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✓ Pemberly ☆ Emma Tennant ✓ Pemberly ☆ Emma Tennant - Pemberly , Pemberly As Jane Austen s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice comes to a close Elizabeth Bennet proudly announces her engagement to Mr Darcy boasting We are to be the happiest couple in the world But after th

  • Title: Pemberly
  • Author: Emma Tennant
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Pemberly ☆ Emma Tennant, Pemberly , Emma Tennant, Pemberly As Jane Austen s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice comes to a close Elizabeth Bennet proudly announces her engagement to Mr Darcy boasting We are to be the happiest couple in the world But after the nuptials can a marriage between two people as strong willed as Elizabeth and Darcy survive With all the wit and style of Jane Austen Emma Tennant brilliantly imaginesAs Jane Austen s bel


✓ Pemberly ☆ Emma Tennant ✓ Pemberly ☆ Emma Tennant - Pemberly , Pemberly As Jane Austen s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice comes to a close Elizabeth Bennet proudly announces her engagement to Mr Darcy boasting We are to be the happiest couple in the world But after th Pemberly

  • ✓ Pemberly ☆ Emma Tennant
    243Emma Tennant

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  1. I honestly am shocked that any publishing company actually published this I think Jane Austen, herself, would despise Emma Tennant s idea of what Elizabeth Bennet Darcy was like after a year of marriage with Mr Darcy.The book was not true to the characters that Jane Austen created in Pride and Prejudice Even as far as slandering poor Mr Bingley, that is if a fiction character can be slandered The story was ridiculous Elizabeth was weak minded, insecure, and foolish The story was not believable a [...]

  2. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fan in search of a good sequel can safely skip anything by Emma Tennant She gets the language pretty well except for must needs, which I never read anywhere in JA and she puts in a few melt worthy Darcy Lizzy scenes, but the overall plot annoyed me, particularly with the insinuation about Bingley, which was just a foil to raise Lizzy s suspicions against Darcy So as I said, Jane Austen fans, skip this one You ll find better sequels in the wide world [...]

  3. Painfully boring I was literally unable to finish this book I got to the scene where Elizabeth throws an out of character hissy fit and runs off into the rain, disappearing on the grounds of Pemberley Darcy s a mess, and they send people out searching for her And it s quite literally the most boring dramatic passage I have read in my life I don t care how big an Austen or Pride and Prejudice fan you are, don t subject yourself to this.

  4. I read this story not long after reading Pride Prejudice for the first time I did not like it, but mostly because it stirred up conflict between Elizabeth Darcy and cast a darkness over their marriage I think that Austen needs no sequel.

  5. This was one of the 1st PP sequels I read many years ago I recently gave it a reread to see if it was as bad as I remembered It was I was going to go for a 3rd read for the PP challenge, but just couldn t do it The biggest problem with Pemberley is the wimpification of Elizabeth Emma Tennant has the woman who said There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me for whom the mere stateliness of [...]

  6. If you can, take yourself back to 1993 Some of you reading this review were not even born yet, so bear with me Imagine the Jane Austen universe pre Colin Firth as Mr Darcy emerging soaking wet from Pemberley pond in the 1995 AE BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice No dripping Darcy No thousands of Jane Austen inspired prequels, sequels and inspired by novels and self help books brimming book shelves at your local bookstore No buy it now button at your favorite online retailer No INTERNET for that [...]

  7. What an awful book I have exclaimed over the explicit sexual PP sequels, but this makes me realize there is another way to write poorly Elizabeth and Darcy are having everyone ever mentioned in PP to Pemberley for Christmas Elizabeth is a bit uneasy about her role of Mistress of Pemberley, and that is to be understood But, Elizabeth experiences dismay, regret, anxiety, annoyance, insult, embarrassment, uncertainty, disdain, etc throughout the entire book There is NO LET UP The strong woman of se [...]

  8. Sadly I had to agree with all the other reviewers This book was upsetting as I cannot imagine Elizabeth and Darcy having these types of communication issues with each other after a year of marriage Misunderstandings amount to an excessive degree and every time Elizabeth perceives something in Darcy that reminds her of his prideful nature he does something that pieces how much he loves her and yet she distrusts him which is frustrating Darcy doesn t have many lines in this novel but they were all [...]

  9. Every other review has covered the minutiae of how awful this book is I can add nothing a sentiment Emma Tennant would have done well to remember before writing this travesty.

  10. Caccia alla MagagnaCome al solito, non sono una persona che si scandalizza davanti ad un sequel o ad uno spin off L autrice pu inventare quello che le pare, purch cerchi di restare quanto pi fedele possibile a Jane Austen Per esigo che l autrice sia preparata, che conosca l argomento di cui tratta in modo che non si possano cogliere imprecisioni.Ed effettivamente questo sequel non peggio di tanti altri dal punto di vista delle invenzioni, con Mrs Bennet, ormai vedova con un pretendente un po tar [...]

  11. It is no secret I m a big fan of Jane Austen, and though Pride and Prejudice is not my most favourite of her books it was still so good I did not want it to end I wanted , I wished for , I really wanted to know how would Eliza and Darcy interact as a married couple then, I heard this book was a continuation, that Emma Tennant put a lot of research and tried to write according to the little stories that were exposed in Jane s letters to her sister some of the reviews I read not here claimed that [...]

  12. WARNING stay away from this book Far, far away Also, spoilers may be involved.I rarely rate or review a book Even if it s really good I leave it for my blog But this one This was just too disappointing in so many levels, for so many reasons I really thought I would like this book I mean Berdoll had so many bad reviews but I actually enjoyed the series Maybe this wouldn t be any different Maybe you re thinking of the same thing No Stay FAR away.First off, I know that the author wanted to challeng [...]

  13. I really disliked this book I had high hopes for it, but it just wasn t true to the spirit of Pride and Prejudice I didn t feel like she had a good grasp of the characters, the events were too overblown, and the writing was repetitive and unoriginal In other words, it was a big disappointment I ll just stick with the original Jane Austen books from now on.

  14. It is not realistic the what Elizabeth and Darcy are behaving It could happen to have a bit of Elizabeth s overthinking but Darcy is distant and decides to leave when there is a bit of misunderstanding Georgiana being so mean together with Caroline Caroline and Lady Catherine besties against Elizabeth.I can understand that variations and what ifs can change behaviours but this is supposed to be a sequel, so it can not change people s behaviour so much.

  15. Um, how about shockingly bad For a start Sigh Three hours of my life I won t get back that s for damn sure.This horrid sequel to Pride and Prejudice can only claim to be the sequel if Elizabeth Bennet was destined to turn into the ridiculous, fluttering creature that is her mother I never thought of her as a jump to conclusions kind of girl in the real story over eager to believe the worst in someone, if it suits her, sure But insipid, guarded, able to hold her tongue when she shouldn t No I kep [...]

  16. I liked this book surprisingly enough I wouldn t recommend it to PP fans though I really wanted to give it 2 1 2 stars rather than 3 because I can t decide if I like liked it or if it was just okay I read it quickly, mostly because it became easier and easier to get through as the story progressed and also because I really wanted to get to my next book it s a library book so there s a time limit The start is slow, I wanted to stop reading and move on after each of the first few chapters, but the [...]

  17. The tone and much of the dry humor of Austen s original novel remain intact in this sequel The characters are much as we remember them, so much so it s as if they ve been dipped in plaster and left to harden Eliza shows little of the maturity we might have expected from her, allowing herself to be bullied by her nasty in laws and all too easily inferring that her new husband has a bastard child from a former liaison.No one she confides to seems to be able to point out how difficult it would be t [...]

  18. At first, I thought the author s style of writing somehow rigid, in that I had difficulty reading her words with ease but in time, I grew used to the writing, and it flowed well enough to read The plotline is unbelievable and not in keeping with the personalities of Austen s original characters Elizabeth is suddenly a figure utterly lacking in self confidence, and Georgiana is intermittently pleasant and haughty, as though the author was not sure how to draw her In the original, I think she was [...]

  19. Those readers who judge this novel as too un Jane Austenesque, and then rate it with one or two stars, are probably looking for something in this work they cannot find.In the prefatory note Tennant quotes from a letter J Austen wrote in 1813 from London to her sister Cassandra, about how she would envision the future of her heroine Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice to be Austen imagined her married life as a mixture of love, pride and delicacy That is what probably those readers who have judged thi [...]

  20. I finally tracked down which PP sequel I read while I was in London Thank goodness I only got it from the library, because it was GODAWFUL Tennant took utterly ridiculous liberties with the characters and I found the entire plot completely unbelievable, especially the end The only positive bit about it was the portrayal of some of Elizabeth s difficulties in getting used to her role as headmistress of a house such as Pemberley things like being unsure quite when to disappear with the ladies afte [...]

  21. I was a bit disappointed in that it made it as if Elizabeth Darcy did not have communication with each other But in the original they had NO problem of saying what was on their mond, especially Lizzie So this character makes her like a milksop It still was a quick read that made me think of a different time than now, but it needed help with its timing greatly It was all off It aged some people much faster than that of others If it was only Lizzie s first Christmas with Darcy than Lydia Wickham c [...]

  22. I d forgotten I read this book until I saw a friend s review and had a flashback I think I d repressed the memory What an awful book all the fun and light hearted wit of the original was sucked out, and replaced with awkward scenarios and miserable characters awful, awful, awful I do not recommend this book to anyone

  23. I am sad to say that I could not really recognize the Darcy in this book Her Elizabeth I feel was about 80% true to Austen, but the Darcy in this book appears to have Multiple Personality Disorder While Austen s Darcy is not faultless by any means, he did not appear to be afflicted with MPD in particular.

  24. Only read 50 pages before putting it aside and I never do that The writing style is the only reason I gave it 2 stars Her characterization of my favorite heroine is so off putting, I couldn t continue It reminds me of late 80s early 90s tv dramas Didn t like them then, really don t like them now.

  25. I was so disappointed with this book I really wanted a sequel to Pride and Prejudice because I wanted to contine the story further but this was awful.This has put me off reading sequels to any other classic book as it was such a bad story.

  26. I needed something light after reading Le videand indeed to was I don t know how I read the whole thing It was pretty boring, to say the least I mooched quite a few PP sequels a long time ago Guess I won t be in any rush to read them

  27. A passable attempt at a sequel to Pride and Prejudice I had a hard time believing that Elizabeth would be so cold to her mother after her father s death, or that she was so mystified by Mr Darcy Any warmth the couple had in PP was sucked away in this novel.

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