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The Birthday of the World and Other Stories

☆ The Birthday of the World and Other Stories ✓ Ursula K. Le Guin ☆ The Birthday of the World and Other Stories ✓ Ursula K. Le Guin - The Birthday of the World and Other Stories, The Birthday of the World and Other Stories For than four decades Ursula K Le Guin has enthralled readers with her imagination clarity and moral vision The recipient of numerous literary prizes including the National Book Award the Kafka A

  • Title: The Birthday of the World and Other Stories
  • Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
  • ISBN: 9780066212531
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ The Birthday of the World and Other Stories ✓ Ursula K. Le Guin, The Birthday of the World and Other Stories, Ursula K. Le Guin, The Birthday of the World and Other Stories For than four decades Ursula K Le Guin has enthralled readers with her imagination clarity and moral vision The recipient of numerous literary prizes including the National Book Award the Kafka Award and five Hugo and five Nebula Awards this renowned writer has in each story and novel created a provocative ever evolving universe filled with div

The Birthday of the World and Other Stories

☆ The Birthday of the World and Other Stories ✓ Ursula K. Le Guin ☆ The Birthday of the World and Other Stories ✓ Ursula K. Le Guin - The Birthday of the World and Other Stories, The Birthday of the World and Other Stories For than four decades Ursula K Le Guin has enthralled readers with her imagination clarity and moral vision The recipient of numerous literary prizes including the National Book Award the Kafka A The Birthday of the World and Other Stories

  • ☆ The Birthday of the World and Other Stories ✓ Ursula K. Le Guin
    138Ursula K. Le Guin
The Birthday of the World and Other Stories

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  1. The Birthday of the World and other stories by Ursula K LeGuin is a beautifully written collection of stories crafted by an artist whose ability to create deeply meaningful speculative fiction has placed her high among peers.Providing a foreword to her work, LeGuin makes a persuasive case that the collection of short stories should be considered its own genre While her reasoning makes sense and should be considered, LeGuin really makes her case in the pages that follow Creating a panorama of hum [...]

  2. I think it s something of a clich to say that science fiction is about the here and now Reading Iain M Banks or Vernor Vinge, who write awesome adventure novels about post humans and super intelligent computers set in space in the far future, it s easy to forget just how much light SF can shed on the condition of us earth bound, unenhanced humans of the early 21st century And then you read Ursula Le Guin and remember For that reason alone, The Birthday of the World is a spectacular book each of [...]

  3. Wow I was an anthropology and sociology major at the University of Michigan, and I picked up this book for free at a used book sale Impressed would be an understatement Guin s stories are as thorough as the ethnographies that I have to read for my Anthro classes class, gender, inequality, signification, and are covered in a writing that envelopes and enchants the reader My favorite story is Paradise Lost , a story about the culture and mythology that are created in a space vessel of humans trav [...]

  4. Ursula Leguin is a genius at speculative fiction What she does is create worlds like little tiny machines, with something at the heart of them that drives them differently from ours Then she starts them and sees where they go, and writes beautiful, beautiful stories about them.This collection of stories explores a variety of worlds It takes us back to the world of The Left Hand of Darkness, where the inhabitants are genderless most of the time, only becoming male or female for short periods of t [...]

  5. I initially didn t think I d love this book as much as I did but here I am, thrilled and happy I don t think there s any story here that I didn t enjoy, and there are a few.This is a book about sexuality and its social meaning about what it s like for a society to be composed of members who go into heat once a month and only grow sexual organs then About what it s like to have four categories of people two genders, two moieties, which are strange and abstract to describe, but easy enough to unde [...]

  6. This book is listed as Hainish Cycle 10 but I haven t read any of the prior 9 I know, shame on me and I had no problem with them They all focus on different worlds and civilizations, which I assume have at least been touched on within the other Hainish Cycle stories As per any other collection, I liked some than others but overall this was one of the best collections I ve read One of these days, I may have to try some of her others.

  7. Coming of Age in Karhide A pretty straightforward title for a pretty straightforward story If you read The Left Hand of Darkness and wondered about Kemmer and exactly how it worked, this will clarify things Fascinating The Matter of Seggri Seggri is a world where the number of females is greater than males to a magnitude of 6 Males are venerated and cosseted and do little than compete in games and impregnate females The females do pretty much everything else and, it could be argued, hold all th [...]

  8. That was really fascinating It was definitely a different approach to science fiction than I ve read before and I ll attribute a good portion of it to the author s gender The stories are written with a beautiful tenderness, anthropological explorations of unfamiliar worlds and races and relationships, made real through very relatable themes of love and friendship They re very curious Some of the worlds are sketchily described, while Paradises Lost, the final story and the longest by far, is a ri [...]

  9. The Matter of Seggri I would not have expected this one to floor me that much That s now already two stories that really hit me emotionally, and I haven t even read all of them yet view spoiler My heart really went out to the men of Seggri and the further I read, the sadder I went At the end I was just sobbing into my pillow In hindsight, this story may not have been the best thing to read before going to sleep D.The structure of this story is ingenious, because there are layers it peels with ea [...]

  10. This is a collection of short fiction, 8 stories set in UKL s various worlds and universes I found them all to be engaging, serious, and good The first one, Coming of Age in Karhide is set on the world of The Left Hand of Darkness, which is a world I ve missed It was cool to get to revisit it and learn about the culture of Karhide on Gethen I won t take you through each story, but suffice it to say that some are sad, others are joyous or funny, but all of them are so very real The characters et [...]

  11. Many of these short stories take place in the same universe The Left Hand of Darkness does, but Le Guin goes further in exploring matters to do with sex and love for a few of them More than just being experiments , though, her worlds are complete, organic You can also picture them growing beyond her, the births and deaths and forests extending beyond what we can see on the page.What if A marriage were a foursome a sedoretu with a Day male female pair and an Evening male female pair , with sexual [...]

  12. I was utterly absorbed in all of the stories in this book Le Guin is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers, and I look forward to reading She approaches science fiction like anthropology or ancient history, considering the cultural bases for our identities, inhibitions, and expectations By inventing, with meticulous and compelling detail, cultures and bodies, she makes the reader reexamine her own frameworks for understanding the world.Le Guin is also a master of characterization, so the [...]

  13. Wow reading this book is like drinking from a fire hose Each of Le Guin s story is, in essence, a mini social commentary, and no topic goes untouched Sex, politics, the role of gender, religion it s all there Clearly, this woman is a very, very smart individual with a lot to say about the world how it is and how it could be She s also highly imaginative in her approach These are science fiction stories, and many of them are very clever and use a creative premise to tell their story.So, on many l [...]

  14. The Birthday of the World and Other Stories by Ursula K Le Guin is a collection of eight stories and two short essays, afterwords Six of the stories are from the Hainish cycle In most collections there is variability Some stories are better than others And I guess that s true of this one as well, but I d be hard pressed to say which one isn t as good as another They re all good, or very good, or even better Of the first seven six involve sexuality, and the other one war The final story, a novele [...]

  15. Wow Usually short story anthologies get a middling rating from me because one or two standouts function as the tent poles That s not the case here at all each story is excellent in its own right I loved learning about people, places, and cultures in the Hainish Universe But my favorite story was the multi generational interstellar starship voyage Fantastic collection, and a must read if you ve read The Dispossessed or Left Hand of Darkness.

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh Sooooo goooooood When I learned that Le Guin s father was an anthropologist it explained a huge amount to me Her SF what ifs aren t much along the lines of what if there was magic goo that could make and fix everything or what if aliens built an interstellar subway system then disappeared They are along the lines of, what if the female male ration was 1 16 instead of 1 1 or what if most people were bi sexual, with a minority of heterosexuals or what would the religion of people [...]

  17. 4.5 5 starsOne Saturday afternoon, when I was about twelve years old, my dad put a tape in our VCR and pressed play After the pounding of the 20th Century Fox drums had faded, there was a quiet pause followed by a second dramatic fanfare Even now, nearly thirty years later, the sound of it makes my insides tickle with anticipation As the trumpets trumpeted, little blue words appeared on a space blackened screen A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away And thus began my love affair with Space O [...]

  18. A REVIEW IN PROGRESSA review must follow after reading this fabulous short story collection So far I have completed Coming of Age in Karhide, The Matter of Seggri, and Unchosen Love I have yet to be disappointed within any of these stories Coming of Age in Karhide The first story I imagined as an extended and detailed footnote taken out of Le Guin s The Left Hand of Darkness, an interesting novel I enjoyed but hardly remember anything about As soon as I began, however, the memories of the novel [...]

  19. This is a collection of 1990s novellas and novelettes from Ursula LeGuin That means they are mostly from the Hainish universe of two of my favorites from her The Left Hand of Darkness, and Four Ways to Forgiveness In fact, Coming of Age in Karhide is set on Gethen, and Old Music and the Slave Women on Werel The majority of these stories deal with gender roles, but not in that cheap women good men bad 1970s fashion Here we see the interdependent yin and yang of the sexes, albeit in sometimes unfa [...]

  20. This is my second attempt at a Ursula K Le Guin book, and I m going to give up Objectively, I can see how the writing is good and the story lines are interesting and creative, but they just don t interest me that much.In this collection of short stories, the same themes get played out over and over again Gender fluidity Gender imbalance Non traditional marriages One space culture visiting another space culture, and the subsequent fallout.Additionally, I find it really difficult to become immerse [...]

  21. LeGuin is such a treasure smart, thoughtful speculative fiction that starts with a cultural what if and works it through in fascinating detail These stories are especially strong in that regard Returning to the setting of The Left Hand of Darkness for Coming of Age in Karhide is a particular treat She examines different social structures in Mountain Ways and Solitude in ways that play out as utterly plausible The final story, Paradises Lost takes place largely on a spaceship engaged in a generat [...]

  22. It was nice to be able to read stories about the different planets of evolving humans that I had encountered in previous novels, but the real crown jewel of this collection is the novella at the end, Paradises Lost In it, Di Chew Di Qiu, the Chinese Pinyin word for Earth sends an envoy of humans to explore and settle a planet, Hsin Di Chew Xin Di Qiu, or New Earth hundreds of years away As the envoy cycles through a few generations waiting to arrive, some form a religion deeming that existence i [...]

  23. I could not finish this book, possibly because it require attention than I could give it in the Airport and on the plane The few stories I read did have very interesting exploration of alternative social structures, but the characters lacked depth to me I am guessing this book would be better the second time around, since I would not have to relearn so many new terms and ideas It just did not intrigue me enough to give it another shot.

  24. Wonderfully written with in depth observations into the nature of societal views on gender and sexuality Shelving this book for the moment for it would make sense to read the rest of the Hainish cycle before I come back to this one.We ll meet again.

  25. A phenomenal collection of short stories several set in her Hainish cycle As usual, beautiful writing and thought provoking.

  26. This collection of stories seems to explore gender relations far than The Wind s Twelve Quarters, especially Coming of Age in Karhide and the stories set on Seggri TWTQ seemed like fairy tales, or exercises in science fiction, whereas this collection seems actively considered in terms of anthropological and sociological perspectives I found the stories both enjoyable to read as fiction, and to analyse as otherworldly hypotheses This book is like a queer feminist s sci fi dream Coming of Age i [...]

  27. Ms LeGuin does an great job at helping me see the world through different eyes These stories speak about some interesting possible effects of environment and biology on gender and class based roles in society I feel I was given a glimpse into how people outside of my class and gender might perceive things Plus they are good stories.

  28. warning ahead of time this whole thing is gonna sound pretentious sorry I don t know how else to write about it Le Guin is a heartache writer Paradises Lost was so tenderly, complexly, sadly beautiful that, even though I told myself I d read it in little pieces here and there, I suddenly had to speed through it all to steady my breathing and stop my heart from pounding so fast.IF NOTHING IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM YOU, WHAT IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM YOU IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM YOU SOUL, SAY WHAT DEA [...]

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