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Devil Said Bang

↠ Devil Said Bang Ö Richard Kadrey ↠ Devil Said Bang Ö Richard Kadrey - Devil Said Bang, Devil Said Bang While ruling the denizens of darkness does have a few perks James Stark isn t exactly thrilled at the course his career not to mention his soul has taken Breaking out of Hell once was a miraculous tr

  • Title: Devil Said Bang
  • Author: Richard Kadrey
  • ISBN: 9780007488094
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Devil Said Bang Ö Richard Kadrey, Devil Said Bang, Richard Kadrey, Devil Said Bang While ruling the denizens of darkness does have a few perks James Stark isn t exactly thrilled at the course his career not to mention his soul has taken Breaking out of Hell once was a miraculous trick But twice If anyone can do it it s Sandman Slim While he s working out the details of his latest escape plan Slim has to figure out how to run his new domain and hWhile ruling th

Devil Said Bang

↠ Devil Said Bang Ö Richard Kadrey ↠ Devil Said Bang Ö Richard Kadrey - Devil Said Bang, Devil Said Bang While ruling the denizens of darkness does have a few perks James Stark isn t exactly thrilled at the course his career not to mention his soul has taken Breaking out of Hell once was a miraculous tr Devil Said Bang

  • ↠ Devil Said Bang Ö Richard Kadrey
    332Richard Kadrey
Devil Said Bang

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  1. Actual rating 4.586 stars More or less This is one Super Crappy Non Review SCNR So read at your own risk and stuff And don t say I didn t warn you I promise not to fangirl too much about my boyfriend Jimmy Stark in this SCNR Cross my black, withered heart and all that crap Question How can you not fall head over pincers for a guy who says stuff like I am bacon, hear me roar And also stuff like So what s this all about You and your crew want a raise How about two weeks vacation while I pull out y [...]

  2. Book 4 of this series finds James Stark AKA Sandman Slim, in charge of Hell as the new Lucifer He finds its even worse than he thought he has to attend endless planning meetings to rebuild Hell after it was pretty much destroyed in the last book It takes him almost exactly half the book before he s back to where he wants to be, which is Los Angeles which strangely enough doesn t seem that different from Hell The rest of the book finding him doing his speciality, which is blundering into bad situ [...]

  3. I m assuming you ve read up to the third book If you haven t, turn back now Spoilers ahead And here I am again, entirely unsure of how I feel about this book because I m really not sure what the hell is even going on any in a not so awesome way Let me first just say that I m still enjoying the hell out of this series the things I don t like about this book are not enough to make me quit Sandman Slim or give up hope on Richard Kadrey but this series, I think, is in a period where I think Kadrey c [...]

  4. Welcome to Hell It s just like high school but with boredom and entrails I must confess, I have not read all the books in this series I ve read Sandman Slim and enjoyed it immensely, but I missed books 2 and 3 Having said that, I honestly feel that I really didn t feel lost when I read Devil Said Bang The author did an excellent job of recapping prior events I will go back and read Kill the Dead and Aloha from Hell soon, just to fill in the details.I loved Devil Said Bang and here s why The Wor [...]

  5. 4 StarsI am giving this book 4 stars even though I really enjoy Sandman Slim at the 5 star level This book by its very nature of taking place after Aloha from Hell book 3 which ended many of the main story lines is at a disadvantage It does bring to conclusion the few remaining open ends and really brings Sandman Slim back to his center but offers up little extra.This is a fun read that takes place first in Hell and then back on the streets of LA Without spoilers James Stark spends much of this [...]

  6. Don t fear GodDon t worry about deathWhat is good is easy to get, andWhat is terrible is easy to endure James Stark is turning into my favorite monster hero This book is so good that it corrupts your professional mindset and makes you late on honest reviews requested by the budding authors I feel no need to comment on the plot and characters They are extremely crazy and awesome The plot is mind blowing Stark becomes Lucifer and is stuck in Hell yeah Again Additionally, the Hellions are not happy [...]

  7. There is a sort of interest boredom relationship that I have formed with Richard Kadrey s character James Stark The first book Sandman Slim was a real roller coaster and Stark proved to be an amazing find breaking away from most cookie cutter characters in urban fantasy However, the subsequent parts were only mildly interesting what with a war between heaven and hell, Lucifer s woes, God s nervous breakdown etc Kadrey has adopted a very predictable approach in his novels which is very similar to [...]

  8. When we last left Sandman Slim he had been tricked by Samel into becoming the next Lucifer and his angel half had ditched him in hell This book opens with Stark learning how to be Lucifer and to avoid being killed The hellions are not impressed to have a human in the top spot and seek to overload him with bureaucracy because hell needs to be rebuilt He taken his ancestor wild Bill on as sort of an adviser but longs to be back in LA.I am pretty sure that this is going to be the last book in this [...]

  9. Brainycat s 5 B s boobs 1blood 4bombs 3bondage 0blasphemy 4It s been a long time since I read 3 in the series Unlike some of the other reviewers, I didn t feel like it did a good job of recapping the supporting cast, and I felt lost through a lot of the book Perhaps related, I had difficulty getting a clean translation from s file I didn t check the format to epub.Stark hasn t changed much this story picks up two or three months after 3 ends And that s one of the reasons I liked this book so mu [...]

  10. The first three entries in this series Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead and Aloha From Hell were terrific fun Richard Kadrey juiced the urban fantasy genre with plenty of dark humor and blasphemous wit His energy and invention flag, unfortunately, with the fourth novel, Devil Said Bang Considering that the previous tale ended with Lucifer returning to heaven and the hero stuck with the task of running hell, Kadrey may have painted himself into a creative corner This starts promisingly enough Stark is [...]

  11. I ve been a fan of the Sandman Slim but this book was a jumbled pity party Sandman slim was better when he was driven by his anger at the world and those that had wronged him The emo version of Stark that the reader is forced to suffer in this book is not the same guy Somewhere in the endless complaining I think I saw something that looked like a plot but it s hard to be sure I vaguely remember something about reality threatening to unravel and random appearances by volcanoes, icebergs, and porn [...]

  12. ok, although I still enjoyed the adventures of Stark, there was a lot of jumping the shark going on.t a good sign

  13. Now when I picked this up I didn t realize that this was part of a series but thankfully this wasn t a problem in following the story or who was who as Kadrey does give a brief explanation as part of the story progression This book finds Sandman Slim also known as James Stark running Hell, or trying to, while avoiding the pitfalls and traps that come with the role and with being him it seems and of course all the while trying to escape Hell for the second time As the title hints this was an ente [...]

  14. Devil Said Bang by Richard Kadrey HarperVoyager is the fourth novel in the Sandman Slim series about James Stark, a Nephilim half angel half human , the only live person ever sent to Hell who then broke out In Aloha From Hell, Stark found God literally and when Lucifer left town was anointed the new Lucifer which does not make him happy for a number of reasons, including the fact that there seems to be plot to kill him Meantime, back in L.A a serial killing ghost is loose and someone else might [...]

  15. This installment in the series has some of the tightest, smoothest action I ve ever read The plot progresses forward with few digressions, information is imparted in such a manner that it doesn t stall the story or the action in anyway The dreamers however, pushed my suspension of disbelief a little too much, I think that part coud have been left out.

  16. 3.5 Stars I may be generous for making it a 3.5 star rating because the actual developments that happened in this book could have been handled in two novellas and cut out the extra that made up the reasons to balk, grumble, kick things and basically stick Stark s head in a hole Towards the end of the book, my fear was that the book would be a filler novel One of those that have minor developments but don t do anything else Perhaps I set myself up with high expectations for the series and Kadrey [...]

  17. 4.5 starsThis is the 4th book in the Sandman Slim series by Kadrey I got an eGalley for review from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This one started off a little slower than previous books, but really picked up speed as the book went on I ended up loving this one just as much as previous books It s gritty, darkly humorous, and Stark is the perfect anti hero.The book starts with Stark down in Hell trying to do his job as Lucifer When he finds out Lucifer mainly does a lot of paper [...]

  18. Reading this book, I came to realise that Kadrey has carved a niche for Sandman Slim in the fantasy pantheon Sure it s one of the children of the Dresden Files or Mike Carey s Lucifer, but it s got some tricks up its sleeve.Sharp, snappy dialogue Mostly blasphemous ideas and plot developments A little bit of self pity and a lot of witty banter Stark the hero, or anti hero depending on the phase of the moon has one liners up his sleeve than Spider Man and a lethal, nuke em brand of justice for t [...]

  19. When we last saw Stark, a.k.a Sandman Slim, Heaven didn t want him and Hell was afraid he d take over.As Devil Said Bang opens, Stark is trying to rule Hell and doing a miserable job of it Being the Devil is one of the most boring jobs Stark can imagine not that he wanted the job in the first place , and the only thing breaking the tedium is the fact that all the rest of Hell is trying to kill him.I loved the first thee books in Richard Kadrey s series Sandman Slim, Kill the Dead, and Aloha from [...]

  20. I just purchased the hardcover edition of this book last week I have loved the Sandman Slim series since discovering it earlier this year I eagerly awaited this book is it the beginning of a new trilogy since I found out about it I just finished it and I am very happy with it While a few things changed for the character since the last novel in the series, Stark finds himself traveling further than ever in an attempt to find resolution He finds, pretty early on in the book, that running hell was [...]

  21. I was number five on the hold list and very excited when I got the text that it was in In fact, it broke my obsessive glut of Christopher Moore reading and I finished it in about a day.The first half of the book does what Kadrey does best, which is bringing to live new ideas and characters while acknowledging earlier books, then we get to re visit old beloved characters and places in the second half Maybe not as much as I would have liked, but there are enough twists to make it feel like a new a [...]

  22. A gloriously trashy mix of mythology, theology, guns, motorbikes and lots and lots of blood Don t expect high literature and don t bother if you haven t read any of the previous books in the series Sometimes you want a steak, and sometimes you just want a hot and greasy burger that s really, really bad for you This book is a quarter pounder with cheese.Note if you read the Kindle version when it first came out and got a bit confused when Stark seemed to leap from one situation to another and sta [...]

  23. I admire writers who can create fast paced, intricately plotted stories that still have layered, complete characters To me, that s the prose version of juggling eggs and chainsaws at the same time In Devil Said Bang, Richard Kadrey s fourth SANDMAN SLIM book, he accomplishes this feat while tap dancing and simultaneously playing blues harmonica.When Devil Said Bang opens, James Stark, whose Hellion arena name is Sandman Slim, is still in Hell, but he s in a well, let s say, a managerial position [...]

  24. Stark figures out a way to get of Hell, but as usual that creates problems than it solves Not only has he got to find out why a child ghost is killing humans before the fabric of reality is dissolved, but he s also got to figure out who keeps crank calling him from Hell and find himself a replacement since the fallen angels need a strong Lucifer to guide them and he doesn t he think he s the right person for the job Not the best of the series so far but a solid contender in the life and times o [...]

  25. Needed a break after this book because Stark becomes exhausting Half a book is him complaining about how sad his life is following Aloha From Hell, the other half is setup for the next story arc The end result is a cross between an intermission and a Dear diary entry written by an angst filled teen who feels misunderstood because his self centered act doesn t earn him pats on the back and hugs from the masses for mucking things up Hope it will get better in the next book, but not rushing into th [...]

  26. May contain spoilersI really love the narrator on this series well Sandman is once again in a pickle he has found himself playing the devil, there is a childlike ghost out killing and really enjoying it, everyone else wants to take over hell themselves so he better watch his back but all in all it always seems to work itself out Moonen has taken the devil armor and headed to hell and get things back in order Sandman is left on earth to deal with his own people and the war hasn t even begun.

  27. I love this series I love these characters I will probably read all the books ever written about James Stark.They are light reading.Continuing with food metaphors, these are a tomato sandwich in the summer time Absolutely delicious at the moment.

  28. Another solid entry in the Sandman Slim series My favorite part Finally understanding the reasoning behind his Sandman Slim name Hard boiled and fun to read I m a little annoyed that there is yet another sequel in the making, but I suppose Kadrey has to milk this cash cow.

  29. As I continue listening to these audiobooks I just really enjoy the adventure Time to scratch the bathroom stall for a good time get some Sandman Slim

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