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Galatians for You

[PDF] Galatians for You | by ☆ Timothy J. Keller [PDF] Galatians for You | by ☆ Timothy J. Keller - Galatians for You, Galatians for You First in a new series of expository guides to the Bible Timothy Keller Galatians For You closely examines the text of Galatians in an expositional engaging and applied way Tim Keller s trademark gif

  • Title: Galatians for You
  • Author: Timothy J. Keller
  • ISBN: 9781908762573
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Galatians for You | by ☆ Timothy J. Keller, Galatians for You, Timothy J. Keller, Galatians for You First in a new series of expository guides to the Bible Timothy Keller Galatians For You closely examines the text of Galatians in an expositional engaging and applied way Tim Keller s trademark gift of clear explanation and compelling insights make this a uniquely flexible resource This expository guide to Galatians will help Bible teachers devotional readers and anFirst in a

Galatians for You

[PDF] Galatians for You | by ☆ Timothy J. Keller [PDF] Galatians for You | by ☆ Timothy J. Keller - Galatians for You, Galatians for You First in a new series of expository guides to the Bible Timothy Keller Galatians For You closely examines the text of Galatians in an expositional engaging and applied way Tim Keller s trademark gif Galatians for You

  • [PDF] Galatians for You | by ☆ Timothy J. Keller
    125Timothy J. Keller
Galatians for You

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  1. 2017 Update Just read this book for a second time and highlighted even of it than the first time around As usual, studying the Bible brings different truths to the forefront each time I read it and this book has helped immensely.2013 Review A few months ago, I read through Galatians again, and struggled to find the significance in most of it There are some good, applicable quotes in the last chapter, but the bulk of the book seemed irrelevant to me What could I possibly learn from a 2000 year o [...]

  2. Book Review Galatians For You by Timothy KellerI don t think I ve ever sat down and read a commentary straight through, from cover to cover.Until now.My usual mode of operation, when it comes to using biblical commentaries, is to reference the specific sections on the passages I need And I have several different series of commentaries on my shelves, giving me a lot of reference material for Bible study.But Galatians For You, by Timothy Keller is different It s a commentary But it s also a devoti [...]

  3. So far, Tim does a pretty good job bringing out heart dynamics a la Jack Miller, but he is still dismissive of new scholarship on Galatians emphasizing the contextual nature of the letter Through chapter 2, he has missed a lot of details in the text, even if he has done a decent job re contextualized the message into our context.He still is pretty driven by a Lutheran works righteousness reading of Judaism, though, which is problematic.For someone as missiologically informed as Tim Keller, I wou [...]

  4. This is an excellent, popular level summary of the book of Galatians It s very easy to read, and yet profound I especially enjoyed the treatment of justification, and of conceit.

  5. The Good Book Company has just released the first book in a new series of devotionals titled God s Word for You The first book is on Galatians by Tim Keller titled Galatians for You This series is designed to be an expository guide through the books of the Bible It is not a detailed commentary on the Greek and Hebrew though it has helpful detail when needed It is not so focused on the practical that it spends very little time on the text itself This is a series that is purposely anchored to the [...]

  6. Galatians for You is an apt title for this new commentary by Tim Keller In this short book Keller unpacks a great deal of thought provoking doctrinal content and challenging personal application of said content It is incredibly easy to read and can be understood by new and old Christians alike Tim Keller, like R.C Sproul, possesses that unique gift of having a highly intellectual mind and the ability to communicate to the common man This is seen best in the appendix concerning the New Perspectiv [...]

  7. I found this to be an awesome read Keller is incredibly gifted at taking Scripture and going under the surface and digging deep into it and then communicating it clearly to the lay person This is a very accessible, but not easy read I took several months to go through this book and really enjoyed the space in between readings to really work through and chew on the material Keller comes at this book with no agenda beyond getting to the root of the message of Galations Jesus nothing the gospel The [...]

  8. I studied Galatians at college not so long ago so I thought I had a pretty good understanding of it However, this excellent study opened my eyes to far I can t speak highly enough about it.This is practical expository teaching, taking each verse of the epistle and unpacking it so we can both understand but also use it.Keller uses excellent layman s language and the conversational style reads like he is sitting alongside guiding you through the epistle Then after each section of teaching there a [...]

  9. Timothy Keller has a wonderful message to preach the Gospel of Grace Unfortunately Mr Keller tries to force his message onto every part of the letter to the Galatians regardless of whether it fits or not There were a number of occasions when I was left puzzled and frustrated by things he wrote and the statements he made To be honest, I only finished the book because it was a gift I regret not keeping a list of the concerns I had as I read the book so I can t list them here, and I don t have the [...]

  10. This is an excellent book, as well as an excellent introduction to the God s Word for You series This book and series , claims it is not a commentary yet it also serves that purpose I am really impressed with Keller s book which does fulfill the series subtitles This is for you to READ, thrilling you about Gospel freedom This is for you to FEED, helping you meditate on God s word day by day This is for you to LEAD, equipping you to teach the bible to others This is Galatians for you Keller maste [...]

  11. Loved it Great balance between dealing with the text of Galatians and discussing it s relevance for everyday life Tim Keller does a great job at applying the life giving message of the gospel to our blind spots This looks like a good series, very readable for anyone Was also very helpful for me in preparing small group Bible studies.

  12. I love the God s Word for You commentary series The material is deep enough to give you a good understanding of the text and accessible enough for anyone to grasp I read this for a men s Bible study at my church Excellent

  13. Great approachable look at Galatians A great book Read this and listen to Matt Chandler s sermon series on Galatians and be ready for a life changing event Highest recommendation

  14. A very profitable read written in a really helpful manner It s structured in such a way that it could be used as a personal devotional, group study, or a standard commentary Recommended

  15. As a start, I think Tim Keller is a brilliant man of God, thinker, and author His book, The Reason for God is a treasure when it comes to understanding the nature of faith A favorite of mine As a skilled writer with an amazing heart, I had a number of notes in this book that wow ed me His focus on faith in the Cross and nothing else being our hope is paramount Where the struggle came was in his view or how that view was expressed in three areas that were crippling for me as a reader For any deta [...]

  16. Through most of my life as a Christian, I have always somewhat avoided Galatians, finding it difficult to connect with than other books like Philippians or Colossians This year I decided to read Galatians every day for a month, and that combined with this study guide absolutely opened up Galatians like a treasure chest It is such a rich and beautiful book Tim Keller, one of my favorite pastors and writers, does an amazing job of uncovering and exploring the richness of this book I highly recomm [...]

  17. It Was Good For MeThese books God s Word For You Series are about being bible centered, Christ glorifying, relevantly applied and easily readable Keller accomplished all four of those goals in this book I recommend it for pastors, bible study leaders and anyone wanting an accessible study guide for devotions I also appreciated his brief appendix on the controversies around the new perspective on Paul It was short but it was one of the better summaries of the pros and cons of the perspective.

  18. A very meaty book 185 pages come out of a 5 pager book of Galatians You can imagine how deep the level of explanation, insights and interpretation As the book laid out its purpose this is for YOU to read, thrilling you about gospel freedom this is for you to feed, helping you meditate on God s word day by day this is for you to lead, equipping you to teach the bible to the others Think this book has achieved them all A lot to ponder.

  19. The God s Word For You series is excellent for average Bible readers and untrained theologians, which makes it an awesome resource for most of us Galatians is no different, it proves to be a concise, excellent study Keller is an expert on laying out the mechanics on what it means to live out the Gospel, and the way he spells it out here will be beneficial for even the most seasoned Christian.

  20. G latas es un tratado exhaustivo acerca de la gracia y Tim Keller lo demuestra.A veces me pareci reiterativo y repetitivo, pero entend que se debe a que todo gira alrededor de la gracia y s lo ella.Tim describe c mo la gracia afecta los cimientos de tu vida y te da una nueva cosmovisi n de t mismo y del mundo.

  21. The stated purpose of the book was to provide a bird s eye view of Galatians rather than to function as a commentary , but I feel that at times it was a bit too pragmatic Perhaps it s just my personal preference Keller s exegesis, however, was excellent, though the depth of it varied somewhat haphazardly.

  22. It felt like Keller was speaking directly to me I truly regret how judgmental I have been Grace is a gift that is freely given You cannot earn or repay it I highly recommend this to anyone who grew up in a fundamentalist church.

  23. Want to mine gold Dig here So helpful and accessible Every paragraph is like mining gold in the mineshaft of Galatians Keller puts a miners light on so the believer can see the richness of the Gospel plainly.

  24. This book was not a bad book, i think i just read it at a bad time for me I found it to be repetitive and predictable and at this point I was wanting something a bit deeper A good simple commentary on Galatians.

  25. Heart warming guide to GalatiansGreat devotional guide through the implications of the Gospel of Grace in the epistle of Galatians Would certainly recommend this book

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