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Sons and Lovers

[PDF] Sons and Lovers | by ✓ D.H. Lawrence [PDF] Sons and Lovers | by ✓ D.H. Lawrence - Sons and Lovers, Sons and Lovers She was a brazen hussy She wasn t And she was pretty wasn t she I didn t look And tell your girls my son that when they re running after you they re not to come and ask your mother for you tell th

  • Title: Sons and Lovers
  • Author: D.H. Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9781619491380
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Sons and Lovers | by ✓ D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers, D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers She was a brazen hussy She wasn t And she was pretty wasn t she I didn t look And tell your girls my son that when they re running after you they re not to come and ask your mother for you tell them that brazen baggages you meet at dancing classes The marriage of Gertrude and Walter Morel has become a battleground Repelled by her uneducated and sometimes She was a brazen hussy

Sons and Lovers

[PDF] Sons and Lovers | by ✓ D.H. Lawrence [PDF] Sons and Lovers | by ✓ D.H. Lawrence - Sons and Lovers, Sons and Lovers She was a brazen hussy She wasn t And she was pretty wasn t she I didn t look And tell your girls my son that when they re running after you they re not to come and ask your mother for you tell th Sons and Lovers

  • [PDF] Sons and Lovers | by ✓ D.H. Lawrence
    192D.H. Lawrence
Sons and Lovers

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  1. Rating 0.125 of fiveBkC51 SONS AND LOVERS by D.H Lawrence The worst, most horrendously offensively overrated piece of crap I ve read in my life.Yeup Since I m in a real bitch slappin mood, here goes.The Book Report Sensitive, aesthetic nebbish gets born to rough miner and his neurasthenic dishcloth of a wife She falls in love with her progeny and tries to Save Him From Being Like His Father, which clearly is a fate worse than death So, lady, if you didn t like the guy, why didn t you just become [...]

  2. I started the year transfixed by the visceral floral and fiery passion of Lawrence s The Rainbow my review HERE Its rich earth ripened buds of promise into irresistible blooms of vibrant delicacy But reading this at the end of the year, I felt like I d been dragged through barren mud Perhaps that s fitting for the story of a miner s family There is lyrical imagery and caressive talk see quotes, below , but far too much plodding Janet and John prose, and characters who infuriated me My 3 rating [...]

  3. The storyline is in the name,Sons and Lovers, but what you don t expect are the subtleties of the Oedipus complex or Freudian allegory It was a surprisingly sensational read for me, especially since earlier this year, I gave myself a classics challenge to read and re read a few classics just for the sake of it erase the disdain of forced readings in high school, college and grad school read just for how it makes me feel, not because everyone else is doing it.Sons and Loversends my personal chall [...]

  4. Generally considered Lawrence s masterpiece, it is ranked 9th on the Modern Library 100 best books of the 20th century The story of Paul Morel and his brothers and the influence of the women in their lives, especially of their mother I think the age old theme of men trying to find a wife or lover in the metaphorical image of their mother is present in all of Lawrence s novels, but so in Son and Lover s than any other It is beautifully written and the characters are well developed and very memor [...]

  5. Sons and Lovers or Lovers and Sons in some editions, is the fictionalized autobiography of the origins and youth of D.H.Lawrence.The main character, like the great writer, was born in the world of the mining country of Nottinghamshire, a sensual father, drinker, choleric, vulgar nature and a mother from a higher background, to the puritanical and bourgeois values constantly wounded by the unseemly attitude, the reckless acts and low appetites of her husband This volume is an interesting document [...]

  6. How do you leave a mother who associates her life s meaning and fulfillment to you and your achievements, without breaking her heart How do you surrender all your passion to a lover while leaving some for the woman who gave birth to you, reared you, and loved you Should a man give greater love to his mother or his lover How do you achieve balance between the women in your life D.H Lawrence s semi autobiographical novel Sons and Lovers displays the pendulum of a young man s love swinging to and f [...]

  7. Being Smothered by Controlling MotherDomineering MommyCoal Mining Son You made me cry, you told me liesBut I can t stand to say goodbye.Mama I m comin home.Ozzy Osbourne, Mama, I m Coming Home, 1991.D.H Lawrence, one of my personal favorites, seems to have told a tale no truer than his largely autobiographical Sons and Lovers While all the primary characters have some major defect of character, I felt the most pity for the protagonist Paul Morel a real mama s boy and Miriam his childhood semi sw [...]

  8. There has been a robbery A theft on a grand scale Cleansed of the detritus of a self, a presence, an ability to act on desire, he waits to be alit upon The fretwork strums a baroque dirge as an accompaniment to realizations of the smallness of any life upon the vastness of the universe and its grand seduction of infinite stars the largeness of the interiority of ones passions and the labyrinth they must circumvent Their interactions and the labyrinthine yearnings of others result in collisions s [...]

  9. I attempted to read this book twice years ago I failed to finish each time, finding the novel laborious Now, married and with children, I have read through this book eagerly It is perhaps a half lifetime of experience that has allowed me to see this story in a different light The examination of Paul Morel s emotionally incestuous relationship with his mother and the way it cripples his love for other women is insightful My Barnes and Nobles version of this book I put this review under this versi [...]

  10. I read books for pleasure I enjoy learning something new and thinking about human relationships Real human relationships, not those of the fantastical sort I want to have something to ponder In addition I want writing that describes places, people and situations well I learned nothing new from this book The human relationships as described herein are not true to life Maybe members of the Bloomsbury Group, of which D H Lawrence was one, did in fact communicated with each other with extremely nast [...]

  11. I had no idea what to expect of Sons and Lovers as I went in I had no idea what the book is about, presumably multiple sons and than one lovers are involved With the public domain books just knowing that it is a classic is usually enough I also had no expectation of D.H Lawrence, I knew he is the author ofLady Chatterley s Lover, which I have a vague impression of being some kind of Edwardian porn though it probably isn t Diving in with no expectation is often fun and rewarding.The first impres [...]

  12. I have been reading Sons and Lovers and feel ready to die If Lawrence had been killed after writing that book he d still be England s greatest novelist Philip Larkin in a letter to a friend, aged nineteen.It s late, and I haven t written any reviews for this site up until now, but here goes nothing Considering the relatively abysmal ratings that Lawrence s novels seem to have here, I figured I should at least add my two cents and say a couple things about what I feel is one of the better novels [...]

  13. Love Pain self love self inflicted pain familial love the pain of resentment romantic love the pain of rejection physical love the pain of loss.I did not love this book during most of the reading, I actually found it to be quite a pain for much of the time This is not to say that there is not some beautiful writing and superb character development, because there absolutely is I think I was just frustrated with all the pain the pain inflicted on themselves and each other The relationships are lar [...]

  14. Warning the book deals with sex If you re sensitive to that, don t read the book or my review I loved this book It reminded me again of my love for classic English literature I love the realism in it Sons and Lovers is essentially about relationships I thought it was going to focus on the relationships of the mother in the book because the first part deals with her marriage and the stages it goes through It describes the disintegration of love and what it s like to be a woman and have to rely on [...]

  15. Son I want to review this book Mater.Mother Do you really now Son Yes mother.Mother I would not advise you to do so.Son Why mother Mother Because it will ask too much from you READ What about me then There won t be anything left for me of you Son You are being ridiculous mother I wish to do it because I feel this is right.Mother Then do as you deem appropriate I shall say no .Son I will mother You can t hold me now.So I finally decided to review this book A midst various voices in my head scream [...]

  16. 3 4th part of this book, I read word by word and could understand each person in the story and why they are as they are At each point, they created sympathy in my mind for them, specially Mrs Morel It took me 1 month to finally finish this one And I should admit that this one month didn t go all amazing I thought each and every time about finishing it And yet, it was, I feel, daring of me to did so.It s kinda frustrating book, It sends you off into abyss of depression sometimes, and the doesn t [...]

  17. Lawrence wrote in one of his letters Nobody can have the soul of me My mother has had it, and nobody can have it again Nobody can come into my very self again, and breathe me like an atmosphere Sons and Lovers has many strands it is made up of, and this quote describes the most important one of them Lawrence s own unparalleled love for his mother translates in the novel as Paul Morel s love for his mother, the portrayal of which gives rise to a Freudian subtext While Lawrence thought that the cr [...]

  18. There has never been a book that made me want to inflict physical pain upon a character until Sons Lovers that isThe really devious thing about this dreadful book is that the Sons half, the first half, isn t all that bad Lawrence spends an immense amount of time on what one supposes to be the backstory for the Lovers section One learns of Paul s youth and temperment, Paul s mother, Paul s parents relationship and his brothers exploits It is time consuming and not always entertaining, but it appe [...]

  19. Sons and Lovers is a wonderful novel on the complex nature of love in its many forms We follow the lives of the Morel family who live in a coal mining community in Nottinghamshire at the turn of the twentieth century.Walter and Gertrude s marriage has problems and Gertrude concentrates her love and hopes on her sons She becomes a dominating force to them and the life choices they make The sons suffer with obsession, frustration and indecision about the women in their lives.Through childhood, ado [...]

  20. Of all the major writers in the canon, DH Lawrence is the horniest Lots of people write about sex, but Lawrence writes exclusively about it, entirely about it He s consumed by sex Sex motivates everything that happens in his world It can draw people together like in Lady Chatterley s Lover, or drive people apart Its energy in Sons and Lovers is not super positive He thinks there s real communication to be had about what sex is like and why He wants to talk about how sometimes it s not as fun for [...]

  21. I think between the stress of the death of my father, the poor narration on my audiobook, and the style of writing, I just did not enjoy this book at all Something didn t click with me I m sorry I can t write right now.2017 Reading Challenge word of a family member in the title

  22. This marks my first experience of D.H Lawrence, apart from practically memorizing a famous, passionate excerpt from The Rainbow, read during a great episode of Northern Exposure one of the greatest television shows of all time, in my humble opinion that excerpt may have generated some preconceived notions regarding the content of Sons and Lovers in some ways, my predictions were correct in others, wholly unmet and practically unfounded.Sons and Lovers is the story of one family, the Morels, whic [...]

  23. Another of Lawrence s gems.Not as good as Women in Love, but still worth reading.In this work you can easily notice one of Lawrence s obsessions The love for his mother.

  24. Generally regarded as semi autobiographical, this is a very brave and evocative portrayal of working class life in a Nottinghamshire mining community in the very early part of the twentieth century You feel the characters claustrophobia, and however much you may dislike them, sense that they are trapped in their lives by both their actions and their aspirations The story line is engrossing and shocking for its time, both in its accurate portrayal of the imprisonment and desperation of individual [...]

  25. It was mostly a bore Some of the events had me interested, but overall i just kept waiting to be really moved and wasn t I liked the descriptions of Paul in his discussions with Miriam about their relationship when they were getting close to breaking off I kept wishing I could identify with Paul I read an interpretation that said the drive and ambition Mrs Morel had driven into Paul to help him rise above his roots eventually hindered his ability to accept any woman as good enough for him I d s [...]

  26. Really brilliant book From the minute i started reading i was totally absorbed.I didnt know what to expect when i started reading thisbut it was just go engrossing and the writing so lovelyit just carried me along through this story.The whole setting in the mining community was so vividlydescribed and the characters really felt like i knew them.Really connected with the dad as he was working in the minesand had such a hard life but i think loved his family anyway.Miriam was a little gemi would h [...]

  27. I wanted to read this book for months, and now that I ve finished it I can say that it was a terrible disappointment The main character Paul treats the women in his life like absolute crap, and it s hard to care about a Mama s boy who can barely make decisions for himself The mother in the book is a bitter, complaining shrew, and regardless of the first part of the book which explains why she s so protective of her son, you still want to slap her one There are some good passages, but overall it [...]

  28. Lawrence s autobiographical novel, Sons and Lovers, made famous the tortured conditions of his upbringing his uneducated father s pit and pub life, his mother s contempt for this and her self sacrifice to escape it, Lawrence s own conflicted feelings about both of them It initially incited a lukewarm critical reception, along with allegations of obscenity, it is today regarded as a masterpiece of modernism It certainly established some of the themes that Lawrence would explore in his subsequent [...]

  29. Re read September 2015I first read this book around twenty years ago Wow I suddenly feel old having written that But despite that passage of time, the emotions I felt when I read the book have stayed with me In particular, the loathing I had for Paul Morel as a character closely followed by Gertrude as runner up.Being older sob and wiser, my emotions are a little refined following this re read I still loathe Paul He is selfish, self absorbed and treats Miriam and Clara particularly the former a [...]

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