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Damaged But Not Broken

Unlimited Damaged But Not Broken - by W.H. Vega Hearts Collective Unlimited Damaged But Not Broken - by W.H. Vega Hearts Collective - Damaged But Not Broken, Damaged But Not Broken New Adult Rock N Roll Romance Full Novel Length No Cliff Hanger Warning Intense Sexual ContentWhen your soul is ripped from your body is it ever possible to find hope happiness or love again Paige i

  • Title: Damaged But Not Broken
  • Author: W.H. Vega Hearts Collective
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Damaged But Not Broken - by W.H. Vega Hearts Collective, Damaged But Not Broken, W.H. Vega Hearts Collective, Damaged But Not Broken New Adult Rock N Roll Romance Full Novel Length No Cliff Hanger Warning Intense Sexual ContentWhen your soul is ripped from your body is it ever possible to find hope happiness or love again Paige is betrayed by the most important man in her life the one who is supposed to be there the one who is supposed to protect her her father One night her dad passes outNew Adult Ro

Damaged But Not Broken

Unlimited Damaged But Not Broken - by W.H. Vega Hearts Collective Unlimited Damaged But Not Broken - by W.H. Vega Hearts Collective - Damaged But Not Broken, Damaged But Not Broken New Adult Rock N Roll Romance Full Novel Length No Cliff Hanger Warning Intense Sexual ContentWhen your soul is ripped from your body is it ever possible to find hope happiness or love again Paige i Damaged But Not Broken

  • Unlimited Damaged But Not Broken - by W.H. Vega Hearts Collective
    348W.H. Vega Hearts Collective
Damaged But Not Broken

643 Comment Damaged But Not Broken

  1. All my feelings went into my update statuses for this book.The beginning started of strong with what happened to Paige and then 13 years later, but Blake s entry fell flat for me He just came of wrong for me couldn t warm to his character but I thought he was a little weak and he came of whiny and annoying like that s what I would have expected from the female but nope this time all male.This book basically made Paige to be genuine and a stronger character that you end up liking She fought her d [...]

  2. So predictable Skimmed through and almost DNF I found both main characters to be painfully whiney This story had so much potential.

  3. A Four star Freebie Cleaning out my library and low and behold a free book I can read past the first chapterYippee I really enjoyed Blake and Paige s love story Childhood sweethearts that reconnect years later and how they overcome the obstacles in their lives.Blake the perfect boy next door grows into a perfect manhe always has Paige in his heart tucked away beneath the questions of why she left him so 13 years ago He has finally moved on with someone else but really deep down Blake s heart was [...]

  4. It s been quite a while since I ve found a freebie that I ve really enjoyed So happy I found this This story was really well written and I blew through the pages in one afternoon I really enjoyed how the story was told If you enjoy these types of stories, but don t really like reading all of the horrible details, this is for you This particular scene is written very tastefully in my opinion Paige came from a pretty normal family She went to private school, had a nice house in Nashville where she [...]

  5. My book buying budget at present is zilch so i m one clicking quite a lot of the freebies from and most of them are just so so, but hey when you re not paying anything for them its always worth a go.Damaged But Not Broken sounded like it would be good but I was keeping my expectations opend I was pleasantly surprised This book is a gem and I m amazed its a freebie, I ve paid for books that I haven t enjoyed nearly as much.Two things that really stood out for me as refreshing were that the our t [...]

  6. 3 STAR READ FOR MEPaige s parents had divorced when she was still young She spends her summers with her father in Nashville But the summer when she was fifteen her father came home drunk with his friends, he crashed and his friends raped her Paige left never to return, that also meant leaving her first love Blake.Paige is now 28 and after all these years her father makes an approach to reconsile with her Paige sings and plays the guitar, coincidentally her father is in the music business He owns [...]

  7. The book starts out with Paige Blake at 15 years old I know at age 15 there was no way things were going to be a smooth ride to happily ever after but what happened was not what I expected You can t help but love Paige she is the Blonde haired girl next store Blake is the smok n hot guy everyone wants a piece of 13 years later Paige is a still a hot mess and has let what happened to her ruin her life Paige decided to try to repair her relationship with her father and move back in with him after [...]

  8. WHY UNIVERSE WHY IS RAPE A TRENDING TROPE IN FICTION THESE DAYS I m thankfully not a victim of sexual assault but IHIGHLY DOUBTthe trauma from being a victim of something SOOO horrible can be remedied by a handsome mysterious guy with an agressive alpha male attitude and Abs that would make Dwayne The Rock Johnson ugly cry.Seriously, world, What the actual FUCK

  9. I found this hidden gem in free section this had me griped from start very emotional read I could not but this down

  10. Had potential but turned out to be totally predictable Did a lot of skimming Also had cheating which I hate

  11. I loved this book, I m almost hoping there s a sequel I could use I want to know about there careers, if they get married, kids, and about her dad.

  12. Didn t finish it Hate the books where the main characters love each other and can t be together for some reason Sexual frustration makes my blood boil, therefore, 1 star Got too annoyed to finish it and see how the story ends The cover is gorgeous tho, so points for that.

  13. So I picked this up as a freebie and honestly I was pleasantly surprised, it had a great story line, if you like damaged people that it Blake and Paige meet at 13 and fell in love and began a sexual relationship at 15, her parents divorced meaning Paige went to live away with her mum and got to visit her dad in Nashville in the holidays where Blake also lived Her father is an alcoholic and one night he comes home with his two friends passes out leaving them to rape his daughter Now my first crit [...]

  14. BIG SIGH HERE I usually pick books based on either recommendations from friends or great sounding descriptions and this one sounded like my kind of bookuntil I started reading Since I like to be fair and give a book a chance, I kept on and skimmed through a few pages here and there to get to the meat of it.The story wasn t bad, it was just the execution of it times I felt like I was reading a YA book geared for teens with the exception of the sexual content The main players, Blake and Paige were [...]

  15. I really want to give this book 5 stars, and I would have but the end even though it says no cliffhanger leaves you wondering what happened next view spoiler Does her dad come back better Do they fix their off relationship Do Blake and Paige make it or brake it in the music industry What happens next in Blake and Paige s relationship hide spoiler There are so many question I have that don t get answered by the end of the book, I loved this book but I wanted at the end I hope there ends up being [...]

  16. Paige leaves her town after the haunting night where her fathers drunk friends take advantage of her when father is passed out.She vows to never forgive her father and never return there back,even for her first love Blake.After 13 years,the wounds are still raw.But when her father tries to re coop their relationship and her career,she agrees.Seeing Blake again makes her feel all the feeling she kept hidden all these years,but he is engagedd that to with a bitch of girl.Loving again Blake is very [...]

  17. This was a very quick read The beginning chapter is just very heavy but you already know that if you ve read the synopsis But the remainder of the story was just so sweet I loved to watch this couple come together and it was just so obvious that they were meant to be it was nice My only negative remark is the conclusion As the book was concluding I was wondering how it would end This book is set up perfectly for a sequel but I can t find that there is one in the works Although I enjoyed the endi [...]

  18. So I got this book for free Thought I would give it a whirl It s about a girl who has a tragic past don t they all She leaves her father s house at the age of 15 after being raped Now 13 years later she moves back to his house to become a country music musician since he is conveniently a manager And her old boyfriend from when she was 15 is also country singer And he still lives in her old town And he is managed by her dad This story just sort of writes itself All in all it wasn t bad Well writt [...]

  19. I give this book 3 1 2 Stars Freebie The story starts out with a tragic rape scene 13 yrs earlier and goes to present time Paige is now 28 years old damaged but not broken She had to leave her past friends, relationship, and father behind to be with her mother in Bristol She used singing and playing country music for healing Her father Kenny hears her playing at a bar and doesn t realize what talent she has and offers her a deal she can t refuse In the meantime, she returns to Nashville to try t [...]

  20. I almost couldn t bring myself to finish the book at the beginning since I m really not into the whole Engaged to one woman but completely in love with another so what do I do thing It honestly felt almost a little too angst y to me But that s just me Overall it was a really good story as soon as Blake got rid of that pesky bitch of a fianc e There were a few spelling errors throughout, but not so many you would think no effort had been put into editing I liked the story and I m glad I pushed th [...]

  21. I liked the reality of this book Addicts aren t addicts until they are sober Addicts are addicts for life and will always have to choose to either give in or resist the temptation I can t imagine the horrible thoughts and feelings of a 15 girl while being raped by 2 grown men Savannah was such an entitled little hoochie Blake was very supportive and a tad naive when it came to Savannah but thankfully protective when it came to Paige Paige was definitely very damaged but for good reason The betra [...]

  22. 3.5 stars I liked it and really liked the 2 main characters I feel it could have dug a little deeper into the story Could have went in a few other directions It felt like there was only a few things going on her past experience what this book was based on , they are either on tour, at her dad s house or, yeah that was about it With that being said I still feel like it was a good quick read.

  23. I feel bad giving a book two stars, but this one was just not up to par with others in this genre I ve been reading It was a bit off putting that the guy couldn t decide if he really wanted to be with her, but that s just my personal opinion I also thought some of the intimate scenes were painful to read at points I ve not read any others by this author, so it s possible that others are better, this one just didn t do it for me and I will probably not continue with this series.

  24. Paige at 15 is violated by her drunk father s friends 13 years later she is still dealing with the events Now finding solace playing guitar and singing, she takes the leap to accept the help from her record label father who she has cut off since that fateful night Going back to Nashville doing a gig she runs into the boyfriend she had lost her virginity They both still have unresolved feelings the only problem is he is engaged.

  25. This is another story which I enjoyed reading as in the begining it starts with something that will shock you and then makes you wonder what will happen after what happened to Paige on that unforgettable night Sometimes love is like a roller coaster until you decide what s best for you and that s exactly what s the love between Paige Blake happened to be at first I am looking forward to start the 2nd book now to complete this lovely story.

  26. I almost didn t finish this, but managed to push on The story is clich d, the characterization is all over the place, the ending was predictable What drove me insane was the characters voices They re 28, but the writing made them sound like they re 19.This has potential to be good, it just needs a lot of work I won t be reading book two.

  27. It started off as cliche and ended in the same fashion Everything about this book was predictable from the unrequited love, the sensitive musician and the bitchy girlfriend None of this book was particularly interesting This was just another book that I feel like I ve read a million times before Off to read the sequel.y because it was free.

  28. I liked the story but it so predictable The endings based on her romantic relationship,which is clear, but regarding the situation with her dad, thats left up in the air and it s unclear, it gets confusing It would have been nice to end on a happy ending as a whole, rather than leave it open Ok read for the price though.

  29. well I had a couple issues and this book first needs editing big time second the main characters seemed younger than they are in this story Paige acted early twenties then pushing 30 some of the storyline itself annoyed me as well but I don t feel like finding words to explain.

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