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Ê Cosmos À Carl Sagan Ê Cosmos À Carl Sagan - Cosmos, Cosmos Cosmos was the first science TV blockbuster and Carl Sagan was its human star By the time of Sagan s death in the series had been seen by half a billion people Sagan was perhaps the best known

  • Title: Cosmos
  • Author: Carl Sagan
  • ISBN: 9780517123553
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover

Ê Cosmos À Carl Sagan, Cosmos, Carl Sagan, Cosmos Cosmos was the first science TV blockbuster and Carl Sagan was its human star By the time of Sagan s death in the series had been seen by half a billion people Sagan was perhaps the best known scientist on the planet Explaining how the series came about Sagan recalled I was positive from my own experience that an enormous global interest exists in the exploraCosmos was the first sci


Ê Cosmos À Carl Sagan Ê Cosmos À Carl Sagan - Cosmos, Cosmos Cosmos was the first science TV blockbuster and Carl Sagan was its human star By the time of Sagan s death in the series had been seen by half a billion people Sagan was perhaps the best known Cosmos

  • Ê Cosmos À Carl Sagan
    259Carl Sagan

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  1. I wonder what Carl Sagan may have thought of 9 11 and the world in the new millennium, a strife torn place which is being shaken up and shaken out every moment I imagine the civil but slightly horrified and slightly bemused tone he may have employed while talking about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the antics of the Bush administration which have become such excellent fodder for stand up comedians the world over And I can almost detect the note of boyish enthusiasm in his voice while he may [...]

  2. The Star system in GR is absolutely inadequate for rating this book Gosh, I should not use the term absolutely for something in which everything orbits around relativity.Anyway, I think something like this would give a better idea of my opinion about this book my rating is an universe of zillions to the power of zillions of stars,and expanding My rating What a brilliant read this has been I have read it very slowly one chapter a week But what are thirteen weeks in relation to cosmic time I have [...]

  3. I saw the TV series years before I read the book I m glad I did I was able to project the image and voice of Carl Sagan into the words on the page If there is a better science related, non fiction book out there, please, someone point it out to me.Revised Oct 2017.

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  5. I m not sure what I could possibly say about Cosmos that hasn t already been said by countless others in the 28 years since its publication, and likely in a far intelligent and eloquent way than I ever could But upon recently reading this book for the first time which may seem a bit belated, but I am, after all, only 23 it instantly became one of my favorites, a status not easily attained by any book, and so I feel compelled to say something, to expound upon its many virtues and why it has ende [...]

  6. A five stars to this book Stars borrowed from skies that I witnessed when I was eight or maybe ten and would wake up early at pre dawn, because that was the best time for star gazing after all To read Mr.Sagan, the words so simple describing the Universe so complex To read a small passage and follow it up with a sleep filled with dreams of all those stars dying and being born every passing moment.To recall, days of childish innocence gazing towards the infinite.Gazing in anticipation of recogniz [...]

  7. Science is changing the way we see the universe at a rapid pace Black holes, gravity waves, Higgs boson, and dark matter were mathematical theories a generation ago Today they are reality Popular science television shows can teach the public about quantum theory but anything over ten years old is pretty much out of date How can a publication on general science over thirty five years out of date be relevant in the world today It depends on who and how the story is told Carl Sagan possessed a qual [...]

  8. Re visit 2016 1 The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean After an introduction by Ann Druyan, including the benefits of the end of the Cold War, Carl Sagan opens the program with a description of the cosmos and a Spaceship of the Imagination shaped like a dandelion seed The ship journeys through the universes hundred billion galaxies, the Local Group, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Milky Way, the Orion Nebula, our Solar System, and finally the planet Earth Eratosthenes attempt to calculate the circumference of [...]

  9. Let s put it simply Cosmos is required reading for everyone who lives on this planet It will give you a sense of perspective that nothing else can no lofty ideology, no omniscient religion, no inspiring quotations can explain things quite as clearly as Carl Sagan s treatise on science, reality, and the nature of things in this universe Mind bending and dazzling, and best of all, uncluttered by confusing scientific terminology A book worthy of all the positive superlatives I can think of bestowin [...]

  10. The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be Our feeblest contemplations of the Cosmos stir us there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation, as if a distant memory, of falling from a height We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries With these lines, we hop on Sagan s ship of imagination to visit distant worlds of Quasars, Pulsars, Black holes and Galaxies that are billions of light years away from us A peak into the Cosmos Sagan is a poet scientis [...]

  11. A gorgeous book in every possible way From the lush illustration and clever diagrams clear through to Sagan s lyrical and at times whimsical narrative, this is the science book for non scientists And if you are a scientist, may this be a lesson in how to tell your story Sagan makes the astronomy and the math and the mind boggling complexity of the universe not only comprehensible but palatable He wraps up our history as a species into the history of the universe such that we can even know it.As [...]

  12. This book was my bible when I was an enemy of God As a stubbornly devout atheist, this was the book I turned to for justification of my proud and arrogant rejection of my Creator Instead of reading this pile of conjecture, I recommend reading the Holy Bible then get on your knees and repent before the holy God who gave you life and sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for your lawlessness and sin.

  13. As a child, I was fascinated and mesmerised by our world It looked so huge, so full of wonders verything was a source of marvel and inspiration The world, the Earth, waited to be discovered and I had a long life ahead of me to do that Then, in teenage years, I already knew all there was to know about life, people, the Earth and the Universe Nobody could tell me any better The new source of wonder had become love falling in love, finding the purpose in another human being, the complete merging of [...]

  14. The best book ever written.A masterful work encompassing the whole of human existence and the universe, with a focus on science.Sagan discusses evolution, Kepler, astrology and acceptance of truth in spite of what outcome is desired, Venus and Mars, including the made up belief of life on Mars a century ago, the Voyager spacecrafts Grand Tour of the Outer Planets a rare alignment , ancient Greek scientists, Relativity, atoms, elements, and how star make them, Creation Myths, incl Hindu ones that [...]

  15. I wish I had LOVED this book as Carl Sagan is an icon It was entertaining, if you ignore the fact that it is VERY dated I mean, 40 years dated , which is not its fault However, I much prefer A Short History of Nearly Everything for a review of the same information.

  16. Humans How little we are How little we know.Finally I finished this book last night at about 23 00 This is one of the best popular scientific books that I have read This book is well written, reads like a mystery novel and is a great source of interesting information Scientific information is explained in simple reader language.The focus in this book is on astronomy how big is our universe, how old it is, how it works , etc Sagan pays a lot of attention to stars and galaxies, but also presents t [...]

  17. It has always made me very curious how science touches many other seemingly different subjects of history, philosophy, and religion This book is really very impressive A story of 15 billion years of the cosmos compressed in this relatively smaller book Easy to read and understand, Carl Sagan s Cosmos draws the reader into a world so vivid and realistic that it s hard not to be mesmerized throughout while reading this book.

  18. In the beginning there was a bang, and it was big Stupendous The universe as we know it, began Time itself started to tick and tock Space was appearing seemingly out of nothingness, as it continues to do so still Intense heat and energy were produced And from them matter coalesced And so stars formed And from stars everything else sprang into existence stars, galaxies, the glorious milky way, our spectacular sun, our caring earth, our gorgeous moon shortly thereafter, and finally, precious, pre [...]

  19. The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean On this shore, we ve learned most of what we know Recently, we ve waded a little way out, maybe ankle deep, and the water seems inviting Some part of our being knows this is where we came from.We long to returnand we can cause the cosmos is also within us We re made of starstuff i don t think i ll ever give 5 stars wholeheartedly as i am doing now 5 shimmering , eye blindingly shinning stars , the brightest suns GR has in its this little [...]

  20. It took me long to read it, but it was worth it First thing that captivates me that despite being a nonfiction scientific book, Carl Sagan described the whole universe, explained the science in such a poetic and eloquent way that you would think he is a romantic poet And the parts about his childhood and his enthusiasm for astronomy, for cosmos were the cutest and beautiful thing I have ever read I saw myself, my passion for space in him, in his writings And best part of this book was the incred [...]

  21. This is one of those kind of books that comes along every few years that is so fantastic that you purposely drag out reading it in order to savor its awesomeness It doesn t matter that it was written 25 years ago, pre Hubble telescope, before the fall of the USSR, etc Sagan s insight and wide reaching scope are timeless.The last few chapters are so rich in thought provoking information they are worth re reading Sagan would have never wanted his work to become the foundation of a religion, but I [...]

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