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Descender #1

✓ Descender #1 ☆ Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen ✓ Descender #1 ☆ Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen - Descender #1, Descender One young robot s struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet A rip roaring and heart felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity agai

  • Title: Descender #1
  • Author: Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Descender #1 ☆ Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen, Descender #1, Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen, Descender One young robot s struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet A rip roaring and heart felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity against machine and world against world to create a sprawling space opera from the creators of Trillium Sweet Tooth and Little Gotham

Descender #1

✓ Descender #1 ☆ Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen ✓ Descender #1 ☆ Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen - Descender #1, Descender One young robot s struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet A rip roaring and heart felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity agai Descender #1

  • ✓ Descender #1 ☆ Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen
    147Jeff Lemire Dustin Nguyen
Descender #1

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  1. I ve heard a lot of good buzz about Descender and I m pleased to say that it lived up to all of it It isn t easy writing the first entries in a series without descending into character listing and lengthy explanations on setting Descender manages to introduce itself completely without any of that boring stuff.On a distant planet in a futuristic setting, an enormous robot lands on the government s home world Simultaneously, huge robots land on several other planets These gigantic machines attack [...]

  2. This is issue number 1 in the Descender series and I m going to go right ahead and say that I adore the artwork of this series It s fabulously watercolour and it s kind of fantastically subtle The series itself seems to be about a young robot trying to survive in this futuristic sci fi setting and I think that as a starting Issue we certainly get introduced to some initial cool ideas The artwork, as I have said, is truly the beautiful thing about this series so far and whilst I found the story i [...]

  3. Descender by Jeff Lemire came into being amid huge fanfare and critical acclaim and it is well deserved There is perhaps nothing like this comic out in the medium right now and may have never been Hidden behind this tale of a lost and abandoned little robot are the underlying demons of our own society This is the tale of loss and brutality and the heartache of loneliness.With the writing of Jeff Lemire and the artwork of Dustin Nguyen, Descender is book that should quickly garner a cult followin [...]

  4. This sci fi comic has a really interesting concept that seems like it s to deal with themes like humanity versus artificial intelligence , loneliness, survival, and the unknown The writing is well done and Tim 21 s character pulls me in The art is nice if you like watercolour paintings, but it s not really for me The style suits the story, though so I won t fault it much for that I would like to follow this story, especially to see what happens to Tim 21 This is a very promising first issue.

  5. Beautiful Elegant Mesmerizing If you read my review of comics I don t say these things often Descender is different Feels like a story that Asimov would have concocted Drawn with just enough abstract to allow your mind to fill in the gaps This is a comic book series that will leave you dreaming and imagining yourself in this created world.

  6. Can we just talk about the front cover, it s so beautiful I like the main characters Dr Quon and Tim The story looks complex and compelling with all the different worlds and the coexistence of humans, aliens and robots This is a no brainer, 5 stars.

  7. Descender is emotion wrapped in wires, and it s a great start to a space opera focused on the existentialism of what makes something sentient.Ten years after Harvesters robots bigger than you can imagine have pretty much decimated eight fully populated planets, a robot named TIM 21 awakes to find his mining colony in ruins, and his family missing He discovers that after the mass destruction of the planets, humans took to robot cullings, nearly wiping out a good bit of the AI population Every ch [...]

  8. 3.5 starsI enjoyed reading this fist volume in a new sci fi graphic novel series The art style, which is painted in water colors, took me a little time to get used to The lines are not sharp and crisp as most other graphic novels I have read, so some panels were a little difficult to make out But by the end of the book, I did get used to the style And the style often added to the atmosphere of the book, too The story is interesting and always held my attention It s a promising first book in a se [...]

  9. Me encanto esta novela gr fica, es la primera que leo en mucho tiempo, no cre que la disfrutar a tanto Su originalidad me sorprendi bastante, las ilustraciones son bell simas, me encanto que el ilustrador verdaderamente lograr transportarte dentro de la historia con sus preciosas im genes, y que decir de la novela en general, est muy bien escrita, si te gusta la ciencia ficci n, eso de los robots, con algunos toques de humor este es el indicado para ti Necesito leer la segunda parte porque se qu [...]

  10. So far, with this first book, I am already intrigued and really wanting to see what happens next I love the characters and the art style and the story so far is very interesting I would ve given it 5 stars but it gets 4 because this first story arc doesn t explain a whole lot One character reveals all of his cards, but it doesn t seem to have a whole lot of impact just yet because the story is still so fresh I m sure this will change going forward, but 4 stars for now.

  11. Excellent graphic novel, with an incredible artistic style that complements the story perfectly You very quickly go from the perspective of one lonely robot child to an entire galaxy of competing forces, and by the end of 30 pages you re completely immersed in a very deep story Descender is on the level of all time great graphic novels like Saga and Locke Key.

  12. First of the series, introducing Tim 21, the child companion robot Intriguing world, and good storytelling I ll be back for of this series Format note my library offers several graphic novels in ebook form but I wasn t sure how it would look while reading on my phone good news, it was vibrant and easy to scroll and magnify for details Another win for Hoopla Digital

  13. Oh, Jeff Lemire You can do no wrong The worlds of United Galactic Council were destroyed by Harvesters ten years ago, and a small boy bot on a mining colony may be the old clue in understanding these enormous destroying robots Tim 21 has slept through the destruction, but now he s awake and the adventure begins I predict LOTS of tears.

  14. Muy buen comienzo para una historia que, por desgracia, ya he visto antes en otras versiones la Jihad Butleriana de Dune , las Guerras Cylon de Battlestar Galactica A n as el dibujo es muy bonito y superior al de otras series actuales, y vamos a darle una oportunidad a ver c mo evoluciona.

  15. This is a brand new series by Jeff Lemire that I picked up because everyone at my comic book store raved about it, so I decided to take a chance Boy, am I glad I did Very excited to see where this is going to go.

  16. i m not really sure where to start while using familiar tropes the story seems fresh and unlike anything i ve seen before the hints at what s to come are wonderful it s also been a long time since i ve seen anyone watercolor an entire book very much impressed cant wait for the next issue.

  17. Interesting introduction to the universe, characters are not really developed very much in this issue but the premise is intriguing and I look forward to the next issue to see how the story moves forward Love the artwork looks like hand watercolors and is most striking on the large images.

  18. Brilliant first issue Complex and intriguing world building, interesting characters, compelling storytelling, and fascinating art design A must read

  19. This has the potential to be one of my favorite comic book series, but maybe I m jumping the gun I don t even care about Sci fi The art in Descender is just so brilliant.

  20. Pretty damn good.Huge scope from the start, but with a firm grip on the world and story.All the praise and advanced movie deal, totally deserved.Nguyen excellent.

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