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The Dead of Night

[PDF] The Dead of Night | by Î John Marsden [PDF] The Dead of Night | by Î John Marsden - The Dead of Night, The Dead of Night A few months after the first fighter jets landed in their own backyard Ellie and her five terrified but defiant friends struggle to survive amid a baffling conflict Their families are unreachable the

  • Title: The Dead of Night
  • Author: John Marsden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Audiobook

[PDF] The Dead of Night | by Î John Marsden, The Dead of Night, John Marsden, The Dead of Night A few months after the first fighter jets landed in their own backyard Ellie and her five terrified but defiant friends struggle to survive amid a baffling conflict Their families are unreachable the mountains are now their home When two of them fall behind enemy lines Ellie knows what must happen next a rescue mission Homer the strongest and most unpredictable amoA few months

The Dead of Night

[PDF] The Dead of Night | by Î John Marsden [PDF] The Dead of Night | by Î John Marsden - The Dead of Night, The Dead of Night A few months after the first fighter jets landed in their own backyard Ellie and her five terrified but defiant friends struggle to survive amid a baffling conflict Their families are unreachable the The Dead of Night

  • [PDF] The Dead of Night | by Î John Marsden
    452John Marsden
The Dead of Night

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  1. boof reading these quick books to cleanse the brain palate before diving into proust4 means i get awful far behind in my reviewing i am really liking this series, which is fortunate because i have once again done the thing i do, which is to buy all seven before reading the first one dumbass untruth book six is in the mail on its way to me somehow out of print and hardish to get but i got dunno i like where this series is going, and from what i gather about twilight and some other teen books i ha [...]

  2. The Dead of Night continued to affirm just how screwed I d be if it were me instead of Ellie hunkered down in Hell I love camping I m gonna go read up right now on which plants I can eat and which ones will kill me Not that I don t enjoy the occasional nature activity, it is just that my first reaction to being asked to go camping kayaking hiking is suddenly getting The Lemonheads I Lied About Being the Outdoor Type stuck in my head I can t go away with you on a rock climbing weekend What if som [...]

  3. Our poor heroes aren t so plucky and full of bravado any, not since Corrie was shot in the back and Kevin took her to the hospital But the gang decide they can t sit around forever they need supplies for living in Hell, and they want to see if Corrie s OK, and they need to take some action against the army that invaded their land, took over their homes, and took their families prisoner.This book is much slower than Tomorrow, When the War Began Our teen heroes are despondent, depressed and dejec [...]

  4. First Read February 6th 2010Re read February 27th 2018 The second novel of the Tomorrow series written by John Marsden, it continues and picks up right where the first book ended In the wake of losing Corrie and Kevin, and not knowing how either of them are faring in enemy territory, the group s morale deteriorates Homer suggests the group attempt to track down Corrie and Kevin They release a smoke bomb into the hospital and investigate during the evacuation They discover that Corrie is comatose [...]

  5. I quite enjoyed this second instalment in the Tomorrow series I will admit, both books have been incredibly difficult to get into I find myself bored and uninterested until about 50 100 pages into it, and then I cannot put them down That s about the only flaw I can give these books.This was raw and real, I loved the way things are unfolding and the new things that happened in this book I like the discussions about heroes, villains, and humanity I really enjoyed that these teenagers are still dea [...]

  6. Plot summary Following the invasion of Australia, Ellie and her friends are back in their secret valley, Hell, and dealing with the loss they suffered at the end of Tomorrow, When the War Began But they can t stay in Hell forever As colonists start to arrive in the Wirrawee area, they decide to take action They re still not giving in without a fight Thoughts As with Tomorrow, When the War Began, it s been years and years since I read this I liked it A lot But it s never really stuck with me quit [...]

  7. SPOILERFREE REVIEW as long as you know what happens in Tomorrow, When the War Began Plot the first book Eight teenagers go camping in the bush, when they come back, their country is invaded and war is about to break out Now they have to fight to win back their homes.Stuff I Want To Get Out Of My HeadOkay, first off I have not read the first book Tomorrow When The War Began, only watched the movie I KNOW, I KNOW Everyone who s read the book or watched the movie , knows that it ends in a pretty hu [...]

  8. What s NOT to love about this series Maybe I m biased being an Aussie girl who read this and all of the others in high school and because John Marsden was the very first author who I ever had the pleasure of doing a writing workshop with lol I was in the ninth grade and was thrilled to be forced to write two paragraphs without using the letter A under his instruction or maybe it s just because this is straight up story telling magic I don t know but this is my go to series when ever I hit a book [...]

  9. The Dead of the Night sees us return to Hell with Ellie and her friends as they struggle to come to terms with the great loss they endured at the end of Tomorrow When the War Began It is a story about moral choices, about finding the courage to put yourself at risk time and again and most importantly, it is about endurance.Ellie, Homer, Lee, Robyn, Fi and Chris all return to Hell At first they are all lost to their shock and anger that the enemy managed to damage them so cruelly The time comes w [...]

  10. THE DEAD OF NIGHT is the second book in the amazing Tomorrow Series It picks up where TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN ends and is just as exciting Ellie and her friends continue to battle against unknown invaders They are forced to act like a military force without any of the training Even though they are sticking close to home, they feel they are contributing to the fight and causing the enemy some hardship.In an attempt to locate an alternate escape route out of Hell, the teens stumble upon what [...]

  11. Interesting note, apparently New Zealand has been very helpful in this war Coming immediately to the aid of Australia and fighting for her Really All I know about New Zealand Australia relations comes from Flight of the Conchords and they gave the impression they were not fond of Australia and thought they were subtlety mocking their accents whenever speaking with an Australian I really enjoyed the first book in the Tomorrow series but you know how 2nd books can be a bit lame Dead of Night is in [...]

  12. The Dead of the Night takes place not too long after the events at the end of the first book, Tomorrow When the War Began It has been a couple of months since the invasion of Australia and the group of committed teenagers decide that they ve had enough of sitting around waiting for something to happen and instead band together to change their dire situation.The Dead of the Night contains many of the familiar elements we came across in the first book action, adventure, survival, and a little roma [...]

  13. This second instalment in the popular Australian YA series is everything a sequel should be The characters focused, the danger heightened, and the plot twists just as interesting Like the first in the series, I read this in one sitting and can t wait to start book three, luckily which I have already bought This entry is very similar in plot to the first entry, with the kids sizing up and taking down a target within the invaders base, but this time we get to hear a little about who these invade [...]

  14. The Dead of Night was quite phenomenal Throughout the whole book, I was intrigued and was being entertained Being the second book in John Marsden s 7 book series The Tomorrow Series , my expectations were extremely high after reading the first novel Tomorrow when the War Began and it did not fail to meet them The adventurous, action filled novel begins a couple of weeks after the devastating events of that concluded the last book The brief brake between both books really added a good effect as y [...]

  15. A direct continuation of the events of the first book which means the rules of a sequel go out the window when reviewing This is a slower much character driven instalment, the calm before the storm so to speak The only issue I had was with the ending which ramped up in similar fashion to the previous book The final kick in the stomach to the audience is also similar to leaving two of their comrades behind I really hope things get a shake up with the next book, we deserve that much As a continua [...]

  16. In the first book you saw some action view spoiler how the group rescues Lee amazing , or how they blow up a bridge hide spoiler In this one, the are action scenes and they are exciting view spoiler they are going to find sneak to the hospital to see Corrie, attack a convoy, find and lose a group of free Australians Harvey s Heroes , and finally arrange an attack to a military residence area hide spoiler The action scenes are described in a way which is better than a movie you will see the fir [...]

  17. Recently I read Tomorrow When the War Began because I missed out on reading it when I was a teenager Which left the story unfinished and I felt I wanted to know what was going to happen So I ve now completed book 2 The Dead of the Night I actually preferred this book over the first, the innocence of the kids is now gone, while still having to struggle against the enemy that now have to struggle with sexual desire too actually I don t think the struggled they just hopped on so to speak The main p [...]

  18. Me encanto el final, exactamente como a m me gustan no s por qu tarde tanto en leerlo por qu amo esta saga y aparte es un libro corto.

  19. Actually pretty good, a little bit of second book itis but the filler was entertaining Quick, easy read and loving the development of all the characters.

  20. Contains minor spoilers for Tomorrow, When the War Began.This book began with a bang It was fast, confronting, action packed, much exciting than the first book However, the second half was as boring and repetitive as first book The characters really hit the fan in this sequel and did nothing put piss me off Ellie was the main problem, though Lee wasn t much better and Homer was worst of all He just faded into the background and did nothing One of my favourite aspects of Tomorrow, When the War B [...]

  21. 4.5 5What John Marsden does really well is create an action packed story that also has heaps of depth sprinkled in between The character development is just phenomenal you really get to know the gang inside and out, and their relationships are realistic and drawn out In the second book of the series, they find out what happened to Corrie and Kevin encounter a group of adult survivors burn some things and cope with the effects of war As they see their hometown being colonised, they will stop at [...]

  22. There s something infinitely scary about re reading a series that I loved as a teenager Did I love them because they enjoyed them at that particular stage of my life, and have my tastes and expectations changed with age and experience I felt tense when I re read the first book in the series a few months ago, and although I loved it just as much as I did ten plus years ago, I felt that same tension when I started reading In the Dead of the Night The story picks up a little after the end of Tomorr [...]

  23. This is the second book in the Tomorrow series Marsden, it was an okay continuation of the Tomorrow series by Marsden Ellie and her five friends are still struggling to survive after unknown enemies invaded their small Australian town Two of their friends have been taken behind enemy lines and Ellie and Homer work together with the other to mount a rescue mission They are all struggling with the larger question of how to make a difference and fight this invasion on their own terms They are also [...]

  24. A few months after a foreign force invaded their homes, Ellie and her friends remain in the hidden safe haven of Hell They have fought against the invaders, and two of their number have fallen behind enemy lines Now the remaining six will hunt for their friends, and in discovering a new group of survivors put themselves at greater risk than ever before Following on from Tomorrow, When the War Began, this book begins a couple of weeks after the devastating events of that concluded the last book C [...]

  25. This book is a very good follow up novel to Tomorrow When the War Began Ellie and her friends have returned to Hell after the horrific finale of the last book and have been there ever since They haven t ventured out too much and the few news they get on the radio have made them depressed and angry It s been a couple of months though, and they start to think that they should get out there again to try and help the war effort The invaders have a strong grip on the country as there is not much mili [...]

  26. I have to say, after being a bit dissapointed with the first book, I wasn t expecting this to be any better When I started the book, I was glad to find that the start wasn t nearly as slow, even being a bit tense in some parts as the characters sneaked around the enemy solidiers.There were exciting parts in this compared to the other book, but I still found it slow paced and lacking in the action I was expecting As with the first book, plenty of the story was spend describing the characters gat [...]

  27. Desde Tomorrow, When The War Began me parece que la historia avanz mucho.En The Dead of Night los personajes son m s maduros, han aprendido a comportarse mejor y aunque se siguen enfrentando con sus propias culpabilidades, no dudan en ning n momento al tener que hacer algo que les ayude a sobrevivir Est bamos viviendo una extra a y larga pesadilla en la que ten amos que inventar nuestras propias reglas, inventar nuevos valores, tropezar desorientados, esperando no cometer demasiados errores En e [...]

  28. Title The dead of the nightGenre action, dramaAudience 12 Themes friendship, war, trustLanguage someone telling their story narrator majority of the story is in 1st personAuthor John MarsdenThe novel The dead of the night, the sequel of tomorrow when the war began, written by John Marsden Its a very well written story as it has a lot of suspense, which kept me on edge and interested through out The book really appealed to me a lot because I have read the Tomorrow when the war began and I really [...]

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