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Ravine, Volume 2

↠ Ravine, Volume 2 ✓ Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz ↠ Ravine, Volume 2 ✓ Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz - Ravine, Volume 2, Ravine Volume The balance of power in the kingdom of Palladia is threatened as schemers plot to overthrow the rightful king Amid this turmoil a sorcerer named Stein Phais and a dragon rider named Lynn de Luctes a

  • Title: Ravine, Volume 2
  • Author: Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz
  • ISBN: 9781607067689
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Ravine, Volume 2 ✓ Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz, Ravine, Volume 2, Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz, Ravine Volume The balance of power in the kingdom of Palladia is threatened as schemers plot to overthrow the rightful king Amid this turmoil a sorcerer named Stein Phais and a dragon rider named Lynn de Luctes are Wanderers blessed with great power and destinies that can shape the fate of nations How long will it be before they are drawn into the conflict

Ravine, Volume 2

↠ Ravine, Volume 2 ✓ Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz ↠ Ravine, Volume 2 ✓ Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz - Ravine, Volume 2, Ravine Volume The balance of power in the kingdom of Palladia is threatened as schemers plot to overthrow the rightful king Amid this turmoil a sorcerer named Stein Phais and a dragon rider named Lynn de Luctes a Ravine, Volume 2

  • ↠ Ravine, Volume 2 ✓ Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz
    287Stjepan Šejić Ron Marz
Ravine, Volume 2

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  1. Odu evljenje ovom grafi kom novelom apsolutno nije splasnulo.Plamen koji su autori u prvom delu zapalili, u nastavku se razgoreo u pravi po ar, ali naravno u pozitivnom smislu Kreativnost bukvalno isijava iz ovog tandema to vizuelna to narativna I dalje se odu evljavam grafikom dogodi mi se da se vratim na neku stranicu da je pogledam jo jednom, i jo jednom Sama pri a ide korak dalje i lagano stvari dolaze svaka na svoje mesto Upoznajemo likove i lagano u imo koje od njih da mrzimo a koje da vol [...]

  2. EVEN MORE DRAGONS.So yes, this was great An epic fantasy with cool, unique and weirdly life like art and so many fucking dragons I was ecstatic if not only it had ended with a huge cliffhanger and then the news that we probably won t be getting any of this story.This obviously sucks, as I was really starting to get into this series and the scale of it was growing The pace and information delivery was still a bit off, but improved so much from the first issue that I just know that this series wo [...]

  3. The epic fantasy Ravine gets bigger in Volume 2 as Stjepan Sejic delves into the background of one of his primary characters, one whose anti hero past is both dark and surprisingly light Not only does Sejic grow the scale in the story proper but his appendix entries makes one wish he had the chance to draw them in epic art instead of prose.Stein and Lynn join together in their journeys out of Palladia into the territory of the city state of Wade during which Lynn comes to like the Wanderer, thou [...]

  4. And so I read Ravine volume 2 And it was glorious Thought about ending the review there, because I m so damn tired and fatigued But thought you deserved a little Mostly because I gave the first volume 4 5 stars, and this one jumped up a bit That has one reason.Everything that I loved with the first volume, is still present The artstyle is lovly I really like the characters The humor is just up my alley And, we got to know the world a little better If you remember my review of the first volume, [...]

  5. The art and the story of these comics is simply phenomenal I don t even understand how it can be this good D

  6. I ll never ever ever manage to finish my reading challange if I stay so much time in Hearthstone And I hate my sister for pestering me with it I just wanna play casually and she s always absorbed by it Gah, I need to read a good book.May include spoilers Read at your own risk Ok so continuing with the story, quite a few things begin to happen.For one Lynn gets to befriend Stein and seeing them together I thought they were in their twenties well at least that s what they look like drawn in the cr [...]

  7. This is the second book in the Ravine graphic novel series and it was very well done I absolutely love the illustration throughout and am also enjoying the characters a lot.The evil Nebezial is still trying to control dragons and take over everything Stein and Lynn de Luctes are mostly ignorant as to these doings and end up on a journey to the town of Wade Here Stein hopes to fix his runeglass and get some winter gear so that him and Lynn can continue on their journey Bonus stories about the Duc [...]

  8. If you read my review for the first volume of this series, you won t be surprised to hear that I was SUPER pleased to find the mini novella short story at the end of this book I still feel that this world is deep and rich and interesting, and lends itself to novel format than graphic novel format The extra star is because of the novella By and large, I enjoyed this volume every bit as much as the first However there were two things that I found irritating First, Arianna s behaviour regarding Ly [...]

  9. While the first volume suffered from what I call the newcomer s issues long story short too many terms in too little time, thus no time for character and plot development , this one has managed to present the world smoothly The first battle was presented, like a small glimpse of the two protagonists power, Stein s especially This alone would be enough to create excitement for the continuation, but it s not the only thing Nebezial, the antagonist has proven to be a very intruiging character.Now, [...]

  10. La segunda entrega de Sejic, pero se siente como si fuera la primera Ahora por fin tenemos algo de historia y no solo una seguidilla de introducciones a la pasada Tenemos hilos en movimiento y algo que esperar en el tercer volumen.El arte sigue siendo lo mejor de Sejic, cada panel presenta una calidad increible para que valga solo por si mismo Lo cual tambi n me dice que debe faltar harto tiempo para el volumen 3 Pero el tomo no es solo una seguidilla de acci n Seguimos conociendo a los personaj [...]

  11. I m loving Ravine it s all so beautifully illustrated painted , that every panel is a small work of art, whether it s a stunning landscape or a subtle emotion and the epic background history that s set the story in motion has a richness to match But what I love the most are the wonderfully observed character interactions and relationships In volume 2 we also get two big personal secrets revealed to us though only one of them is shared between the two main protagonists I always enjoy that anticip [...]

  12. I enjoyed the first volume greatly and where it made for a nice opening and setting for the world, the story that picks up in this book feels directed and focused Political drama is brought the forefront as we see scheming rulers, threatened kingdoms, and those who are fated to change the fate of nations Whether for good or bad remains to be seen More character backstory offers deeper insight into where Stein and Lynn come from and nicely sets up their budding friendship and trust as they jour [...]

  13. The adventure continues as the awol dragon rider, Lynn, and the mysterious wanderer, Stein, journey to the bustling commerce kingdom of Wade Complex and powerful characters, intricate world building and, of course, gorgeous artwork, Ravine is swords and sorcery fantasy at its finest I particularly love the depiction of strong female characters, both heroines and villains, as competent and valued participants in the story as well as, the diverse cultural mix of the peoples and kingdoms Clever hum [...]

  14. With drool worthy art by Sejic and a fascinating world, bursting with lore and plenty of interesting characters by Marz, Ravine is a delicious fantasy comic Volume two becomes engaging as the story progresses and new characters are introduced The start of the book, however, is a bit slow One downside for me, personally, is trying to keep track of all the characters, histories, geography, and terms in general I know it s usually part of the territory, and I appreciate the complex world Marz is b [...]

  15. Wonderful continuation to the series Stjepan Sejic s artwork beautifully complements the story The entire world seems familiar yet altogether new Most of the characters are memorable and have distinct personalities The story gives the reader enough information to start understanding how the world of Ravine works, but keeps enough back to ensure that people will want to continue reading I m eagerly awaiting the next installment of the series.Highly recommended for comic and fantasy fans alike.

  16. Man, the illustrations are amazing and glorious Beautiful.The story is a pretty straightforward fantasy adventure, although the politics, like sometimes happens in these stories, get waaaaay too long without any climax to them The plot is kind of obvious, too, but the supporting characters like the Ripper, Mary, Eines and Arianna rock my socks.

  17. While it has a slight tingle of DD adventure to it, it is a pretty compelling story with interesting main characters It makes very good use of the world building from the first volume and is a very satisfying read that left me wanting volume three.The art is again amazing.

  18. As much as the story is captivating and detailed and the characters individual and diverse and well fleshed out the artworkez man the art I can t get enough

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