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Blood Price

[PDF] Blood Price | by à V.M. Black [PDF] Blood Price | by à V.M. Black - Blood Price, Blood Price Saved from death by the billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne Cora Shaw is bound to him body mind and soul She can free herself from his eternal demands but only by breaking everything that is between

  • Title: Blood Price
  • Author: V.M. Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Blood Price | by à V.M. Black, Blood Price, V.M. Black, Blood Price Saved from death by the billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne Cora Shaw is bound to him body mind and soul She can free herself from his eternal demands but only by breaking everything that is between them forever Never again will she feel what only he can do to her never again touch him speak to him be with him and never again must she give her blood or fear her wilSaved from deat

Blood Price

[PDF] Blood Price | by à V.M. Black [PDF] Blood Price | by à V.M. Black - Blood Price, Blood Price Saved from death by the billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne Cora Shaw is bound to him body mind and soul She can free herself from his eternal demands but only by breaking everything that is between Blood Price

  • [PDF] Blood Price | by à V.M. Black
    414V.M. Black
Blood Price

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  1. So when I bought the first 3 books series which is titled Cora s Bond I thought this was a 3 book series Then I had to purchase 3 books which were titled Cora s Choice because the series was definitely on a cliff hanger and I had to see what happened to Dorian and Cora I got to the end of book 6 and low and behold this series is not finished Now I have spent 14 dollars and though Cora and Dorian s relationship is somewhat resolved this author expects me to spend money to read the rest of the s [...]

  2. I am giving this review for author V.M.Black This is part 6 of the series by the author and you need to read parts 1 5 first.Cora is still thinking about breaking the bond with Dorian, thanks to Cosimo and his suggestions But Cora does not know what she wants to do and when Dorian surprises her New Years Eve her life will never be the same again now.I love how the character Cosimo seems to insert himself into the Cora and Dorian mix as a trouble maker It makes the whole story line and flow work [...]

  3. Wow just WOW this book rocked my world so so so so awesome and with a bunch things happening and as always its fast paced and hot scenes and action kept me hanging I really couldn t let the book down i read all the bundle in one day and i just need

  4. I liked this when I first started the series but now it is all Cora whining about eternal life and a rich boyfriend Sounds horrible.

  5. An easy read An easy read This is an interesting series with detailed live scenes and conflict between good and evil, and changing expectations Not complicated, just a fun easy read.

  6. Blood Price starts off with Cora at Dorian s home again and her now interacting with Jane I like how she makes up with Jane, how she explains to Jane that she did not mean to insult her and that this was all new to her and that she would have to be patient and that being a mistress takes practice too I like how she wants Jane to be relaxed around her, how she needs Jane to be of a friend to her then a maid We got to learn about Jane s past and how she came about being Cora s lady maid We get t [...]

  7. HmmmmI now understand this Novella Series was written as a serial Soap Opera That would explain the pace and needless explanations at the beginning of each installment after the first book Also, the repetitious writing If you eliminated those passages, each book would be maybe 75 pages I actually enjoyed the story and concept I m just not a fan of this form of writing Once I realized Cora STILL had not made up her mind at the beginning of this installment, I started to seriously lose my patience [...]

  8. Even while Cora hesitates at making her decision regarding the bond with Dorian, there are others out there who intend to make the choice for her in this exciting conclusion to Cora s Choice.The mind boggling choice that causes Cora such emotional angst is a one time choice only, because if she breaks the bond she loses Dorian forever and the reader can t help but get caught up in her decision as Dorian immerses Cora into his life These strong compelling characters draw readers into their world [...]

  9. We pick up where Bad Blood left offIn Blood Rites, Cora gets an introduction to the Vampire society She gets to meet the good, bad and the really bad The experience raises questions about their bond and fears about losing herself At he end Cora finds that there might be a way to dissolve the bond with Dorian.In Blood Bond , Cora gets a better understanding what dissolving the bond with Dorian really means Cora test the waters with Geoff Cora and Dorian expand upon their bond, while Cora is tryi [...]

  10. I just finishing reading Rites of Blood Cora s Choice, Books 4 6 and all I can say is this series is freaking AWESOME In less than 4 days I ve read the whole Cora s Choice Vampire Series Books 1 6 and the only problem I had with reading this series it that I stayed up way to late reading.Each book in this series has an excellent story line that in intriguing and keeps you interested Dorian and Cora have chemistry that leaps off the page Their physical attraction is white hot, their desire for ea [...]

  11. This review is based on the last two books in this serial, books 5 and 6 I believe the series continues under a little different title I enjoyed many aspects of this serial, however found myself losing interest around book 5 Cora spent an inordinate amount of time inner musing and talking herself into and out of everything I was beginning to tire of her and would have enjoyed a different point of view, such as Dorian I was also tired of all the sex I know, it s a fine art these erotic books, the [...]

  12. In this series finale, Cora continues to be conflicted between her feelings for Dorian and her yearning for the life she imaged before illness took all choice away Her biggest issue remains figuring out what does she truly feel for Dorian versus what his vampire influence might make her feel Cora is desperate not to lose herself in the pampered but controlled lifestyle of a cognate and be subsumed by Dorian s overwhelming personality It is a lot of pressure for one so young to decide on a basica [...]

  13. Okay, so this one was pretty much like the othersI loved Dorian, hated Cora and didn t see the romance BUT, what was even annoying, was that it s not finished yet This was why I didn t want to bother But, someone loaned them to me, so I figured the least I could do was read them Now I have loads of unanswered questions, about the plot and where it s going to go.Overall, the story idea is great The characterisation of Dorian and the agnates and cognates is amazing and the concept is really origi [...]

  14. A great ending for Cora and Dorian I dont think Ms.Black could have done a better job with this series If you are a lover of vampires and paranormal romance novels, then this is a series that you have to read Cora is still dealing with the dilemma of what she really feels for Dorian and could she really leave her old normal life behind She had me guessing almost until the very end on what was going to happen I could definitely see myself re reading this entire series again from beginning to the [...]

  15. I finished the 6th and final book in the Cora s Choice series and I totally loved it I am very happy with how things have progressed in this series and with our two main characters Cora Dorian I also like how the supporting characters have also grown through out the books These books did not let me down one bit Very well written story and I am glad there is a second series that continues the next part of these characters story I will now be moving on to that series which is Cora s Bond.

  16. Cora is trying to make up her mind between her old life and a new one with Dorian Cora has plans to spend New Years with Dorian and she meets some other cognates Cora is getting information about breaking the bond and she s having problems going through with what she thinks she wants When Geoff come and tries to rescue her from Dorian she finally realizes what she really wants when choice seems like it s not her choice any.

  17. The final volume in this series, but the story does continue on I ve read each volume, and I ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey of Cora and Dorian Cora makes her choice, and it s a good oneif I do say so myself.Black has an absolute talent with words I m looking forward to following her success as an author, and supporting her by reading her books.This is a great series I recommend it for all romantic vampire fans.Happy Reading

  18. The storyline gets better with each release,Dorian and Cora s relationship keeps building like a slow burning fire In this book there are some very intense moments, Cora finde a way how to break the bond between her and Dorian She has to make some difficult decision , and she has to choose between life with Dorian or life of a ordinary humanUff it was heart breakingThe end is mind blowing.

  19. I enjoyed this one because Cora finally made a decision The first half was filled with her usual do I or don t I inner monologue that tends to get tedious after a while but it appears she may have finally snapped out of it I have high hopes for the continuation of Cora s story I sooooo want to read the reactions her friends have when they meet Dorian

  20. Choices taking or making themCora is still struggling with making her choice and finding out she Loves Dorian and he loves her But is that enough But deep down has her choice already been made And if something or someone tries to take the decision away from her, will she realized that she has always known what she will do Exciting, entertaining and very riveting.

  21. This series is amazing Take almost everything you thought you knew about vampires and throw it out the window Now don t worry these are sparkling vampires But the world they live in is divided and like humans some are good and some are bad Only trouble is Cora is lost trying to figure out which is which and if she can live with what she has become.

  22. Cora s Choice 6This was the last book in this series But never fear, there is in this universe I m now on to the, Cora s Bond series, which I have on good authority is this series, but with a lot of additional content and is written from Dorian s point of view, instead of Cora s I can hardly wait Read November 19 20, 2015

  23. This book was the best in the series I think that Cora made the right decision to stay with Dorian Even though it took her nearly getting raped to decide that she still made the right decision And as far as Cosmo goes he need to be killed for raped himself.

  24. Characters are very two dimensional I am not interested in getting the rest of the series to see what the outcome is.

  25. Loved it I m glad this continues in a different series, I can t wait to read of Dorian and Cora s story When I m finished reviewing I ll be buying the next series.

  26. Another rating 2 10Blah blah blah, sex, blah blah blah, sex, blah blah, something interesting happened, blah blah, sex, blah blah This was sooo annoying and boring

  27. Emotional read.Great ending to Cora Dorian love story.Lots of drama,angst,intrigue,mystery,soul searching and emotions.Loved the whole series.

  28. This series should of been done in one book but its good.Differant view on vampires Well written love scenes not ruanchy.

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