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First Love

✓ First Love ✓ Kathy-Jo Reinhart ✓ First Love ✓ Kathy-Jo Reinhart - First Love, First Love Six years ago Amber fled her hometown and family heart broken and humiliated Now after walking in on her fianc holding another woman s legs in the air and screaming her name Amber is headed back ho

  • Title: First Love
  • Author: Kathy-Jo Reinhart
  • ISBN: 9780991633111
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

✓ First Love ✓ Kathy-Jo Reinhart, First Love, Kathy-Jo Reinhart, First Love Six years ago Amber fled her hometown and family heart broken and humiliated Now after walking in on her fianc holding another woman s legs in the air and screaming her name Amber is headed back home to Oakville ready for a fresh start in the town she s always loved Determined to get back to her life Amber gets a waitressing job at KC s Bar Grille After a fewSix years ago Amber fl

First Love

✓ First Love ✓ Kathy-Jo Reinhart ✓ First Love ✓ Kathy-Jo Reinhart - First Love, First Love Six years ago Amber fled her hometown and family heart broken and humiliated Now after walking in on her fianc holding another woman s legs in the air and screaming her name Amber is headed back ho First Love

  • ✓ First Love ✓ Kathy-Jo Reinhart
    147Kathy-Jo Reinhart
First Love

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  1. DNF 63% but I did skim towards the end and I know that this one ended on a massive cliffy.I love a good old second chance romance, which is why I immediately agreed to accept the author s request for a review The blurb sounded right up my alley Unfortunately, the execution just fell flat for me I won t go into the details of why this one didn t work for me except to say that the editing issues, the uninspired prose, the cheesy inner monologues, the lack of depth, and robotic dialogue made me rag [...]

  2. JOSIE S 4 STAR REVIEW First Love is told in Dual POV s and I really love that I love a book that we can get into both the characters mind and get a better idea of what is going on Kyle and Amber were in love and have been together for a long time They planned to go off to college and live together, but one night changed everything Amber walks in on something that devastates her She was left broken hearted and walked away never looking back Kyle could not understand what happened to Amber Why she [...]

  3. 5 Cranky Stars Six years ago, Amber fled her hometown, family and love of her life, Kyle, humiliated and with a broken heart Once again, her life is turned upside down when she walks in on her fiance and another women She returns home to Oakville for a fresh start and to get her life back Taking a waitressing job at KC s Bar Grille, Amber becomes friends with Holly, who also helps get her back into a happy routine for several weeks until she finally meets the owner KC Her new boss is Kyle, the m [...]

  4. Second chance romance with the whole gamut of dramatic elements it had almost everything, misunderstandings,alcohol,drugs,manwhoring, serial killers, ex drama, amnesia, long lost dads turns out its a cliffie Not planning to read the sequel.3.5 stars.

  5. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Wow, that wasn t the ending I expected I had forgotten it is the first of a series This book starts rather slowly, with a lot of description, not dialogue, but it heats up nicely and the pace quickens There are a number of unanswered questions that have not yet been fully revealed, so I hope the second book is coming soon The good news is that some of the secondary characters deserve their story to be told too, so there is p [...]

  6. I enjoyed the story and fell in love with Amber and Kyle Actually I fell in love with all the characters I loved that there was a group of guys, who happen to be band mates, that were so close they were like family The were tough rockers but they also showed a bit of a soft side Amber was a tough little lady too Although at the beginning she was a bit of a brat but she was a young teen who acted like a lot of us might if we were in the same situation Although she caused a lot of her own pain she [...]

  7. First Love is a great read It s told in the dual POVs of Amber and Kyle I love dual POVs WE get to getting both Kyle and Amber s heads and see what they are thinking and feeling Kyle and Amber are meet fro each other But one misunderstanding sends Amber fleeing Six years later she returns home Kyle has never gotten over her and has use alcohol and women to try to get over her but the didn t work Amber gets a job working at KC s Bar and Grille At the time she doesn t know Kyle owns it When she fi [...]

  8. Sharon s Book Nook Blog Review Copy of book provided by author in return for an honest review First Love is a story that keeps you entertained at the turn of each page It s well written and sets a great pace as well as depicting the emotion of the story very well.It s narrated via a dual point of view between Amber and Kyle which helps the reader to get to know each character intimately and shows their development as you move through the book Their relationship is quite a steamy one and their lo [...]

  9. Kyle and Amber have their life all planned out together until one horrible misunderstanding shatters both of their worlds Amber is heartbroken and takes off without a word to Kyle and he is left not knowing what he ever did wrong.6 long years later Amber has finally come back home When she decides to get a job at KC s Bar and Grille she doesn t realize who the owner and her boss will be What will happen when Kyle and Amber come face to face Both Kyle and Amber have never gotten over each other, [...]

  10. First Love, book 1 of the Oakville Series by Kathy Jo Reinhart, is about Kyle and Amber, two people who have been in love with each other since they were kids.Just when they are about to embark on their journey to college, a misunderstanding sends Amber running away without asking questions She is hurt beyond belief and leaves without any way for Kyle to find her.Six years go by before Amber finds herself heading back to the town she grew up in Little does she know, but the bar she gets a job at [...]

  11. Good Lord this was one of the best books i have read this year From the beginning Kathy Jo Reinhart pulls you in and your instantly hooked In the book you meet two characters Kyle and Amber who at the beginning is what we like to call high school sweethearts, their love for each other is amazing and something we secretly all wish we had After a misunderstanding, they go their separate ways living lives with only half a heart because their other half is not with them Fate brings them back togethe [...]

  12. Amber the protagonist that believes she was wronged, moved back to her hometown and got a job at a bar grill, which she didn t know was owned by her ex boyfriend Kyle, the hero that just cant get a break in life, every time he turns around the love of his life is slipping through his grasp Beau the stir crazy antagonist, who is in love with Amber, is delusional and dangerous I m not a romance reader, but I was hooked from page 1 I simply loved this book, even though I read the beta version which [...]

  13. First love 5 starsAmber and Kyle were made for each other and in love since they were kids An unfortunate misunderstanding has them hating eachother, hurting, and separated for 6 years Once reunited they stronger than ever and in love than before These two together make some streamy moments and a love like no other Sadly jealousy and some crazy exs keep stepping in the way.Unfortunately it turns dangerous and Amber is in harms way and taking every step possible to avoid it the inevitable happen [...]

  14. Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review Wow This book is awesome One of my favorite books read Amazing I love the story and the characters From the start up to the last, this book held my interest all throughout The characters, Amber and Kyle are easy to love and like I easily get attached to these two I love the chemistry of the characters and the romance build up are easily felt The other characters are also good Love them The story, loved it I m in love with the story The f [...]

  15. Amber vanishes from her home town and Kyle has no idea why or if or what he s done He s left devastated.Then after 6 years Amber returns.Kyle has been off the straight and narrow since Amber left town, women, drink and drugs.Now that they are older and wiser, can things change Will they get together again Or will the hurt have driven them apart forever I m a bit of a sucker for second chances and so this was a lovely read for me.Thanks to the author for allowing me to read it as a complimentary [...]

  16. I won t go into a synopsis of the story But just say what I liked and didn t about this book.I really liked the dual view point in this book I love when you get to see both point of view in a book At first, I didn t like Amber s character at all She finds another girl in Kyle s bed and doesn t even confront him She just hides and runs away However, I likes that the author showed the character a growth when a similar situation arises later in life Overall, this is a story about first loves and ho [...]

  17. I was given this book for an honest review This was a very enjoyable book from beginning to end This book is a second chance romance Amber and Kyle were high school sweethearts when a misunderstanding tears them apart Both try very hard to move on with their lives but it just never really happens Then they end up back in thier hometown and decide to give it a go.This was a very good book The nice thing about this book is that there is to it than just the romance There is enough angst to keep a [...]

  18. This is a really lovely read about second chances.Amber has run away from her hometown Hurt by her ex husband she needs to try move on with her life However she didn t expect to see Kyle the reason she left the small town in the first place Kyle certainly didn t expect to see her Really great read Lovely and easy going I loved reading about these characters and the small town Looking forward to reading from this author.

  19. Received an ARC for my honest reviewThis book had me from the very beginning Kyle and Amber were what you can truly say that love will conquer all They both went through some stuff things were missed understood between the two but it all worked out As I was reading and really getting into the book it had to end and all I could say was that I did not see that coming and now I have to wait very impatiently until the next book comes out.

  20. Was giving an ARC for an honest review This was one of the most awesome books i have read it kept me on the edge of my seat all through it I was so not expecting the ending and cant wait for the second book to come out.

  21. Was given ARC for an honest review by authorThis is the first book by Kathy Jo Reinhart and she is off to a great start She has you loving the characters from the beginning of the book and has you hooked until the very end.

  22. Amber and Kyle have been together since they were kids, but a misunderstanding causes Amber to flee and leave her hometown and everything she loves She spends six years away, but when she decides to return, will she be ready to confront her past Kyle is now a sexy, charming singer with a line of women behind him Will he and Amber be able to clear the air and work on restoring the love and trust they had all those years ago The story had everything to keep me interested in finding out the answer [...]

  23. A True Love StoryAmberKyle are destined to be together, they are the only people the other has ever loved One misunderstanding and 6 years later, is the love they once shared enough to forget the past 6 years I started reading this the moment I bought it off of , and I couldn t put it down Kathy Jo did an absolute amazing job with the story of AmberKyle There love for one another seems so pure and legit, and like NOTHING can ever come between them.except for maybe crazy ass Beau.a creepy bastard [...]

  24. ARC given by the author in exchange for my honest review Kyle and Amber were completely in love until Amber walks into his bedroom and sees a naked girl in Kyle s bed Without an explanation Amber packs up her stuff and leaves to start a new life But when it happens to her again with her fiance she decides it s time to go home.It s been 6 years since she s been back and doesn t know what to expect She ends up getting a job at KC s Bar and Grille and that s when she runs into Kyle who is now her n [...]

  25. Wow Kyle Connor I enjoyed this read due to a few reasons Actually many reasons Kyle Connor being number one Amber and Kyle grew up together and both were I love with each other forever When they are getting ready to go to college, there is a betrayal, and Amber takes off without a word Kyle s world is shattered He does what any make does, drowns his sorrows in booze, drugs and women Amber slowly finds a new life, and fianc e in another city Where heartache strikes twice Back home to nurse her wo [...]

  26. Unfortunately, this is a DNF for me I just couldn t connect with the characters or their situation ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

  27. Reviewed for Kylie s Fiction Addiction.4stars.First Love is book one of the Oakville Series Its is about two people Amber and Kyle, who have been in love since they were kids It is told in two POV s.They are in love, together and happy and heading off to college where they plan on living together Amber runs away when a misunderstanding happens one night She doesn t question it but does the exact opposite and flees She splits and leaves Kyle in the dark on how to reach her Kyle is heartbroken and [...]

  28. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I love rock star romances so I thought this would be a fun read When you combine musicians and new adult characters you get a lot of emotion and passion First Love definitely has that, along with a romantic suspense edge that I wasn t expecting I was most entertained by the melodrama I felt like I was reading a soap opera, which was fun I do think this book would benefit from additional editing as the verb tenses seemed awfull [...]

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