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A Case of Possession

Free Download A Case of Possession - by K.J. Charles Free Download A Case of Possession - by K.J. Charles - A Case of Possession, A Case of Possession Magic in the blood Danger in the streets Lord Crane has never had a lover quite as elusive as Stephen Day True Stephen s job as justiciar requires secrecy but the magician s disappearing act bothers

  • Title: A Case of Possession
  • Author: K.J. Charles
  • ISBN: 9781619217645
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook

Free Download A Case of Possession - by K.J. Charles, A Case of Possession, K.J. Charles, A Case of Possession Magic in the blood Danger in the streets Lord Crane has never had a lover quite as elusive as Stephen Day True Stephen s job as justiciar requires secrecy but the magician s disappearing act bothers Crane than it should When a blackmailer threatens to expose their illicit relationship Crane knows a smart man would hop the first ship bound for China But somethinMagic in the

A Case of Possession

Free Download A Case of Possession - by K.J. Charles Free Download A Case of Possession - by K.J. Charles - A Case of Possession, A Case of Possession Magic in the blood Danger in the streets Lord Crane has never had a lover quite as elusive as Stephen Day True Stephen s job as justiciar requires secrecy but the magician s disappearing act bothers A Case of Possession

  • Free Download A Case of Possession - by K.J. Charles
    482K.J. Charles
A Case of Possession

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  1. After I finished writing The Magpie Lord, I wanted to find out what Stephen and Crane would do next All very well for these two guys to strike up a romance in an isolated decaying mansion full of magic, magpies and maniacs, but what happens when they take it back to the oppressive environment of Victorian London where Crane has a business to run, and Stephen has to enforce the law on other magicians, while dodging it for himself It was obvious that this story needed to centre around one of Steph [...]

  2. 4.5 starsHey The Magpie Lord fans this is book 2 But it feels different And I mean that in a way that screams it s even better A Case of Possession, in my opinion, could even possibly be read as a standalone Very little of book 1 sets anything up for book 2 other than the introduction of our fantastic characters of Crane, Stephen, and Merrick And those characters are SO GREAT in book 2 along with some fun and freaky and fantastic side characters added to the mix Although, let s get real you don [...]

  3. More of a Sopho Slouch, really.To me this felt a bit rushed and insubstantial the plotting seemed a gauzy thing easily swept aside at the end.Not enough conflict, or humor, or tension Way too much conversation, as fun as that can be to read when penned by a master.Still.Charles is exceptional Even her second tier work is better than most people s first.Lesser, then but still quite Good.

  4. Written January 29, 20144.4 Stars hot, mysterious and well done in an historic London another winner with Magpie powerAt last the second part is here and it was just as good as the first one, The Magpie Lord 4.5 stars , was These gentlemen are street smart, English noble and a bit hefty and two very shameless, but adorable, sexy men They always do a lot of interesting stuff both indoor and outdoor In a tantalizing mini shorty Interlude with Tattoos 4.2 stars we got a taste of their present life [...]

  5. Magpie Gate Season 2 Commencing inThe Magpie Lord was most certainly one of the best buzz books of 2013 Could the latest addition in the A Charm of Magpies series, A Case of Possession continue the charm and repeat the buzz Hmm let me think about it You look like the cat that swallowed the cream, Stephen said softly That comes later Hell yes Round two was just as good as book 1 Don t skip book 1 You really should read the series in order.This series makes me want to shout from the rooftops with [...]

  6. When The Magpie Lord burst into my periphery back in September 2013, I immediately thought it was fresh and exciting So of course the sequel became the case of high anticipation Did it deliver Hell, yeah In some part it was even better although in other parts, I was a bit let down It all depends on your expectations, I guess.Okay, mystery wise or the paranormal case that Stephen took and ended up involving Crane, that one ROCKED my socks Seriously it was a much better plot, involving evil magic, [...]

  7. And you thought the countryside was bad London manages to bring forth a plague of disturbing proportions Rats Let your imagination enlarge that unconscious fear and enjoy the story Aside from the aforementioned icky bits there s Stephen s team to meet Yay Sassy group Also, Crane and Stephen manage to move forward spectacularly well much to my surprise I guess I m use to being tortured relentlessly with stupidness on MCs parts in other series, but no, not here Hip, hip HOORAY I am charmed by the [...]

  8. AWESOME SAUCE, this series is.I spent quite a lot of my time reading this book thinking about Crane and Stephen s relationship and how to describe it But all I kept thinking about was that Police songI ll be wrapped around your fingerDevil and the deep blue sea behind meVanish in the air, you ll never find meI will turn your face to alabasterThen you ll find your servant is your masterYou ll be wrapped around my fingerAnd I was trying to figure out how to translate those lyrics into, like, real [...]

  9. A never published, old newspaper draught found recently in the secret drawer of an old victorian writing bureau GIANT RATS ATTACKING THE CITY MYSTERIOUS MAGPIES FLOCKING AT THE SCENE RUMOURS OF MAGIC SUSPICIONS UNCONFIRMED AS OF YET BUT CONSTABULARY ON ALERT This is Max Macky McMackster reporting on recent animal attacks that as of late, have been ravaging London Rumours that these attacks have been made by rats the size of dogs is rife and rat bites have been confirmed by the coroner but report [...]

  10. It couldn t be better The funny thing is that I had decided I would never again read Historical Romance Well, this isn t exactly HR, it is Historical Fiction, and entwined with MM notes, all of this makes this book a wonder thing to read.In the first book, Crane and Stephen are lusting after each other They can t get enough of each other Their relationship is physical This book is about their feelings What they feel for each other What they think about their fragile relationship.Watching these [...]

  11. Even better than the first book While keeping all the excitement and charm of The Magpie Lord, A Case of Possession expands the world of Day and Crane We meet the other members of Day s team, all of whom are colorful and fascinating on their own, as well as a number of Crane s friends from Shanghai.The romance between Day and Crane remains sizzling One of the things I particularly enjoyed was seeing a bit of Crane s character, from his willingness to help a friend no matter what, to his desire [...]

  12. Apologies for spamming your feeds with magpies, my friends0_oAn entertaining blend of adventure, suspense, horror, romance and hotness My only niggle being that this story felt rushed The various components of the story all fought for attention, and I don t think the author took as much time as I considered necessary to flesh out all the bits satisfyingly A Case of Possession was therefore a pulpy fun packed joy ride, the unfulfilled potential mainly regrettable when it came to discovering what [...]

  13. 4.5 stars This was a different book from the first, and I loved it for and in spite of those differences It s a emotional book, with heart Crane and Stephen matter to each other now, not as two men in the first brilliant flash of mutual attraction, but with a bond that is deeper than they sometimes care to admit The funny little foretaste in the free short, Interlude with Tattoos, has become a melding of talents and desires They are still living apart, having separate but sometimes intensely i [...]

  14. This series is my new obsession This is what I wanted Widdershins to be Historical romance with a paranormal twist, and done to perfection K.J Charles,Can t wait for the next in the series

  15. Powerful bond Lucien Vaudrey, aka Lord Crane 37 and magician Stephen Day 29 are back, stronger and closer with new and adventures There s giant rats killing people, Stephen working too much, Crane worrying, a blood and sex bond, growing threats of exposure and a really big risk of losing everything Can Crane and Stephen get through this whole and together I like to make you know your master, Crane said It s only fair The rest of the time you ve got me so thoroughly enslaved, I might as well be [...]

  16. See me all flushed and catching my breathCrane gives me shivers Delicious shivers And that was just watching him deal with a blackmailer Then, to see him with Stephenere are no words You Get your mouth back on my cock Now So imperious, but so desperate And so flippin hot.I loved seeing Crane obsess about Stephen Poor Crane, so not used to being the one who waits and wants His vulnerability was sweet, and a beautiful contrast to his domineering ways Seeing him with Stephen Perfection And Merrick [...]

  17. Sexier than the original and just as witty, filled with dead shamans, giant rats, and revenge I will never get tired of Lucien and Stephen All hail the magpies

  18. It s even better than the first There s sex and better Snap Our cast expands, adding several great and funny new characters We get to see Stephen in Justiciar action with his bad ass team of magical SWATs Speaking of, the story features enough gory, revolting mayhem to satisfy a hard core gamer I ll put in a special word of praise for the dialogue, which is just so fucking smart I m still coming down off the buzz it gave me On second thought screw the coming down I think I ll just start reading [...]

  19. 4.5 starsRATS Rats, rats, rats everywhere Mutant rats Tidal waves of scurrying, ravaging little beasties well, maybe not so little There s blood and guts and gore and lots of eeww yuck grizzly bits If you re squeamish, beware But for the rest of us, this is another great chapter in the adventures of the debonair Earl Crane, the Magpie Lord This second book finds Lucien Vaudrey does the man have enough names still in England even though life would be so much easier back in China He s tending to h [...]

  20. If you liked The Magpie Lord, you ll love A Case of Possession But, wait Before you read it, go download Interlude with Tattoos for free at Smashwords That lovely little story takes place right after Crane and Stephen come back from Crane s haunted mansion and gives you some of the motivations behind Stephen s behavior that you ll want to know about for this book The only objectionable thing about the Interlude story is that the sex is fade to black Really, Charles Really A Case of Possession st [...]

  21. Have you ever finished a book and said to yourself, Dammit, how the fuck am I supposed to review that I mean, if you look at my review for The Magpie Lord, I was obviously in the same situation, as evidenced by the measly 86 words I was able to sputter out But I m going to give it a try anyway This was just all around perfect for me Like an idiot, I started reading it after I was already tucked into bed on a Sunday night A few hours later yes, I m a slow reader , I had to force myself to hide my [...]

  22. A continuation of the first volume, new adventures for our characters and some new background introduced, plus a shakedown cruise of the relationship The plot reminded me of nothing so much as the love child of Sax Rohmer and William Goldman Or Sax Bill.I begin to suspect the magic system is the author throwing spaghetti against the set pieces and seeing what sticks, not that that s exactly the main point of these books At least the magic does work like magic, and not recycled science.I ve a hor [...]

  23. The level of awesomeness that is this series, really, truly, I can t put into words A Case of Possession, the second installment in the A Charm of Magpies Series by KJ Charles is just as good as the first, and THAT is one hard act to follow In this story we go back to 19th century London, and immediately set off in another fast paced adventure with Lucien Crane, Stephen Day and Merrick, Lord s Crane exceedingly efficient henchman, and sidekick extraordinaire This trio did not give me a second of [...]

  24. Another fast paced and totally captivating read from KJ Charles I have to agree with Eve s review in that I would have liked emotional tension between the two MCs but I was too busy being freaked out by the thought of being eaten alive by giant rats to miss it that much.

  25. 4.5 stars from me for this one, the next in the Charm of Magpies series Another great buddy read with Ingela and Andrea, thank you LadiesOnly a shortie review from me cos it s a hugely popular book and has had loads of positive feedback Blackmail, old acquaintances, intrigue, sex, magic, acceptance, the possibility of love AND giant rats all combine to make this sequel to the Magpie Lord well worth reading Several funny quotes I d like to include here Let s be clear Are you trying to blackmail m [...]

  26. DNF at 32%I can t say too much to my defence, except that I m sorry and upset to fall out of line with this series, but I can t share the opinions of most readers about it I shouldn t have picked it up, because I didn t already enjoy the first book, but all of my GR friends liked it, so I decided to give it a try Sadly to say, but I couldn t build any connection neither to the story nor to the characters After I tried it already twice yes, I forced me up to 34%, put it aside and after a while de [...]

  27. First Read 02.2014Second Read 09.2016My life changed four months ago, and I utterly failed to understand that until just recently, and thereforeI may have omitted to tell you I love you.KJ Charles has done it again, I don t know if it s possible to fall in love with Lord Crane and Stephan Day again but damn it I did Oh and I won t forget about Merrick because his parts were funny and caring This go around we see a little role reversal going on with Stephan being the dominant one at times and Luc [...]

  28. I love Lucien and Stephen I adore their chemistry, their banter, their vulnerability to each other I love it It is exactly what I want in a romance The mystery plot in this story did not feel as sophisticated as the one in the first book, nor as creepy moody However The rats were fucking awesome This was one of my most anticipated books, and it did not disappoint More, please

  29. 3.5 stars I liked it as much as I liked the first book, but in a different way, if that makes any sense.I loved that the romance, the chemistry and the connection between the characters were much stronger The mystery was good too, but I liked it in the first book.And the rats were wow and eww at the same time.I m having fun On to the next one.

  30. Loved it Makes me want to go back and reread the others right now Review tonight Now I just need some sleep, except I have to go to work Curse you, unputdownable book

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