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Unclean Spirits

Unclean Spirits Best Download || [Chuck Wendig] Unclean Spirits Best Download || [Chuck Wendig] - Unclean Spirits, Unclean Spirits The force of nature that is Chuck Wendig returns with an original urban fantasy novel creating a brand new series for Abaddon Books Five years ago it all went wrong for Cason Cole He lost his wife a

  • Title: Unclean Spirits
  • Author: Chuck Wendig
  • ISBN: 9781781080962
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback

Unclean Spirits Best Download || [Chuck Wendig], Unclean Spirits, Chuck Wendig, Unclean Spirits The force of nature that is Chuck Wendig returns with an original urban fantasy novel creating a brand new series for Abaddon Books Five years ago it all went wrong for Cason Cole He lost his wife and son lost everything and was bound into service to a man who chews up human lives and spits them out a predator who holds nothing dear and respects no law Now as the mThe force o

Unclean Spirits

Unclean Spirits Best Download || [Chuck Wendig] Unclean Spirits Best Download || [Chuck Wendig] - Unclean Spirits, Unclean Spirits The force of nature that is Chuck Wendig returns with an original urban fantasy novel creating a brand new series for Abaddon Books Five years ago it all went wrong for Cason Cole He lost his wife a Unclean Spirits

  • Unclean Spirits Best Download || [Chuck Wendig]
    153Chuck Wendig
Unclean Spirits

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  1. Let s be real here This one is bare bones wicked, amping up the horror elements, the noir mystery elements, and then, finally, a total American Gods vibe.Only all the gods have been cast down and the one who cast them down is gone As in gone, gone What s left All the b listers with a fragment of their original abilities, from Sumerian, Greek everything working to maintain their little kingdoms in the modern world.Fifty years of this, and even the gods are jaded, annoyed, and upset about their lo [...]

  2. Revisiting American Gods for the first time since its publication via Starz tv show adaptation can put one in a nostalgic mood or maybe in a mood to read something in similar vein Unclean Spirits fit the bill and I was interested in trying out a new author Interestingly enough though, while this one is a beginning of a series of course it is , it s a series for Abaddon Publishing, not for Wendig He departs this book just over two thirds of the way in and quite abruptly actually and the rest is t [...]

  3. I received this copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Demonic, murderous unicorns Every god of every pantheon is real and banished to Earth Despite living among humans, they still see themselves as better and play with human lives like toys Mostly people don t know it, but some sell their lives in order to save the ones they love from certain death Like Cason Cole, his wife and son were stuck inside a burning vehicle after being hit by a drunk driver when time st [...]

  4. Firstly published on my blog at fantasyopinionI am a huge fan of Chuck Wendig s, having devoured his Miriam Black books with relish I m also a faithful follower of his blog and the writing advice he dishes out on there are entertaining and quite brilliant in it s own right I must admit my Urban Fantasy reading shelf leaves a lot to be desired, consisting mostly of Dresden running around doing what he does best This book proves that there are some damn good ones out there that I miss and I ll wor [...]

  5. Took me a while get into this one which is weird for me as Wendig s books normally grab me from the get go I think it s due to me going in blind it sometimes works in my favour this time reading the synopsis would have helped Here we have Carson a bodyguard who finds that the stories of the gods are not made up fairy tales after all and now he needs to find out what they want with him and try and get his family back This is not your average gods mythology story, for a start it s Wendig so obviou [...]

  6. This is the last of the Wendig novels I purchased when he made his way to Toronto It s very much everything I ve expected from a Wendig novel interesting characters, snappy dialogue, laugh out loud descriptions, lots of over the top action, and some interesting twists that aren t entirely unexpected, but fun nonetheless.And in this one, Wendig literally has all the gods to play with That s kinda fun Not much to say, other than I really enjoyed this, devoured it in three hundred page gulps.

  7. DNF at 20% Wasn t for me at all unfortunately and recommend reading for yourself to develop your own opinion.

  8. Hahahahahaha I have to write a review for this Are you serious I have no idea how to do that It s like Wendig went, Okay, so you know American Gods Like that, but dial up the weirdness So, uh, review to come, I guess Full review Will also be posted on Miriam Joy Reads This is an extremely difficult book to review, mostly because this is an extremely weird book.I ve described this as American Gods but weirder, and I think that s relatively accurate Essentially Wendig has created a world where god [...]

  9. Finished reading January 30th 2018 Hope, a mirage in the desert, a curtain of vapor forming for us an image of that which we most sincerly desire Hope is not an oasis but rather, a trap A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Rebellion Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler This is one of those cases where I should have investigated better before requesting a copy, because I am so NOT the target group for this one And this had a big influence on [...]

  10. From the very first page of Unclean Spirits I found myself constantly going back over paragraphs, genuinely wondering what the HELL I had just read RC car bombs, walking lumps of scar tissue with a fondness for blowing things up, and unicorns that looked like they were made of every burning and angry thing that hell ever spat out.Even halfway through, I found myself being shocked back into a state of wait WHAT in all the best ways Every crazy thing got topped by another crazier thing But really, [...]

  11. If you re a fan of mythology, be it Greek, Norse, Hindu, Native American, etc, I have a heads up for you All of those gods are real, and mostly they re a holes When the Christian God kicked them all out of Heaven, the gods were all exiled to Earth, where they use humans as their toys to manipulate as they chooseCason Cole is a former MMA fighter with a beautiful wife and young son he adores In the aftermath of a car accident that burned his wife and son alive, time is stopped and a figure offers [...]

  12. Gritty urban fantasy where ALL the gods are down on earth and they re not happy Worth a read Full review at runalongtheshelves bl

  13. I have to admit it took me a few chapters to actually warm up to this novel, the writing style was different to say the least, but that is why I like Chuck Wendig he pushes the envelope of Urban Fantasy I first became introduced to him via his Mockingbird novel and since then I am on the look out for his work.Gods and Monsters was a good time, action, adventure, friendship and love Goddesses and Gods playing a long game and Cason Cole is a human caught in the middle Cason placed himself in inden [...]

  14. A meaner, dirtier American Gods Wendig s past writing for the gaming industry shows lots of fight scenes and snappy dialog I have not read a lot of urban fantasy, so it s hard to judge it against its own genre I also tend not to read books written in the present tense, so that was jarring as well The beginning was a bit of a slog, but once the story picked up the novel really grew on me I would have gladly read , and the ending does leave things a bit unresolved An ad in the last pages of the bo [...]

  15. I believe this is not the first time I read a Chuck Wendig book and I can say I will be looking forward to other books by him.On the good side, the story starts and you feel completely in the dark, I could almost say the atmosphere and overal world senstaion is that of being in darkness, the fast paced events and confusing developments only serve tu further enhance this sensation but then it all changes.The characters stand still mid development and suddenly turn into what they need to be, unlik [...]

  16. actual rating 3.5 i Love Chuck Wendig and the way he writes and he got me into urban fantasy like the other chuck did Palahniuk a little bit of a spoilery review i quite liked Cason and can t believe I guessed what he is kinda of course Francis is a rat all i could think of whenever he was mentioned was Francis dolarhyde from Red Dragon hahahai gotta say tho, near the end it got a bit too messy for me which is why i didnt give a 4 i mean, the lead up to it with the whole Thread and Cas trynna ju [...]

  17. Despite my palsy three star rating this book is a refreshing kick in the teeth In short, Chuck brings it to the mat He perfectly captures the moody atmosphere It hangs in the air You can feel it Smell it.Character wise, the gods prrfect Cason, I could care less about I just can t forgive or forget the tragic turn Frank s character took So much wasted Frank was an ugly bastard that I was growing a great fondness for.

  18. Wendig is a fantastic author with a fine imagination Great take on gods and man Looking for books by Wendig.

  19. This book I was late to work for this book I had to make very difficult decisions between reading and eating sleeping for this book I need

  20. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD Unclean Spirits follows the story of Cason Cole and his interactions with the divine Before I read this book, I was told that this was very similar to American Gods and it is Too much initially to the point that I was starting to think that this might just be a copycat of the book But, just as I thought it was too similar it then took the story down a different path which led itself towards Supernatural meets American Gods, in a weird but brilliant crossover special.This [...]

  21. Godpunk is a fascinating story form With gods and demons mashed together into a maelstrom of conflict, I was pulled into each chapter with a pool of septic adrenaline in my stomach Described as American Gods on steroids, this delivered a riveting vision of the world where the gods walk among us as ordinary folk, their powers muted or hidden Definitely for the discerning reader, but what I appreciated was the broadening of my sense of awareness about the world.I think this kind of fiction is grow [...]

  22. As a fan of myths and legends, I always read books involving gods wreaking havoc on the modern world with relish Chuck Wendig hasn t disappointed here, with this tale We follow Cason, as he tries to find out who blew up his boss, while attempting to reconnect with his family and being hampered by divine interference Some of the plot points are a little bit formulaic and the dialogue is sometimes a bit clunky However, I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative and thought that Wendig had done a marvellou [...]

  23. This isazy Crazy in a good way, though I much preferred the second half to the first The first was so out there, with so little explanation of what was happening, that I almost stepped away In just the nick of time, I started to learn about the main character and why things for him were so crazy off the rails At that point, I definitely got invested in the book, and would certainly be curious to read book two While this one does have an ending, it is also quite apparent that there is much to [...]

  24. I had feared that this would be a Neil Gaiman rip off, but found that,while there is a superficial resemblance to American Gods, it s pretty much its own thing Mr Wendig usually delivers stories that tear along at an insane pace and this is no exception The only annoying thing is that while this appears to be the first book in a series, the series itself doesn t seem to answer some of the plot threads left off here.

  25. Wendig puts his own unique style on this gritty novel that kicked off a new series for Abaddon Books An American Gods style urban fantasy with blood, guts and action, its a snappy read full of interesting characters and delivered at break neck speed The updated version also includes the bonus bizzarro novella Drag Hunt by Pat Kellehe, set in the same universe.A solid effort.

  26. I thought this was new because it was on NetGalley but I see it actually came out 4 or 5 years ago I hadn t read it before and new Wendig is always welcome Interesting caper plot with a bit of graphic violence and some various gods, some similarities to the Sandman Slim books but 3rd person instead of the tight first of those books.

  27. Just really didn t do it for me Wendig has skill as a writer, but even still I just didn t get into this at all The characters were too unlikable to care about, and the greater story ideas were things I ve seen before, but better executed in those other stories.

  28. This book was interesting at first, but after about the first third, it slowly got less and less interesting to the point I couldn t wait for it to end Having Lucifer as a character in a book is the literary equivalent of Godwin s Law.

  29. A very different take on urban fantasy Fast moving and populated with mythological beings than you can shake a stick at no Cthulu, thankfully , written in Chuck Wendig s unique style.

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