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Nine Lives of Adam Blake

[PDF] Nine Lives of Adam Blake | by ✓ Ryan Gladney [PDF] Nine Lives of Adam Blake | by ✓ Ryan Gladney - Nine Lives of Adam Blake, Nine Lives of Adam Blake Adam Blake knows what fate awaits him after death He has died before and will die again and always it s the same For Adam there is no heaven no hell no reincarnation or cold final sleep When he

  • Title: Nine Lives of Adam Blake
  • Author: Ryan Gladney
  • ISBN: 9780692265772
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Nine Lives of Adam Blake | by ✓ Ryan Gladney, Nine Lives of Adam Blake, Ryan Gladney, Nine Lives of Adam Blake Adam Blake knows what fate awaits him after death He has died before and will die again and always it s the same For Adam there is no heaven no hell no reincarnation or cold final sleep When he dies his life flashes before his eyes it rushes backward nothing skipped or overlooked until it stops suddenly at age twelve one week after he had mysteriously disappAdam

Nine Lives of Adam Blake

[PDF] Nine Lives of Adam Blake | by ✓ Ryan Gladney [PDF] Nine Lives of Adam Blake | by ✓ Ryan Gladney - Nine Lives of Adam Blake, Nine Lives of Adam Blake Adam Blake knows what fate awaits him after death He has died before and will die again and always it s the same For Adam there is no heaven no hell no reincarnation or cold final sleep When he Nine Lives of Adam Blake

  • [PDF] Nine Lives of Adam Blake | by ✓ Ryan Gladney
    143Ryan Gladney
Nine Lives of Adam Blake

813 Comment Nine Lives of Adam Blake

  1. This book was nothing like I expected, and I loved it Ryan Gladney blew my mind with this amazing and sophisticated gem of a novel This story touched my soul in such a way that I have to pause and wonder if it was fate that I won the giveaway for this Sorry if my gushing induces any eye rolling, I am just so in love with this book.Nine lives of Adam Blake is the kind of book that just makes everything click, and put everything in perspective It s the kind of book that you devour late at night, a [...]

  2. Okay, WOW This book SCREAMS classic I saw the potential this book has and I am actually shocked that this book hasn t gotten that many reviews I can see this book becoming a nice classic like The adventures of huckleberry finn or Run, Rabbit Not that they are of the same genres, though Warning There might be some spoilers, but this is strictly for review purposes.So the title didn t grab my attention It s bland and boring It isn t very unique or exciting But then again The Adventures of Hucklebe [...]

  3. I received this via First reads in exchange for an honest review An interesting tale Adam finds himself living the same life over and over each time coming back as atwelve year old after he mysteriously disappeared in the woods No matter what path he takes, ormhow he dies, he always comes back Adam s sear ch for answers takes place over many lifetimes, and as answers elude him, he wonders what his purpose is, if he has anyI enjoyed this story and getting to know Adam throughout each of his lives [...]

  4. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.This book is probably one of the best independently published books I ve read, especially in a long while It was nothing like I d expected I was expecting a lot of weird, paranormal happenings haunting every page because I d been recommended to read it from the Book Group I ve joined , so I was surprised when I realized it was anything but That s not to say that the story is not gripping The writing in this book is excellent The [...]

  5. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review For reviews and book related things, visit my blog at sjpiercebooksWhere to begin with a story like this It s so uniquely crafted and worlds apart from anything I m used to reading When I accepted this book for review, I knew I was stepping out of my typical reading comfort zone, but man am I glad I did This part fantasy, part sci fi, part paranormal, part contemporary novel okay, I know all those things sound like my typi [...]

  6. This is a different sort of time travel book, one where the main character, upon his death, gets transported back in his own lifetime to his twelve year old self Adam Blake gets to go through his life again and again, making new discoveries and pursuits in order to be the best he could be, thinking that that would be the path to end his quite literal life cycle But then, what is the best we can be I was hooked by the mystery presented in this book Every life he lived was very different, mostly f [...]

  7. This one sounded like Groundhog Day and I had to read it Of course, it is not a comedy Interesting read 3.5 starsSome passages I highlighted For it is only when the past is forgotten and the future released from our worried grasp that life may be lived as truly intended as a joyful, steady procession of everlasting nows Perhaps we are better off living every moment every action, idea, choice, and word as if it were the very reason we were born How much beauty and meaning would you find in every [...]

  8. Ryan Gladney pulls you into this book with the first sentence and keeps you intrigued to the very end I was very pleased with this book, it is a bit different from what I usually read but is still in the basic genre I enjoy Adam Blake is by no means any different than you or I in his struggles and concerns, but what happens to him and what he learns is Once I got started on this book I couldn t put it down I tried at midnight but I just kept wondering what was going to happen when Adam died agai [...]

  9. A sign of great things to comeNine Lives is the premier book from author Ryan Gladney It s story touches of something we have all questioned at one point in our lives and at very depths why are we here What s our purpose The story builds quickly and takes some unexpected turns yet moves quickly, keeping the reader engaged I look forward to from Ryan.

  10. What a fantastic book from a first time writer.I was impressed with the story, left me wanting and .I read this in 24 hours Could not get enough.

  11. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.25 of 5Adam Blake is a young, pre teen boy who is stuck in a never ending loop of re living his life But each life he lives is not exactly the same as the one before it or the one before that Adam can remember each life and make changes He can follow a different path, make different decisions The only constant is that he will return older in over all years lives and presumably wiser.This might sound wonderful at first, but as Ad [...]

  12. Ryan Gladney s odyssey titled Nine Lives of Adam Blake is about a man who experiences death after making a ridiculous series of decisions.After getting himself offed in a car accident which involved an 18 wheeler DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE , 30 year old Adam Blake is killed while trying to reconcile with his girlfriend Tamar He awakens in a hospital where his deceased mother was there to greet him.WAIT DECEASED MOTHER He is dead, yet he awakens How is this possible Even , he awakens in that very hosp [...]

  13. From jbgarner58.wordpress It doesn t matter if you are a literary foodie sampling a wide variety of gourmet morsels from around the literary world or a mad scrabbling Starving Reviewer simply trying to get enough to eat The fact remains that if you don t take a moment to cleanse your palate between dishes, you can turn it into one big mush After my recent spate of undercooked, overspiced dishes, I was about ready turn a blind eye to the next book on my plate Thank the literary Gods that I took t [...]

  14. Note This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.When I started reading Nine Lives of Adam Blake , it was a light reminiscence of two things a movie and a series One was the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray where he is living the same day over and over again.The other was the series Quantum Leap where the main character was transported to different time frames, becoming different people for the purpose of righting a wrong before going on to the next time, next p [...]

  15. This book sent me into a tenseness that I often experience when indulging in a Groundhog Day type of story I m uncomfortable, but curious Entertained, yet annoyed This in no way dissuades me from watching Groundhog Day over and over as the years go by, nor do I shy away from that one episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where the Enterprise gets blown up again and again Adam Blake is stuck in a loop, reasons unknown, for duration unknown He has lived time and again for entire lifespans, dyin [...]

  16. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Nine Lives of Adam Blake was an interesting book In the beginning, we start with a main character who isn t necessarily that likeable He s not in a good place in his life and he s obsessing too much over a woman, while getting drunk and not being particularly social.Then, he dies And that starts the point where he actually starts becoming sympathetic He goes back in time and is revived at age 12, remembering everything fro [...]

  17. Nine Lives of Adam BlakeBy Ryan GladneyHave you ever wanted a life do over The opportunity to try just once to get it right The chance to be who you know you re really supposed to be Or hell, maybe just to be someone different The concept in The Nine Lives of Adam Blake,, a good piece of contemporary fiction by Ryan Gladney is not foreign to any who read, or watch TV for that matter But Gladney deals with it in a unique way.Reincarnation is a belief held by several religious ideologies such as [...]

  18. This book was definitely interesting Adam finds himself in a loop in which he keeps coming back to his 12th year after he mysteriously disappeared in the woods Sometimes he lives a long time, sometimes he ends his life early to try and get back to the love of his life I enjoyed the story, even if I feel like I could stand to know a little about Adam Some of the shifting was a little confusing, but honestly, I believe that was intentional Adam s circumstances were confusing for him, so why would [...]

  19. The Nine Lives of Adam Blake starts with the death of it s main character Sometimes this device is cheesy and under realised in fiction but not in this book It kills it s main character and then wakes him up as his 12 year self where he is destined to relive his life again and again.It is very groundhog day but with Adam s whole life from 12 upwards It deals with the nature of the soul, what makes you happy as a person what you would do with foreknowledge and it s a very gripping read.Adam is no [...]

  20. Fascinating premise built into an elegant narrative structure Gladney s got a gift for smooth, descriptive prose Sadly, he doesn t have the same gift for dialogue Most of what the characters say is static and on the nose There s very little subtext and very little of the dialogue actually does anything aside from inform us what the character is thinking It doesn t sink the book, but it s certainly a glaring weakness.There s a neat sci fi element to Adam s plight, though at times you get the feel [...]

  21. Pretty unique look at a few things Read the majority of the book in a single sitting as I couldn t put it down Great job Ryan

  22. This is one of those books that deserves than 3 stars but really isn t four star worthy However, if the book was given some editorial instruction and republished, it has the potential It needs to be fleshed out The lives are summarized as two points what happens with Tamar and a quick review of his life Instead of the constancy of his dedication to Tamar, which, honestly is a little too extreme to feel genuine, means we replay the same scene over and over, even though his life would be so diff [...]

  23. I won this book from the author autographed, which is pretty awesome through , and I have to say that I truly enjoyed it There were a couple of grammatical errors, but not enough to make it a tough read, and not enough to stop me from finding out what happens to our main character I find it was well written, thoughtful, and once I started it was hard to put down My first thought once I finished it, was that the ending was rushed however, I think that s only because I just didn t want it to end I [...]

  24. The Nine Live of Adam Blake is a tale of an individual stuck in constant reborn cycle After his first death 6 months after his 30th birthday Adam is forced to relive life again and again and again, starting from when he was twelve awaking from a week long coma after getting lost in the woods With every life comes a different path him trying to figure out why this is happening to him and how to fix his life Personally I found the novel enjoyable and a good effort for the authors first time publis [...]

  25. Absolutely amazing book In reading the Acknowledgements section at the end, I couldn t believe this was a new author.Adam Blake is stuck in a neverending time loop, where he lives the same life over and overwell, sort of Just like the butterfly effect, small changes can make large ripples from one life to the next He is fully cognizant of all his past lives, which is where this is a departure from other reincarnation tales As Adam struggles to find out the meaning of it all, he stumbles onto the [...]

  26. I made a mistake by not reading this in one sittingI picked this book because I m an ancient Minneapolitan I know the highway and Lake Nokomis, though I haven t been back in years I kept waiting for the Foshay Tower to make its appearance My high school played a school named Blake Academy, alas, no longer there I enjoyed this book, but the complexity of it made me wish I had read it in one sitting Next time I ll take notes and settle down for a long ponder.

  27. Interesting ReadWritten to make you pause to consider all of the things that happen or don t happen in your own life Very interesting concept for the story and there are some good twists Some of the character s dialogue could have been less stilted though and some sections were a bit tedious Overall good stuff and I would recommend it for the perspectives.

  28. A truly Great read This is a book that you have to read once you start it It is imaginative and will most definitely keep you turning the pages Each character comes alive as you get to know Adam Blake, his friends and family Well done Mr Gladney.

  29. Entertaining and Enlightening Adjectives to describe this book thought provoking, well written, and a page turner always a good thing Definitely worth a read.

  30. Very uniqueGood job Thanks for letting me read it Keep in writing You have a good concept and went with it.Sincerely Theocpowell gmail

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