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Redemption Road

[PDF] Redemption Road | by Ñ Katie Ashley [PDF] Redemption Road | by Ñ Katie Ashley - Redemption Road, Redemption Road The New York Times bestselling author of Vicious Cycle plunges readers into a world of danger and desire in her newest in the Vicious Cycle motorcycle club romance series Looking for a walk on the wil

  • Title: Redemption Road
  • Author: Katie Ashley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Redemption Road | by Ñ Katie Ashley, Redemption Road, Katie Ashley, Redemption Road The New York Times bestselling author of Vicious Cycle plunges readers into a world of danger and desire in her newest in the Vicious Cycle motorcycle club romance series Looking for a walk on the wild side Annabel Percy the daughter of a powerful politician starts dating a biker she knows is completely wrong for her But she finds herself living a nightmare when she The New York

Redemption Road

[PDF] Redemption Road | by Ñ Katie Ashley [PDF] Redemption Road | by Ñ Katie Ashley - Redemption Road, Redemption Road The New York Times bestselling author of Vicious Cycle plunges readers into a world of danger and desire in her newest in the Vicious Cycle motorcycle club romance series Looking for a walk on the wil Redemption Road

  • [PDF] Redemption Road | by Ñ Katie Ashley
    481Katie Ashley
Redemption Road

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  1. 6 Finding Redemption StarsI have mad love for this series Just when I didn t think it could get any better, IT DOES Redemption Road is a standalone and is part of the Vicious Cycle series Each book will focus on a MC brother they are blood brothers too.Redemption Road is Rev and Annabel s story.Katie Ashley really hit the mark for me on this one I loved Vicious Cycle and I was really excited for Rev s story I loved Rev in the first book because he s a tortured character I just want to find abou [...]

  2. I have to say I really loved this one, maybe even then the first one Definitely looking forward to from this series.

  3. In the first book, my favorite character was Rev Malloy I was glad to discover that he would be the hero in the very next book Happily, Rev continued to be an engaging character and even so when the author revealed so much about him and turned him into a veritable knight on shining Harley This second installment would work as a standalone in a pinch, but the reader would see obvious connections to the first book a few different times in the story as the first book s characters are very present [...]

  4. This story jumped in right after book one I was delighted for the way the author ties the series together This is Revs love story This read can be a trigger for someone who unfortunately have been kidnapped or rape so beware The way the story flows will have you crying and cringing The miraculous sex scenes are intense and well thought out Kudos Ms Ashley for bringing together two broken people and putting them back together.

  5. Well if that didn t just put me through the emotional ringer Holy, where are my tissues As a whole, I had liked VICIOUS CYCLE, which was the first book in the series, but REDEMPTION ROAD far surpasses my like, this book was raw, emotional and Katie Ashley gets an applause from me for handling all the difficult parts with delicacy and respect for the victims I think I had loved Rev from the moment we meet him in VC, but he really takes the cake in REDEMPTION ROAD He is rough and touch, but caring [...]

  6. Il terribile passato di Rev, che lui ha fin ora tenuto nascosto a tutta la famiglia la chiave che lo aiuta a salvare Annabel dal baratro oscuro in cui caduta dopo il rapimento e le terribili sevizie subite da Mendoza la ragione che la porta a rialzarsi e a farsi aiutare a guarire, e il racconto del percorso faticoso, doloroso e catartico che decidono di intraprendere insieme il fulcro di questo libro che bello, drammatico e ugualmente romantico, che tratta temi molto forti ma che non li sminuisc [...]

  7. Redemption Road by Katie AshleyRev AnnabelHEARTBREAKING AND BREATHTAKINGHoly freaking hell This book is cray cray If you re into foo foo romance books that make even the shittiest situation somehow seem nice, then this book is not for you There are some very prickly subjects within the confines of these pages Some of the not so nice things life can throw at you and then some Dig your heels in, grab a beer, a smoke, some chocolate, and a box of tissues cause you re gonna need it Nathaniel Rev Ma [...]

  8. I really enjoyed this read and liked Deacon from book 1 even in this installment then I did in his own book Deacons adorable daughter also had a few appearances in this installment and she was just as cute as ever The star of this book was definitely Rev He had a way with Annabelle that was so sweet and he definitely is on my favorite book boyfriends list They bonded in a way that most couples could not This book is not the usual dirty mc club and this may turn some off I personally hate mc s w [...]

  9. 4 Redeemed Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of NAL Trade Penguin GroupThe socialite vet student and the president of a MC Hmmm, how is this going to fair out The works of circumstances had brought us together, but some of the greatest loves in the world were born of tragedy.I fell for Nathaniel Reverend Malloy in Vicious Cycle, so I could NOT wait to get his story And what a story it was Poor Rev, such a past for a young boy, but that tragedy is what has helped shape Rev into the man [...]

  10. This is the second book in the series and I really don t know why I didn t write a review for this one as I preferred it than the first one It was all because of Rev Malloy It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea,That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of Annabel Lee And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me.I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea But we loved with a love that was than love I and my An [...]

  11. For a motorcycle club, these boys sure are sweet Book 2, Gotta love the Rev the horrible and tragic circumstances in this book were handled with such care I think what really makes this series are all the family members, how can you not love them all My only complaintd I can t believe I am even saying this I think I need angst.d less insta love But, it s a short bookort and sweet Edited to add I didn t end up reading book 3 I just wasn t feeling itybe someday

  12. Rounding up to 3.5 RATING I m a little disappointed with this one I really liked the first book in the series but Redemption Road fell a little flat for me I just never got pulled into the story the way I wanted I m surprised too The writing was good, and I love a good damsel in distress storyI m not really sure why this didn t rate higher for me A couple notes, while this is a MC book, expect MC Lite Also, because of the story line and the heroine s history, no real steam in the book until the [...]

  13. 4.5 stars Maybe I was meant to save you Excuse me I believe in my heart of hearts that you were meant to save me So maybe in turn, I m meant to help you by showing you what a wonderful person you are, regardless of what the negative voices in your head tell you.

  14. MmmPense que iba ser mas interesantePero no estuvo tan malEspero encontrar el ultimo libro Ya que esta saga fue interesante por el hecho que estoy obsesionada con lo motocicleta

  15. Deacon s brother, Nathaniel Rev Malloy is the new President of the Hell s Raiders MC He is strong, intelligent, and takes control when needed But he has harbored a secret for years that changed his entire life and affected those that did not even realize it When one of their own needs help, he and his brother, Bishop take off on a mission to save a man s daughter When women or children are threatened, Rev will stop at nothing to offer assistance Even if there will be retribution for it But Rev a [...]

  16. It hurts to read about the victims of the rape It hurt me to read about Annabel and Rev and I think the pain actually made me so much sympathized with them that I wanted to believe in their relationship and their happy ending no matter how cheesy and romantic it was Both Annabel and Rev were the victims of Rape I could never said who got it worse because there was nothing to compare A victim is a victim and they all had their sufferings may be not the same but suffering and pain nonetheless And [...]

  17. Annabel Percy is a politician s daughter, raised to do the right thing, and always behave well All her parents expect for her is to marry well and support her husband in his political career, her mother even has her eyes on a suitable candidate One stupid mistake one moment of letting go of her good girl behavior turns her life into a living hell After being rescued by Rev and his brothers, she needs to learn to live with herself again, who she is after what happened She has a hard time doing so [...]

  18. Leader of the Hells Raiders, Rev, has been summoned by another member for a favor A favor he can t deny because the circumstances are so dire Go into a drug cartel compound and return with a members daughter When things don t go as planned, he emerges with someone else entirely yet just as badly damaged.Living a nightmare is what Annabel s existence boils down to these days Trafficked, beaten and left for dead in a pool of her own blood she s unsure if the man standing above her is a savior or a [...]

  19. Oh man Who knew I would be such a sucker for a motorcycle romance This is the second book to this series and, I ve got to say, I loved it even than the first Annabel Percy is tired of going out with the straight laced guys her politician father would approve of But one error in judgment leads Annabel to being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery As president of the Hell s Radiers, Nathaniel Reverend Malloy will do anything for his men Going after the captured daughter of one of his members is a [...]

  20. 3 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.I don t know why, but I didn t read Vicious Cycle the first book in the series before picking up Redemption Road I ll definitely check it out after reading this Nathaniel Rev Malloy saved Annabel Percy two months after she had been captured with the intent to be sold into human trafficking in Mexico Their relationship grows as he helps her mend physically and emotionally Meanwhile, her captors aren t happy about being raided and seek revenge [...]

  21. Katie Ashley continues to raise the stakes, giving her readers a sexy MC romance that they crave Intense Dramatic Sexy Dangerous This next installment of the Vicious Cycle Series takes the MC genre to the next level I just knew that after reading about Nathaniel Reverend Malloy in Vicious Cycle, I was going to fall hard when he got his own story, and boy did I fall HARD This rugged, sexy beast of a man has a gentle side and past that should have broken him When Annabel Percy falls into his life, [...]

  22. OMG Loved Redemption Road Being back in the Hell s Raiders motorcycle club was amazing Loved Deacon s and Alexandra s story in Vicious Cycle and Katie upped her game in Redemption Road by giving us the story of Deacon s little brothers Nathaniel Reverend Malloy story.This story starts right at the end of Vicious Cycle Rev and his little brother Bishop take off from Deacon and Alexandra s wedding because he receives a call that Breakneck s daughter has been kidnapped and is going to be sold as a [...]

  23. DNF 40%I have to give up on this one This isn t a bad book, but I just can t take it seriously The tone of the book just doesn t mesh with the storyline or the characters experiences It s a little too shallow for me, considering the seriousness of the plot outlined Maybe I m putting my own preconceived opinions on the characters and expecting them to act a certain way an issue that s brought up in the book, ironically , but, regardless, I don t care for this book In essence, it feels like a cop [...]

  24. When it comes to his woman Rev is whipped, especially when it comes to his woman and helpless baby animals, I knew then there was no way in hell we were leaving the woods without that deer Okay Let me get it, though You don t need to be carrying anything Annabel sometimes always has her eye on the prize and at times I think that shocks Rev, my gaze slid down his washboard abs to take in the dark dusting of hair below his hips, but, important, his already large manhood, which wasn t fully arouse [...]

  25. Why do I do this to myself Do I secretly get a kick out of annoying myself so much I mean, I knew I KNEW what was going to happen from beginning to end and I still kept reading bangs head on wall I think I need a support group Hello, my name is Denise, and I make bad choices I continuously select books that I know I will not like in the hopes that it will give me what I am looking for That first high That lose yourself in a story place The one out of every few hundred that make me glad to be an [...]

  26. 3.5 stars This one started out fast, slowed down a little in the middle and then picked back up in the end This was a good read about two tortured people becoming friends, falling for each other and healing together I m glad there was quite a bit of time to pass in this book because it would have been unrealistic for our heroine to bed someone so soon after what she experienced Rev s hands sought mine After intertwining our fingers, he said, Look at me, babe It s only me and you here Only love.

  27. A great second book in the Vicious Cycle MC series I loved Rev Annabel together The sh t they both went through My heart broke for them But through it all they remained strong, resilient, genuine caring people They shared some beautiful perfectly paced sexy times with one another, which I adored Yes, Rev made one teeny tiny, blip on the radar mistake by sending Annabel away but when he showed up in that tux started blushing while showing Annabel pictures of Poe He was instantly forgiven He truly [...]

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