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Going Grey

☆ Going Grey Î Karen Traviss ☆ Going Grey Î Karen Traviss - Going Grey, Going Grey An all original near future military thriller from the New York Times bestselling author Who do you think you are Ian Dunlap doesn t know When he looks in the mirror he s never sure if he ll see a

  • Title: Going Grey
  • Author: Karen Traviss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Going Grey Î Karen Traviss, Going Grey, Karen Traviss, Going Grey An all original near future military thriller from the New York Times bestselling author Who do you think you are Ian Dunlap doesn t know When he looks in the mirror he s never sure if he ll see a stranger After years of isolation thinking he s crazy he discovers he s the product of an illegal fringe experiment in biotechnology that enables him to alter his appearAn all original ne

Going Grey

☆ Going Grey Î Karen Traviss ☆ Going Grey Î Karen Traviss - Going Grey, Going Grey An all original near future military thriller from the New York Times bestselling author Who do you think you are Ian Dunlap doesn t know When he looks in the mirror he s never sure if he ll see a Going Grey

  • ☆ Going Grey Î Karen Traviss
    228Karen Traviss
Going Grey

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  1. Ok, if you are a fan of Military Sci Fi, or any Military subgenre, stop what you re doing and go get this book right now We ll wait.For those that are fans of other genre, you should get this book too, but you can wait until the weekend if you like.Ok, everybody back This is really a well written and entertaining book I m not into techno thrillers much, but do have a real love for Military Sci Fi Her Republic Commando series is one of my favorite, and the reason I picked up this book.For me, the [...]

  2. Read again.I became a fan of this author after reading City of Pearl And cannot wait for the next book in the series.

  3. Another great book by the amazing Karen Traviss This is an original property as opposed to a licensed property like her Halo , Gears of War , and Star Wars books This book is a lovely blend of current events with overseas conflicts and the shift from military to civilian contractors and the type of science fiction that s like science almost fact.Since this is a new book at this point, I don t want to say If you re a fan of day after tomorrow type of sci fi, do yourself a favor and grab this on [...]

  4. From the blurb, I thought that Going Grey was going to be a science fiction military thriller fast plot, high body count, on but not over the edge of credibility What I got was something quite different and much, much better Going Grey is about military men, illegal science and a conspiracy that spans decades but it is not, primarily, a thriller.It s an exploration of what, to me, is an alien world where men with the skills to kill seek to serve where family roles, especially brotherhood and fat [...]

  5. This is a near future techno thriller featuring illegal science, military contractors, family values and ethics.When Ian Dunlap s gran dies suddenly and unexpectedly the teen is faced with a problem Ian is either going nuts or he has a talent that will make him the target of huge corporations, and he doesn t know enough about the world or himself to make a plan Luckily the first people to find him are a pair of military contractors, Mike and Rob, with resources, connections in high places, and a [...]

  6. Going Grey isn t the book I expected it to be I knew going in that it was near future science fiction and after the first couple chapters, it seemed clear to belong as much in the military fiction techno thriller category as in science fiction However, the truth is that it s of a story about family than it is about science or military themes.Don t get me wrong Ms Traviss shows as much interest in the ethics of science and the military as she has in the best of her other works Also, the story ce [...]

  7. Very good idea and overall has the elements of possibly developing into a good story but let down by repetition, inconsistencies in character behaviors and illogical actions of characters made for story plot reasons rather than character motivation Began well with 2 well defined characters Mike and Rob really loved the beginning scenes , seriously let done by the chacterisation of the pivotal figure, Drew and the confused duplication between 3rd party narration and internal thoughts I got the fe [...]

  8. This is a tough one for me to review I always like the family and ethical themes Traviss explores in her novels, and Going Grey is very much a spiritual successor to her Halo and Star Wars franchise books in what it tackles But there s also a fetishization of the military and related lifestyles at the book s core that makes me uncomfortable The two main protagonists and everyone they know are also way too perfect and Good in every way.Side note the audiobook has a number of annoying editing issu [...]

  9. This was a good futuristic science fiction, action packed story filled with intrigue.The author did a really good job showing the world that she created as well as developing well rounded characters.The friendship between Robert and Mike, the supporting characters, only enhanced the story line and then they finally find Ian, the main lead.After years of thinking that he was crazy, he finds out that he was apart of some special project.I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the second boo [...]

  10. I dropped two stars on a reread What was I thinking to give it four This is a decent book, but suffers greatly fromAbsolutely perfect characters There s one interesting moral dilemma, but it s not a main character and never requires any action on her part Zero minorities Weird representation of women They re either paragons of wifely virtue, or irritants And the main problem is that money power is used to make the problems go away And there s a lot of money, so it never actually feels like there [...]

  11. I got through the Britishism driving licence by mentally cataloging the book as the UK version of a book set at least partially in America I had to quit, however, when an American character demonstrated unbelievable ignorance about what this country considers public information and how it is accessed The characters were well drawn and mostly believable, and the story was somewhat compelling If you like the Jack Reacher Joe Ledger genre and can believe 7 improbable things before breakfast this is [...]

  12. A high tech thriller, but so much Traviss has such a good handle on her characters, ranging from marines, to single Mom s, to teenagers, they all feel very real and like people you want to sit down with and have a chat.It s a very insightful book on social issues Modern families, living in a surveillance heavy society, military service, Traviss has interesting things to say about all these.Highly recommended I can t wait for the next book.

  13. I don t have any experience with Karen Traviss s other work on licensed property such as Halo and Gears of War, but if it is anything like this, I think I ought to check it out I thought the pacing of Going Grey was slow at times, but her characters are compelling and the central premise was interesting I look forward to the next book.

  14. More like three and half Very good there was a point where I felt it was slightly dragging but then it really picked up speed and it was practically impossible to put down Look forward to the next installment

  15. This was almost superb, but the strange first person asides coupled with the extreme good nature of everyone everybody good is very good grated some An interesting idea, and it d be intriguing to see where it goes.

  16. First half of this book was pretty bland Second half is a lot better Mike and his family are just too good to be believable I was irritated by this fact almost all through the book, but in the end I just kind of liked it anyway.

  17. An interesting take on the modern day military thriller speculative fiction Not science fiction per say, but an interesting read just the same

  18. I immediately wanted to pick up Book 2 after finishing Book 1 Well earned payoff at the end, and some unexpected turns along the way that totally made sense, but still surprised me.

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