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Waiting for You

[PDF] Read ✓ Waiting for You : by Shey Stahl [PDF] Read ✓ Waiting for You : by Shey Stahl - Waiting for You, Waiting for You Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents She is the class valedictorian has perfect grades

  • Title: Waiting for You
  • Author: Shey Stahl
  • ISBN: 9781482594126
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ Waiting for You : by Shey Stahl, Waiting for You, Shey Stahl, Waiting for You Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents She is the class valedictorian has perfect grades the perfect friends a perfect boyfriend basically perfect lifeor so everyone thought That s when she realizes the path planned isn t always the path chosen On graduaBailey Gray is t

Waiting for You

[PDF] Read ✓ Waiting for You : by Shey Stahl [PDF] Read ✓ Waiting for You : by Shey Stahl - Waiting for You, Waiting for You Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents She is the class valedictorian has perfect grades Waiting for You

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Waiting for You : by Shey Stahl
    490Shey Stahl
Waiting for You

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  1. EDIT 24 9 2013Due to recent development of the events considering this author, plagiarism and the fact that book has been pulled from , I decided to erase my rating

  2. This review was posted at Angie s Dreamy Reads 5 DANGEROUSLY INTENSE STARSAHHHHHHHHwhat a book Holy crap I literally just finished and I m still gasping for air and trying to come up with words to tell you about it GRIPPINGINTENSEHEART STOPPINGSWEETTENDERMOVINGAre just a couple of the words that I would use to describe the book Dylan is over being home with his drunken father He s tired of being beaten down and taking crap for a life he never chose and choices he s not responsible for He s sick [...]

  3. These two people are poison for each other And the worst part is, they weren t, they just turned ugly somewhere along the way.But let me start from the beginning.For the first 50 60% of this book it was amazing A very sweet love story about a rebel boy and a good girl that s finally gotten out of her cage It was right up there with some of my favorite reads Yeah, Bailey annoyed me a bit, but it was nothing I couldn t get over I loved Dylan, I loved him.I was willing to ignore numerous, and I mea [...]

  4. 4 Stars She believed lies because they were the only truth she knew.So this book is about a road trip two lost friends takeBailey goes on this trip to get away from her monotonous planned life, to break free explore her wild side, to live a little HELL, you are 18 only once bitches When everything was planned for you, spontaneity and the unknown is something worth living.I took the whiskey back looking at the label and wondering why they didn t put a warning label on the outside of the bottle th [...]

  5. 4.5 Heartfelt Stars Bailey has spent the majority of her life being who everyone else wants her to be Living up to the expectations of being the perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect girlfriend He life isn t really hers any It s the day of her highschool graduation, where she is Valedictorian of course And she decides to take a stand She says exactly what she wants to say and doesn t think about the consequences Staring at the back of the audience, she see s Dylan Her first kiss, her old fr [...]

  6. I believe that people come into your life and then some go.I also think there s a purpose as to why they were in your life at all.Each one takes a piece of you when they go.Some leave pieces of themselves with you.Sometimes its s wisdom, or maybe,it s a lesson What would you do for a piece of forever What would you do to love , feel , and live What happens when you living your life but you don t feel alive A feeling of numbness takes over you, tired of being mundane You will get to a point wher [...]

  7. I m completely, over my head, 100%, can t stop thinking about it, in LOVE with this book A journey of two young people trying to find themselves, and instead finding each other Waiting for you is a beautiful, moving, thought provoking read, I loved every page I felt like a giddy teenager reading this book, the author has done an amazing job of making the reader feel a part of every kiss, conversation, drama and emotion Parts of the book were almost poetic, hats off to Shey Stahl her writing is a [...]

  8. It was a summer of tears, laughter, colors that bled lies and denied the truth It was the kind of love that knew no bounds, tangled emotions that were strong Dylan wasn t a rebound or distraction No He couldn t be Not Dylan Like I said, you don t just fall for someone like Dylan Wade You bleed for someone like Dylan Wade You didn t just randomly show up here It was fate You once asked me if I was in the right place at the right time what I would do This is me, in the right place at the right tim [...]

  9. Just like the sky, a change, a thought, a feeling, doesn t happen right away, for me anyway You don t see it at first It s nothing but chalky warmth, a glow in the distance completely humbled to the magnificence of Helios As a dawn starts to shake the ash from the night, revealing the bright red scarlet of morning that ran riot in the sky, a decision is set, but you don t know it There s something refreshing about a sunrise, It s just as unpredictable what a new day would bring A child hood that [...]

  10. 1.5 starsThis book deserves some sort of awardr having the most misleading cover and blurb in the history of covers and blurbs It is nothing like it appears to be, and if you re looking for a sweet, fun road trip book, look elsewhere, because this is NOT it.This is a story about two spoiled, self righteous kids who hate their lives, despite the fact that even with their demons, they still have it better than a hell of a lot of teens these days They channel all of this hatred into their love, and [...]

  11. I hate to say this but what was the hype all about I couldn t connect to either of the main characters I didn t feel the love connection either I felt Dylan was of a jerk then anything the whole book And Bailey needed a back bone often then not where Dylan was concerned These two had trust issues, lack of communication, jealousy issues and lusting going on then anything And maybe some anger issues.I wanted to love this but the book just didn t work for me I couldn t connect and it dragged a l [...]

  12. 5 Heart Clenching Stars I loved this story let me be honest and say that before the last 25% of this book I was sitting on a solid 4 stars I had gone through several chapters where I felt like the book was settling down to much and I kept waiting on that click to happen Don t get me wrong, the first half was really good and even the settled part was really good, but it was nt 5 stars Then, that moment happened where my heart seized up and I just knew that I had taken that turn in this story and [...]

  13. Wanna know why this and other Stahl s books were removed from Simply, she s been acussed of plagiarism Apparently, this book has been based on Twilight fanfics and her newest book, For the Summer , was based on the fanfic Dusty.Well done, Stahl, well done insert sarcastic bomb here I wouldn t have read this book after the bad reviews I read about it but Really Stealing from fanfics Even, from popular fanfics Like nobody is gonna notice anyways, huh Jesus Christ.Wanna know about it Check this an [...]

  14. Waiting For You yet another book Plagiarised by Stahl From Waiting For You Shey Stahl ch.3 What did you just say I choked out still coughing, beer coming out my nose which then caused me to cough Dylan s eyes held no shred of amusement when hespoke You obviously heard me What would make you think I was sleeping with him I ll admit that I was tad bitter You can t sleep with a guy like Eric James and expect him to keep quiet about popping your cherry, did you I didn t think you were that goddamn n [...]

  15. Five fucking stars Another amazing story by Shey Stahl Shey has the ability to write stories that draw you in The way the characters are written, you get truly invested in them I felt Dylan and baileys emotions I loved these two The sadness, happiness, loathing, excitement There were so much these two went through I felt like I was on the journey with them Loved the story, loved how it progressed Loved the ending although I did get teary eyed when bailey decided to make an important decision Thi [...]

  16. 4 Bad Boy Stars Tattooed, bad boy Dylan and beautiful, brown eyed Bailey grew up together but haven t spoken to each other since they were 10 Right after graduation, they run away from life and take a roadtrip Along the way they find HOPE, BELONGING, TRUST, SOFTNESS, ADORATION, HAPPINESS, FORGIVENESS, and LOVE I enjoyed this book and the playful banter between these two They make you believe that true love does exist Everyone has a deal, An unspoken understandingwe were meant to be and you know [...]

  17. I m insane This is so insane This is amazing I may be insane, but this was not amazing to me.Yeah this was just okay for me It could be that I need a break from this genre as I have said so many times before, but I just keep going back and then read one of these I didn t connect with the characters and found the storyline to be on the ridiculous side Too much drama for drama s sake Moving on

  18. As many people say, the hype always lies.Before reading the book OMG look at that cute cover Definitely looks like a nice, enjoyable summer read After reading the book I was warned that Waiting For You was ridiculous I was even given examples of the ridiculousness But my curiosity and that too pretty for its content cover forced me to read it despite that As soon as I read the first few pages, I knew I had made a mistake by picking this up.Let me explain.The charactersBailey.What to say about he [...]

  19. Although I found this to be an astoundingly good coming of age plot, my review is a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly The Good Shey Stahl gives us a cast of wonderful characters, including a bad boy heart throb rocker and a na ve young girl on the verge of becoming a woman She tops it all off by sending us off on a road trip across the country in a classic 68 GTO all of which are among my favorite romance tropes There wasn t much I didn t enjoy as far as the storyline and characters were concerned [...]

  20. PLAGIARISM ALERT Formerly the Twilight fanfic Watching Waiting by Jaydmommy The plot and structure of this story looks like it was taken from a different Twilight fan fic by the title God Love Her by Lynyrd Lionheart.

  21. 5 holy fan myself stars i loved every single moment I blushed and sighed and high fived the air and even yes air guitared reading this incredible journey Loved it

  22. Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookI love romance novels about falling in love with the boy next door and living a happily ever after Childhood romance stories are my book crack I have heard such amazing things about Waiting For You I couldn t wait to dive into the book and get lost in the story Bailey Gray has lived her 18 years doing everything she was told to do She was the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect girlfriend to the perfect boy Bailey s life was planned out [...]

  23. 2 5 starsThis book was absolute trash, boring, cringe worthy And now I realize she stole this story Plagiarism is not cute honey.

  24. 3.5 stars A story about a girl and boy who were so lost they couldn t see what was right in front of them It was our deal I really wanted to like this book and, in parts I truly, truly didI loved Dylan and reading his POV and I loved the last 30% of the story I felt the emotion and found it quite moving.The problem for me, I think, is that I found it a little sappy Don t get me wrong, I love a good love story and on reading the synopsis this seemed the perfect book for me but I found it sometim [...]

  25. I am very disappointed because I enjoyed this book very much Due to recent events relating to this Author, I decided not to post my updates or a typical review I will probably write a short response to how I feel because I want to finish the book, but a small review will be it For now I m marking it as DNF, until I can go back to itWHY DOES THIS HAPPEN WHYY I am referencing THISBailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the ex [...]

  26. Con ese gif digo absolutamente TODO MIERDA CON ESTE LIBRO, JODER, MIERDA.El maldito libro hubiera estado GENIAL con solo 100 p ginas, osea, y LA gran verdad no era mas que una idiotez bueno no pero comparado con todo el maldito drama que se desarrollo antes de LA gran verdad, por faaavar, en serio la autora se excedi tanto de p ginas para eso Siento que d ndole cuatro estrellas es mucho, pero no puedo dejar de sentir que el libro se las merece, porque me gusto tambi n, pero al mismo tiempo lo od [...]

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