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La mandolina del capitán Corelli

[PDF] La mandolina del capitán Corelli | by ð Louis de Bernières [PDF] La mandolina del capitán Corelli | by ð Louis de Bernières - La mandolina del capitán Corelli, La mandolina del capit n Corelli En plena Segunda Guerra Mundial en una isla griega invadida por los alemanes se desarrollar una inolvidable historia de amor entre una lugarela y un oficial italiano Una peque a historia de amor que

  • Title: La mandolina del capitán Corelli
  • Author: Louis de Bernières
  • ISBN: 9788484506140
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] La mandolina del capitán Corelli | by ð Louis de Bernières, La mandolina del capitán Corelli, Louis de Bernières, La mandolina del capit n Corelli En plena Segunda Guerra Mundial en una isla griega invadida por los alemanes se desarrollar una inolvidable historia de amor entre una lugarela y un oficial italiano Una peque a historia de amor que encarna todas las historias de amor del mundo

La mandolina del capitán Corelli

[PDF] La mandolina del capitán Corelli | by ð Louis de Bernières [PDF] La mandolina del capitán Corelli | by ð Louis de Bernières - La mandolina del capitán Corelli, La mandolina del capit n Corelli En plena Segunda Guerra Mundial en una isla griega invadida por los alemanes se desarrollar una inolvidable historia de amor entre una lugarela y un oficial italiano Una peque a historia de amor que La mandolina del capitán Corelli

  • [PDF] La mandolina del capitán Corelli | by ð Louis de Bernières
    114Louis de Bernières
La mandolina del capitán Corelli

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  1. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away Doctor Iannis Why, oh why did I wait twenty years to read this enchanting novel Being something of a contrarian, I didn t succumb to the rampant Corellimania that existed after this novel s release in 1994 I m so pleased that I have now righted this wrong.Berni res serves up a Greek wartime love story that is as multi layered as a Sunday moussaka.Set on the Ionian island of Cephallonia during Italian and German WWII occupation, [...]

  2. This is two books The first half is without doubt one of the best novels I have ever read The writing even in translation is lyrical clearly, every word was carefully chosen The characters are exquisitely drawn with humor and humanity The plot, centering on the Italian invasion of a remote Greek island in WWII, is a wonderfully engaging love story It flows amiably along to a logical and satisfying, if not quite happy, ending.Unfortuntely, things don t stop there The second half of the book is dr [...]

  3. The ancient Greeks treated tragedy and comedy as separate genres But this Greek drama is a hybrid Tragedy on the large and small canvas comedy from individual characters Such contrasts can strengthen one s reaction to both extremes, but for me, this particular book might have worked better if de Berni res had focused primarily on one or the other.I see its charm This is a feelgood book, filled with bucolic delights, entertaining Characters borderline caricatures and slapstick , and saccharine su [...]

  4. The presence of intrepid sudden breaks from romantic conventions is what makes Corelli s Mandolin alongside its romantic older brother, book 2 of his Latin American trilogy, the devastating love tale Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord one of the MOST ROMANTIC novels of ALL TIME On par with Gone With the Wind, other epics like Cold Mountain and The English Patient, it truly was, to this impressionable though selective reader, what s the equivalent of a wondrous trip to Adult Disneyland, where surprises [...]

  5. De Bernieres style falls between Vonnegut and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and if that doesn t make your head spin and pants feel hot then I don t know what will It s ridiculously European, in every good sense of the word It s an epic romance for nihilists and atheists.The only two horrors come from the realization that the book is now out of print, and that it was already filmed with Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz Satan s hand is everywhere unseen

  6. This is the first time I ve ever given a book one starI actually feel sort of bad doing it Despite it being well written, it s pacing was terrible, and I really had to fight to get through it And then the ending oh the ending After trudging through nearly 600 pages, the ending was about the most unsatisying I have ever read I literally threw the book against the wall when I was done And some idiot decided to make a movie out of it, with Nic Cage as Corelli I can only imagine how awful it must ha [...]

  7. Lyrical Took my breath away and broke my heart Greece War Decency of soldiers Indecency of war Monsters Humans Where Cats Young girl s bed Old woman s dream Ending And of course the Mandolin Did I mention, Greece It is never too late Love may get ole but if it is real then it s never forgotten nor forgiven It can survive a war, it did and it survived them, in spite of each other It survived the shuffle in the company of humans.

  8. Stunning Mesmerizing Remarkable Beautiful, beautiful love story I just scanned the 121 books that I ve already read belonging to 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die and there seem to be not too many books that could be considered as predominantly love stories There is Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice but we all knew about it even before actually reading the book so there was no element of surprise There is Haruki Murakami s Sputnik Sweetheart but it has fantasy interwoven in the story like [...]

  9. Captain Corelli s Mandolin has, unfortunately, become victim to it s own success It has become one of those books that anyone who is anyone has read and so nobody now wants to read for fear of being a fashion victim It even features in Notting Hill, Hugh Grant is reading it at the very end of the film when he and Julia Roberts are sitting in the garden However, don t let this put you off it s a brilliant book.The story, briefly, is a typical love story.During the 2nd World War, the inhabitants o [...]

  10. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.I ve had this book for years after accidentally stealing it from College we were asked to pick two books on a table to take home over the Summer to read and I chose this and Catch 22, but when I returned the following term I was in a different class and simply forgot, about half a dozen times, to return them and subsequently have had it since and have finally gotten around to reading it after startin [...]

  11. Would you think less of me if I said I loved this book Will you defriend me and publicly mock me if I said it made me cry a little bit Anyway as I stand over the shadow of my former self and see my fearsome blue monkey avatar in a crumpled heap like a soggy tear covered kleenex I stand by what I say Seriously, I m not an overly emotional person but I loved this Maybe I loved it because really this story is not a story with a happy ending This book symbolises the waste of time, the waste of life [...]

  12. Running throughout the novel is a Homeric theme which I really liked Imbued with a mythic weight and a delightful tragicomic lightness, Louis de Bernieres Corelli s Mandolin bursts with tenderness and wit Corelli s Mandolin is not in the least a simple love story It is a portrait of a fiercely proud and independent little community rebelling in what small ways it can It is a snapshot of the horrors endured by the men in combat during the Second World War It is a damning commentary on the grandio [...]

  13. This is Benito Mussolini, one time Fascist dictator of Italy and streetlight ornament of the same And this is Mussolini talking.Unless you understand Italian, you have no idea what he s saying But I bet, even without the historical context, you understand that he s a major asshole Just look at the body language.In a way, Louis de Berni res is a lot like that, a little in love with himself His authorial blurb tells of his many manly adventures He holds an advanced degree, but is desperate to come [...]

  14. This book is spectacular There were whole sections that I read over and over because they were so beautifully written and even one particular chapter that I made my whole family read and even though none of them are readers they all thought it was fantastic I can honestly say I have never read a book that could move between genres so easily, with comedey and tragedy completely interwoven Read it Read it

  15. Love is a temporary madness It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides That is just being in love which any of us can convince ourselves we are Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident Captain Corelli s Mandolin, Louis de BernieresTake an idyllic Greek island that smells of pines, warm earth, and the dark sea where its hardworking inhabitants eke out a quiet living Throw in a lonely mountain goatherd, a wise and kin [...]

  16. They meet, they fall in love, and then they don t see each other for thirty years until they are magically reunited and realize they were intended to spend their whole lives together but somehow misread the instructions on the box Don t you just hate it when that happens

  17. What a beautifully written book I wept I laughed out loud I was furious I was anxious and worried I gasped in horror I smiled secret smiles I rejoiced I LOVED All the characters, even the minor ones, come to life I did think a few chapters could have been edited, as they didn t serve the plot but DID provide background history of WW II , and I found the ending unsatisfactory But still, after borrowing it from the library I RAN out and bought it High praise indeed I read it first in March 2001, a [...]

  18. I first read this book in 1994, not long after my first daughter was born It was that book that everyone seemed to be reading and deservedly so, because it is as rich, detailed, panoramic and insightful as any of the great classics I reread it this week because I was visiting Kefalonia or Cephallonia the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece Kefalonia in the summer of 2017 is an idyllic place peaceful, clean, sparsely populated, and graced with the clearest, bluest water I ve ever seen [...]

  19. This is a meaty, sweeping, witty, and romantic story about one of the literarily neglected corners of World War II, the involvement of Italy and Greece and the occupation by the former of the latter.The action centers on the Greek island of Cephalonia, where the village doctor, Iannis, tends to the ailments of the locals and raises his beautiful and intelligent daughter, Pelagia Pelagia s bethrothed, Mandras, disappears into the war, and when he returns, Pelagia no longer loves him, so he depar [...]

  20. Unlike the movie, this book is a savory treasure I ve read several books by Bernieres and Corelli s Mandolin is one my favorites The author has one of those bizarre scattered minds that makes following his plots similar to a carnival fun ride You never know what is going to happen next Bernieres s also written a crazy book that takes place in the Andes where this tribe takes peyote or some such drug and they start wandering all over the moutains and have wild dreams The book begins with a parody [...]

  21. This apparently little known book is a jewel Written with passion and incandescant humor, the novel recreates WWII era Greece and to a certain extent, the rest of Fascist occupied Europe at that time with striking beauty The characters are unforgettable and nearly all likeable raw pathos, tragedy, comedy, and romance are fused into one gripping narrative that defies classification It is, if anything, an effective composition of high Romance and a coming of age story two classic stories in one Bu [...]

  22. easily one of the best books i ve ever read good, i m reading it again, even though i just didhorrifying, yet beautiful in the extremea brutally honest exploration into the notions of allegiance, loyalty, and the twisting emotional complexity of the forces that can either tie us together or force us apart the face of betrayal and broken allegiances, corelli s mandolin, like corelli himself, is a force that continually works to pull and tie people together bernieres has created a world i am serio [...]

  23. When I was living in Cuba, books in English were a precious commodity amongst the expat community You read them, you passed them on when you went home, you left them behind for those who would come after you An American artist one of many that passed through our lives left me her doggy, much read copy of Captain Corelli s Mandolin, exhorting me to read it it was incredible, unbelievable, the greatest book she d ever read I had three attempts at it but never made it past page 30 It found it much [...]

  24. This was a very unique story both in style and language There was a quirky type of wordiness and humor that was slowly seductive if the reader could be receptive and willing to go for the ride.The story begins in 1940 in Ceppalonia Greece, a small island described by Dr Iannis as being full of magic and light The first few chapters are written in the first person and are a kind of preamble to the plot The viewpoints are Italian and Greek and are written from the point of view of an Italian close [...]

  25. It took me quite awhile to finish this unusual novel, not because it failed to hold my interest, but because it felt so strange to be reading a story about an old catastrophe while living through brand new interesting timese daily news has been most distracting Corelli s Mandolin is a WWII novel set on the Greek island of Cephallonia, during the Italian occupation Louis de Bernieres weaves history and local folklore together in this touching story that centers around Pelagia, a young Greek woman [...]

  26. I believe this book will be one of my favorite reads of 2013 Even though I felt that the story waned the last 25% or so of the book, I found it to be an excellent read The book gives the perspective of World War II from the Greek Island of Cephallonia The characters are vivid, lively and entertaining The light humor keeps the story moving all the while educating the reader about Cephallonian culture.I was engaged from the first chapter when Dr Iannis removes a petrified pea from old man Stamatis [...]

  27. First offI don t know why this says the title is Captain Corelli s Mandolin when I m staring at the book and it s clearly Corelli s Mandolin The Captain was added for the movie, but I can t find a correct link for the purposes of.First off, let me state that the movie was terrible, so don t go by that Give this book a chance It will make you laugh cry sigh think It really is in my top 5 books of all time It was a really beautiful story set against the backdrop of WWII I love how much it made me [...]

  28. The author may have tried to accomplish too much with this story Like Shakespeare and Melville, he includes passages that could practically stand alone as good advice on living or doing something There are some high level summaries of historical developments that perhaps do not belong here, at least in that format There is a certain amount of technical detail about music that left me behind He could have just deleted the early chapter on Mussolini And if I wanted to be picky I don t I could poin [...]

  29. Corelli s Mandolin is, like The English Patient , a literate historical romance It also manages to be a highbrow page turner, with equal doses of wit and pathos to go with the romance.

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