawn to young, billionaire Gideon Cross as soon as she meets him It is later revealed in the book that Gideon is also a childhood sexual abuse survivor The two must find a way to heal each other in order to move on from their pasts and establish a healthy romantic relationship.I used to love readin [...]

  12. In order not to step on anyone s toes or hurt anyone s feelings I won t rate Bared to You DNF when I hit the 50 % mark As far as I can judge, Bared to You is a sensitive topic because it s already related to Fifty Frankly, it s not my intention to start a turmoil by writing a negative review When I m reviewing a book I want to be able to write about my feelings I want to be honest, and a review should always reflect my emotions why I didn t like a book Naturally it s the same the other way round [...]

  13. I m just going to start by saying that this was a tough book to get through, and a couple of times it almost landed on my DNF shelf Had I not read it right on the heels of the Fifty Shades trilogy, I might have enjoyed it , and one look at the ratings and you ll know that I m in the minority when it comes to how I feel about this story Oh well, it is what it is, right Here are my thoughts about Bared to You Oh, before I begin, it s important to note that I am not comparing this book to the Fifty [...]

  14. Espa ol EnglishEva Tramel, rubia, latina, 24 a os, nueva en la ciudad de NY.Gideon Cross, no, ojos azules, 28 a os, due o de medio NY Hermosos y perfectos los dos, pero ambos esconden pasados abusivos Cuando se conocen tienen al instante la sensaci n de pertenencia, pero por el pasado de ambos no ser nada f cil En lo que no tendr n ning n problema es en el sexo porque tienen una qu mica tremenda.El nombre del libro no s lo tiene que ver con la desnudez f sica que existe en exceso en el libro sin [...]

  15. Warning slightly spoiler ish1.5 starsOkay, so I don t know how someone who was raped repeatedly view spoiler whose mom didn t find out until you violently miscarried and the doc pronounced that what should have been virginal was actually violated and scarred hide spoiler should act I can t empathize the anal rape of a boy and its effect on the man I am not an expert, but I have personal experience with abuse The abused all come out different, react differently and are affected, differently That [...]

  16. I liked this book I maybe didn t LOVE it the way others did but i certainly enjoyed it Eva Tramell comes from a very rich family , she moved from San diego to New york to work for Crossfire s company She s not a perfect character and that s what I loved about her, insecure, jealous, lot s of naughty thoughts She meets Gideon Cross and she finds him Hot and incredibly attractive what i loved about eva is the fact that she is not a gold digger like most girls nowadays are They start off as strange [...]

  17. I loved the way he kissed me, as if he had to, as if he d go crazy if he didn t and had nearly waited too long.An incredibly INTENSE, Emotional, Palpable, Riviting, Erotic read that I devoured I want there to be happily ever afters for the f cked up crowd Show me the way, Eva honey Make me believe Yes, please Ms Day I need that for this couple Coming October 2012 is the second installment and I can hardly wait.Deeper in You

  18. This Review is a Warning Label and a Rave I was going to edit this to tone down the snark factor, but it still felt right the next day, so I am keeping it Otherwise edited for additional info warnings about the storyline.5 stars This book was amazing Highly recommended for fans of Fifty as it reads like an homage to the best of that series except it is very well written Note to those who hate erotica, are disgusted by the Fifty series, think Fifty was a psychopath because he was possessive, cont [...]

  19. Update As reviewed for Read Our Lips Book BlogGideon and EvaBared to You was getting tons of fanfare on People were going crazy over it It didn t take long for me to understand why I was hooked in the first chapter Eva Tramell, a 24 year old new graduate has moved to New York City with her best friend, Cary a bisexual man to be closer to her mom and stepfather She has a new job in the Crossfire Building at an advertising agency The day before she starts her new job, she stops by the office and l [...]

  20. As anyone who has seen my updates on this will know, I ve been having a REALLY BIG PROBLEM with this book I should have known better I tried to read this months ago and almost threw my kindle across the room where, oh where is my wallbanger by proxy paperback when I need it To be kind, let me just say the similarities to FSOG were just too much for me.Well, since then, even FSOG rip offs sorry, homages have been released, and I ve made the mistake of reading those too I ve got so many young, ho [...]

  21. DNFed half way through When the hero takes the heroine to his love shack hotel room filled with love toys where he s had many women in the past, I decided this book wasn t for me There s no emotional connection between the hero and heroine, just sex and sex.Also the writing seems disjointed and stilted at times Had a hard time following.Seems way too much like Fifty Shades and makes me think the author jumped on the Fifty Shades bandwagon.

  22. Bared to you book 1 The beginning of Gideon s and Eva s epic, spellbinding addictive story with suspense, challenges, self discovery and their intense dysfunctional love There were thousands of women in New York alone who could replace me in his life, but there was only one Gideon Cross Best experienced, The Crossfire series is Gideon s and Eva s epic love story, both broken, flawed and co dependent and yet so determined and relentless for their elusive happily ever after Follow them through sky [...]

  23. UPDATE II I m deducting the star I added for the erotic encounter that I mistakenly thought was original because I ve just read the scene in Fifty Shades Darker that, um, inspired Ms Day the copycat Shame.UPDATE Now that I have read Fifty Shades of Grey I m even unimpressed with Sylvia Day s book Can you say BIG ASS COPYCAT Sheesh.Touted as the 50SOG for the discriminating romance reader, I sayMs Day probably shouldn t believe her own PR Eva and Gideon are the glitterati of Manhattan, impossib [...]

  24. I ve always seen you, angel From the moment you found me, I ve seen nothing but you Rating Bared to You was a little beyond the comfort zone of what I usually read but surprisingly I found myself actually enjoying this I know Bared to You is closely compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, and even I was having some sort of deja vu at first because of how similar these two book were to each other But I found that Bared to You was a whole different level better than Fifty Shades.For one, Gideon Cross is [...]

  25. There are a handful of authors that can get a 5 part series commitment from me here s looking at you Leigh Bardugo Brandon Sanderson S T Abby , sadly, Sylvia Day is not one of them Ergo, I m DNFing this baby.Gideon and Eva are the epitome of everything I dislike about rich angsty book characters Shallow and immature with no redeeming factors Aaaannd, I m out

  26. This is approximately 1000 times better than That Other Book Similar themes, but with better characters, better writing, better plotting, better sex, and minus the degradation.

  27. DO NOT read this book if youARE a huge fangirl of 50 Shades and thought that book was the best thing ever The only thing you will do is compare the two books the entire time and convince yourself and try to convince everyone else why 50 shades is better NOT read this book if youought 50 Shades was just NOT your type of erotica story This book is very similar to 50 Shades in respects to the erotica storyAD this book if youought 50 Shades was overall okay but had poor writingAD this book if youYou [...]

  28. 3,5 starsBared to You is the first book in the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.Inky black hair framed a breathtaking face His bone structure would make a sculptor weep with joy, while a finely etched mouth, a blade of a nose and intensely blue eyes made him savagely gorgeous Are you alright His voice was cultured and smooth, with a rasp that made my stomach flutter It brought sex to mind Extraordinary sex I thought for a moment he might make me orgasm just by talking long enough Are you sleeping [...]

  29. I ve always seen you, angel From the moment you found me, I ve seen nothing but you Gideon to Eva in Bared to You I liked it I really, really liked it Well done The writing resembles a seasoned author s work And hurrah hurrah, there were none of those repetitive and gagging inner goddess phrases appearing on every other page And the lead characters presented a mature and knowledgeable persona Between Fifty Shades and this one, I would choose this one without a doubt I admit I don t frequently re [...]

  30. I loved this story For the Fifty and Beautiful Disaster lovers out there, you will love this book because it has a very similar feel and flow to it A hopelessly flawed hero, Gideon, and heroine, Eva, enter into a relationship eclipsed by false starts, petty jealousies, misunderstandings, and bruised trust The story was beautifully written from Eva s POV but the angst of both characters and their associates was palpable throughout the entire book In Bared to You, Eva s view spoiler sexual abuse f [...]

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