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Love Slave for Two: Reunions

Love Slave for Two: Reunions Best Read || [Tymber Dalton] Love Slave for Two: Reunions Best Read || [Tymber Dalton] - Love Slave for Two: Reunions, Love Slave for Two Reunions Nevvie and Thomas think Tyler is nuts for coming home with an RV and an even crazier plan to travel from Florida to Seattle What could be better than a family vacation with two kids and Tyler s father

  • Title: Love Slave for Two: Reunions
  • Author: Tymber Dalton
  • ISBN: 9781622412709
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook

Love Slave for Two: Reunions Best Read || [Tymber Dalton], Love Slave for Two: Reunions, Tymber Dalton, Love Slave for Two Reunions Nevvie and Thomas think Tyler is nuts for coming home with an RV and an even crazier plan to travel from Florida to Seattle What could be better than a family vacation with two kids and Tyler s father Perhaps finally putting the ghosts of Nevvie s past to bed for good as she seeks answers to who she is She begins to seriously doubt the wisdom of their journey as mishap

Love Slave for Two: Reunions

Love Slave for Two: Reunions Best Read || [Tymber Dalton] Love Slave for Two: Reunions Best Read || [Tymber Dalton] - Love Slave for Two: Reunions, Love Slave for Two Reunions Nevvie and Thomas think Tyler is nuts for coming home with an RV and an even crazier plan to travel from Florida to Seattle What could be better than a family vacation with two kids and Tyler s father Love Slave for Two: Reunions

  • Love Slave for Two: Reunions Best Read || [Tymber Dalton]
    149Tymber Dalton
Love Slave for Two: Reunions

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  1. 4 Reunions Stars Audible Review HERE Well I quiet enjoyed this book, not as good as the first book but boy oh boy are you going to laugh Tyler gets in some hot doo doo, I love the way they get upset with each other Nevvie needed time so she wouldn t blow her lid So she took it And omg the kids in this book are too stinking CUTE I can t even I loved how sneaky the little one was Oh he will be paying for it but I don t have any fear he wouldn t do anything to keep his friend I do love how Pete and [...]

  2. What do you get when you have three men, two boys and a stowaway male puppy in an RV traveling from Florida to Yellowstone A vacation is not the word that comes to mind Tyler s family vacation idea with his purchased RV as a surprise for Tom and Nevvie certainly leaves them speechless.This long awaited follow up book to the Love Slave series is a hoot Rather than focusing on heartbreak and death, it s focusing on family vacation and family bonding Ever notice one parent always thinks family trip [...]

  3. 4.25 out of 5 This third book in this series continues the story of two partners, Tyler Paulsen a British born suspense mystery novelist of reknown, and Thomas Kinsey, a highly successful architect, both of whom have lived in the Tampa, FL area for years and have been lovers committed partners for nearly two decades Neveah came into their lives a number of years earlier, initially as their cleaning lady and a woman who was being abused by a mean and overbearing, lazy, alcoholic and who fell in l [...]

  4. Another great addition to the series by Tymber Dalton and it picked up perfectly from where it left off in the last book This series is one of my favorite m nage reads of all time I ve read all but the prequel and still am able to experience the growth both in characters and the relationship of the trio as the series goes on There s a lot of fun, laughs, cries, excitement and surprises in store in this installment and I recommend it to any reader that has an interest in reading a great story on [...]

  5. I love this polyamorous triad The sex as always was super hot although I find Nevvie orgasms way to easilys I m bitter or maybe a bit jealous I also find that the guys always make Nevvie the center of attention I think some male on male action is required.As this is book 3, we are getting to know Tyler, Thomas and Nevvie pretty well An added bonus are the plethora of secondary characters that add nice depth to the story Tyler s dad Andrew, the little boys, Thomas mom and sistersc.Yes, the RV va [...]

  6. I love this series and enjoyed the book and deeply admire this author However, Tyler is one of my favorite characters and I was so very VERY mad when I saw Nevvie treating him like Sh t, Ugh, I wanted to slap her He tried, he tried to so hard to please everyone, but nothing is perfect and sh t happens Nevvie just went ape sh t on him everyngle.time, I didn t like that AT ALL I hope the next book gives Tyler a chance to show Nevvie and Tommy that no matter how many screw ups he may create, he is [...]

  7. Nevvie, Thomas, and Tyler have a family close and extended Its great to see them all again Now its time for a road trip There were plenty of surprises on this trip I laughed over the trip in the police car Which was balanced out by visiting Nevvies family Again, I can t wait to start the next book.

  8. By far this book was the best one in the series it was the funniest one it still had the hot sex scenes and touching moments I loved this book I also loved the vacation it reminded me of national lampoon it was funny

  9. Love this series one of my favorites Nevvie got on my nerves just a bit in this one with the way she treated Tyler but still loved it

  10. I have long awaited this next installment in the Love Slave for Two series, and I loved it I laughed, I cried, and still love TNT I look forward to reading the final chapter in this series.

  11. Review posted at Red Hot Books.Love Slave picks up immediately after Love Slave for Two Family Matters leaves off I think you should be able to read this as a standalone but you might get out of it if you read the series On to the good stuff, Nevaeh Nevvie and her husbands, Tyler and Thomas along with their two sons Michael and Adam, and Tyler s father Andrew decide to go on a family vacation to Yellowstone Oh, by the way did I mention that it s in an RV That s a recipe for either disaster or h [...]

  12. secretpleasurebooksblogspoThis book have i waited a long time for to be read,i must say that i was not disappointed by the book.Or how well written it was The story is abo t Thomas and Nevvie and Tyler.And the road tripp they are taking, to see if they can find about Nevvies past.But can they have a good journey when strange tings is starting to happen,can they make the tripp safely to Seattle before things start to happen.Or is the journey going to be over before they even have started This i [...]

  13. OhMyGod s taken me months to finish this book I hate, hate saying thisbut I did not enjoy this story at all I got sucked into the series withwhich I really enjoyed I was not too keen on the second book , but thought I would give book 3 a look.In this book, the threesome Nevvie, Tom and Tyler , their two kids, and Tyler s Dad embark on an insane trip to visit Nevvie s real mum It s such a depressing story Nevvie bullies everyone to get her way and neither Tom nor Tyler are able to stand up to her [...]

  14. Wow This book isn t just another erotic story This was an amazingly tender and hot juicy love story Writer did a great job with the story line Funny, intriguing and made you have feelings towards the characters Whether laughing, or feeling a knot on your heart not knowing what to expect It pulls you in Beautiful love triangle Those who enjoy romance books will appreciate the book I m not sure how the hours passed but didn t feel like 14 hours I ve paused when eyes burned, was interrupted at work [...]

  15. 3.5Okay so I said I wasn t going to finish this series because book 2 pissed me the hell off but I purchased the set for 99 cent on so there was no need to let a dollar go to waste.This book was much better than book 2 in my opinion I think it s because I like Thomas than Tyler Tyler isn t a bad guy, in fact he is quite the opposite however I did not like how things happened in book 2 and I did not like the way he treated Thomas at all Nev is much better in this book, I actually like the hell [...]

  16. Dalton continues the story of Nevie, Tyler and Thomas The men have recovered from their injuries and Nevie is stronger and she believes wiser than before Tyler, the evil genius, puts together a family trip in an RV, and invites his father with whom he has reconciled due to Nevie s interference The family sets out heading for Seattle, and the journey is than just one adventure after another, but it leads all 3 of this triad into episodes that lead them to make peace with their pasts, uniting the [...]

  17. This book was very different from the previous ones and I welcomed the changes For once it was lighter and funnier and happier Nevvie was still annoying as fuck but everything can t be perfect Somehow I kept expecting major drama view spoiler but it never came That was nice I m happy things worked out for the characters for the most part I m very excited for the new baby I hope it s a girl that takes after her mother so the men won t know for sure who the biological father is hide spoiler Everyt [...]

  18. I started reading Love Slave for Two Collection Box Set 7 , and really enjoyed Love Slave for Two Beginnings but struggled with Love Slave for Two eventually calling it quits at about 90% My review for books 1 2.I ll pass on the rest of the series.

  19. OMG this is the cliff hanger ending I was warned about I am comfortable only because as a treat to myself I bought all the books in this seriesiling What a great time we had with Nevvie and the ever increasing extended family she has found.Having a coffee to calm me down then diving into next one I love this family feel of the book in that family has extended beyond the triad and their kids we also have found friends with same family dynamic

  20. This was a really enjoyable series.I ended up not leaving home for 2 days so I could finish it.The characters have a way of creeping into your heart and all the sexy times they had surewasn t a hardship to get through There were times I loved them individually and together and otherswhere I wanted to take turns and slap themhard there may have been someswearing involved but I thoroughly loved it.I was sad to finish and hope there will be

  21. This book was not as good as the first two books I did like Nevvies meeting with her adopted mom and the closure she got with her It was not bad horrible as I have thought it would be I did find Ty a bit of a wuss in this book and Tom as the male hero I was throughout the book looking for when Alex would show up, but I guess that has to wait till the fourth book.

  22. So far this is my favourite book I was in stitches reading what Ty got himself into Great surprise at end I love how all character have develop and grown I like the fact the family has grown so much and that they ve adopted new people into it Adam is hilarious, would be great to do a book with him much older an starting his life.

  23. Didn t like this one It bugged the crap out of me how Nevvie and Tom treated Tyler like he was one of their kids and could do nothing right And it ends on a cliffhanger so even though I didn t like this story, I m reading book 4 to finish out the series.

  24. Oh what a fun trip cross country I did a lot of laughing in this one as one mishap after another happened Was not real pleased with the whole Alex issue Was happy that she was able to get the closure that she needed and it turned out just fine Off to the next one.

  25. I liked that the trio was so comfortable with each other all of the drama was normal marriage drama which at times had me laughing out loud saying that there was something missing not sure what just something I like the closeness of the trio though.

  26. Another excellent instalment of this series.This book was extremely funny in places I had laugh out loud momnents, esp with Tyler leaving Nevvie behind and trying to empty the sewerage from the RV.

  27. It was such a treat to get to know about each of them and their past When I first started reading the first bookI was afraid it would only be about BDSM and sex but I m surprised at how much Love the story I hope they finally kill freaking Alex

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