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Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux

Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux Best Download || [Latrivia S. Nelson] Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux Best Download || [Latrivia S. Nelson] - Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux, Ivy s Twisted Vine Redux Ivy s Twisted Vine Redux Synopsis Read the book that started it all for national bestselling author Latrivia S Nelson Ivy s Twisted Vine is the largest book in the interracial romance genre to da

  • Title: Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux
  • Author: Latrivia S. Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780983981961
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback

Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux Best Download || [Latrivia S. Nelson], Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux, Latrivia S. Nelson, Ivy s Twisted Vine Redux Ivy s Twisted Vine Redux Synopsis Read the book that started it all for national bestselling author Latrivia S Nelson Ivy s Twisted Vine is the largest book in the interracial romance genre to date and one of the most controversial In celebration of Latrivia s own publishing company she has re released Ivy s Twisted Vine with revised scenes and action Ivy Ivy s Twist

Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux

Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux Best Download || [Latrivia S. Nelson] Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux Best Download || [Latrivia S. Nelson] - Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux, Ivy s Twisted Vine Redux Ivy s Twisted Vine Redux Synopsis Read the book that started it all for national bestselling author Latrivia S Nelson Ivy s Twisted Vine is the largest book in the interracial romance genre to da Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux

  • Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux Best Download || [Latrivia S. Nelson]
    452Latrivia S. Nelson
Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux

129 Comment Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux

  1. This was actually a pretty good story, but my gosh, the editing on this book Kindle edition is horrific The grammar, word usage and spelling are shameful Character names are changed from one paragraph to the next indicating the author may have wanted to change the name of a character, but forgot to go back and do a search to make sure the use was consistent.The main characters are quite interesting and the story is a good onery realistic The dialogue reveals the characters as mature, sensitive a [...]

  2. I read this book b c I ve heard nothing but great things about it I wish I agreed with all the wonderful reviews, but I don t I think the author is a great story teller, but the story was so incredibly flawed This suffered from poor editing or no editing at all The grammatical errors were so icredibly distracting There were sentences everywhere that just didn t make any sense at all Santo was vexed by the women Um, that means annoyed Just didn t work It was overly repetetive also I kept thinking [...]

  3. I read Ivy s Twisted Vine over and over I m a cop in Memphis and while some of her technical terms could have been a little better, she hit the MPD right on the head I know ten guys who fit the bill of Nicola And I know about 40 that fit Brooks Grey was easy too There are some political families here that I m sure read that book and wondered if she knew their boys You have to be on the inside to write a book like this Many of the things that she talked about are well known only if you live it ev [...]

  4. 2.5 stars UNBelievable Seriously, it s a good thing I read bk 2s World in Reverse a few years ago Ivy s Twisted Vine was near impossible to finish So I know for sure I wouldna continued this series Unlike her role over there in bk 2, Ivy is a complete useless heroine here TSTL.I would ve given anything to knock her out with a brick Everybody slept with somebody that slept with everybody and had a baby.The sole likable character was hero Nicola wish I could shove em all off a cliff.

  5. This was an amazing book I purchased it on Authorhouse site and read the e book at work shh I shared it with a cubicle buddy of mine and it broke the ice for us to start a relationship even though we are from different races I can truly say that this book changed my life It was not hard to read and it felt like watching a movie I started my own little book club with the cute blonde haired boy that has us in knots for her second book I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.Americana Jone [...]

  6. 3 1 2 stars.Twisted indeed Sluggish in parts but overall I nice effort I really go into the characters Now I want to read the next Which will be when Who knows but this was a very promising start.

  7. I have to say that Latrivia one of my favorite authors so I may be biased in my review I have read all of the Medlov books than twice I love her writing style Her characters speak to me I do not know why I had not read this book I purchased it in January 2013 and it has been sitting on my Kindle I read the World in Reverse and decided that I wanted to know about Ivy and Agosto s story Since it was Ms Nelson s first book, I didn t expect too much But I was WRONG I loved this story Some people h [...]

  8. It has become a recurring theme with IR books for the female usually POC protagonist to be portrayed as this paragon of virtue grace beauty intelligence yada yada yada This book was no exception and was filled with absurd things such as 1 Ivy who is 21 BTW could afford a corvette or something equally, if not , expensive2 Ivy could afford top name brands and couture3 She was valedictorian, got a top paying job at 21 , had not one but two babies yet was back at work 6 weeks later Yeah, right.4 Nev [...]

  9. I read the original version about a year ago and gave it 4 stars At the time, I deducted 1 star for the horrible lack of editing I purchased the redux hoping to enjoy the story with the typos and inconsistencies removed Well, no luck I just wasted my money I could not find any changes or enhancements to the storyline It is outrageous for the never ending typos and grammatical errors to still be in this book Also, the same inconsistencies are there Kelly becomes Layla in the next paragraph At som [...]

  10. I should have read this book before The Medlov Crime Family series wished I d a known that Because I already knew who she ended up with, but I got to know Ivy and Nicola There were times that I just wanted to shake the shit out of Ivy She really had me smh at her, and I couldn t stand Grey s fine ass She was way to trustin and naive I would ve followed Grey at some point Nicola could grab me and rough it up alil hehehe , and I love me some dimples Good story.

  11. This was a large book but easy to read I enjoyed the character development and the commitment to keeping readers unsure to the very end.

  12. Twisted As Can BeGood gravy but this story had twists and turns that a bowl of spaghetti Ivy was confused and immature and a bit annoying She was content to follow Grey s lead like a mindless automaton Grey was a low down, dirty, whoring pig and throw in an arrogant prick.Nicola was a serious man whore His arrogance was tinged with sexy and a beautiful face He is a beast in his job but has some demons.The story was told with a steady pace but they typos and name switches were a distraction and [...]

  13. This was one of those books where real life shit went down An example of where a man is being selfish and possessive and the woman getting caught in between his selfishness and her classification of being in love Now I have always considered myself a very straight forward person when it comes to anything dealing with my personal life so when I read this book my mind was so boggled at the time if Ivy was standing right in front of me I would have been fixin to slap what little black she had in he [...]

  14. Im about to just give up reading this book There are so many grammar errors that even i could spot them and thats just sad The contradictions in the book were so amazing that they were even in the same paragraph, how can you not notice that Im amazed by the high reviews on this book when you just take that into consideration Then there are the characters, they are so ridiculous and are nothing to brag about The characters are just a bunch of mental cases with identity issues that one way or anot [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this story Ivy was aggravating at times, but there are many women just like her who turn a blind eye and believe everything their man tells them Basically, she asks her man if he s been cheating on her He says no, so issue resolved For some, the simple denial is law Crazy, but very real Grey is like most handsome and, importantly, young powerful men He s the villain yet you understand his motivation and actually like him most of the time even when he s scheming He s being press [...]

  16. Well I finally got around to reading this book Now I will move on to World In Reverse and finish this series.Although I accept that Ivy was young and was on her journey to being a woman, I felt that her guilt at not knowing for sue who the father of her was children had a lot to do with some some of the poor decisions that she made This is a very embarrassing situation for any bright woman to be in However, I do not believe she did not know that Grey was doing her wrong, she suspected him hersel [...]

  17. I generally love LN stories and this one is no exception The story is about college senior Ivy She has her whole life planned with boring politically inclined Grey Henderson when fate interrupts with Nicola Agosta The story is great until right around the end The drama was dragged out too long The climax should have come long before it did Get on with it already I don t know if this book is before Dmitry s closet, however, Agosta is a character in that story as well, which I read first It is odd [...]

  18. I wanted to hate Ivy, but I couldn t because she was never real I never got into her story or her self inflicted drama because she was flat and I was always aware of the author This book was just plain awful I managed to finish it, but I kept fantasizing about giving it negative stars or giving one star reviews to every author with the last name Nelson I borrowed this and I still want money back.

  19. Wow, great bookAnother WOW for MS Nelson I enjoy readding longer books with lots of details and lots of chaqracters this book had it, the characters were really intresting and great chemistry However, thery were some disturbing aspects throughout most specifically the over all acceptance of male infidility I do not rate this book negativly on that as for the most part it is true, as evidences by the socially acceptance of Women as sex objects I thought Ms Nelson really addressed the truths that [...]

  20. I would have given the book maximum stars if it weren t for two things The first being the excessive amount of typos There were sentences that just didn t make any sense, esp when the wrong character names were being used We all make mistakes but this was just excessive considering I read the Redux version The second thing that bothers me about this book is Grey I just don t understand how she could give him a happy ending when I just wanted him to get hit by a train With that said I really enjo [...]

  21. OMG I have had this book on my TBR list for awhile I finally got a hold of this book via Kindle loan This is not a short story, it is definitely a novel, but I am a voracious reader so the length of the book didn t bother me, and because it was such a good read I don t think that the length of book would even bother an avid reader.The storyline was great, and different The characters were real, they had flaws It wasn t just a story of rich family s and what they would do to get to the top It was [...]

  22. Got the sample of this book first to see if the story would catch me and it did I am amazed of the stupidity of Ivy.I was yelling so loud that my dad came and asked what was wrong I can t even begin to describe how foolish and ignorant she was Although she was in college she was completely naive Also Nicola needed a slap as well for allowing her to play him Grey was the most honest of characters and he was a complete dog In fact he confessed to cheating with multiple women and treated her like a [...]

  23. The unanticipated twists and turns make Ivy s Twisted Vine a truly entertaining read This story would have been a 4 star for me if better editing were completed The grammatical and spelling errors detracted greatly from my enjoyment However, the characters and situations encouraged me to continue to the end Being a Memphis native, I was engrossed in the life like story line Ivy s tale is a classic one of following your mind over your heart Nicola just yummy and I could easily visualize his pure [...]

  24. NICOLA, MY FAVORITE COP I first read this book over a year ago just realized I never wrote my review This was the first book I read by Ms Nelson boy was I was hooked spoiler alert I read a lot of negative comments about IvyI am going to take into consideration she was youngill in college Ivy s boyfriend broke up with her, she met Nicola, a cop who was older experienced Ivy has a one night stand with Nicola, then she gets back with her ex Ivy ends up pregnant and don t know which one is the fath [...]

  25. I don t know where to begin I was really surprise to get a bang for your buck with this book with the kindle price of 2.99 kindle location up to 9483 However, I was totally frustrated with the heroine, Ivy Her continuous acceptance of lies was very frustrating for me as a reader Then as I was getting my hair done this morning and I listen to my stylist and her continued boyfriend drama Boy did I get the book then I guess I just wanted of a romance than the normal realistic drama in life.

  26. This was a good read The author holds your attention throughout the entire story but I constantly felt myself getting frustrated with the heroine At times I felt it was hard to believe a woman would take such disrespect from a man she planned to marry I also wanted Grey s cheating butt to be revealed in all of it s glory, but instead, all was forgiven The plot had some crazy, unexpected twists and the characters are well developed Overall, a pretty good read.

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