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[PDF] Tracer | by ï Rob Boffard [PDF] Tracer | by ï Rob Boffard - Tracer, Tracer Imagine The Bourne Identity meets Gravity and you ll get TRACER the most exciting action thriller set in space you ll ever read A huge space station orbits the Earth holding the last of humanity It

  • Title: Tracer
  • Author: Rob Boffard
  • ISBN: 9780356505138
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Tracer | by ï Rob Boffard, Tracer, Rob Boffard, Tracer Imagine The Bourne Identity meets Gravity and you ll get TRACER the most exciting action thriller set in space you ll ever read A huge space station orbits the Earth holding the last of humanity It s broken rusted falling apart We ve wrecked our planet and now we have to live with the consequences a new home that s dirty overcrowded and inescapable What s thImagine The Bourne Identi


[PDF] Tracer | by ï Rob Boffard [PDF] Tracer | by ï Rob Boffard - Tracer, Tracer Imagine The Bourne Identity meets Gravity and you ll get TRACER the most exciting action thriller set in space you ll ever read A huge space station orbits the Earth holding the last of humanity It Tracer

  • [PDF] Tracer | by ï Rob Boffard
    218Rob Boffard

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  1. Have you ever read a book and thought this is a good book, but I just can t seem to like it That s how I felt about this book I mean I found it well written, had a story that should have interested me, but I just couldn t for my life GET interested in it.I was so conflicted about the book that I just kept on reading hoping it would get to a point when I felt the familiar likening feeling of the book and in a way it came, just a bit too late I fear The ending was good, it was then I felt for the [...]

  2. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 07 04 Tracer is a novel that has been on my to read list for a while, especially after author Rob Boffard wrote a fascinating and chilling guest post for The BiblioSanctum earlier this year I had the ebook, but when I learned that the audiobook version would also be released alongside the print edition in the US, I decided to go ahead and give it a listen.The first chapter opens with an introduction to Riley, a young woman working as a trace [...]

  3. Blimey I say that when I read books like Tracer It is so exciting you find yourself yelling out and occasionally tearing your hair out in clumps Ok not literally but you FEEL like you are, I certainly came close.Tracer is a fast paced thriller set in space It has some brilliantly drawn characters, a beautifully imagined environment and will be the best fun you will have with a book all year This was one of those reads that invoked a terrible annoyance in me every time I had to put it down People [...]

  4. Tracer is a space post apocalyptic thriller Earth has been uninhabitable for centuries now and people live in a space station called Outer Earth.Riley Hales is one of Tracers They are unofficial couriers who deliver packages not caring about contents She is one of the most reliable tracers One day, she is on her way to deliver a package to Oren Darnell, Outer Earth s most dangerous man, when she is suddenly attacked by a group of gang members When one of the gang member take a look at what is in [...]

  5. 12 8 I thought this was intense and action packed I loved the inclusion of the parkour moves into the life of a tracer and that the title actually comes from the word, traceur, for one who practices parkour.The descriptions of the space station came though very clearly for me and made me feel quite claustrophobic I m fine with small spaces as long as I know I can go outside I m not an outdoorsy type of person, but I need to know it s there should I decide to take advantage of it and the idea tha [...]

  6. INITIAL THOUGHTSI wasn t totally sure about this one when Clara told me about it, but my daughter said she thought I might enjoy it, so I decided to give it a go I wondered if it would be like Beth Revis Across the Universe or Amy Kathleen Ryan s Sky Chasers series which I thoroughly enjoyed I was hoping it wouldn t be like Star Trek like or Star Wars like because I tend to find those types of book TV Show a little boring, and a bit mind numbing too So I m hoping this is a character led, and so [...]

  7. I absolutely love scifi that creates worlds that are grungy and derelict rather than shiny and perfect A bit of grime makes the futuristic technologies feel familiar and mundane, which in turn adds a vividness, that is absent from the standard spotless, hygienic scifi space stations This added sense of tangibility was one reason that I was so excited to read Tracer A decrepit space station hovering above a destroyed earth It sounded like the perfect environment for a fast paced, gritty thriller [...]

  8. I m inclined to give it 1 star, but seeing as I didn t technically hate it I just really didn t like it I can go with 2 just as well The problem here is that as much as I liked the premise, I wasn t particularly interested in discovering what happens next I got bored around 35% and practically forced myself to finish the rest I haven t found anything or anyone much less the main protagonist to root for, which is pretty surprising considering the amount of action and intrigue The language was ver [...]

  9. It s the future, and what is left of the now uninhabitable Earth is orbiting the planet inside a rundown space station If mankind doesn t find a new place to live soon, it s lacy, gently wafting curtains for everyone And as if the pressure of extinction isn t enough, there s also a villain aboard the space station with destruction on his mind It s up to Riley Hale to stop the chaos on the ship before it s too late I love this books tagline In space, every second counts Who said nobody could hear [...]

  10. Rating 5 5Action is one of my favourite parts of a book I like reading a novel that feels like I m watching a movie, but is also well written, has solid characters and a gripping plot Getting all of those things in a book isn t easy But Rob Boffard manages it in Tracer Tracers carry things from location to location on Outer Earth, a huge ship that carries all that remains of the human race They re like postmen, only sometimes the things they deliver aren t exactly legal Riley is a Tracer, and sh [...]

  11. Earth has been destroyed and is uninhabitable The people who live on a space station called Outer Earth are the only ones left Outer Earth is overcrowded, worn down and rife with gangs They scrape to find methods of employment, food and other goods.Riley is a Tracer, a member of the courier group The Devil Dancers They spend their days delivering packages of unknown goods and the number one rule is you don t want to know what you re carrying When Riley gets accosted by a gang who is trying to ro [...]

  12. Tricky one to rate I read it quickly, I liked the overall plot, etc But I had a little difficulty engaging with the characters More action based than character focused, in my opinion Which is by no means a bad thing there are plenty of times when I prefer something like this, but I don t know if I was in that mood when I read this I ll be really interested to see what Boffard writes next Shows great potential.

  13. See my full review on my blog pitchblacksky review tracer I m just going to start off by saying, Holy Freaking Crap That s how good this book is I was hooked from the very first page It s so fast paced and there s action on every single page If you re a fan of sci fi or dystopian novels, do yourself a favor and please, please read this.

  14. Copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review Tracer is a sci fi dystopian novel, packed with action, wrapped around some interesting characters The narrative centres around a slowly decaying space station, Outer Earth The last bastion of humanity, perpetually orbiting a world eternally marked by cataclysm, its creaking environs are one of the stars of the text The author has created a claustrophobic world, one in which merely existing is a struggle against entropy But it s also a world that make [...]

  15. I feel like this book is the platonic ideal of a 2 star novel Its not awful I mean, I finished it, even if a bit grudgingly after a point There are even some really neat ideas here, but they are so underwhelmingly executed that I can t even rate it as mediocre In a way, the suggestion of promise made it even disappointing to me.That promise is on full display in the early going The writing is propulsive, perfectly befitting the somewhat gimmicky parkour premise As the book reaches the climax of [...]

  16. I received a copy of this book for free from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.Recently, I decided to give The 100 another shot I d given up on it by episode three when it aired on television, but I was in the mood for that sort of science fiction I devoured both series in a matter of weeks, and I was still hungry for Then I saw Tracer on Netgalley, auto approved for me, and grabbed it.And Tracer satisfied that hunger pretty well It begins with one o [...]

  17. Tracer is a huge amount of fun, a thrill ride of action packed sci fi that you don t see too often It s set on a massive space station containing the remnants of the human race, a million souls crammed into an 18 mile long metal ring It s tense and claustrophobic, overcrowded and dirty out there in space, and you feel every bit of it.The action comes thick and fast and frantic Right from the start you re along for the ride with Riley and the rest of the Devil Dancers, a crew of tracers free runn [...]

  18. The characters were well written and in depth A homicidal maniac is running the station and all hell s broken loose which keeps the Tracers on the run throughout the whole story.

  19. If I could sum up my major grievances with Tracer in one sentence, it would be this The villains have all the motivations of angsty teenagers who just discovered Greenpeace Their rationale is literally Mankind ruined the Earth, so we don t deserve to exist any, followed, one would presume, by a rousing couple of Linkin Park songs with the volume cranked up to 11 But while that covers the biggest problem, it doesn t really paint the full picture.Sure, humans in this book literally killed the plan [...]

  20. This book was provided by Redhook Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Tracer was such an exciting read The prologue was kind of vague I didn t really understand the point of the prologue to be included until I got than halfway into the novel, I finally understood what the prologue was all about At the beginning, I actually was nervous I would dislike the book, but it turned out to be one of my favorite books It had a lot of adventure It reminded me of a movie called Tracers [...]

  21. Full disclosure I m part of the same Vancouver writing group as Rob Boffard and know him reasonably well.Tracer promises a fast paced action thriller set in space, and it delivers on both counts The main character begins the book running she s a tracer, one of a group of people who free run packages across the space station This choice of profession is a signal that she and the book are never going to slow down The plot is arranged to lead us from one action set piece to another, and they re all [...]

  22. This book is constantly on the move, the characters are constantly running, it really is exhilarating as well as making me feel unfit.Riley is a tracer, a courier who takes packages, letters, pretty much anything you want across her home, a giant space station which holds the last of humanity It has been in orbit for many years, Earth is uninhabitable so the remaining population lives inside the massive, decaying station, squashed together, living in squalor but they have the best scientists, in [...]

  23. What a joy, in this era of shoddily written, shoddily published fiction, to find such a wonderful SF thriller well written, well edited and well published.The plot is a humanity in jeopardy from psychopath thing, but it s so beautifully worked out and the characters so consistent and the set up so well constructed that it s a pleasure to go along for the ride And it s a wild ride loads of fighting, running, jumping and struggling, with tears, love and betrayal along the way, all with inventive a [...]

  24. When I first read about Tracer I was immediately excited to read this book It just sounded like a very exciting, thrilling and different book and I was looking forward to start reading it The cover is simple but definitely grabs your eye In Tracer we meet Riley Hale, Oren Darnell and Prakesh Kumar Three very different characters who all life on the spaceship called Outer Earth When Earth was destroyed years ago, some people created Outer Earth a spaceship with all the necessities for humans to s [...]

  25. Gostei muito de le este livro Se apenas pudesse ler um livro de Fic o Cient fica este ano, ent o este seria a minha escolha Entretanto, j saiu a continua o Zero G e no final de Agosto sai o ltimo livro da trilogia Tracer Impact Confesso que gosto tanto de ler os cl ssicos como de ler novos autores de SciFi , tal como este Rob Boffard.A ideia subjacente ao livro n o nova a a o decorre numa esta o espacial, ltimo reduto da humanidade , em rbita da Terra, numa vers o p s apocal ptica em que o plane [...]

  26. Tracer wasn t what I thought it was going to be if I m totally honest But it proved to be far better than I imagined it would be.Tracer s are people who find things, deliver things, and who try to avoid being followed or having their precious cargo stolen by rival gangs Riley is the main protagonist and, in fact, the character who finds herself at the forefront of the action And there is a lot of action Riley s journey takes her to places she didn t think she would go She discovers a lot of secr [...]

  27. From beginning to end, Tracer is a fast paced, action packed, no time for idle chitchat kind of book It reminds me of a stock Hollywood blockbuster with impressively choreographed fight scenes, explosions, a bit of romance, and a maniacal bad guy In other words, it s good for a bit of entertainment Don t come here looking for fleshed out characters or a meticulously drawn world this is a plot driven novel Of course, I couldn t put it down.I love the premise A centuries old space station orbiting [...]

  28. First things first I share a publisher with Rob, and we ve met and such like There s an extract of my debut book ARTEFACT at the back That doesn t stop me from writing a fair review though, so here goes TRACER is a non stop thrill ride of a book, with interesting characters and an engaging plot There s lots of jumping and running and excitement along the way it s an active book which draws you along I ll be glad to follow Riley in future books, and I enjoyed this one a lot Good stuff.

  29. Tracer is an absolutely RELENTLESS thriller constant action, always on the move, so if you re into fast paced, headlong page turners, this is for you I raced through it in a couple of days the short chapters mean it s easy to keep reading just another, then another Some excellent, visual world building setting up the atmosphere, tone and way of life on Outer Earth, while still managing to keep the pace tightly controlled A great thriller SF crossover and a confident debut.

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