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Red, White, and Blood

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Red, White, and Blood : by Christopher Farnsworth [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Red, White, and Blood : by Christopher Farnsworth - Red, White, and Blood, Red White and Blood This is not a man In almost a hundred years I have seen it shot stabbed drowned burned decapitated dismembered and buried And in almost a hundred years there s only one thing that s ever been

  • Title: Red, White, and Blood
  • Author: Christopher Farnsworth
  • ISBN: 9780515153033
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Red, White, and Blood : by Christopher Farnsworth, Red, White, and Blood, Christopher Farnsworth, Red White and Blood This is not a man In almost a hundred years I have seen it shot stabbed drowned burned decapitated dismembered and buried And in almost a hundred years there s only one thing that s ever been able to kill it Me The campaign trail A political operative of the incumbent president and a party volunteer are brutally murdered while in a compromising position This is

Red, White, and Blood

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Red, White, and Blood : by Christopher Farnsworth [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Red, White, and Blood : by Christopher Farnsworth - Red, White, and Blood, Red White and Blood This is not a man In almost a hundred years I have seen it shot stabbed drowned burned decapitated dismembered and buried And in almost a hundred years there s only one thing that s ever been Red, White, and Blood

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Red, White, and Blood : by Christopher Farnsworth
    261Christopher Farnsworth
Red, White, and Blood

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  1. Vampire super agent Nathaniel Cade vs a supernatural serial killer with a luck, effect.Another good example of Farnsworth s work.This book will suit those who enjoy a good, solid conspiracy, some supernatural elements, and thriller and suspense style action.

  2. I loved this book and while blood oath will forever be my favorite in the series, I feel that this book than lived up to the level of bloody mystery and action that we ve all come to expect from Mr Farnsworth.

  3. I don t usually read in this genre, but Farnsworth has hooked me in with his ingenious premise and rich, fast paced storytelling In this installment, vampire Nathaniel Cade and his human handler, Zach Barrows, chase a legendary supernatural creature bent on overthrow of the presidential election, and in the hunt to discover the monster s origins and motives uncover a complex conspiracy involving the highest reaches of government.While the book succeeds with intricate plotting and scenes of terri [...]

  4. The newest by Christopher Farnsworth, Red, White and Blood , comes out 04 26 12 This is the next in the Nathaniel Cade, the presidents vampire series One of my favorite new series Really looking forward to this one Gonna be a great kickoff to a hot summer of reading Love this series One flaw in this one I understand it being a world of politics, but I would have enjoyed this so much if the author had not included his political views throughout Views that mirrored the current administration This [...]

  5. Oh man, I LOVE these books Full disclose the author is a friend but I would MAKE the author my friend if he wasn t already, so that may be a bit moot.Mad action, fun and complex characters who evolve over the course of the books, solid research into Secret Service, US gov t protocol, and monster lore s edge of seat stuff for people who like many genres of fiction Definitely start at the beginning of thus far trilogy for max enjoyment I bought these books for my Uncle T for Christmas and now he s [...]

  6. Another Cade book read, another fantastic read by Christopher Farnsworth I DID NOT see the ending coming at all and was totally surprised shocked these books continue to get better and better and I find myself only setting them down because my eyes refuse to stay open any longer

  7. This could be the quote of the century Who said fiction can t mirror real life, even a book about vampires Take any one of these dipshits in their easy fit pants and triple XL T shirts Ask them what we should do about the Middle East, or health care, or abortion, and they ve got all the answers Half of the voters can t find Iraq on a map, but they know just what to do about the War on Terror Sixty percent of them are on some kind of government handout, but they can t stand freeloaders And ninety [...]

  8. This series just gets better and better In this one Cade may have finally met his match in the Boogeyman Zach and Cade make a great team I love the interplay between them While it is not totally necessary to have read the first two books in the series they really should be read in order As if you haven t already read the first two

  9. Read the Original Review thefoundingfields 2013 04 A thrilling ride that proves Farnsworth is a very awesome writer For those of you who are not on board with this series yet, all you need to know is that a Political Thriller with added vampires and other supernatural creatures make this book one hell of a read The Founding FieldsI love a good thriller novel, and when it comes with added supernatural element, the better Christopher Farnsworth s Blood Oath introduced us to the Vampire Nathaniel C [...]

  10. Christopher Farnsworth s third book in the Nathaniel Cade series, Red, White and Blood, isn t that great I m not too surprised because even though I enjoyed the first book enormously, the second book is so so and this one is just plain silly An old foe of Cade s called the Boogeyman yes, really is back and killing people With the help of another enemy of Cade s, the Boogeyman decides to kill President Curtis while he is campaigning in the 2012 election Vampire Nathaniel Cade and his helper Zach [...]

  11. Though I read and loved the first two books in this series, I was in no way prepared for just how amazing this book was going to be Farnsworth has found his winning formula and it just keeps getting better and better This is definitely my favorite of the three books in this series The only downside is that we have to wait for the next one.Though it could be compared to a lot of things, I think this series of books is not like anything else out there right now Though the anti hero is an often use [...]

  12. Every president of the United States for the past 140 years has had Nathaniel Cade at their service a true and loyal patriot, hard worker, devout Christian and, did I mention, vampire Nathaniel Cade, the indestructable monster that he is, swore an oath to protect the president, no matter what his party affiliation, no matter the personal consequences to himself, until the day he dies And he s doing a pretty damn good job The guy kicks ass.Over the past century and a half, Cade has conquered terr [...]

  13. The third installment in the Nathaniel Cade series, Red, White and Blood is, in my opinion, the best of the first three Granted the first one pulled me in, the second one was really good but this one continues to develop many of the characters introduced in the first two as well as some new ones seen first in this book We continue to learn about Cade s life prior to present day, how he came to be who he is today Zach Barrows also continues to develop, he really is the perfect counterpart to play [...]

  14. Read for Fun Overall Rating 5.00Story Rating 5.00Character Rating 5.00 Zach and Cade are just an awesome duo Audible Rating not part of the overall rating 4.50First thought when finished I am a total Cade and Zach fangirl What I Loved Zach and Cade are probably one of my favorite duos in Fiction They have a great chemistry that seems to grow with each installment In Red, White, and Blood the chemistry shines through and Zach is totally coming into his own I was excited that not saying was back b [...]

  15. Another FANTASTIC one in this very delicious series Red, White, and Blood is, so far, my favorite of the President s Vampire series So much fun Lots of scary action, lots of wit, a nice bit of sympathetic backstory for the main charactersjust great Excellent choice of bad guy this time, tooally nice touchally tapped into that fear we all have from childhood, which might be why this one resonated with me a little Love how Farnsworth works in all these bits of history and faux history I assume to [...]

  16. Great read fast paced, action packed, fun in the right ways that only a horror action thriller can and should be Cade and Zach continue to be the most interesting dynamic duo in awhile, battling the forces of evil for the sake of the nation while balancing their senses of duty against the moral compromises necessary to carry out their roles Farnworth s setting this story on the 2012 campaign trail a very slightly veiled connection to the current race where the villains are not always the ones co [...]

  17. This was the best one yet I ve loved the series so far, but this one really left me asking when we can expect the next one The action was non stop and the setting within the 2012 Presidential campaign made it really feel current If you like political thrillers combined with vampires and boogeymen, this is the book for you

  18. This review is also posted at The Bawdy Book BlogI don t know about you, but I look at life and I laugh a LOT I snort in derision at the news, I find the things others do comical and as you may have guessed, I have a very sarcastic nature I also like politics, but I m wary of politicians d I TOTALLY DIG VAMPIRES When an author can hit all those sweet spots, they ve won a fan in me Christopher Farnsworth has managed to do that through not one, or even two, but THREE novels in his Nathaniel Cade s [...]

  19. This has become one of those series where I could read fifty This was my favorite of the series Sadly, there have been no since 2012 when this one was published The ending of this book left me with a WTH feeling It was such a cliffhanger I did not see it coming What I liked the most about this book is Cade really seems to come to some kind of understanding that he is evil and always will be evil , but that is his role to play He and only he can do do it This was another audiobook and like with [...]

  20. First off let it be known I am a Christopher Farnsworth fan I love the Nathaniel Cade series The first two in the series were simply great This third installment, Red, White, and Blood not so much RWB just doesnt have the same excitement and pace the earlier stories had.To start with, we read the series because of Cade, everyone else is in a supporting role Way too much time was spent building the back story of Cade s young handler Zach For the longest time the primary character of Cade is releg [...]

  21. Red White and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth is another thrilling Nathaniel Cade thriller Farnsworth has coined a new type of Vampire novel His is a bold, bloody and historical murder story both a thriller and detective story with our bad monster killing the even worse monster before they can threaten the United States In Farnsworth s latest, Cade must go against an ancient demon who possesses a human host and turns him into a serial killing monster, who preys on women and men and kills them in [...]

  22. Another excellent work in the Presidential Vampire series by Chris Farnsworth There is a lot to love and respect about the third book in the series No sparkly vampires here Nathaniel Cade is an apex predator End of story Full stop He makes no apologies about what he is, nor what he does He is a being with great honor who struggles to fight on despite the knowledge that no matter how much good he does, it will never erase the dark stains on his soul There are several brilliant points about the bo [...]

  23. Once again, Farnsworth has poured about half a dozen genres into a blender and concocted us an amazing novel A true heir to Adventurous Horror in the tradition of Brian Lumley, this third offering places him among authors as diverse as Richard Kadrey, Charles Stross and Simon R Green Far gritty and complex than your standard Paranormal Fantasy, with copious amounts of violence, sex and mystery tossed in for flavor Absolutely stunning.Perhaps one of my favorite things about Farnsworth s books is [...]

  24. 4.5 stars.I continue to love how Farnsworth handles vampires Cade is an apex predator When humans see him most of them want to run away and or hide There hasn t been a single human who has met his gaze and thought oh yeah, he s sexy, I want some of that For his part, Cade tries to retain his humanity but having sex with a human would be like bestiality You don t fuck your food.It was really nice to get back into the political maneuverings I m curious what the process is for writing clips from Th [...]

  25. I absolutely loved Red, White, and Blood I have a few quips with it but for the most part, another excellent Nathaniel Cade narrative Chris s exposition on the Boogeyman myth is a priceless addition to the things that go bump in the night collection One of the many things I like about the vampire genre is that there can be different takes on the vampire mythology, and Chris Nathaniel Cade is no different Although, I am getting a little tired of each new vamp series that comes out using the old w [...]

  26. You know what this book is like It s like watching a season of 24 but instead of a very human Jack Bauer we have the preternatural Nathaniel Cade, a vampire bound by oath to the President of the United States And just as for Jack Bauer, things for Cade go from one bad situation to the next and the bad guys just keep upping the ante The body count is high and just when you feel like you ve caught your breath the plot sends you hurtling towards the next insanely impossible situation Told in third [...]

  27. Even Nathaniel Cade is worried this time.The President is on the campaign trail when he receives a threat from the Boogeyman the only being Cade has killed that refuses to stay dead So what will our hero do, what will he do when the Commander in Chief insists on continuing his campaign for the White House through all hours of night and day With bodies piling up at each stop, Zach and Nathaniel have to move before the Boogeyman strikes again One of the first things Farnsworth got asked at his app [...]

  28. Cade is THE MAN, er, well.rta Another amazing adventure, Cade is on the trail of a new uber monster, The Boogeyman, and almost meets his match I love the politics, the interspersed historical anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter and Cade s dry, pithy delivery when dealing with humans He is the complete antithesis of a good guy, in fact Cade is scary as hell and makes most people who meet him pee their pants But there is no one you d rather have defending the US and its President in the fac [...]

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