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The Insect Farm

Free Read The Insect Farm - by Stuart Prebble Free Read The Insect Farm - by Stuart Prebble - The Insect Farm, The Insect Farm An eerie debut suspense novel that explores how little one man may know his own brother and his own mind The Maguire brothers each have their own driving single minded obsession For Jonathan it is h

  • Title: The Insect Farm
  • Author: Stuart Prebble
  • ISBN: 9780316337366
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read The Insect Farm - by Stuart Prebble, The Insect Farm, Stuart Prebble, The Insect Farm An eerie debut suspense novel that explores how little one man may know his own brother and his own mind The Maguire brothers each have their own driving single minded obsession For Jonathan it is his magnificent talented and desirable wife Harriet For Roger it is the elaborate universe he has constructed in a shed in their parents garden populated by millionsAn eerie debut

The Insect Farm

Free Read The Insect Farm - by Stuart Prebble Free Read The Insect Farm - by Stuart Prebble - The Insect Farm, The Insect Farm An eerie debut suspense novel that explores how little one man may know his own brother and his own mind The Maguire brothers each have their own driving single minded obsession For Jonathan it is h The Insect Farm

  • Free Read The Insect Farm - by Stuart Prebble
    170Stuart Prebble
The Insect Farm

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  1. I ve had The Insect Farm on my TBR shelves for a year but I ve just never gotten round to it A couple of weeks ago I decided it was there long enough, and that I needed to get it read I don t know what I was expecting when I picked up The Insect Farm, but what I read definitely wasn t it And not necessarily in a bad way either Just in that kind of, what s really going on here, way I m not going to dissect the plot, but I will say that the blurb above is not an accurate representation of what goe [...]

  2. Two brothers, Jonathan and Roger, Roger has some learning disabilities, mental issues We never really know just what is wrong with Roger I think this book would have be far interesting if we could have heard what Roger was thinking But the story is from Jonathan s perspective only, he is the narrator Jonathan takes care of his brother Roger after the death of their parents, which he will do for his entire lifetime But prior to their parents deaths, Jonathan meets Harriet and they go off to coll [...]

  3. Full Review at Tenacious Reader tenaciousreader 2015 0The Insect Farm by Stuart Prebble is a fascinating look into one man s life, and his relationship with his brother Jonathan is the younger brother of a much better looking, but also simple minded Roger Much of this book revolves around their relationship and the impact it has on Jonathan s life.Jonathan is trying to live a normal life He goes to college, falls in love and seems to be headed there But, his insecurities can make it difficult An [...]

  4. Roger is Jonathan s older brother and though he has a mental handicap, he is always sure to protect Jonathan and keep him safe from childhood bullies or anyone else who may want to hurt or upset him, as an older brother should.As they age they each have their own desires and obsessions, Jonathan s is his wife Harriet and Roger s is his insect farm Circumstances lead to Jonathan becoming Roger s guardian, he refuses to have him put into a home and changes his life plans to take care of his brothe [...]

  5. 3.5 out of 4 starslynnsbooks.wordpress 2015 ve had a few days to reflect on The Insect Farm by Stuart Prebble and yet in spite of the extra time for reflection my thoughts are still a bit of a jumble.The Insect Farm brings to us the Maguire brothers, Jonathan and Roger Even though there is something of an age difference the two grow up with a strong bond and are virtually inseparable up to a point The point where Jonathan becomes interested in girls and having a social life and Roger s ambitions [...]

  6. I have a lot of thoughts on this one, and I m pretty sure they all contradict each other So if this review makes very little sense, it s because my feelings about The Insect Farm make very little sense.This is the story of Jonathan Maguire and his brother Roger, who has an unidentified mental disability The plot is set in 1960s 70s England as Jonathan grows up, goes to school, gets married, etc To give away too much of the plot would fall into major spoilers category, but let s just say it s mai [...]

  7. I found this psychological narrative in the science fiction section of the bookstore, which is what peaked by interest At first, I thought the novel had been misplaced The insect farm, itself, does play an important role in the novel It is a setting, yes, but in many ways a character by way of community microcosm But does that warrant its placement in the sci fi genre As I read on, and the story unfolded, it began to make a little sense The insect farm does play a important role than it appear [...]

  8. I m very conflicted when it comes to this book.On one hand it was a very enjoayble read, the plot was very interesting and huge YAY for an unreliable narrator that was FINALLY properly constructed so props for you, Stuart My main problem is with the ending.It was obvious who s the killer like 5 minutes after the murder Even though, I really enjoyed following the main chcracter and was curious if the police will find out who d done it.The ending was very anticlimatic, I was really expecting somet [...]

  9. The Insect Farm was a terrific read The novel revolves around the obsessive lives of the Maguire brothers Jonathan s obsession is Harriet who eventually becomes his wife and Roger s is insects and has created a world for them in a shed The novel follows the lives of two brothers Jonathan who leads a normal life and Roger who is simple and views the world as a child would As the brothers grow older Jonathan moves on to university and Roger remains engrossed in his insect world A house fire claims [...]

  10. I received a free copy of this book through the Giveaway program in exchange for an honest review The Insect Farm is the story of Jonathan and his older brother Roger Roger has an unidentified mental handicap that gives him a youthful glee for Jonathan s cheesy jokes, an obsessive enthusiasm for insects, and a blank stare he can hide his secrets behind The story is told from Jonathan s perspective he meets a girl, goes off to college, then his parents die and he has to move home to take care of [...]

  11. When his parents die in a house fire, Jonathan Maguire decides to give up his studies at Newcastle University and move back to London to live with his brother Six years older but with the mind of an eight year old, Roger has little understanding of the workings of the social world, but is an expert on the community of insects he breeds in glass fronted cages in a garden shed Despite their age difference, the boys were extremely close as children and Jonathan is determined to do the right thing b [...]

  12. This book started out fairly slowly for me I am not a fan of traditional love stories, but as the love became unconventional, the characters took on much interesting personas This book is a very good mix of love, hate, and all the life that happens in between The only reason for 3 stars was because of the amount of time it took to get started and the fact I had it all figured out before the end however, the book is a good read As one of the characters says toward the end, We move in mysterious [...]

  13. I liked this book I finished reading it a few days ago and I m still thinking about it It s not really about a serial killer brother like the book sleeve suggests It s about the 2 brothers and their relationship.

  14. This book has an intriguing plot, no doubt, but it s another book about men and their quest to own women their bodies, their sex lives, their careers I m just so tired of this narrative.

  15. Jonathan and Roger Maguire are brothers They lead fairly normal lives, with Roger, the elder, being mentally challenged.Roger builds an insect farm He purchases varieties of insects, and observes their behaviour Jonathan, our narrator, attends an out of town university, together with his girlfriend Harriet The boys are obsessed, Roger with his insect farm, and Jonathan with beautiful flautist Harriet.Described as a psychological thriller, the pace of this is somewhat gentle.Read my full review h [...]

  16. This was less about an insect farm and about relationships between spouses, friends, enemies and family The insect farm plays an important role, but don t be put off if you re not the sort that likes bugs It was a quick, easy read, but left some questions, which I imagine was the author s intention I suspected that I knew who was guilty, but there were some twists that I was not expecting 3.5 stars.

  17. The Insect Farm is one hell of a good read At first the reader is not exactly sure what is going on but as the pages turn the reader finds himself immersed in a murky world of insects, mental retardation, and murder The plot is involving and the premise is interesting and uncommon My advice to the any reader is buy this book and await the arrival of The Bridge, the writer s next excellent novel.

  18. The Insect Farm was not what I thought it was I was expecting a insect farm where they do tests on dead pigs to see how the insect world helps solve crimes It was overly descriptive very wordy It did not get really started until 2 3 of the way into the novel.But over all, it was a really good read A lot questions were answered by the ending I can only figure out that the beginning of the novel is what happened to Roger Jonathan.

  19. All is far from what it seems in this macabre thriller The story is based on family relationships and the tricks that memory can play on the human mind At times it felt a little repetitive but overall I liked this, although certainly I would not have chosen to read The Insect Farm had it not been a book club choice Recommended to readers that enjoy a psychological thriller, as this was certainly an intriguing read lindyloumacbookreviewssp

  20. I listened to this book as an audiobook from whole story audiobooks This book was not what I had anticipated it to be at all, in a good way Most books like this I personally find quite predictable, but this book genuinely kept us guessing, even when it made it clear to us we had apparently already been given all of the answers I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it quick and easy to get through For an easy light thriller read, then I d suggest this book.

  21. The thing about this book is that it makes you want to read on because it leaves you guessing about what is happening, who is the murderer etc and well you sort of can guess what is happening Really for me the whole point of finishing the book was just to verify if my guess was right The plot was in no way mindblowing, for a mindblowing plot this book is not the fit for you.

  22. I was delightfully surprised throughout this mysterious novel I love it when something unique comes along and this book is unique Starting in the first paragraph this book had me hooked and I couldn t stop until the end and at the end I really wanted .

  23. Never grabbed me, and I didn t like the main character If I can t emphasize with the narrator or main subject, its difficult to really get into a book and I found myself being annoyed with his weakness and obsessions.

  24. Wasn t what I was expecting I looking for of a horror or psychological thriller when I started to read this I found it Hitchcock in style but not suspenseful or even deeply interesting Characters were boring and predictable.

  25. Read this in 2 days Absolutely loved the slowbuilding nature of the story told completely through one man s perspective Definitely different Would Recommend

  26. Very interesting mystery I thought it the ending would be completely predictable however, the author surprised me I enjoyed the character development and the emotions felt by the characters.

  27. I skimmed than read this book because the concept intrigued I wanted of the science of the insect farm There were some good twists along the way.

  28. A dark and creepy thriller I wasn t sure which way this one would go I thought it was pretty well written, and agree that it was a twist on Of Mice and Men.

  29. This book makes me think about what motivates people and everyone has quirks It wasn t so much enjoyable as it makes me think about people in terms of their whole life cycle.

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