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Ice Station Nautilus

Ice Station Nautilus Best Read || [Rick Campbell] Ice Station Nautilus Best Read || [Rick Campbell] - Ice Station Nautilus, Ice Station Nautilus When the newest American fast attack submarine and one of Russia s new ballistic missile submarines collide and sink under the Arctic ice cap a fateful chain of events is set into motion As life supp

  • Title: Ice Station Nautilus
  • Author: Rick Campbell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Ebook

Ice Station Nautilus Best Read || [Rick Campbell], Ice Station Nautilus, Rick Campbell, Ice Station Nautilus When the newest American fast attack submarine and one of Russia s new ballistic missile submarines collide and sink under the Arctic ice cap a fateful chain of events is set into motion As life support systems aboard the submarines begin to fail the United States and Russia rush to the aid of their crews adapting their submarine rescue systems for the descent throughWhen t

Ice Station Nautilus

Ice Station Nautilus Best Read || [Rick Campbell] Ice Station Nautilus Best Read || [Rick Campbell] - Ice Station Nautilus, Ice Station Nautilus When the newest American fast attack submarine and one of Russia s new ballistic missile submarines collide and sink under the Arctic ice cap a fateful chain of events is set into motion As life supp Ice Station Nautilus

  • Ice Station Nautilus Best Read || [Rick Campbell]
    460Rick Campbell
Ice Station Nautilus

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  1. Submarine Warfare under the Polar Ice Cap Whoa that was exciting and very intense I realized when I finished that I had been holding my breath for way too long inhale exhale It s nice to breathe again I can t imagine being on a submarine that s running high on carbon dioxide low on oxygen or having to maneuver around a torpedo flanking my ass Thankfully I don t foresee encountering any of those problems anytime soon but if you want an up close personal taste of close quarter submarine warfare th [...]

  2. Russian Robbery Russia is a geriatric maritime giant surrounded by much energetic rivals David Axe Greatness to the motherland in your glorious deeds Russian GRU motto No one but us Russian VDV paratrooper creed Naval military thrillers This is a subsection of thrillers that until recently had hit rock bottom Naval fiction is highly complex and intricate It s much easier to write about men with guns on land, than it is to write about machines deep sixing each other below the waves Maritime conf [...]

  3. Ice Station Nautilus by Rick Campbell is the finest submarine warfare novel I have ever read Yes, even better than The Hunt for Red October It has non stop action and suspense throughout the entire book, along with a great cast of characters Since the author is a retired Navy submarine Commander, the descriptions and technology read as very believable without being overly detailed Highly recommended for anyone who likes military thrillers Note The publisher provided me with a copy of this book v [...]

  4. Good story, good action and just felt it was kissing a little something to be a 5 star book Great submarine battles and definitely makes his former career visible and authentic

  5. This book provides a plausible rendition of undersea submarine warfare The author acknowledges that it is a very superficial and blurred account, but his 20 years in the navy are evident from his descriptions of technologies and tactics As for the plot, it s a very stereotypical thriller, with characters so thinly drawn as to be invisible There is a damsel She is first a hero, then in distress Torpedos are fired Subs hide behind undersea ice, and seek each other Rescue efforts are undertaken Exp [...]

  6. Ice Station Nautilus is a an exciting action packed suspense thriller that begins with the collision of a Russian and American submarine underneath the polar ice cap With the American National Security Advisor Christine O Connor negotiating a current arms treaty with Russia and President Kalinin refusing to include an inspection of their newest ballistic missile submarines in the deal the incident becomes lethal especially when the crew of the Yury Dolgoruky is suspected of having the latest mis [...]

  7. This was a crazy book Comments on the dust jacket state that it is a throwback to Tom Clancy I can see some of that, but it seemed a bit edgier than Clancy s books were At one point, I found myself wondering how the author was going to resolve the craziness that he had set in motion view spoiler with so much stacked against the Americans hide spoiler It moves at a fast pace once it gets going it has some twists and turns in it at the end that had me going for a loop and made my gut clench as I r [...]

  8. Best book of his yet Believable characters and a riveting plot.Author does an excellent job of keeping the technical details right without getting bogged down You can tell he s done his homework on exactly what it would take to rescue a submarine trapped under the polar ice cap.Well worth reading.

  9. This book was okay I enjoyed it It didn t overwhelm me or cause delusional five star postings But, overall, it was entertaining and well written.

  10. Much mention of Tom Clancy in the style of this book I had been looking forward to reading this and I was not disappointed And the Clancy comparisons are well founded I have to say.This is a thriller, mainly set on and under the polar ice cap A cat and mouse game between American and Russian submarines has ended in disaster, with a limited time for rescue What should be a complex but focussed rescue operation turns into something dangerous than could be expected The Russians have an agenda to h [...]

  11. Fast paced from the start to the end, Ice Station Nautilus creates a believable plot and combines it into a very realistic submarine thriller that only one with the experience Rick Campbell has can do it.Right from the beginning, we are presented with what seems to be a belligerent Russia, bent on improving their nuclear ballistic missile at all costs, but as the plot goes on, it is clear that the Russians will do anything to stop the Americans from boarding the Yuri Dolgorukiy With treachery af [...]

  12. I really enjoyed reading the book For anyone with any interest in suspenseful, thrilling tales of Naval warfare, this book would be a great choice I started reading it and didn t want to put it down There were a lot of details only maybe perhaps too many names that gave the story an authenticity that made the reader feel they were there There s no denying the fact that Rick Campbell s background makes him highly qualified to write such stories and it is seen in his stories I ll be glad to add it [...]

  13. The 3rd work in this series is non stop action The tech is believable but the characters are bigger then life and Christine alone could be dropped into any global hot zone and end the conflict and punish the evil doers.A good read.

  14. Great readWow, I really loved this book I don t give very many 5 stars Great plot, held my attention and a lot of surprises This is the third book I read of his and have enjoyed each one

  15. GREATTwo readings,could not put this book down.Intense,and very informative.Would make a great movie,in the old days,the good old days

  16. Good story, but I kept getting lost in the submarine lingo Perhaps I needed to start at the first book in the series.

  17. If you liked The Hunt for Red October Tom Clancey this is also a good Submarine read Very easy to read and finished it pretty quick

  18. Top notch suspenceKeeps you on the edge of your seat at every page turn Anyone with any navy experience should love this tale Can t wait for .

  19. SEAL s, Spetsnaz, and submarines all combine in a tour de force under the Arctic ice The Russians have a new class of submarine with new missiles ready to head to sea Naturally an American sub is waiting off the coast to shadow it And thus begins the story and the cat and mouse games submarines play at sea It s even riskier business when done under the icecap Naturally the encounter between these two adversaries results in an incident which has both countries marshaling their submarine rescue cr [...]

  20. Mission Orders US Sub North Dakota Armed with a crew of cardboard, poorly defined characters, follow the new Russian sub as it launches to get information on it Russian Sub Yuriy Dolgorukiy Take your crew of stereotypical Russians on a top secret mission and whatever you do, don t crash into the U.S sub.Mission Results What a shocker, the two subs collide and the Russian sub is hurt worse than the US sub Both governments send bland and interchangeable staffers of rescue teams to save the crew of [...]

  21. If you like fast paced political thrillers then Rick Campbell s newest installment in the Trident Deception Series, Ice Station Nautilus is for you I read and reviewed the first book in the series, The Trident Deception two years ago and loved it and when I was able to request and review Ice Station Nautilus I was looking forward to another edgy thriller in which the world was at stake I was not disappointed.Set in the frozen wasteland of the Arctic Ice Cap, the crew of the USS North Dakota the [...]

  22. The author with his experience, has a monopoly on submarine fast attack warfare Saying that, none of the readers will ever be fast attack commanders, so spending half the book basically regurgitating the manual for polar ice rescue was ultimately unsatisfying The book could be read in the first 50 pages and the last 100 pages and still be enjoyable The author needs to concentrate on people skills, the political environment the military operates in, and the crash when the two intersect It took a [...]

  23. Received this book from give away.This is a action suspense novel with a lot of action and what will happen next.Had looked forward to reading this but it just was not my kind of book I gave ita 3 star because the author did so well with the writing the story and the peoplewhere what you would expect Had a hard time reading this and keeping my interestI tried to finish it but had to give up on itThis is a great book for anyone that loves military action stories and sub mariens.

  24. You ll like this if you enjoy action suspense novels and are interested in either the Arctic or submarines I gave it a try because I thought it might be a nice switch from my usual genres and I was glad I did It s well written and accessibly written an important detail for those of us who are not familiar with submarines It s very plot driven so it s perfect for traveling Campbell has a nice future ahead of him writing thrillers THanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

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