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My So-Called (Love) Life

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ My So-Called (Love) Life : by A.L. Michael [PDF] Unlimited ✓ My So-Called (Love) Life : by A.L. Michael - My So-Called (Love) Life, My So Called Love Life Meet Tigerlily James romance cynic North Londoner and die hard margarita fan Tigerlily James has been a member of the Young and Bitter Club ever since she was dumped on Valentine s day By her fianc S

  • Title: My So-Called (Love) Life
  • Author: A.L. Michael
  • ISBN: 9781474030700
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ My So-Called (Love) Life : by A.L. Michael, My So-Called (Love) Life, A.L. Michael, My So Called Love Life Meet Tigerlily James romance cynic North Londoner and die hard margarita fan Tigerlily James has been a member of the Young and Bitter Club ever since she was dumped on Valentine s day By her fianc Surviving on a diet of cynicism and margarita fuelled Misery Dinners with her best friends she s become a romance free zone and that s the way she likes it Until an inviMeet T

My So-Called (Love) Life

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ My So-Called (Love) Life : by A.L. Michael [PDF] Unlimited ✓ My So-Called (Love) Life : by A.L. Michael - My So-Called (Love) Life, My So Called Love Life Meet Tigerlily James romance cynic North Londoner and die hard margarita fan Tigerlily James has been a member of the Young and Bitter Club ever since she was dumped on Valentine s day By her fianc S My So-Called (Love) Life

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ My So-Called (Love) Life : by A.L. Michael
    131A.L. Michael
My So-Called (Love) Life

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  1. When AL Michael put a shout out on Twitter for people to take part in her blog tour for her new book, I jumped at the chance, thinking it sounded really interesting I m actually really glad I did because My So Called Love Life is one of the most enjoyable books I ve read so far this year, and good Chick Lit has been very hard to come by for me recently First off, I have to confess I really really wished AL had given her main character a different name Tigerlily isn t a name And the excuse that h [...]

  2. 2.5 StarsAfter I read all the 5 stars reviews, I feel like I have read the wrong book.Probably I ve a problem, but the story was endless, Tigerlily only talks about her weight, and calories, and the gym, so superficial And doesn t she knows that a glass of wine can have as many calories as 4 cookies Come on If you re going to be obsessed, do it right I only liked her name and red hair Also, she and her group of friends, sound like a bunch of teenagers instead of grown women struggling to survive [...]

  3. Originally posted on beccasbooooksFirstly, I d like to say a massive thank you to the fabulous A.L Michael, for providing me with a copy of My So Called Love Life in exchange for a fair and honest review, and for also inviting me along for the blog tour ride, to spread the bookish love Thanks so much, A.L Michael I v read and loved each of your books, so I really could not bloody wait to get started on this one, and I m incredibly happy to announce that I LOVED IT In My So Called Love Life by A. [...]

  4. Posted originally reviewedthebook 2015 I ve spent most of February reading disappointing books and losing my interest in picking up a book altogether, but thankfully, My So Called Love Life was a wonderful reminder of why I love to read This book made me smile, it made me swoon and laugh and want to crawl right into the lives of these characters It helped me forget about my problems and it made me happy I really loved this book and I want to read it all over again Tigerlily is the protagonist he [...]

  5. I have to say that A.L Michael is seriously becoming one of my top authors for her witt and sarcasm She s right up there for me with the likes of Rebecca Chance, Lucy Robinson, and Lucy Ann Holmes My So Called Love Life is proof of that It is sharp, funny and seriously sarcastic It has amazing characters who you fall into an easy relationship with No really you do You feel like you ve known heroine Tig and her friends Ame, and Dana all your life That you are there friend as well I know this happ [...]

  6. I actually realised I had already read this book when I got to about the second chapter But it was good and light and keep me entertained The main character Tig is written with a lightness and humour that betrays her situation but makes you kind of want things to go well Unfortunately the male characters in the book felt a bit light on depth and quite two dimensional at points I would recommend this is if you enjoy a classic girl gets it together story set against a very idealistic world It was [...]

  7. I ve requested this book on NetGalley because of its brilliant cover and the title, title that reminds me so much of Rosie Blake s How to Get a Love Life , which I personally loved Then I read the premises and thought this could be THE read that is going to help me out of my reading slump, which I ve been in through almost the whole February And so, full of expectations and hope, I started to read.The story follows Tigerlily, who was dumped by her fianc some time ago on Valentine s Day, five day [...]

  8. I was given an ecopy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review as part of the blog tour for My So Called Love Life which I m than happy to give.I liked the synopsis for this book, it wasn t just the thought of copious amounts of cocktails to get the setting right honest, who doesn t love a margarita Tigerlily Tig to her friends is a member of the Misery Dinners Club, she and her two closest friends Dana and Ame are on serious downers Gathering weekly to put the world to rights [...]

  9. Welcome to the world of Tigerlily Tig Having been unceremoniously dumped just five days before her wedding to Darren, the only man she has been with since she was In her teens, Tig is trying to pull her world back together As we meet Tig she is meeting up with her two best friends, having their regular weekly misery dinner Each of them is going through problems and are stuck in their own ruts Meeting up gives them a chance to put the world to rights, and allows us to find out a bit about them.Ti [...]

  10. Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review A.L Michael s writing took me right into this fabulous story It was so much fun reading about Tigerlily and her story.She has been with the same guy for over 12 years and then he dumps her, 6 days before her wedding Tigerlily is ready for a new start now, but she doesn t even know how to date Then she gets an invite to his wedding Meeting Ollie is perfect timing Ollie is gorgeous, thoughtful, funny and they build up a f [...]

  11. The Young and Bitter Club was initiated by Tigerlily James after her fianc , Darren, dumped her five days before their planned wedding on Valentine s Day She meets up with friends from her Uni days who have their own reasons for participating in these Misery Dinners at Entangled, which is run by Ruby who treats the three women as family It is an excuse for months margaritas but this month there s an added ingredient a new barman, Ollie, who is initially struggling to stop breaking things When, s [...]

  12. Tig short for Tigerlily, she has hippy parents is a twentysomething living in London Dumped by her fianc e Darren a mere five days before her wedding, Tig and her mates have spent the last seven months brooding over their failed relationships Their regular Misery Dinners are an outlet to rant and rave about their exes and how much they hate them until Tig receives an invitation to Darren s wedding to someone else Not sure how to handle it, in steps sexy barman Ollie, who is only in town for anot [...]

  13. I went through a phase of refusing to read romantic comedy books I admit, I was embittered by being cruelly dumped that my bitter and twisted response was to cut off reading about the girl who gets the guy when at that time of my life was the complete opposite to my situation You may be wondering why I am sharing this part of my past but I swear to you that I have a point Basically, I became Tig I had gone through something similar nowhere near as bad as what Tig went through but enough to leave [...]

  14. Ever since Tigerlily was dumped on Valentines days just five days before her wedding she hasn t bothered with anyone or anything else The only people who she keeps close are her 3 best friends Dana, Ame and Charlie and her family, she stopped doing the one thing that she absolutely loved and that was photography At one point in her life she was willing to sacrifice all her dreams just to keep her Ex quite happy but then after meeting Oli at one of her Misery Dinners, she starts to live a little. [...]

  15. I would like to thank author AL Michael for sending me the link to this book on NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.When we first meet Tig she is still down about splitting with her ex boyfriend just a week before their wedding Tig and her friends set up the Young and Bitter club where they would meet and slate all relationships.Tig then meets the gorgeous Ollie, he has a proposition for her, pretend to be his girlfriend for three months and he would help her get back into the dat [...]

  16. Originally on my blog ilovedthisbookAfter falling insanely in love with Michael s The Last Word, I was super excited only days later to find that yet another book had been released I was going to be on vacation and I couldn t wait to take this baby with me.I did love it, although it is so similar in story line and also characters as The Last Word that I wished there had been something to set them apart so they don t glob together in my mind We had the boy and girl fake relationship that leads t [...]

  17. Originally posted on Paris Baker s Book Nook as part of the My So Called Love Life Blog Tour.I loved the sound of My So Called Love Life the Misery Dinners sounded hilarious and having a fake relationship with a perfect guy Well, you just know that isn t going to run smoothly This book had a perfect mix of sweet, feel good moments and laugh out loud funny bits I adored Tig as a character, between her lack of self confidence and her struggle to want to fight for her own happiness, she made an inc [...]

  18. This was a delightful little read I think I would categorize this as being cutesy, so you know what you re getting with it Still, it was very enjoyable and fun A perfect little evening read.I probably would have given this 5 stars just from how much I liked reading it, if not for the ending I didn t particularly care for it It seemed too abrupt and slightly predictable I just didn t think it fit, it needed something Not sure what that could have been, just The epilogue was okay, as far as epi [...]

  19. The one word to describe this book is lovely I really enjoyed the story it was a nice easy read, Tigerlilly the heroine was likable and I found myself routing for her throughout the story At the beginning of the book Tigerlilly is wallowing in self pity and resentment with her friends who have either been dumped or had a recent lost and they are all remaining stagnant and not moving on with their lives Then Tig meets Ollie the gorgeous barman who teaches how to move on and be herself again Ollie [...]

  20. Taking a chance on romance So this is a typical romance with some amazing side line stories between three heartbroken women and a man s determination to change a women s outlook on the subject of men in general Showing Tig that not all men will break hearts although if someone only promises things temporarily then will that not break the heart equally Great read and very worth it.

  21. I couldn t put this book down, I read it in one sitting It left me craving a margarita and telling everyone that Tigerlily and Ollie were my new OTP Seriously though great book, relatable character and a wonderful book to fall into.For a few review of this and 2 other books by A.L Michael check out this video youtube watch v 1TL78

  22. I bloody loved this book from the very start Witty, romantic, smart and sexy as well pretty much my perfect book

  23. Canny little readTook a year for me to read, because of life , but easy to pick up and reconnect with characters each time I did.

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