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Big Egos

ð Big Egos ☆ S.G. Browne ð Big Egos ☆ S.G. Browne - Big Egos, Big Egos The brand new novel from the author of Lucky Bastard and Breathers one of today s very best writers Jonathan Maberry Does your lifestyle not fit the person inside you Then try someone else on for size

  • Title: Big Egos
  • Author: S.G. Browne
  • ISBN: 9781476711676
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback

ð Big Egos ☆ S.G. Browne, Big Egos, S.G. Browne, Big Egos The brand new novel from the author of Lucky Bastard and Breathers one of today s very best writers Jonathan Maberry Does your lifestyle not fit the person inside you Then try someone else on for size Call him whatever Call him whomever He can be any legally authorized fictional character or dead celebrity he wants for six to eight hours simply by injecting a DNA The brand new novel from

Big Egos

ð Big Egos ☆ S.G. Browne ð Big Egos ☆ S.G. Browne - Big Egos, Big Egos The brand new novel from the author of Lucky Bastard and Breathers one of today s very best writers Jonathan Maberry Does your lifestyle not fit the person inside you Then try someone else on for size Big Egos

  • ð Big Egos ☆ S.G. Browne
    482S.G. Browne
Big Egos

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  1. Earlier this week I reviewed Lawrence in Arabia which was about how the political plotting during World War I helped create an unstable situation in the Mid East, and I was writing that up as President Obama was addressing the UN about the crisis in Syria Now here I am writing a review regarding a book about an evil corporation engaging in unscrupulous behavior that involves erasing the original personalities of its customers.Wow, I m sure glad that there s nothing like that going on at the mome [...]

  2. REVIEW ALSO ON bibliomantics 2013 08 30 iI first read the short story form of Big Egos in author S.G Browne s eBook anthology Shooting Monkeys in a Barrel and immediately fell in love The premise was straightforward enough, it s the future and you can become a famous fictional character be they real or cartoon , historical figure or dead celebrity for the night by injecting a product full of specifically configured DNA into your body That part didn t change from short story to novel but it certa [...]

  3. I thought I was going to like this story because it touches on many things I m interested in, like psychology and RPGs , but I had no idea how much I was going to like it I was blown away For the sake of full disclosure I should mention that S.G is a friend of mine, but I should also mention that I m friends with a lot of people who ve written books I ve given less than stellar reviews to Big Egos is set in the near future when you can buy Egos drug DNA cocktails which allow you to become someon [...]

  4. Disclaimer I received an ARC of this book through First Reads program.I ve been a fan of S.G Browne for a long time, and Big Egos did not disappoint What really stood out for me was the integration of the Egos themselves Ernest Hemingway vs William Faulkner, the Holden Caulfield chapter, Elvis s constant eating all of the little quirks and voices were well executed and, often than not, made me laugh hard enough to drop the book It was also quite refreshing to see culture references from this ce [...]

  5. I m a huge fan of S.G Browne his books are always unique, fantastical, and sarcastic, unlike anything I ve ever read before Big Egos does not disappoint It tells the story of a not so distant future where people can be other famous people for a few hours at time how would you like to be Marilyn Monroe Or James Bond , but such adventures are not without consequences Long time Browne fans will enjoy every page of this engrossing and thought provoking read, and new fans will wonder what they ve bee [...]

  6. As I expected, it s another keeper I don t think I was even 4 pages in before I had to write on the author s fan page You had me a Vinnie Barbarino Keeping up with all the characters celebrities he names, I realized someone did as much TV movie watching as I had I always love his MC s personality It s a fun new idea with it s own unique twists and turns I eagerly wait for from SG Browne

  7. Big Egos Corporate life, DNA cocktails, regular cocktails, conspiracy theories, and peanut butter banana sandwiches What isn t to like I did enjoy this book, however, Fated and Lucky Bastard are still my top 1 and 2 Big Egos is an interesting concept I just didn t love the protagonist in my usual S.G Browne fan way It is worth the read.

  8. Browne is a very smart author who writes thinking man s fantasy This is a very good book about the lesson of being careful of what you wish for, because you might get it Concept of this book is brilliant Being able to be anyone you want, from history or contemporary life for 12 hours Unintended consequences.

  9. It gets a four star rating for the humor Not so sure the story itself would get 4 stars I ve enjoyed all of Browne s other works so I will always give him a chance.

  10. Open your mind and DNA to the possibility of being someone elseEver feel like you re not the person you re supposed to be Or that you re living in the wrong time Well, why not be someone else for a while and see if you re right That s now possible with EGOS EGOS is a biotechnology company who has manufactured a cocktail that will turn you into someone else for about 8 hours It is limited though You have to be someone of the same gender and skin tone since the stuff changes your whole body into t [...]

  11. While the premise of this book was to astound and entertain It frightened me While society hasn t quite hit the drastic level of Big Egos, we re well on our way This gives us a hyperbolic glimpse of what could happen I thought it spoke volumes that the protagonist s name was never mentioned A decent yet terrifying read I enjoyed the little Death cameo, Dennis is the man and was by far my favorite immortal from Fated.

  12. And who can blame them Most people lead lives of quiet desperation and spend their days and nights wishing they could be something else while failing to live the lives they d imagined Thoreau said that Or something like that Or maybe it was this guy I met at an Ego party in Hollywood Hills who was channeling Thoreau and it just sounded good S.G Browne, Big EgosI was really excited to read S.G Browne s latest satirical offering, Big Egos There s just something about reading Browne that makes me w [...]

  13. 3.5I really enjoyed the beginning of this story about memory and the nature of the self, but as the story wound on Browne seemed to spend and time hitting the reader over the head with the character s many literary references and mind blowing discoveries about the nature of Truth Capitalized In the beginning I was invested in the story, I wanted to find out the cause behind the mysterious symptoms of prolonged Ego use and became somewhat disillusioned when Browne turned the story from somethin [...]

  14. I ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to write about Big Egos It s taken me several days to sort out my thoughts After much deliberation, I ve decided the most succinct thing I can say is that it s somewhat interesting, but incredibly derivative of other artist s ideas It s almost as if S G Browne wasn t clearly focused when he wrote this book Like trying a new entree by a respected chef, I could taste hints of Palahniuk, and Philip K Dick, and the plots of several decent movies or televi [...]

  15. Humor, murder, mystery, romance, best friends, the office life, drugsWhen I first started the story of Big Egos I was having a hard time getting involved, because all I could concentrate on was all the different EGO names that were popping up I m a picture person and had to do research on each dead actor actress or fictional character that I did not know So I took a star off, because there was too many characters So many names little time However, I don t think S.G Browne could of got his point [...]

  16. Ever wish you can walk in someone else s shoes In Browne s latest novel, Big Egos an unnamed narrator and countless of other people do just that they become anyone they want to be whether it is a celebrity, or a fictional character for a couple of hours and three thousand dollars Our nameless narrator works as a quality controller for EGOS Engineering Genetics Organization and Systems His job is to personally test out all the Big Egos to make sure there isn t any side effects or deficiencies, an [...]

  17. Imagine Morticia Addams welcomes you to a party where Betty Boop flirts with Winston Churchill, where Einstein, Picasso, Houdini, Chaplin, and Poe interact Imagine that you re slipping something that isn t a roofie into Jayne Mansfield s martini glass The protagonist of S.G Browne s Big Egos frequently attends such celebrity meet and drinks Sometimes there s a logic in associations Impersonating Jim Morrison, he lingers among members of the 27 Club Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bria [...]

  18. S G Browne, author of Breathers and Lucky Bastard, is back with his next book and this one s a real humdinger, pushing the reader s believability into the arena of compelling science fiction Big Egos feels like a possible future that could well happen, and like most books of this nature, it is a cautionary tale from which we have much to learn.Big Egos is the ultimate company that can make your dreams come true For a considerable fee you can become just about anyone you want to, especially if yo [...]

  19. Big Egos is a bit of a departure from S.G Browne s other novels In this novel, he dips into the not too distant future set in a superficial society where people are no longer interested in living their own lives and feel compelled to be other people The characters in the novel have shallow lives and yearn to get lost in the lives of fictional characters and dead celebrities To feed this fixation is EGOS, a biotech company that has created a formula using engineered DNA that allows people to tran [...]

  20. Check out all my reviews at My BlogSo many of us have wished we were someone else, usually some one famous, to leave our boring mundane life behind if only for a little while Now thanks to Big Egos, you can do just that For 10k, you can buy a vial of substance that will allow you to imitate anyone of numerous famous people or fictional characters for a few hours Live it up and enjoy stepping outside of your own life What can it hurt Our narrator works for Big Egos and is a major user of his prod [...]

  21. To read the full review, enter our current giveaways, and see other book inspired content visit appraisingpages This book has everything you could ask for in an adventure conspiracy, multi millions, mysterious deaths, cover ups, the black market, and no one is who they say they are So who do they say they are Celebrities, fictional characters, almost anyone you can think of Does it still count as undercover if everyone is in on the disguise The idea for this book is really interesting and creati [...]

  22. The description of this book really intrigued me After an extremely slow start, with some very annoying passages, the story finally picked up steam around page 140 After that, I enjoyed the book, so I m glad I kept slogging.I m still trying to figure out if the misogyny found in certain passages is satirical or not But I really wanted to smack the author main character a couple times There are absolutely no female characters with depth, but really, there are no characters at all with much depth, [...]

  23. Putting on a different face and faking your life by pretending you are somebody else That sounds like a great premise but this book didn t really pack enough punch to merit than 3 stars It was a great beginning though but partway through I stopped caring about all these Ego parties he was attending It didn t help that I didn t know a handful of the people he was meeting and all the annoying personalities around him really started to frustrate me There was just too much going on and it was very [...]

  24. This books takes place only a few decades in the future, and aside from EGOS, the future looks very much as it does today That was a refreshing twist on the sci fi novel EGOS are a dna cocktail people inject into themselves, allowing them to become a famous celebrity, historical figure or fictional character for about 8 hours Thus the main character in the book is at times Indiana Jones, Captain Kirk, Holden Caulfield, or Elvis Presley Shortly into the books we realize there is something serious [...]

  25. S G Browne has a tale of a company called Big Egos trade from Gallery Books which sells a drug that, with a shot to the brain stem, makes you feel like you are someone else Captain Kirk, Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, etc, etc, etc Our hero has risen high in the company and for three years has been playing with the latest products, going to parties with different people and making love to his girl friend as a different man each night Then things start to go wrong People start dying, supposedly by blac [...]

  26. I really liked the premise of the book where you can inject the DNA of whoever you would like to be and become them for at least a little while The story delves into some of the social and legal impacts the technology has and also starts us on an interesting mystery.Unfortunately, while there is resolution in the book, the deeper I got, the less satisfied I felt There were a lot of subplots left unresolved and even the eventual fate of the protagonist wasn t hinted at You really got to know the [...]

  27. Where I am is at my desk, just after reading the last page of BIG EGOS.Corporate America is full of no good phonies, all making us all feel like we should want to be someone else Indiana Jones, James Bond, or even that bastard Holden Caulfield.Truth is, I m happy to be myself Especially after finding out what can happen if you inject too many egos into your brainstem If you re on the fence about this book, don t be take the ride It s a lot of fun Fast, smart, and inventive Five stars, all the wa [...]

  28. Weird in a druggy sort of way Not very scientific nor totally logical but an intriguing if degenerate story Interesting enough to keep reading but not something I would care to read about again Probably a good description of the decent into drug dependence and the paranoia and loss of reason associated with a bad downfall into addiction, but I really can not judge as this is far out of my realm of experience.

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