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Cracks in the Armor

Cracks in the Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting] Cracks in the Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting] - Cracks in the Armor, Cracks in the Armor Chris a sexy tattoo artist tries to win the heart of Sarah a grad student with little interest in him in this second e short and follow up to Helena Hunting s gripping love story Clipped Wings tw

  • Title: Cracks in the Armor
  • Author: Helena Hunting
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Cracks in the Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting], Cracks in the Armor, Helena Hunting, Cracks in the Armor Chris a sexy tattoo artist tries to win the heart of Sarah a grad student with little interest in him in this second e short and follow up to Helena Hunting s gripping love story Clipped Wings twisted dark incredibly erotic a love story like no other USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton Part owner of the Chicago tattoo shop Inked Armor Chris Zelter is a tChris a

Cracks in the Armor

Cracks in the Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting] Cracks in the Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting] - Cracks in the Armor, Cracks in the Armor Chris a sexy tattoo artist tries to win the heart of Sarah a grad student with little interest in him in this second e short and follow up to Helena Hunting s gripping love story Clipped Wings tw Cracks in the Armor

  • Cracks in the Armor Best Download || [Helena Hunting]
    450Helena Hunting
Cracks in the Armor

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  1. 3 StarsThis novella may be a short and a quick read but I didn t expect it to be a bit heavy and angsty in such a good way Chris and Sarah s story was emotionally driven and passionate I loved how Chris took care of Sarah and how he made her feel wanted I guess that s what Sarah needed most especially of what s going on in her life.There were Tenley and Hayden moments here that made me miss them, which also made me feel excited to read the second book of the series, Inked Armour All in all, Crac [...]

  2. 3 shortie starsCracks in the Armor is a quick short about Chris and Sarah, gearing us up for their full length novel Chris is the good guy, who has a lot on his plate while trying to take his relationship with Sarah to the next level I just had a steady supply of crappy, followed by periods of mediocrity Sarah was the best thing that had come my way in years, but she worked so much I didn t see her often.Sarah is a struggling student that strips to survive, who lets her hang ups get in the way.H [...]

  3. I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.Chris is a tattoo artist at a local tattoo shop Sarah is a college student trying to earn her MBA, while working as a waitress at a strip club Chris is falling hard for Sarah, but is afraid of admitting his feelings to her On the other hand, Sarah is too busy for her to really spend time with Chris view spoiler although she would like nothing than to spend time with him hide spoiler This is quite the hurdle in their relationship [...]

  4. ARC Received on behalf of Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books from NetGalley.As we move closer to Chris Sarah s story we get another glimpse into their lives Cracks in the Armor starts just after Ink Armor ends and while Hayden Tenley appear to have worked through their issues Chris and Sarah haven t even begun to deal with theirs.This was a very short dual point of view novella that showcased what these two really want from one another, even though both appear to be far too scared to admit it out [...]

  5. Going into this novella, which takes place shortly after Inked Armor, but is a prequel to Chris and Sarah s full length novel, I was hoping we d get of a glimpse into their beginning Their story was happening simultaneously with Hayden and Tenley s in Clipped Wings, and in order to get on board with their story, I wanted insight into the whys Why did Chris, a person with little relationship and commitment history, suddenly decide that Sarah was the one to pursue even after she turned him down [...]

  6. 4.5 cracked starsA gratifying inside look at the hard edged man with a tender heart and the girl that puts on a guise to achieve her dreams Helena manages put package a lot in this very short novella We get a bit of Hayden and Tenlay and even TK A sort of added epilogue where they ve put the past behind them, moved into their new house, made it a home and are happily mellowing each other out I was incredibly happy for them But also forlorn for Chris Because their happiness next to Chris life is [...]

  7. I ve really enjoyed reading this series but as much as I ve loved Hayden and Tenley I ve also become quite attached to the side characters so I was really excited to find out that Helena Hunting had written a short story about Chris and Sarah We ve seen their relationship starting to develop in the previous books but I was looking forward to getting to know them both better through this story.Although I liked Cracks in the Armour I have to admit I was a little disappointed that so much of the fo [...]

  8. A quick, angsty look into the beginning of what I hope will be a happy relationship for Chris and Sarah I loved seeing the vulnerability of Chris is this story we didn t see that side of him in the previous books and novellas But there was still the humor we d expect from him as well Even though this was such a quick read I feel like we got a little deeper look into the friendship between Chris, Hayden, and Jamie they are lucky to have each other.And I really enjoyed the glimpse of Hayden and hi [...]

  9. Chris Zelter is co owner of the tattoo shop with Hayden in Clipped Wings It is great to see two side of Chris He is badass with his friends and a total sweetheart with Sarah He was persistent in the cultivate of Sarah s affections It was alittle short and I would love to see of Chris and Sarah and plus my favorite couple,Hayden and Tenley I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

  10. Very short, but fair explanation to get us to the next chapters in the story of Chris and Sarah.

  11. Cracks In The Armor es una novela corta dentro de la serie Clipped Wings de Helena Hunting.Estas escenas extras no aportan demasiado a la historia pero si eres fan como yo de la pareja formada por Chris y Sarah, esta lectura seguro que te gusta, aunque reconozco que disfrutaria mas estos peque os libros si la autora no se empe ara en meternos a Tenley y Hayden en cada escena que crea, me gustaria que se centrara mas en Sarah y Chris pero aun asi me quedo con los momentos tiernos entre ellos, cad [...]

  12. Leider ist es das erst Band gewesen, dass mir von der Inked Armor Reihe zwischen die Finger gekommen ist Und leider konnte ich nicht viel damit anfangen Einfach zu viele Personen, die ich nirgendwo zu ordnen konnte Schade eigentlich eine sch ne Zusatzstory zu den original B nden.

  13. Cracks in the Armor was another little glimpse into Chris and Sarah s relationship the perfect setup for Fractures in Ink, which focuses on them Since it s dual POV the entire series is I got to see where they both stand Seeing the insecurities and vulnerabilities was captivating Getting updates on Hayden and Tenley, and Jamie and Lisa was an added treat Onto Fractures in Ink

  14. I was so excited when I found out that Chris and Sarah would be getting their own story I love the Clipped Wings series and as much as I loved Hayden and Tenley love them , I always had a soft spot for Chris Even though I really liked Between the Cracks the first Chris and Sarah novella , it was just too short I felt like just as I was getting in the story, it was over But, I understand that is how most novellas work They are there basically as a tease to tide us over until the next book is rele [...]

  15. I think it s well established that I am a huge fan of the Clipped Wings series I love Hayden I love Tenley I love the writing and all the characters I love it all I have been so anxious to get of Chris and Sarah, so obviously I was pumped to start Cracks in the Armor.It was great I liked the brief glimpses of life since the end of Inked Armor, where Tenley and Hayden are now and how they re coping I was both impressed and slightly sad to see that those two still struggle daily to grab a better [...]

  16. I really like these e shorts from Helena Hunting, they do a great job at increasing my interest in the characters all while setting up the next full length novel As a secondary character in the first two books in the Clipped Wings series, we didn t get to see a lot of the real Chris Half owner of the tattoo shop, Inked Armor, he was the guy who liked to party, pick up women and hang out at the local strip club It really wasn t until the e short Between the Cracks that we got to see a different s [...]

  17. CRACKS IN THE ARMOR focuses on Chris and Sarah once again It begins right after Inked Armor where Tenley and Hayden have just resolved a lot of their issues However, things are just beginning for Chris and Sarah.As Sarah continues to work at The Dollhouse as a waitress, she knows that once her internship starts, she will be getting a lot less sleep than she already does Chris, on the other hand, is trying to deal with the fact that he now has Sarah in his life Since the story is so short, it doe [...]

  18. This book is a short novella focusing on Chris and Sarah, as they begin their relationship This short read is a teaser leading into Chris and Sarah s own full length novel I am a fan of the clipped winged series and enjoyed reading this short story about Chris and Sarah Chris is a tattoo artist and is a co owner of a tattoo shop Inked Armor Chris and his friends worked together to create a business that would be able to support them and would give them an opportunity to do something that they lo [...]

  19. Publicado originalmente El Extra o Gato del Cuentowhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat That s NOT fair You can t You can t D GIVE ME MOREEste fue el definitivo para m , NECESITO un libro completo con Chris y Sarah Esta vez si puedo leer desde el punto de vista de Sarah, y me gust lo que sent , es completamente diferente de lo que ten a con Tenley Sarah es m s decidida, m s c nica, un personaje m s rico de leer, m s querible incluso Y Chris volvi a darme esa sensaci n de ternura sin quitarle todo lo que me gust [...]

  20. I enjoyed this novella, it was a nice, quick read I thought it was a good edition to the series I love Chris and Sarah together so much and there was a sweet moment mixed with a nice amount of heat I wish there would have been progression in their relationship but they both seem to have issues opening up.This story is told from both theirs POV s We learn a little about each of their pasts and get a good sense about how they feel about one another Sarah recounting things about Chris makes you kn [...]

  21. I LOVED Clipped wings and Inked Armor and although I wasn t keen on Chris in Clipped Wings, I liked him bunches in Inked Armor So, this little novella is a gem to me Chris and Sarah are really together and the two have amazing chemistry Again, Helena s erotic writing is stellar Her writing is stellar, period But now we get to see how the two co mingle in day to day life While they are getting closer, they both continue to hold back I love seeing a VERY sweet side of Chris The way he supports his [...]

  22. To be honest, I was not sure what to give this novella It wasn t a bad plot, but it wasn t great either There is no real problem to solved therefore, there is no solution to anything The novella has no real ending, but does not really leave the reader begging for either The writing style was good, and I liked the characters but didn t feel any real connection to either character In the end, this is why I gave it a 3 because it is just an okay novella.

  23. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT It made me want soooo much of Chris and of course the rest of the crew too Did I say I loved it Excellent writing and I really want to be a part of the world this author has created Looking forward to from Helena Hunting She has a fan for life Will definitely recommend this book and the entire series

  24. Thanks Netgalley for ARCthe story was way too short I understand it was a novella but ive read longer novellas I didn t see a point on writing these book because it was just short and a retelling of the others.Don t get me wrong I did love the others book from the series but this one was just not for me I was hoping for .

  25. Although it s really short it s also really interesting We get both Chris and Sarah s POV I think their romance and their struggles are really interesting You get a little pre H Ts POV after it probably half the novella If you loved Clipped Wings you will find this adds a little to the story you already know.

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