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[PDF] Read ↠ Detour : by James Siegel [PDF] Read ↠ Detour : by James Siegel - Detour, Detour When Paul s wife Joanna and their newly adopted daughter are kidnapped he will go to any lengths to get them back alive even if that means acting as a drug smuggler But when the drugs go missing and

  • Title: Detour
  • Author: James Siegel
  • ISBN: 9780751536133
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Unknown Binding

[PDF] Read ↠ Detour : by James Siegel, Detour, James Siegel, Detour When Paul s wife Joanna and their newly adopted daughter are kidnapped he will go to any lengths to get them back alive even if that means acting as a drug smuggler But when the drugs go missing and he loses all contact with his abductors Paul finds himself with only one card left to play


[PDF] Read ↠ Detour : by James Siegel [PDF] Read ↠ Detour : by James Siegel - Detour, Detour When Paul s wife Joanna and their newly adopted daughter are kidnapped he will go to any lengths to get them back alive even if that means acting as a drug smuggler But when the drugs go missing and Detour

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Detour : by James Siegel
    224James Siegel

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  1. I wasn t as big of a fan of this story as I was with Derailed I was hooked when we realized the babies were swapped but after the smuggling of narcotics and drug war unfolded, it threw me on a limb I m not sure if I was really disappointed at this because, after all, it does takes place in Columbia and aside from the revolution, its other biggest problem is the illegal export of cocaine I get that but I found the story to be boring It could also be the fact that I found Joanna to be so annoying [...]

  2. Wonderfully paced thriller The action starts early and the plot gets twisted and tangled very soon thereafter I wouldn t call this book cheap thrills per se, but it isn t the densest book you ll ever read However, if you go into this novel knowing what you re getting into, you ll love it The story has just enough plausibility to keep you interested, just enough emotion to keep you invested, and to reiterate, a good helping of pace I read Detour in several short periods over two days, but I could [...]

  3. This story reminded me of Murphy s Law You throw in an Actuary whose job and speciality is probability into a cartel of drugs and sit back and watch Maybe, and most definitely, grab some popcorn while you watch him drown in messes he cannot comprehend I d give this book two things an every day man, Paul, whom a reader can relate to and secondly, a situation that anyone can empathize with, parents who yearn for a child and finally get their big break It was not all guns and fire, sadly, but the a [...]

  4. This was a very average thriller Writing or pacing or plotting or characters or reading listened to it on audio never got above the average point Which was perfectly fine for what it was and it served to pass the time nicely during walks and a long bus ride One plot twist that was good The reader did very entertaining accents If anyone didn t already know Colombia is dangerous, this tale of an adoption gone array serves as a solid reminder.

  5. I wish had half stars This is a solid three and a half The writing was plain but the story was interesting enough It kept me interested but not enthralled I would recommend this for someone who is looking for an easy interesting read The main thing I got from this book was to never visit Colombia Not bad, not amazing.

  6. Beaucoup aim L action d marre rapidement, plein de rebondissements, j ai aim qu on ait les cheminements des 2 conjoints en parall le Le livre aborde en quelque sorte le fait de tout donner, tout risquer pour tre parent Fin quelque peu pr visible par contre.

  7. Three and half stars This is a good book, the action starts within the first 20 pages and has nice twists and turns The second half was my favorite because thats when all the pieces come together and things get complicated Or they seem complicated because I dont read many books like this so this was a fresh story for me I was up til 3 am trying to finish I wanted to know what happened to Paul and Joanna lol

  8. A really terrible offering from the author of Derailed I think he s another writer to suffer from the debut novel being excellent That happens sometimes, it s hard to surpass your first book being successful.

  9. Insurance Actuary Paul Breidbart and his wife Joanna want a child, but after years of trying with no success, they turn to a lawyer who specializes in adoptions from Columbia Traveling to Bogota they are met by an older man sent from the orphanage and driven to a hotel The driver, Pablo, tells them that he will be at their service while they are in the city Paul and Joanna go to the orphanage and meet their soon to be daughter whom they name Joelle Back at the hotel with Joelle, Johanna discover [...]

  10. There is not a boring page in this book There is constant action throughout the book so much that its a bit unbelievable and unrealistic but hey, its a fiction novel About halfway through the book, I was a little disappointed at how predictable things were but I was totally caught off guard with the final plot twist, I didn t see it coming Even though most of the first oh, three quaters of the book is pretty predictable, the non stop action and suspense will make you want to keep reading just to [...]

  11. Any sort of summary you can give of this book gives you the wrong idea about how good it actually is The premise makes it sound like the book is cheesey and overblown, but it s the complete opposite I mean it sounded interesting, but not in the sense I was going to be so addicted to it.From the first word your drawn in, finding yourself really liking Paul and Joanna, feeling their pain and joy, bonding to them like their real people Everyone in this story comes off as a real person, even the bad [...]

  12. They want what every young couple wants a child of their own But Paul and Joanna Breidbart have been trying to conceive for five long years a torturous process of failed medical procedures that nearly tore their marriage apart When they finally decide to adopt, American agencies tell them they will have to wait years for their dream to come true The couple agrees to fly to war torn Columbia to adopt a baby girl.Paul knows all about risks As an insurance executive, he routinely calculates the odd [...]

  13. Childless Paula and Joanna want to adopt a baby and settle on Columbia After getting kidnapped Paul is forced to be come a drug mule in order to save the lives of his wife and potential daughter Paul and Joanna s stories dovetail throughout the book which is quite a rollercoaster read with lots of twists and turns A Two years later wrapping up the loose ends epilogue was a bit irritating I m not a fan of those The only other irksome bit was that unless you are a consultant paediatrician and the [...]

  14. Paul Breidbart est analyste de risques pour une compagnie d assurances new yorkaise Il forme avec sa femme Joanna un couple uni et heureux Seuls ombre leur bonheur ils ne peuvent pas avoir d enfants Aussi d cident ils d en adopter un dans un orphelinat colombien Joelle, adorable petite fille d un mois, est tout ce dont ils pouvaient r ver Quelques jours plus tard, toujours Bogota, Paul et Joanna sont pris d un doute terrible De retour leur h tel, apr s l avoir confi quelques heures aux soins d u [...]

  15. This book was amazing although at 1st I didn t want to read it, but you can t judge a book by its cover, Right I LOVED this book every time I thought I knew what would happen it completely flipped on me the book wasn t confusing at all.Every time I was doing something all I could think about was the book.It was suspenseful, brave, mysterious, and kept you on your feet so you will never get bored.This author has an amazing talent and after reading this I would read any of his other books, he does [...]

  16. Whenever I decide to read a novel written by James Siegel, I know that every page, from beginning to end, will be captivating and impossible to put down The only reason this particular novel took a little while longer for me is because I tried my best to keep it from coming to an end I usually finish a Siegel novel in two sitting There were some very gruesome moments in Detour and some lighthearted moments involving Joanna and Jollele I also admire the lengths this father would go to protect his [...]

  17. I generally like a good mystery action book but find they are so often predicable and cookie cuttion Detour was nothing like that I found my self impressed than once by interesting plot turns and well developed, believable characters It is the story of Paul and Joanna, a low key couple who travel to Columbia to adopt a baby only to find themselves derailed and endangered Another rarity for me by the conclusion I was actually routing for a happy ending My sole complaint is that I like my novels [...]

  18. One of the best books I ve ever read I ve already bought it for a handful of people as gifts, and everyone has really liked it too I read it because I enjoyed Derailed by Siegel, even though I was pretty skeptical from the synopsis on the inside jacket Not my typical storyline, so I was surprised by how much I loved it, a testament to a really, really good thriller I am a Siegel fan and can t wait to read his new book, Deceit.

  19. A fast read Though thrillers involving drug running, guns, kidnapping, torture and desperation or some such stuff , are too realistic and uncomfortable for me to read in general I did know who the bad guy would be which caused me some anxiety, a feeling which I try to avoid in my life As opposed to say excitement or suspense I like that there was a lot of grey areas in the book Some things are not as they seem like life which gives the book 3 stars.

  20. This is a very scary look into the helplessness of outsiders no matter their nationality in a war torn country like Columbia When Paul and Joanna decide to adopt a child they find an organization to help them and after five years go to Columbia to pick up their new daughter at an orphanage there They find themselves caught up in the drug war, the unstable factions that war for dominance and power, and even the authorities in the U.S Definitely a riveting read

  21. WOW what a ride would definatly recommend this book to someone who wants to read multiple twists and turnsis couple wants to adopt a baby from columbia and gets caught up in the warring factions there.i really didnt know what it was going to be about and i chose it based on his first book DERAILED which was equally as good.

  22. Not as good as Derailed, but I didn t expect it to be It was still exciting and their were moments I felt like I couldn t put it down, but some portions of it also kind of bored me and I found myself waiting for them to get back to the exciting scenes I really liked the ending I would recommend this book

  23. Full of deceit and adventure, this is the first novel I ve read of Siegel s He s a great storyteller and the blurb really caught my attention An American family travels to Latin America to adopt a long awaited for child only to have that dream shattered.The ending came out of nowhere and was a little rushed in my opinion, but overall I thought this was a good read.

  24. 3 STARS From the author of Derailed comes the adrenaline charged story of one man who is forced to transport cocaine from Colombia to a location within the U.S within 18 hours, or his wife and newly adopted daughter will be killed The decision seems obvious yet the outcome will be anything but From A fair suspense novel.

  25. I grabbed this book as I had a long wait in an airport and I really enjoyed it I particularly liked how the main character was into statistics and how the book was sort of written around that, I thought it was very creative of the author I read it many years ago and that s what stayed with me.

  26. Turned out to be a pretty good book not entirely what I was expecting, probably better I liked the main characters of the book Paul and Joanne and made me wonder how much of this sort of thing actually happens that we just don t know aboutgood read, anyway

  27. I read this book fairly soon after finishing one of his other books Derailed I enjoyed this one as well There are twists right up to the very end which make you want to finish the book as quickly as possible to see how everything resolves.

  28. Nice prologue, clear and brief, that s enough to be understood at once A unique crime novel that is likely to come across a real cracker Nice ending, and the book has a readable, text friendly font.

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