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North Sea Requiem

Unlimited North Sea Requiem - by A.D. Scott Unlimited North Sea Requiem - by A.D. Scott - North Sea Requiem, North Sea Requiem When a small town Scottish woman discovers a severed leg in the boot of one of the local hockey players uniforms it s a big scoop for the Highland Gazette But reporter Joanne Ross wants a front page

  • Title: North Sea Requiem
  • Author: A.D. Scott
  • ISBN: 9781451665796
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited North Sea Requiem - by A.D. Scott, North Sea Requiem, A.D. Scott, North Sea Requiem When a small town Scottish woman discovers a severed leg in the boot of one of the local hockey players uniforms it s a big scoop for the Highland Gazette But reporter Joanne Ross wants a front page story of her own and she hopes to find it in Mae Bell an American jazz singer whose husband disappeared in an aircraft accident five years ago and who is searching the HigWhen a sm

North Sea Requiem

Unlimited North Sea Requiem - by A.D. Scott Unlimited North Sea Requiem - by A.D. Scott - North Sea Requiem, North Sea Requiem When a small town Scottish woman discovers a severed leg in the boot of one of the local hockey players uniforms it s a big scoop for the Highland Gazette But reporter Joanne Ross wants a front page North Sea Requiem

  • Unlimited North Sea Requiem - by A.D. Scott
    107A.D. Scott
North Sea Requiem

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  1. To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail Mark TwainWith the publication of this review, Simon Schuster and Atria executives will have bleeding ears and red faces and I ll be placed in the crosshairs of a hit man named Jeb and I ll be quietly removed from NetGalley and will put me in chains and lock me away and I ll be alienated and isolated to the point that no one will talk to me but my wife and some little dog named Fluffy who will come and visit me when I m put in an insane asylum [...]

  2. 2.5 stars and that s generousI have read other books in this series and liked them First of all, I am a sucker for books set in Scotland and secondly find the time period of the late 1950 s quite interesting It s hard to remember back to a time when divorce was such a shame and Joann Ross is feeling the brunt of it It does not matter that her husband has moved in with another woman who is pregnant, Joann is the bad person Of course, she s practically living with her boss and the editor of the lo [...]

  3. North Sea Requiem by A.D.ScottThis is the fourth book in the acclaimed mystery series evoking the s, values and people of the Scottish Highlands of the 1950s.Nurse Urquhart discovered a severed leg in the washing coming from the shinty team after their Saturday match against a rival town Sundays was a forbidden day for washing and she was upset about this sunny day going to waste when time was limited She pulled the muddied and bloodied shorts and shirts out of the container and let out a scream [...]

  4. ARC from NetGalley ATRIA, Simon and Schuster.Dedication For Maeve NolanThe front quote is from Stormy WeatherOpening Mrs Frank Urquhart was dead against the Sabbatarians Shinty.This is the fourth book featuring the staff of The Highland Gazette, circa mid 50s, and Joanne Ross in particular The plight of highland women in that post war decade or so, is brought to the readers attention, yet everywhere is flabby cartoon interactions between two dimensional characters.A dreich story whichever way it [...]

  5. Another enjoyable read from A.D Scott in the Joanne Ross series Scotland is one of my favorite settings for a book, and Scott presents a Scotland of the 1950s with its Scottish quirks and 50s morality With Joanne being an almost divorced woman and a working woman, too, she is constantly swimming against the current of what most people in her small town consider a woman s role in life Her job as a junior reporter at the Highland Gazette keeps her in the know of the news, both large and small item [...]

  6. There is much to like about the Highland Gazette Mystery series One is the location of Scotland The time period is the 1950 s Women during this period were to stay home with the children It caused gossip when they worked Divorce caused family shame It appears the shame mainly fell on the woman even if the man asked for it So it was not a good time for an ambitious and independent woman.The occupation of the main characters was putting out a local newspaper They are repeating characters from past [...]

  7. I ve been a fan of A.D Scott s series from the first book, A Small Death in the Great Glen She very firmly places her readers in the middle of the Highlands of Scotland in the late 1950s, when there are restrictions on behavior and what is acceptable Within that framework she places a cast of characters who do not fit in a handsome young reporter who wants to go to the city to be a television star, a bachelor editor from Glasgow who loves a married woman, a female reporter who wants a divorce f [...]

  8. Wow This is the fourth Scottish highlands mystery I ve read Fourth, and last Scott cleverly creates atmospheric reading in these late 1940s Scottish mysteries, featuring a newly divorced Joanne and her beau who work for the local newspaper This book just asked too much suspended disbelief from the reader And the archaic presentation of mental illness was simply unforgivable We had a good run, A D Scott, but we re done.

  9. NORTH SEA REQUIEM The Highland Gazette 4 Written by A.D Scott 2013, 336 Pagesgenre historical, fiction, mysteryRating Once I finished the fourth book in the Highland Gazette mysteries series I knew this was not a must read as soon as published and will still read if there is a horribly boring badly written on my vast to be read list If I noticed a book was coming out or was out I would definitely borrow from the library but it is not one I would buy or scour websites to find the release date Unf [...]

  10. I m so grateful to have become acquainted with this series several months ago I m most grateful for the recommendation, and not once have I been disappointed by the plot or the writing style anywhere in this series.Not only do you get a shot at some excellent armchair detection, oyu get a close look at Scotland as it was in the late 50s You see how men and women interact, and you gain a deeper understanding of the various social expectations and constraints both sexes must endure This book is pa [...]

  11. My favorite of the series so far Read the last third in one sitting Scott makes the reader really care about the characters Looking forward to the next to see what happens to Joanne, McAllister, and all the rest.

  12. The only problem with this series is that it is only 6 books long Each book fascinates and thrills even than the last and they just keep getting better The incident of the severed leg sets off a chain of events that spiral almost out of control as the staff of the Highland Gazette dig or material for their newspaper As in each novel, the characters reveal and of themselves, their backstories and we watch relationships grow and change Mae Bell, jazz singer, exotic, exciting and looking for any [...]

  13. While I continue to love the setting the Highlands of Scotland , the plot of this book was somewhat muddled I was also disappointed in the character development of the main female character At this point her self doubt and ambiguous feelings towards the man who apparently loves her is just annoying That said, I will eagerly read the next book in the series, because I love being transported to the Highlands and I do care about the recurring characters.

  14. The characters and the locale are vivid and real and draw me in every time I would suggest reading in chronological order The evolution of the characters and their relationships is a story in itself.

  15. Actually 3.5 stars The mystery was quite clever Having never read this author before, at first I thought that it was going to be a cozy mystery from the way it was starting Then a murder happens, in a manner truly uncozy like And the story become intricate It was an enjoyable read.

  16. I read this because it involved a Shinty team, and I know a bit about Shinty But, even with this hook, the mystery is heavy, unbelievable, and unwieldy.Pass.

  17. Bk 4 of the Highland Gazette series Fabulous, though filled with a gruesome start and very disturbing accidents, threatening letters, disappearances and kidnapigs But it comes right in the end Love the Scottish Highland atmosphere

  18. This is the fourth book in a somewhat cozy murder mystery series set in the 1950 s in the Scottish Highlands The recurring characters operate a small newspaper, the Highland Gazette Sometimes, in order to get the bottom of a story, they end up investigating and solving a crime as well.This book begins when Nurse Urquhart, who tends any injuries of the local shinty team coached by her husband, discovers a severed leg in the team s laundry Shinty is a team game similar in some ways to field hockey [...]

  19. This novel is fourth in the series about a small town newspaper, the Highland Gazette, published in a small town in the highlands of Scotland Each novel has a murder that must be reported on and this story starts with the discovery of a leg found in the washing that Nurse Urquhart did for the team her husband coached in Hockey called shinty Soon, the whole town is gossiping about the leg and the newspaper has its lead for the day It is determined the leg had been removed from the body in a grave [...]

  20. The story begins when a severed leg is discovered in a hockey player s uniform The main characters center around the local newspaper, Highland Gazette Numerous letters tie the characters together in a series of mysteries While the bulk of the book was a confusing and a somewhat tiresome read the last quarter of the book makes it worth wading through to the end The end of the book was a delight to read and redeemed the author in my eyes I won this book on First Reads and had I not won this book I [...]

  21. As is usual for me, I will not provide a plot summary There are enough of them out there and, especially with mysteries, they can ruin the unfolding of the story for a reader This is the first time I ve read an A D Scott mystery I won an ARC of North Sea Requiem through First Reads and I really enjoyed it I m especially fond of the Scots and their charming and colorful way of speaking, which the author used to good advantage Scott also crafted the plot nicely the primary characters were well dra [...]

  22. A D Scott creates characters that I would love to know, to work with, to have as neighbors In a world where a man cannot say underwear in mixed company, John McAlister is trying to learn the finer points of courtship and Joanne Ross is not certain she is certain about anything any Set in the wilds of 1950 s Scotland, Scott s books about a small town newspaper this is the 4th , draw you in and make you wish you lived there Just enough of the local dialect dwam is daylight dreaming, thon is that , [...]

  23. Scott s mysteries involving newspaperwoman Joanne Ross, her editor and companion McAllister, and the other inhabitants of this small town in the Scottish Highlands are wonderfully evocative of time and place, with enough suspense and red herrings to make these truly mysteries In her fourth book, Scott s focus on her characters s lives has intensified to the point that the main plot suffers namely, who attacked Nurse Urquhart with acid, causing her death And is the attack related to Nurse Urquhar [...]

  24. Joanne Ross continues to look for her own big story and of course stumbles into two or working on the Highland Gazette The cast of characters, in this the four book in the series, grows in depth, relationship, and age The 1950s northern Scotland atmosphere is well done, with a few side trips to other towns An American jazz singer looking for answers to the death of her pilot husband in the North Sea of the title gives Joanne and company a glimpse into another world and bits of music throughout [...]

  25. This book is the latest in a series set in a 1950s Scottish Highlands town The main characters all work for the local newspaper Some of the issues dealt with include the changing role of women in society, mental illness, the stigma of divorce, the damage to children resulting from an abusive upbringing, not to mention a suspenseful mystery When an American woman comes seeking information about her missing and presumed dead USAF husband, the locals wonder why she waited so long Then threatening l [...]

  26. As with all the books in this series, this was excellent It continues the story of the staff of the Highland Gazette Some changes have been necessary, and Mal Forbes has joined them as the advertising salesman Joanne resents the way he treats her, as well as the fact that he is almost never there for meetings, but works mostly from home Two stories intersect, one dealing with the sport of shinty beginning with a leg found at the house of the local team s coach and the other with the search by Am [...]

  27. This is quickly becoming my favorite series In this, the fourth book, a leg is found in a load of washing, a woman is attacked with acid and subsequently dies Then Joanne Ross sees a human interest story in the lost and found column of the paper There is a piece asking for anyone who knew a Robert Bell of the US Air Force to contact his widow It seems he was lost in a plane crash in Scotland seven years prior and his widow is looking for people who knew him to find out what his last days were li [...]

  28. This is the second book in the series that I ve read I finished the first book, Small Death in the Great Glen, about a year ago and the second and third in the series are in my much too large TBR pile But as I won this ARC I decided to go ahead and read the fourth before the others Needless to say I ve missed a bit of continuity regarding the character s relationships but I think each book can be read on its own,I was hooked almost immediately by the gruesome discovery of a severed leg inside a [...]

  29. It took me a little while to get into the rhythm of this lovely little mystery set in a small Scottish town in the late 1950s, but once I did it provided a lovely interlude on the cold, wet, windy day The weather quite suited the story s locale There is a nasty campaign of anonymous letters and threats against women in the town The police and the weekly newspaper crew try to determine who is behind the attacks In the meantime there are other issues at play women in the workforce, love, marriage [...]

  30. I read the first book in this series and wasn t that happy with it I even stopped at page 178 and decided not to finish it About 5 days later I returned to it because I HAD to find out who dunnit Book Two of the series was like revisiting old friends Same with books three and four I still have trouble with some of the purely Scottish words but that doesn t stop me from enjoying it thoroughly The stories are gripping, especially to this non mystery reader, the writing is crisp and the characters [...]

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