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ანდრომედას ნისლეული

[PDF] Download Æ ანდრომედას ნისლეული : by Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი [PDF] Download Æ ანდრომედას ნისლეული : by Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი - ანდრომედას ნისლეული, chedozempr wordpress

  • Title: ანდრომედას ნისლეული
  • Author: Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download Æ ანდრომედას ნისლეული : by Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი, ანდრომედას ნისლეული, Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი, chedozempr wordpress

ანდრომედას ნისლეული

[PDF] Download Æ ანდრომედას ნისლეული : by Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი [PDF] Download Æ ანდრომედას ნისლეული : by Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი - ანდრომედას ნისლეული, chedozempr wordpress ანდრომედას ნისლეული

  • [PDF] Download Æ ანდრომედას ნისლეული : by Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი
    341Ivan Efremov დავით კაკაბაძე გ. გოგოლაშვილი
ანდრომედას ნისლეული

747 Comment ანდრომედას ნისლეული

  1. While full of communist cliches and propaganda, and quite dated today, I read this book when i was maybe 12 or 13 sometime in the early 80 s and it was the first modern with spaceships, galaxies etc space operas I read so it impressed me deeply and made me fan of the genre as very little western sf was translated under communist rule in my childhood Van Vogt space Beagle was the only western space opera I remember reading in those years, but I read Andromeda earlier , so like with many books, it [...]

  2. I must say I am rather disappointed by this novel as my standards for Russian authors is sensible higher I was expecting something in the same league with Isaac Asimov or Yevgeny Zamyatin Also when I have found out that Yefremov was an actual scientist, not only a writer, I hoped than from his fellow sci fi novelists with Russian origins.First of all, what it is obvious from reading other reviews, the author uses the novel to convey his political views, which I always hate He was probably one o [...]

  3. No, it does not present a communist utopia It presents an utopia that by definition is full of socialist elements Stating that Nebula Andromeda is soviet propaganda is missing the whole point of the novel Anyone could say that many books of these days are just capitalist propaganda, and the absurd would be exactly the same.In my opinion this is a wonderful book, extremely well written and for sure it will stay with me forever Across it there is a blend of peace, harmony and optimistic view on so [...]

  4. Pikk ja vaevaline lugemine Lugesin seda kunagi lapsena ja siis ta mulle meeldis Meeldis ka n d, aga oodatust keerulisem oli kah Kas ma ikka lapsena sain p ris h sti aru k igest, mida ma lugesin Joonealused viited ilukirjanduses ajavad mind ikka korralikult n rvi

  5. One of the most imaginative sci fi books I ve ever read set in a world several hundred of years in the future, when there is one government for the entire planet Earth, and interstellar space travel has become a semi regular occurrence What I had to keep reminding myself is that the book was published in 1957 before the launch of the first Sputnik.Actually, the majority of the novel s fifteen chapters occur not in outer space but on Earth, and the story reads like an updated and much realistic [...]

  6. One of the best hard SF I ever read It was responsible for my several sleepless nights when I was in high school.Years later even now I still remember how excited I was vividly.

  7. s mais ou menos nos primeiros cap tulos acontecem coisas que parecem apontar para o desenvolvimento da ac o, que posteriormente n o desenrola As personagens passeiam e conversam e passam por situa es que parecem apontar a alguma coisa, mas n o h culminar nenhum, s o s situa es relativament soltas que permitem ao autor desenvolver a teoria de sociedade ut pica que apresenta aqui Ainda assim tem pormenores interessantes e a parte cient fica da fic o bem mais esmiu ada do que outras obras.

  8. Living in Russia has brought me to this book as I wanted to read some science fiction written in my native language Incredulously ignoring my friend s advice to never go near Russian science fiction and boldly relying on the book s page, that is, it s profuse praises amongst Russian Soviet people and critics, I decided to give it a try O what a blunder that was Firstly, as a science fiction novel it has many points that seems to me superfluous and rather unsound Given science fiction as a genre, [...]

  9. Vejo este livro como uma jun o de duas est rias Duas e meia considerando que no fim h um regresso primeira est ria.O livro abre com uma intrigante narrativa de explora o espacial Novos mundos, planetas ocultos, navega o deriva, impossibilidade de retorno Terra, enfim o habitual em textos de fic o cient fica espacial Aos poucos a narrativa deixa o espa o e estamos na Terra com novos personagens e com novo enredo e sem uma liga o directa que fosse percept vel para mim com enredo inicial Esta segun [...]

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  11. Come a como uma intrigante narrativa de explora o espacial, mas depressa se revela aquilo que uma especula o optimista, diria que quase propagandista, que extrapola os conceitos ideol gicos da sociedade sovi tica para propor um futuro id lico, onde o triunfo do comunismo libertou o homem do jugo do capital e do individualismo, as etnias se fundiram numa uni o global, sem fronteiras geogr ficas e com os antigos pa ses relegados mem ria hist rica investigada por arque logos que consideram repelent [...]

  12. Ene nomiig anx 3 r anigid baixdaa unshij bilee Xagas dutuu oilgolttoi uldej bsn sanagdana Xojim ni unsix tusmaa iluu uxaarliig olj avch bilee Gaixamshigtai nom shuu Mongol xel ruu Avirmed gegeg orchuulagch yostoi super orchuulsan bdgiim Jinxene uran zugnul Yamar ch cag uyed ach xolbogdol ni ul buurax bulgoo Zuvlultiin nertei erdemten, zoxiolch Ivan Efremoviin aldartai roman bgam I m recommending it for you guys.

  13. Tekib lausa soov see teos le lugeda, sest ega rohkem ei m letagi kui t helaevu, surmigavat ja harmoonilist elu maal ning mingi iidse imperialistlikku tehnikat t is kr pti avamist Toohetk kui loetud sai ei avaldanud eriti muljet, teised seiklusjutud alates Saladuslikust saarest ja l petades Kahe ookeani saladusega olid ikka sitta kanti p nevamad.Aga mida sa ikka tahad sellest, veendunud kommunistist paleontoloog hakkab kirjutama ulmet ajal kui raketit stus oli salastatud.

  14. While SF has produced countless dysutopias, real utopias are rather rare This is one The protagonists are selfless, heroic, tirelessly diligent Being lazy and un heroic myself, it was hard to identify with them But strange as this novel was, I found it to be quite interesting and enjoyable to read

  15. I found the very obvious propaganda of Soviet times unnerving How everything was splendid and everyone was honorable and good and there was not a cloud in the sky and yet there was a snake in the garden If written in an other time, might have been ok book.

  16. A novel whose main objective is USSR communist propaganda I didn t like the style either, there were too many adjectives.

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