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Hooked on You

Ú Hooked on You ì Lindsey Brookes Ú Hooked on You ì Lindsey Brookes - Hooked on You, Hooked on You When Shay McDaniels learns that her father has been receiving threatening letters she heads down to his resort in the Keys Frustratingly he refuses to call the police determined to handle matters on

  • Title: Hooked on You
  • Author: Lindsey Brookes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ú Hooked on You ì Lindsey Brookes, Hooked on You, Lindsey Brookes, Hooked on You When Shay McDaniels learns that her father has been receiving threatening letters she heads down to his resort in the Keys Frustratingly he refuses to call the police determined to handle matters on his own Private investigator Chase Reynolds has no idea the woman he meets on the beach the one whose son is determined to catch his mommy a man is James Lansing s daughWhen Shay McD

Hooked on You

Ú Hooked on You ì Lindsey Brookes Ú Hooked on You ì Lindsey Brookes - Hooked on You, Hooked on You When Shay McDaniels learns that her father has been receiving threatening letters she heads down to his resort in the Keys Frustratingly he refuses to call the police determined to handle matters on Hooked on You

  • Ú Hooked on You ì Lindsey Brookes
    235Lindsey Brookes
Hooked on You

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  1. I recently picked up Hooked on You when it was free on and, as corny as it sounds, I was hooked The characters were easy to connect with Chase Tarzan Reynolds background felt real, although I was perplexed about his injury and why it caused him to be infertile Shay s background was hysterical with her queen of an ex husband Her son was adorable My favorite characters were Dee and James Shay s father Those two were fun I did feel that James health issue should have been given page time It felt l [...]

  2. Hooked on You by Lindsey Brookes made for a charming read Single mom Shay is raising her son Joshua in Miami, when she is called by her father James Lansing as he s been getting threatening letters When she goes there she has to deal with the bodyguard, Chase hired by her father to keep them safe The rest of the story deals with the growing attraction between Chase and Shay, sweet hero worship interactions between Josh and Chase, the funny conversations with Shay and her fried Dee and a stunning [...]

  3. I loved the first few pages , I couldn t stop laughing and saying aww , but it became way too predictable I predicted the twist early on in the book.

  4. Good readThis book was full of romance, secrets and a bit of laughter It was a light, enjoyable read I started during dinner and about four hours later I was done It was a normal romance girl meets boy, boy and girl are attracted to each other, fall in love but won t admit it to each other or themselves, then they do Oh forgot the fight misunderstanding in there But the way they get to the end is fun I recommend this book especially if you are looking for a light, quick read.

  5. Better yetThe suspense part was a little transparent The main characters sizzle The little boy is adorable The other two are devious Good reading

  6. The funny lines really saved this one, although there were some annoyances, but I looked at this as a fun light read and tried not to dwell too much on the annoy y bits He s filed under M for money, but I m not supposed to tell him that Tomorrow we re calling um Joe to take us to the beach He s under C for nice car hahahaha We ll just file him away under D for dumb ass and move on double hahahaokay I know what I said the whole not dwelling , but some nit picky things Why was she talking about ha [...]

  7. Fabulous first few pages All downhill from there Characterizations are all over the place Shay flips from sweet to spoiled hissy fit The H h fight and jump into bed all thru the book Or at least the part I read I finally skipped ahead because I like to know how a book ends And yes, hissy fits and jumping into bed before pulling off a happy ending anyone saw coming.SPOILER ALERT She dumps wine in his lap in front of her grandfather, mind you storms off, and RIGHT after telling her he can t have [...]

  8. It took me a little while to get into this book but I ended up enjoying the story of the somewhat tumultuous relationship between Chase and Shay They both come from ugly divorces and aren t exactly eager to pursue a relationship, but with clearly off the walls chemistry it is almost inevitable I definitely had some ideas about how the book would end and, for the most part, was accurate in my predictions Honestly, it seemed a little too good to be true, although James partially staged it that way [...]

  9. Romance lovers this is the book for you Great romance read that isn t like the others The start is different and not something I ve comes across before but it ties in well with the over all time of the book Lots of steamy romance scenes and the characters are well formed, leaving you feeling like you have a real bond with them.Recommend to anyone who just can t get enough of romance novels and is looking for something a little outside of the box You will love the main female and males adventure [...]

  10. Fatherly love from both anglesReading this book was fun and easy With the cute words that Joshua would say to the steamy moments of lust or love At times in this book you were enlightened to what the outcome might be A true love story all the way around, to the way a father loves his daughter to the way a father loves his son I enjoyed the spunk between the characters that made this book that much enjoyable.

  11. Fun, quick read Typically I don t care for detailed sex scenes, but the characters were so much fun Initially I chose this book because it promised a little mystery along with a happy ending while being set in the Florida Keys My only real complaint is that the outcome was predictable But sometimes predictable is fun

  12. HookedI should have known that with a name like Lindsey, it have to be a good book it helps that I have a friend with the same name first and last I received this book free and finished it in a day See was totally hilarious and needs her own book I m glad that things worked out for the hero and heroin it was kind of predictable, but it s well worth the read.

  13. great bookTwo scheming people decide that one woman and her son need a husband and father in their lives So, they hatch up a plan to help that happens It s funny, touching and all you would want in a love story You won t regret reading this book It will leave you with a smile on your face.

  14. i dont know what others were reading but i loved this book, it made me laugh, made me cry, a lovely romance with a great story line and characters, as always Lindsey you dont disappoint with your books.

  15. A sweet story about a best friend and father who were determined to help Shay find happiness again, after her husband left her when she was pregnant The father and best friend were great partners in crime together, very amusing I m a sucker for happy endings

  16. I have an issue with women who, after having no interest in men for years, meeting a man who she suspects may be a bad guy and then proceeds to have sex with him because she just can t resist Really This single mother, who has been turning down men for years, suddenly can t help herself.

  17. This book was a disappointment The plot of a rich man finding a husband for his daughter is trite, contrived, unrealistic, and silly It sounds like something dreamed up by a teenager The characters are equally disappointing.

  18. Cute romanceDifferent story than most Generally told well but with some typos, that could of that should have been could have , just enough to keep the story from flowing smoothly but not enough to pull a recommendation to read.

  19. Ok The beginning had me laughing and I really wanted to love it, but it was just ok to me Everything happened to fast, she hasn t dated since her divorce, but is ready to jump into bed almost at once Loved the little boy, but just didn t connect to the characters.

  20. Another great readBy Lindsey Brooks Loved this book too Strong characters that make you fall in love with them Great fairy tale with the true happily every after ending Awesome

  21. OMG That was such a great book I love stories about second chances Violet goes home and gets a second chance with her high school sweetheart and partner in crime It is one HOT read Loved it

  22. Predictable and cheesyExactly as the subject saysedictable and cheesy I can t list too many specific complaints without spoilers Reads like a hallmark movie with sex scenes Wasn t able to connect to the characters because they were so cliche.

  23. DNF Or I should say skipped to the epilogue This book was so predictable, it made me bored out of my mind There were only a few small things in the book that I liked and one of them was on the very first page What a tease.

  24. This book hooks you from the start Joshua is just the cutest If this isn t a serious story, I would say that Chase is the worse PI Bodyguard in the world This is a book that will make you laugh So don t take it too seriously Just laugh and smile It s just a fairytale and I love fairytales.

  25. Bookbub freebie Oh boy I liked it but man there was some serious eye rolling happening The characters are very likable and when it became very clear where this was headed, not matter how silly, I read on because I couldn t abandon them.

  26. Wonderful Shay had met Chase when he was working for her father as a private investigator He was to protect her father than as time goes on to her an her son.They are attracted to each other.Gets involved see where it leads

  27. I was hooked on this book This is a great rom com I was laughing at the beginning and crying by the end I loved this story.

  28. The perfect bookThis book will make you love, make you cry, may you happy This is such a great read get it today.

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